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The BEST ZenCash / Zcash Equihash Miner DSTM vs Bminer + What Coins I'm Mining

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What is the fastest / best ZenCash/Zcash Equihash miner? VoskCoin reviews DSTM vs Bminer as well as what cryptocurrencies he is currently mining. DSTM + Bminer can mine - ZenCash - Zcash - Snowgem - Bitcoinz - Bitcoin Gold - Hush - Zclassic - Bitcoin Private - Komodo - Safecoin + DSTM Dev Fee Address - https://goo.gl/wMUQSq DSTM Bitcointalk ANN thread - https://goo.gl/oFri5o Bminer Bitcointalk announcement thread - https://goo.gl/vuV2wq Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/nti5asr Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/WQd7cCs DSTM Example SETUP (Copy + Paste BAT) --server mining.miningspeed.com --port 3022 --user s1kG43681gYvLnzjJMgau63UJkvZV54Z8ba.$rigName --pass x Bminer SETUP EXAMPLE (Copy + Paste BAT) -uri stratum://[email protected]:3057 Zhash Pro ZenCash Mining Pool used in this comparison review DSTM Zhash Zen address - https://goo.gl/XeTXhs Bminer Zhash Zen address - https://goo.gl/8eyufE VoskCoin Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/VoskCoin VoskCoin Steemit - https://steemit.com/@voskcoin VoskCoin Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VoskCoin/ VoskCoin Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/voskcoin/ VoskCoin Discord Server Invite - https://discord.gg/FGGmS2z VoskCoin Twitter - https://twitter.com/VoskCoin VoskCoin Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/voskcoin/ VoskCoin Decentralized Tube - http://bit.ly/VoskCoindTube VoskCoin Official Donation Addresses, support appreciated! BTC - 12PsgKuhcJrEqJbD3oMN7rcEcuyqyqRznL ETH - 0xDEe6A2ae293F8C58Ef71649658344BbF382b6e70 ZEC - t1WRoxHVh8vhDJxAr6vpP4zzj3xHGF9ZbgQ ZEN - znb1iNFP6VctF2AhXLXtMsSjP7emvYDmeXR VTC - VdeggL7drzbYeB2eedDeDYe9xPwtPXW8KG Doge - DHgX7vJjBsmYcB1GgubGtu3TVJkqQgCG6B XMR - 484HoyS4h2fenvLKQkuUV7FwnJaGK8LMX43tiJ3UZdVU53d2MxFiQ1jbSfyorsXZVs1SvoPVh4nipjd7b4GVgFGmCgygdpV We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to http://Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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Text Comments (86)
VoskCoin (6 months ago)
*VoskCoin Patreon* - https://www.patreon.com/VoskCoin Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/nti5asr ZenCash Donation Address - znb1iNFP6VctF2AhXLXtMsSjP7emvYDmeXR Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/WQd7cCs
Harikrishnan Kr (5 months ago)
DSTM getting crashed how can make it automatically restart it ?
Joshua Molina (6 months ago)
Snowgem wallet s1bg3osyFyS54nqqp7czs27THFFs5RjVTxK
karen (6 months ago)
I use nanopool
Crypto Brand (6 months ago)
VoskCoin Hey thanks for the video, I think that’s why my EWBF miner crashes every 24-36 hours. Gonna try out these 2. Which pool do you like best? ZHash or Suprnova?
Ateliers Monsart (5 months ago)
theRickmeister3 (5 months ago)
That’s a great idea man.
SmokeKing (5 months ago)
i want start mining zencash what pool is best ?
Matt Dwyer (6 months ago)
So I should stop using EWBF and use DSTM?
hapklaar (5 months ago)
No because when you do, we make less money!
Igor Cássio (6 months ago)
Great video. I test and DSTM won. Thank you.
Natan FOURIÉ (6 months ago)
Pretty cool to see this but why not testing the winning trio miner ? It should be really appreciated and definitely cool to see DSTM vs EWBF vs Bminer :) Keep the good job, you're awesome bro' !
Dave Vo (6 months ago)
how about EWBF miner as comparison?
hapklaar (5 months ago)
Would have indeed been nice to have had it included for completeness sake. It's slower than both DSTM and BMiner according to many tests I found in forums.
ahmet ayhan (6 months ago)
Earn upto 100 satoshis per minute https://www.thebestbitcoinfaucet.com/?refid=11
what ever happened with the Komodo master node voting?
