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It's still possible to profit and earn Bitcoin in 2018 when it is crashing. This goes over one of the fastest ways to double your investment with Bitcoin using the Bitmex Leverage/Margin trading platform. It's a full tutorial suited to beginners on how to use Bitmex for Bitcoin leverage trading with high volume and it has been a very profitable platform for me. Bitmex: https://www.bitmex.com/register/sk75q7 LIKE + SUBSCRIBE! Get my cryptocurrency buy signals: https://t.me/cryptomafiagold Connect with me - Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/sami_loyal Instagram: www.instagram.com/sami_loyal I make YouTube videos on cryptocurrency news, crypto altcoin analysis, bitcoin trading strategies and a lot more. You'll find a lot of videos on gems to invest in and learn how I've earned money using Bitcoin. None of my Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX), Binance Coin (BNB) videos - or any other cryptocurrency videos/online posts - count as financial advice. I am not liable for any losses you may incur when trading crypto, always do your own research (DYOR). Business email: [email protected]
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Luke Hawcroft (4 hours ago)
Hi Mate I'm struggling to figure out BITMEX can you explain where I'm going wrong, I opened up a short with 900usd x 10 at 6700 and closed by going long at 6620 and my balance increased by 11 dollars wtf?
Carl Hilary (1 day ago)
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lucas moreea (1 day ago)
Sounds good
mora kelvin (1 day ago)
i havent made any money from his software but i have made my capital back,i am very excited
Tarly Fris (1 day ago)
i have $3,500 to invest in ethereum hope thats okay for a start?
Thurbe Days (1 day ago)
Hey guys am reviewing 3 tokens coming up: a) Appcoin: https://appcoins.io/ b) Ledu tokens: https://tokensale.liveedu.tv/ c) Cashaa: https://cashaa.com/1 Have you guys reviewed any of these opportunities? Would be good to bounce ideas around.
Fearless One (2 days ago)
when your close to getting liquidated, can you just close your position so you dont lose ur entire money lol
Bitcoin Telugu (1 day ago)
Fearless One message me for more details @cryptomoneyking For guide and signals
Wili Wds (2 days ago)
Everyone should be free to choose which way to trade , some loose some win and if you loose to much u may have to get a real job for a while lol
marc veen (3 days ago)
Awesome tutorial, well explained!
Rami Janoudi (3 days ago)
"How to get REKT as fast as possible in crypto"
Danny Taylor Jr (3 days ago)
great job ! clear and concise ! now to get started..... Bitmex not that acceptable in USA? I guess i need to use a VPN???? Looks like another tutorial video for your USA followers!
Bitcoin Telugu (1 day ago)
Danny Taylor Jr message me for more details @cryptomoneyking For guide and signals
Forflies (3 days ago)
Glad you liked the video!
Ferenc Matyas (4 days ago)
more than 5x leverage is suicide.
Ronni Zag (4 days ago)
Kind of confusing platform to use! Maybe we need more details. Is it kind of like binnary options?
Schwabbelratte (5 days ago)
Great Video! Would also like to see more video's like this! Also the cost of trading seems way to high for small accounts. i limit bought at 6k and limit sold at 6.6k with 5x leverage. The order value was 40% of my Balance. This pushed my Balance up from 0,00100XBT to 0,00103XBT oO. Am i making some sort of mistake?
Forflies (5 days ago)
Yeah that fee seems way too high. Not too sure what happened arrive you didn't market buy or sell
thekirk (5 days ago)
I meant to ask also how long is the position open for?
Bitcoin Telugu (1 day ago)
message me for more details @cryptomoneyking For guide and signals
thekirk (5 days ago)
Forflies right on thx again! I have some homework to do before trying out! Great channel!!
Forflies (5 days ago)
However long you choose.
Luigi Bigtime (5 days ago)
What’s the timeline on those positions??open for a day?hour?week?
