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Luckbox Mark Cuban Hates Bitcoin And Gold, The Two Best-Performing Assets This Millennia

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Text Comments (128)
AvariceUntied (1 month ago)
Mark Cuban supported Hillary Clinton, nuff said..
Justin McFarlane (1 month ago)
shart cuban? or shark cuban?
Derrick Williams (1 month ago)
My mans... I tell everyone that I knew about bitcoin when Max Keiser spoke about it on the Alex Jones show, had money and did NOTHING. I'm invested now but how can someone as savvy as Cuban be so willfully ignorant about cryptocurrency. What fool disses the oldest and most treasured known commodity on Earth? Yikes.
bob vu (2 months ago)
what happened to bcash?
Mr Jones (2 months ago)
Kinda funny that you give advice to someone who made billions, while you just have a small youtube channel
Funnyshish (2 months ago)
Whilst gold is a good hedge, its bullshit to claim a gold standard in any point history created lasting fiscal responsibility and peace. Plenty of countries invaded others to claim their gold and a return to the gold standard would encourage wars over gold deposits. The current system is not really fiat. Its dollars backed by commodities and the US military, and other countries currencies being valued by the amount of dollar reserves they can accumulate. Hence wars over productive commodities. Its certainly not perfect but it does encourage manufacturing and export.
Jon Vongoh (2 months ago)
If I could get this 100x likes I would. Thanks for the heads up on Cuban. One of your best vids (nice backdrop!)
Mr (2 months ago)
One more to Jeff Berwick: I don't think Cuban is an alcoholic like yourself?? Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe thats one of the reasons why he is richer/smarter than you?
Mr (2 months ago)
Jeff, please get back to me on this one! I really want to know how can alcoholic like you expect to be smarter/richer than Cuban? Would be interesting to know.
Mr (2 months ago)
Everyone is talking shit about Cuban on here! But guess what - he is a billionaire, and you are not! lol Jeff Berwick, I simply think that you are jealous to him that he managed to sell his worthless company for a huge sum and you gone bankrupt. I guess its true what they say: Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.
JenniFree (2 months ago)
Cuban hates an element ( gold ) and says it's a religion🙄? He called cryptos ' collectables ' ?🤣🤣🤣..Bwahahahha!!
Jim Stacker (2 months ago)
You gotta love how Cuban is also not aging very well. Keep drinking and a enjoy those drugs loser. He’s going to die of colon cancer.
I've heard "subscribe in the note below" sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dam much lately you sound like a fucking advertisement. stop being s hypocrite jeff. you bash the media for fear propaganda yet you instill fear into people smart enough to see the state as evil but you offer NO REAL ADVICE for your average tax slaves. what the hell are we supposed to do without money to invest in bitcoin? Or cryptos??? And say an average slave managed to invest maybe 500$. what are they supposed to do when there is no profit margin for small investors. stop being a prick jeff. it's not that easy and I know, o never had mommy and daddy "force me into community college" you started as a privillaged brat and that's how you carry yourself now. like a fucking douche bag. ever since you went to the middle East and fucked up your fasting you have changed for the worse. I was even banned from the dollar vigilante page WHERE I PAID TO BE, simply for speaking my mind, yeah your a real advocate for "peace, equality and prosperity" I mean dam man, have you not made enough $? can you stop seeming like one of those money hungry dickheads you bash constantly? can you act like you care more about humanity than subscribers?
Jim Rodgers (2 months ago)
Thanks Jeff for speaking up against this piece of shit.
Latifa Williams (2 months ago)
Very smart man...thank you!
kevin bray (2 months ago)
Great vid Jeff, yep Cubans a douche.
Crypto Cam (2 months ago)
Mark Cuban invested in an ICO and he even said in an interview to invest in cryptocurrency to become wealthy. Your real motive is exposed at the end: smearing socialism. I hope you take a vacation to the Scandinavian region and expose their version of socialism! Tell them them how socialism is bad, mkay.
Nick Dagris (2 months ago)
Mark's paternal grandfather changed the family name from "Chabenisky" to "Cuban" after his family emigrated from Russia through Ellis Island. His maternal grandparents, who were also Jewish, came from Romania https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Cuban Just another Khazar-Talmudic-Zionist ruling America?
Octavius Aquarian (2 months ago)
Good rantt
Jet Blake (2 months ago)
Cuban us an ass. He needs to go back to selling pots,and pans
Marco Radicia (2 months ago)
Mark Cuban is a POS end of story
Amistien (2 months ago)
Please check out this Great ICO Sirwilliamburton.com
Gee Willickers (2 months ago)
How's your short crypto, long gold bet doing?