Marc Gleicher (6 months ago)
Hey +VoskCoin and others! With Monro forking, for whatever reason I am having trouble configuring SMOS to work with it. I'm trying to use it with xmr.nanopool.org and the new xmrig-amd-v2.5.2 miner. Can anyone help me out with a good config string? Thanks so much for this awesome community.
Vasilije Perovic (6 months ago)
short and on point. Good work
Micheal Ortiz (6 months ago)
he made me enough money to turn things around for everyone around me, for this i am eternally grateful.. ultimately, i have to say that this man has touched more lives than most people with his genius would care to God bless.
VoskCoin (6 months ago)
Thanks my friend :D
Total Bullion (6 months ago)
Just got going on the SnowGem mining. Thanks Vosk! s1c6CpcqjRZiMhyc71Gz7qicz3qWYtcVJMG
Circuminvent (6 months ago)
Thx for ur skills release, i been over computers my whole life, but obviously, wasn't deep enuf
Hamid Yacob (6 months ago)
Hey Vosk I dont use simple miner but use windows directly and I find using bminer is more profitable after using it on my 6 card 1080 rig on supernova over night it was 10-15% faster in overall average hashrate and pay was almost 30 cents more in zencash. My overclock settings are same but bminer is more stable and better in my test and overall opinion. When trying to overclock more on bminer I did get constant restarts but once it got stable it was way better.
Mad Scientist (6 months ago)
Hi was wondering if u know about these Boards I seen them on ebay but not amazon. 12 GPU but with USB 3 connections instead of slots B250 BTC Mining Mainboard LGA1151 DDR4 12 Card 2*DDR4 2800/3000 USB3.0 RE Please let me know what u think Thanks for all your insight ive learned a lot.
Baumer Crypto2.0 (6 months ago)
Hey Vosk... kinda heads up and would be great. If you hear or anything about the Asrock GPUs for mining come out , can you update us or do vid. You got good pull so if you happen to contact the Asrock company for deets that would be amazing for your channel and us folks. Tks bro Kevin @BaumerYXE
DSWH (6 months ago)
Wolf Pack = No Sheep!
Fishmonger ! (6 months ago)
Glad to hear you are promoting DSTM over BMINER. Lot's of debate over this, but it does appear the consensus has shown that BMINER isn't worth it - it does some shady things on your network and yes, shows a higher sol/s rate, but earns equal or less than DSTM. If anyone is looking for a free, open source GUI for DSTM, feel free to check mine out: https://wowfishmonger.weebly.com/mining.html It's just something I've been playing with as an alternative to those closed source miners on my personal rig.
İzleyici Abi (6 months ago)
https://bitcoin.cpucap.org/ref/104403 gayet kullanışlı bitcoin mining adresi. mobil uygulaması da var. dilediğiniz gibi kazabilirsiniz.
Neo Teo (6 months ago)
@VoskCoin When will you be reviewing the alt coins.... Bitcore BTX?
VOSK DONT MINE PIGEONCOIN!!! I have accumulated 10,000 PGN so please don't rise the difficulty lol
Trevor Hazzard (6 months ago)
Hi can you confirm, bitcoin transaction fee price drop? I use a Trezor wallet, fee for sending £100 is now 2p or $140 is 2c. Please confirm.
Dean Clarke (6 months ago)
Which version of the miners did you use in the tests?
karen (6 months ago)
I have asked the same questions.
The Fuddler (6 months ago)
WTF Bitmain have just put the E3 up to $1800
Joseph Woo (6 months ago)
vosk would you make some video about some of the small coin that you believe have a better feature.i personally believe in Pirl and bitcoinZ and I've been mining for the last 4 months
Jose Antonio Astruga (6 months ago)
I still have better results with ewbf 🤷🏻‍♂️
karen (6 months ago)
Hi, I think your video is kind of lack of information about how exactly you did the test. it's not professional enough.
Melpheos1er (6 months ago)
You should not mine PigeonCoin for the principle.They took everything from RavenCoin even the text from the website.