Bitcoin Telugu (2 days ago)
Luigi Bigtime We are best in bitmex message me on telegram for bitmex guide and signals @cryptomoneyking
Luigi Bigtime (5 days ago)
Yeah ive got testnet...Americans need a vpn to access the real platform... Where though do you define the timeline?
Forflies (5 days ago)
Whatever you like. Usually works better if you work on lower leverages and longer timeframes. You have to be very experienced and knowledgeable to have success with this though.
The Bro (5 days ago)
Alot of people are gonna lose their money
Vmondude's Asylum (5 days ago)
It’s a shame gdax don’t offer margin trades anymore. I’d love to turn my tiny bit into a chunk of btc lol
Forflies (5 days ago)
Yeah they really should
Renz DC (5 days ago)
Thanks for sharing info like this. Big reward, big risk...
Forflies (5 days ago)
Definitely. Use with caution.
Darius Prevost (5 days ago)
how many days can your position be open on a long or a short.. do they charge daily intrest
Forflies (5 days ago)
You can keep it open as long as you like so long as it doesnt get liquidated. Nothing changes for your actual position while its open apart from profit/loss
Dayta (6 days ago)
so far i am using bitfinex stumbled over bitmex and started searching for some example trade to get a quick overview of the interface found this video and i can say just nice. one question tho since its using the trading view chart are trade positions beeing shown in the chart and about liquidation does it mean just automaticly close the position or also loss of the acount ?
Forflies (5 days ago)
Glad you found it useful! Not sure what you mean with your first question, but I think the answer is no. It means the position closes when it reaches the liquidation price AND as a result you lose whatever you put into that trade.
79boricuarage (6 days ago)
I place active order of 128USD.. using 30 dollars worth of bitcoin simce it's my first time. Ordered was position once it hit market price i clicked on market. I only got the same amount of moneu i put in lol. No profit... did i do something wrong? I got another position order of 120USD.. do i need to cloe the order instead of hit the market button?
79boricuarage (5 days ago)
Forflies sent u an email to your busimess mail
79boricuarage (5 days ago)
Forflies u got an email i can contact u?.. want to send you a screen shot
79boricuarage (5 days ago)
Forflies ok. So when i know i make a profit. What button am i suppose to hit to gain that profit? Or is it an automatic thing once the bid/leverage is won? Thanks in advance
Forflies (5 days ago)
Oh shit I forgot to cover that sorry! Pressing market when you close the position will close the position at the market price. That means price didn't move up or down so there was no net loss/gain apart from the fee you paid.
Jasper Booysen (6 days ago)
Yea not taking anyone seriously with emojis in their thumbnails..
Forflies (5 days ago)
Then see yourself out :)
Ig Os (6 days ago)
And why didnt you show how much you lose if your position gets closed and also how come the exchange allows you to use leverage only to your benefit this does not sound right.Can you explain the downside?
Forflies (5 days ago)
I dont really understand bro
Ig Os (5 days ago)
Forflies Thanks for replying. Sorry but I dont understand no exchange will allow you to leverage only in the winning direction.What i understand from the video is that you can win many times over your bet when you use leverage but you only lose the bet if it goes the wrong way. Can you ease clarify.
Forflies (6 days ago)
I said that if you reach your liquidation price, your position gets closer and therefore you lose everything you've put in. That's the risk and it's the downside.
Rogerisateur100AD (6 days ago)
You will BitMex away everything you have ever had in Crypto. When you , come back to this comment and read it again to understand that you were warned.
Will S (5 days ago)
Agreed Roger, Ive been trading forex for 5 years, its so so easy to lose everything if you dont know what youre doing. Be careful peeps
Rogerisateur100AD (6 days ago)
Forflies It was a friendly warning , personally I don’t care. I am in crypto since 2012 and I have heard enough of stories of people who Bitmexed their fortunes away to never touch it. What will likely happen is this : you will be cautious in the beginning. Then on the next bull run you will think you are a genius in trading. Maybe it will happen not this year, maybe not even the next one. Then you will start using those high multipliers more often as your confidence in your skills will be higher and higher. Then you will lose it all at once in a matter of several weeks. Now you can say you are smarter than others , and I know nothing. Good - but be aware that this is the exact mentality that brings huge losses . Stop now while it’s not too late , or at least don’t shill other new and young investors into this money grave. The content of your video is extremely misleading. The only entity that will make big money on Bitmex margin trading is Bitmex themselves.