BCJoey (2 months ago)
He's a jew
Edward Rebb (2 months ago)
Jeff You Kick Ass Bro ... With A Pointed Steel Toe Boot ... May You live In Good Health For The Next 200 yrs .... Thanks For The Content 💪👍✊
Bunny Munny (2 months ago)
Don't worry Jeff. We know Cuban is a fucktard. He can't even get uneducated inner city kids to play basketball for him, for millions of dollars no less.
Elta Rahim (2 months ago)
Love you...visit Vegas again..please!!
snifferdogg forfreedom (2 months ago)
How easy is it to buy in to bitcoin ? What will the government do to me if I start trading with it?
doughtymqan (2 months ago)
Who cares? The government is so far behind the curve these days they’re becoming irrelevant. That’s a good thing.
Niche Id (2 months ago)
Cuban is getting exposed by Jeff.
Tony Hill (2 months ago)
Oh ya, that dude is a pawn, no doubt, disinformation vomiter
moneyindabank (2 months ago)
Cuban hit the lottery plain and simple.  Fuck him.
Chase Williams (2 months ago)
F ya! love this
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jquint57 (2 months ago)
Mark Cuban is just a "tin man" . Look up the movie by that name. That describes him well. He is full of shit.
Hifromkate1 (2 months ago)
Ha ha funny!
David Flash (2 months ago)
Most of these guys say one thing and do another
Bit n Mortar (2 months ago)
Mark "the dumbshit" Cuban
OLYMPUS (2 months ago)
I want to work for you
lanier1000 (2 months ago)
If you ever notice he passes up on great opportunities on Shark Tank, many of which go on to be wildly successful companies, so I don't put all my faith in anything he says.
Brittany F (2 months ago)
Fuck your cripto currency and your complete control
Upgrade (2 months ago)
There is no difference between religions, ideologies or cryptos. All are designed to profit. I prefer cryptos though since i get to play too.,
CDM (2 months ago)
I used to love Mark Cuban a few years ago because he seemed to be the normal guy who is for the middle class man. But after I grew up a bit more I see him for who he really is and I can’t stand him. If you watch shark tank watch how he says “Right?” After every other god damn sentence. Now that’s all you’re going to hear from him is “look it’s a great business but... RIGHT?”
The Holy Earth God (2 months ago)
Come on Jeff. He's a FAKE JEW. They have, as a group, reasons to enrich each other for no reason. You should like him a little Jeff. He despises Trump like you. He can run for President and bring you along as his mate. I enjoy much of your commentary. His is sick the few times I've watched the adolescent. There is absolutely no sense in commenting on the little bitch.
UltimateBargains (2 months ago)
I never ask why people do stupid things. I only ask, "How can I make a profit from people who do stupid things?"
erictheBaptist (2 months ago)
Jeff - cryptos = my favorite Youtuber. I don't see how you can be both pro crypto AND pro PMs. They are total opposites.
ClockworkFPV (2 months ago)
I think all the bears are dead :)
ain't dat snipes (2 months ago)
lol obama spent over a billion (tax cash)on a crappy gov't run useless website lmmfao!
SCAN IMAL (2 months ago)
SCAN IMAL (2 months ago)
russ burton (2 months ago)
the romans created sports to keep the masses stupid. he built his empire on the 90% of the retarded population atleast jeff is waking them up
MrBrooxy (2 months ago)
Cuban is a fucking dog and everyone knows he's piece of shit. #fuckthatguy
Stephanie Ann (2 months ago)
Brought here by your ballsy-ness in Somalia with We Are Change
Stephanie Ann (2 months ago)
He hates bitcoin because he feels it devalues his dollars, which he has alot of
kayak347 (2 months ago)
Who ?? Aint he the guy said he didnt like crypto then bought some now says he doesent like it he might be rich but he sho iz stupit
Jeremy I (2 months ago)
As a North Texas Native, he makes me sick and he will never get another dime of mine. Actually use to take family to Mavs game once a year, 3+ years ago.
withoutexcuse2011 (2 months ago)
Mark Cuban is an IDIOT who just happened to step into a pile of crap and came out smelling like a rose. The thing is, he considers himself as some sort of "genius". Bwahaha. He is an idiot - plain and simple, and he often proves it when he opens his mouth. Cuban is like many others, he has money and so he thinks he's smarter than the rest of us. Think again, Mark!
Louis Henton (2 months ago)
Those guys who chase balls and put them in baskets make more money than most people on the planet somebody salty
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (2 months ago)
A cubian is a box head. Square headed are two many confusing sides.