Viktor Nerlander (6 months ago)
Bminer is "faster" because it includes the dev shares
Phil Rodgers (6 months ago)
I don't think that's how it works. I think the software will spend 1% of *time* mining to the dev address, not yours. So a 1% fee equals 1 minute out of 100 minutes mining for the dev. The rest is yours. We need good mining software, so I have no problem with 1% dev fee. A profit share scheme is fair and encourages miner development and improvments.
Viktor Nerlander (6 months ago)
I'm by no means an expert on the subject, but from my understanding, the miner, whichever one you use, by default will submit a small percentage of shares to the developers address rather than yours. This should be specified on the download page. From what I gather, the miner software usually subtract that percentage of shares from your miner's total shares. This however, is not the case with Bminer and I'm not entirely sure why the dev would make that decision.
Jojo (6 months ago)
All these dev's are shady AF. They deserve to make a living, but hundreds of thousands of dollars every month is ridiculous.
hapklaar (5 months ago)
Most are on github, but there is no source available only compiled releases
Wesley Chang (6 months ago)
Most of these miner software are open source. Feel free to clone from git and compile one without the dev fee if you know how. If you don't, well that's their advantage and they deserved to get paid as long as your are using their software.
Jonny Boy (6 months ago)
Or remove the dev fee from it like i did lol (mined with dev fee for a month so he got paid for the software form me)
Brock Maxwell (6 months ago)
Not surprising to me. Bminer has again and again been proven to be worse not including the shadiness behind bminer... That miner has been proven to inflate hashrates and sends suspicious encrypted traffic. Check out the zcash Reddit and search bminer on it. Everything that comes up is it being shady.
Just4Fun vid3os (6 months ago)
Vosk what kind of cooling system you used in your rigs and asic miner? Do u just run the ac in your house or have special cooling system?
Johnathan Brabant (6 months ago)
Can you test 3x on dstm and 3x on bminer during the same 24hr period please. To eliminate variables.
Johnathan Brabant (6 months ago)
Fair enough. I did not think about the silicon lottery variable, this is something outside of our control. However, the proposition I proposed would give us a closer representation of actual figures than the one discussed in the video. Either way, the margin would be minimal and as we've just discussed it is very unlikely we can ever get a perfect 1:1. Thanks for the discussion, and the video as well Vosk!
Xclio (6 months ago)
Johnathan Brabant Sorry, thats true. What I'm saying is variances in silicone lottery in each gpus will never allow a direct 1 to 1 compassion. Variances in mining luck and difficulty, whether or not your mining on the same day or not, will not allow a direct comparison. Theses are just the facts. It's kind of like your question answered itself.
Johnathan Brabant (6 months ago)
How so? Mining on two different days will give different results, difficulty changes and hashrate changes. You gave no example of how this is flawed, just an empty opinion. Mining on 3x the same cards on dstm and 3x same card on bminer, will eliminate these variables. I'm open to being incorrect, but at least give a reason why.
Xclio (6 months ago)
This won't eliminate any variables... Your logic is flawed dude
Carl M (6 months ago)
I have concerns for the longevity of coins with names like snowgem and pigeoncoin. As much as the name shouldn't matter as much as the tech, I think there's a strong psychological element that's going to be hard for markets to overlook.
P K (6 months ago)
completely agree! ravencoin is not a good name\logo either, they will need to rebrand for serious mass adoption.
Carl M (6 months ago)
It may very well be profitable to mine for now, I'm mining Ravencoin but I have a hard time believing that there's going to be widespread adoption unless the tech is revolutionary.
bean (6 months ago)
I fully see what he's getting at. He's saying that the average person will hear the names of those coins and think, "is that a joke?" If you've been into crypto for a while you are probably indifferent, but ultimately it's the misgivings of average people that will dictate their adoption and, therefore, their success.
zivot92 (6 months ago)
I would like a helping hand like you got at 4:12 😂 Big profits right there xD
zivot92 (6 months ago)
Zan Yewang some good crypto portfolio 😂
Brony Clopper (6 months ago)
How many Zencash do I need to get a gf like cryptochick?
Thomas Brigham (6 months ago)
A bro just curious what type of wallets are you using, and if your still using the trezor?