Forflies (6 days ago)
Many are successful. If you haven't been, it doesn't mean everyone else won't be as well.
Theresa Shadowens (6 days ago)
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Roger Fu (6 days ago)
Hi, Sami. You need to be very careful with this kind of video as margin trading is high risk and people could lose everything by doing this. The statistics says that 95% of traders loses money.
Howard Koolman (4 days ago)
You don't lose more than you put on. What happens is you lose what you put on with a 1/5 of the drop in price than you would if you werent leveraged. But if the price goes up, then it can keep going up, and you get x5 the amount you would have got. Its just a multiplier, up and down. If it goes down your contract is auto-sold when the money you pledged is lost.
Aaron Opdyke (4 days ago)
Does it work that way? I think (correct me please if im wrong) that if you execute a contract using 5x leverage, when you lose, you pay only what you put up, not 5x what you put up. Is that right?
Howard Koolman (5 days ago)
I noticed you carefully avoided the word 'Lost' and replaced it with a less emotive word 'Liquidated'! It may be clear to you, but feel like a subtle manipulation, in my view. You spent far more time describing the gains, and hardly any time describing how you can lose. You emphasised the x5 gain, but at no time did you explicitly say 5x loss.
Dmaj87 (5 days ago)
With all due respect, maybe you think you made it clear, but the fact that people are asking about the risks and if they can lose all their money over and over in the comments is because you didn't make it clear enough. When teaching something like this, a high risk warning should be the first thing you say in the video (even in the title) with big exclamation marks and then also when you talk about liquidation price and such, put it in layman's terms and explain it carefully. "If the price declines to 5200 your position will be completely closed" That can easily be misunderstood as: "at 5200 your bitcoin is sold and you get 5200 back" , but in reality, the guy just lost all the money he put in that trade.
Forflies (6 days ago)
Absolutely. That's why I made the risks abundantly clear and presented the testnet as an option. Idk about that 95% statistic though I'd like to see a source.
Roger Fu (6 days ago)
Margin trading is for professional traders ONLY. You need professional training and years of experience to master the technique. Otherwise, it is no different from gambling.
Yashvardhan Jain (6 days ago)
This is amazing
Bitcoin Telugu (2 days ago)
Yashvardhan Jain We are best in bitmex message me on telegram for bitmex guide and signals @cryptomoneyking
eStream Studios (6 days ago)
Just as it is in regular Forex trading, the brokers and liquidity providers can often see your stops. Even if they do not see them or hunt them, they know where the majority of people place their stops since most people follow the same trading techniques and/or psychology (place stops just under the previous lowest low when going long, or just above the previous highest high for short). All they need to do then is to make the price go beyond those levels and knock out the stops. And since the liquidity providers and and brokers are major whales, they can easily make the price move by buying/selling on all exchanges (as past flash crashes and spikes have demonstrated). So the +95% of traders lose money rule of thumb is quite real. And with 100X leverage... good luck lol. You may get lucky a few times, but without very stringent risk management and position sizing rules, most traders cannot consistently make a positive ROI. The house does always win in the long run with enough volume traded. The traders that do succeed trade differently from the majority of traders, and do not risk more than 1% to 2% of risk capital per trade. Also, most professional traders are system traders, meaning they operate significantly elaborate trading algorithms that trade automatically 24/7.
