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My Wirecast document setup and overview of key features such as shots and layers

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Will you join me in getting to know the basics of a document inside Wirecast because this demonstrates how we move around and do all of the basic things inside Wirecast? Right now, I am using Wirecast to record this and showing you how to use it at the same time, which is just one of those awesome things about Wirecast that you can do so much with it. Here are the basics. What we have got on the left side over here is a list of shots. These shots make up everything we are doing on here. I can clear my face off of here to remove it. This is the top shot on here and each of these are different choices that I’ve got for which shot I can use. I can add different shots and allow me to move around the screen this way. Then, what I can do to add a shot, I go over here to any of these different options and this allows me to put a shot in for what I’m using. Let’s say instead of my face, I want something else, and what I will encourage you to do right away is get familiar with saving things. What I will do right now is go to “File,” and then “Save” before I go to make any of these changes. Select “Save As” if you haven’t saved a document yet. All of the things we are looking at in here make up a document. Now, your area might look a little different because on the layout what I’ve done, I’ve hidden the live and the preview. If yours looks a little bit like this, then what you are seeing is the live area and the preview area. What the preview area allows you to do is to take a look at your changes before you actually make them live. This is a common thing to do, let’s say for production TV, for having a broadcast where you have got a lot of different shots you rotate through. You want to make sure the one on the preview is ready to go before you put that up there. Now, the way I do it, I just go to “Layout” up here, and I show live only because I just put everything to instant live. So, whenever I make a change, I can’t be bothered to fool around with it and see if it looks just perfect in the preview window. What you see on mine is that all of my shots immediately just go live. I don’t fool with the preview at all because that’s just too much work for me.
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K-Ninja (21 days ago)
Hi Jerry, this is an off-topic question. I saw your videos about how your were able to take video courses and make them into Kindle and then audio books. I had called ACX to ask them if it would be okay to make an audio book into a video course (since I have many audio books), and they said it's a violation of their contract and that I am not allowed to do it. If you have a solution for this, I'd be your follower for life. Any ideas?
Jeffrey Byron (21 days ago)
Jerry! Is it possible to broadcast video conferencing with wirecast? We've been trying to start a podcast (from two locations) and stream it live, but Google Hangouts is buggy. I can't figure out if wirecast has this feature. It should, I spent enough $$ on it. Let me know if you can help. I will happily join your creator resource group if I know there is support for what we are doing. Thanks you bless you! Rock on my friend!
The_Crypto_God (22 days ago)
Wow, hasnt your channel died... Over 200K subscribers and your videos cant even get 1,000 views. Crazy.
Tone sharma s (25 days ago)
part 2 video waith

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