Neal A (6 months ago)
Good video Man, you put this all together real well. If you see this, can you let me know in your experience and todays market, what is the MINIMUM GPU Trio rig and pools you would invest in putting together for someone just starting out? Either way still steady Sub'n Bro good stuff!
joeyp978 (6 months ago)
Always enjoy your videos bro... Watch them daily. Will throw some btc or zec your way once I pay the bills!
robert dunlap (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great coin tips !
Spartan Mining (6 months ago)
See, back to your roots. Thumbs up. Please let me know who did your logo/intro, I'm desperate here. : (
Octavius (6 months ago)
for 1070ti rig dstm dong bring much 2% after the dev fee.. I still use EWBF with dev. fee 0 and it's working great.
Octavius (6 months ago)
dude trust me if the dev fee is set to 0 the app will not mine for the dev.!! no packets are send, you can check it your self by activate the log file or u can use TCPView too see!! TURST ME I check and triple check it!!!
Jonny Boy (6 months ago)
EWBF has a dev fee. Just because you think you turned it off doesn't mean its not sending a fee out because it still does.
Octavius (6 months ago)
2% more then I get with ewbf ... to support the dev for what ? is not like he made an open source app. for more pls go to dstm bitcointalk page and read what ppl say https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2021765.0
Octavius (6 months ago)
nonnono no "mi friend"!!! I test /compare ewbf and dstm in January and march on flyplool nicehash and nanopool , mining zec.. For my rig with 1070ti I get a max of 2% after the dev fee...in total not just for 1 card! about Bminer you dont play the video or read on reddit/ bitcointalk?? everybody complain that the app show a higher hashrate but submit less from what I read you can get a 5-10% using dstm but for other gpus and I think is for 1060 or 1050ti
DigitalMiningSolutions (6 months ago)
dstm and bminer are both about a 10% improvement over EWBF. You're missing out on an extra 8% profit.
riuku (6 months ago)
Cheers, good video.
Ken James (6 months ago)
Straight to the point. I like it. What a niche the miner developers have found - thanks for including that bit about their success. I'm still surprised when I hear people complain about developer fees (2%?), as if they should be optional. In other industries, IP may account for 10% or more of the available revenue.
Atilla Sari (6 months ago)
İ testet both dstm is the better one. Bminer also shows wrong hashrate
Ben Rose (6 months ago)
I’ve been using bminer for a while, might have to try the newest dstm... I’m mining PGN right now, looking forward to your thoughts on that!
Soft Womble (6 months ago)
Just saw E3 batch 2 now listed by Butmain for $1,800 ea. Wonder how they justify the 1k jump in price.
Jonny Boy (6 months ago)
They clearly under priced it and upped price to level out supply/demand. AKA they are making as much as they think they can from it.
Iron Worker (6 months ago)
They justified the $1000 increase about 30 minutes after yesterdays Eth Dev meeting ended and there was a stand down ordered on forking eth by Vitalek.... have a feeling the asic resistant eth team has been "coerced" to pass on the fork..... wonder how much $ that cost Bitcrap to pull off? No worries they will get that bribe money back by jacking the E3 another $1k!!
Dan A (6 months ago)
Damn, that Dev makes almost 175k a month!
Mechanic380 (6 months ago)
Good timing just noticed bminer, and was wondering if it was faster. Maybe my project should be a miner, not a Mining OS. Any idea how many rigs are on SMOS?
bit kex (6 months ago)
nice vid as always!
hanabih (6 months ago)
Nice video. Could you make one for pools please. On each of those coins. Sng, pign, rvn, zen.
EastTN Scott (6 months ago)
Since you are tight with zen people. Do you think they will hardfork if ASIC can mine coin? Block explorer already showing weird entries with blank “mined by” so I think ASIC already mining zen.
karen (6 months ago)
solarisdreams (6 months ago)
EastTN Scott top GPU mining Just saying.
Soft Womble (6 months ago)
I hope they do, as they have promoted themselves as being ASIC resistant. Hopefully the ZEN team put a strategy in place now rather than later, as you know they either already have ASICs secretly mining now or are working on them.
Paul B (6 months ago)
Dont think he is tight it is just his favorite project and coin to mine. With the news from Zcash it might be everyone's soon

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