Omar G (6 days ago)
WARNING: It sounds great in theory until BTC goes back up and you will lose BIG. Margin trading is a big no no in crypto. I tried it in the summer with small amounts and it was super stressful. All indicators indicated the coin was going down, minutes after I set my trade up, it started rising and was very close to being called/liquidated. You are not just betting $100 it will go down...you are betting $100 and borrowing $900 - and if it goes back up, guess what, that $900 has to come from somewhere
Forflies (6 days ago)
Yes this will always happen in the markets. Sometimes TA just doesn't work. As a trader you can't be JUST a TA or FA guy otherwise your story will become a continuous reality. The reason it may have gone against your trade is HFT dark pools. Search it up
Stefan Linder (6 days ago)
Awesome video! I did learn a lot from this. Thanks!
Forflies (6 days ago)
Jesús Przr (6 days ago)
bro, a little question... when mi position gets liquidated is only my margin balance? or my entire balance?
Forflies (6 days ago)
Only the margin balance.
Darius Prevost (6 days ago)
bro.... your 16.....wow you are so advanced your voice is radio quality motivational speaker type.. great job thanks for the info. keep up the good work
Mc Cash (5 days ago)
16?? no way
TheMrDecrase (6 days ago)
he's 16? damn he sounds way older/mature
DailyCryptoBread (6 days ago)
Awesome video.Very insightful
Forflies (5 days ago)
Glad you found it useful mate
Ethernaly Z (6 days ago)
Hi, great explanation man! I'm just bored of holding and I'm trying to start with this new mechanism. I would like to ask you when you can sell your order. I have seen that you have a liquidation price, but I havent seen an exit price, so I assume you can leave with profits/losses when you want? And btw can you make 2 orders one shorting and one longing, and if 1 does not work out so you lose all the capital invested but then with the other one you win more than what you lose with the other bet? I dont know if I'm getting the things right... It's quite new for me and its confused sry
Bitcoin Telugu (3 days ago)
Ethernaly Z message me for more details and signals for bitmex i will add you Telegram @cryptoprofitman
Ethernaly Z (5 days ago)
Nice I understand it now, thanks man!
Forflies (5 days ago)
Yes exactly. If you go long, you can close your position either by clicking market to close it at the market price, or put in an equivalent short order at the price you wish to close your long. You cant have a short and a long. they cancel out. I actually speculated on this a while back haha but even if you open to separate accounts to do it, you'll still get screwed eventually bc prices could go sideways and hit your liquidation prices before they go into a nice profit for you.
SpeedDemonExpress (6 days ago)
Something doesn't add up here. You're saying you can bet 0.1 btc and get 10x leverage=1.00 btc if you succeed where does that btc come from? If you lose you're saying you only lose the 0.1 you bet. I don't think it works that way. It would have to make you put the $6200 or 1.0 btc as deposit and then allow you to bet a portion on that at leverage up to said amount, and if you lose a max bet it takes everything out from your deposit to fill the loss. Otherwise the exchange is just giving away free bitcoins! Correct me if I'm wrong please.
thekirk (6 days ago)
Awesome explanation thanks!!
Forflies (5 days ago)
Awesome I'm glad it worked haha I felt like it was very confusing when i explained it.
Jason King (6 days ago)
Can you pull out of a trade if its not going your way to avoid liquidation? Or are these contracts set with a timeframe? Also, where does this money come from? Do you need to find a seller to agree to your margin trading terms?
Bitcoin Telugu (3 days ago)
message me for more details and signals for bitmex Telegram @cryptoprofitman
Forflies (5 days ago)
Yes you can pull out any time by closing at market (clicking the red market button) or putting in an opposite order (for example if you go long with 1000 contracts, you go short with 1000 contracts to close the position. The money comes from the exchange, they lend it to you.
EERIE (6 days ago)
More videos like this please, there isn't enough good quality content on bitmex trading and too many people get rekd
EERIE (5 days ago)
Stop loss, basic TA, beginners guide to trading bitcoin that kind of stuff
Forflies (5 days ago)
Awesome I'll look into doing more. Anything in particular you want me to go over next?
Robert Wein (6 days ago)
when should you sell or does it automatically sell for you?
Bitcoin Telugu (3 days ago)
Robert Wein message me for more details and signals for bitmex Telegram @cryptomoneymaker
Ryan Long (6 days ago)
Interesting, I need to learn this fast.
Bitcoin Telugu (3 days ago)
Ryan Long message me for more details and signals for bitmex Telegram @cryptomoneyking
Forflies (5 days ago)
Definitely don't rush into this if you don't feel ready. Like I said it's the beast of trading and it will eat you up if you're not ready to tame it.
Jason Lee (6 days ago)
You might win some. But eventually, you will lose all your money margin trading.
Forflies (6 days ago)
Jason Lee It brings out a gambling mentality so if you're prone to it and go all in on trades, yes of course. But there are many who can profit from it if you stick to strict rules about never going above a certain leverage and always taking profit and certain levels. Trading isn't sexy when you play it like this but it absolutely does work.
Craig Neeve (6 days ago)
Glorified form of gambling?
Forflies (6 days ago)
Craig Neeve Depends. If it brings out a gambling mentality in you, then yes. But like I said, by extension so is every other form of trading then.
joeypsu (6 days ago)
margin trading in this market will make you bankrupt. go to the casino and put it all on black
Patroclos Fasseas (6 days ago)
Thanks for the info dude!
Bogdanoff (6 days ago)
howdy good video! i will definitly test out the testnet on bitmex. But i wonder can i actually loose more then i have when i do real trading ?
Forflies (5 days ago)
Exactly. Stop losses are VERY important with margin trading. it's not like trading an alt where you just lose value. if you fuck up with this, you lose the whole position.
Israel's Blessing (6 days ago)
you can lose whatever you put in. you need stop losses to get out before being liquidated so you don't lose it all
Bogdanoff (6 days ago)
thanks for your quick answer :D
Forflies (6 days ago)
No. The most you can lose per trade is just what you put in (before leverage)
ecorry671 (6 days ago)
What is the testnet?
ecorry671 (6 days ago)
Forflies ok thanks, and 10/10 for reply speed btw :)
Forflies (6 days ago)
Yeah the testnet is on testnet.bitmex.com
ecorry671 (6 days ago)
Forflies can you access that on their website then?
Forflies (6 days ago)
The testnet is the demo version of their site where you trade with money that doesn't exist just to practice (or fun?) lol
Mark B. (6 days ago)
Love the video, I’ll definitely be doing margin trading in the future especially near the time of January. I had a question, if we fail in long or short depending on the leverage would we have to pay the amount that we used in leverage or just our position we used?
Bitcoin Telugu (3 days ago)
Mark B. message me for more details and signals for bitmex Telegram @cryptoprofitman
Forflies (6 days ago)
Np mate
Mark B. (6 days ago)
Wow, Thanks Bud! :)
Forflies (6 days ago)
No. If you get a liquidation, you lose whatever capital you put into that trade from your side. So if you go 10x to give an order value of 1 BTC and you enter with .1 BTC, you would lose that .1 BTC only.
Jawad H (6 days ago)
So how much they pay you to suck people into this?
Jawad H (6 days ago)
Forflies yes they pay. How much you got?
Forflies (6 days ago)
You think Bitmex is out here paying a 16 year old for promotion? Lmao gtfo
Forflies (6 days ago)
This is primarily how we've been staying in the green these recent days since alts are a terrible thing to be near at the moment. ALWAYS STICK TO LOW LEVERAGE AND USE STOPS. If you're looking to sign up, this link gives you a discount and helps me out: https://www.bitmex.com/register/sk75q7 EDIT: One big thing I forgot to mention is that this is not available to those in the United States. Sorry :(
addictive object *.* (6 days ago)
Forflies thanks mate I think it’s called how to profit from a falling economy lol the government does it all the time while the people get more poorer

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