Chucky (2 months ago)
Dumb fuck Cuban
Sting fist (2 months ago)
Massimo Mandarino (2 months ago)
.... This Hammerhead Mark Cuban hates gold because it's real .....he is fake....... what a loser
Ivar Baratheon (2 months ago)
How would he be worth 12 trillion if the market cap of bitcoin is less than 200b lol
Ivar Baratheon (2 months ago)
Denz lol he always is
Denz (2 months ago)
Ivar Baratheon I see what you mean, JB's example was a little 'far fetched'
Ivar Baratheon (2 months ago)
Denz I did, my point still stands
Denz (2 months ago)
Ivar Baratheon Watch the next 30 seconds
s3l3r (2 months ago)
True will win 🌎 Facebook: Michal Szymanowski 🌇 Instagram: s3l3r 🐦 Twitter: s3l3r ♨ Steemit: s3l3r
Mr W (2 months ago)
the Dallas Mavericks stink btw
BigLockDaddy (2 months ago)
Nice listen here for more! https://youtu.be/94EgMCzy1oM
John Martinson (2 months ago)
I dated Mark's girlfriend Susan in Dallas back in 1989 and she said Cuban was.... Well I could write quite a story. Let's just say Cuban would have some serious PR problems if I did write it.
doopy noo (2 months ago)
Mark Cuban is an asstard puppet dumber than a box of rocks. He's been set up by the Ashkenazi fake jew synagogue of satan just after selling his soul. If I just met him on the street I would think he had down syndrome based on the size of his head and his speach impediment. News Flash Mark money can't fix fugly sorry bro, mic drop...
Bane Pepe (2 months ago)
Jeff finally found someone most people dislike more than him. Little Marko Cuban.
Mr (2 months ago)
Yes, Berwick sounds like a little pathetic schoolgirl haha
John Martinson (2 months ago)
Bane Pepe yeah he's little according to his girlfriend in Dallas who I was dating back in 1989.Hmmn you can guess the rest of the story.
Strategic Endeavors FX (2 months ago)
Damn I thought he was into crypto
russ burton (2 months ago)
they are making it sound bad to lower the price they will get in soon. or they will devalue 5 times fold,russia trump and china are going to milk the central bank of everything they can. china has full cities that are empty. without usa to fight them for repayment they will be bankrupt aswell (central banks)
Kyle Harman (2 months ago)
yessss!! PREACH jeff. preachhhh!!! keep pumping out these vids my dude, and yes, Greenspan's the man! he knows all to well about this BULLSHIT that the "government" is doing....keel up this great work my man!!!!!
Dhamma Brother (2 months ago)
I have been trying to count the times this year where you haven't mentioned that you told people to buy bitcoin at three dollars. Haven't started counting yet. Your best video's are the ones without a teleprompter.
BTC STACKER (2 months ago)
Mark Cuban is a Jew... They will talk shit about Gold and Bitcoin while in secret they are buying it up..
Jataks Makisto (2 months ago)
Cuban what a dufus dumball
B1ggAK47 (2 months ago)
Jataks Makisto How ironic isn't it 🤔
Crypto League (2 months ago)
I heard that he stole the broadcast idea
ViaSolara (2 months ago)
I hate him with extreme prejudice and an ounce of hotsauce
Donny Sath (2 months ago)
I wonder if Cuban hot sauce is hotter than Insanity sauce? I bought Insanity hotsauce for a kick a little dab goes along way..
Nasdaq trader (2 months ago)
Google The trend over the last 83 years has been for US government spending to rise by 0.24 percent of GDP per year
swordoftruth (2 months ago)
MC=POS bravo!
Nasdaq trader (2 months ago)
Check how the size of governments have has grown across the world - they are now the largest in size since WW2: Google government spending percent of gdp Kiribati 92% Cuba 67% Denmark 58% France 56% Finland 55% Belgium 53% Greece 52% Austria 51% Slovenia 51% Sweden 51% Italy 50% Netherlands 50% Hungary 49% Portugal 49% United Kingdom 49% Ireland 48% New Zealand 48% Iceland 47% Cyprus 46% Ukraine 46% Germany 45%
Nasdaq trader (2 months ago)
Cuban is a intelligent man, but I agree 100% with you: broadcastDOTcom for $5bn is absolute nonsense. Just ignore these intelligent fools: Peter Schiff, Mark Cuban on Bitcoin.
Vercusgames (2 months ago)
Money is never a measurement of IQ.
Justin McFarlane (1 month ago)
intelligence will always best symbollism, and fiat
Barrett L (2 months ago)
It's true that laziness and complacency happens at the top of the pyramid, but still... IQ combined with mental and physical health is the best form of money.
hoastbeef (2 months ago)
i kind of figured that out when I discovered Kim Khardashian.
Vercusgames (2 months ago)
I have seen the rich buy businesses that were run into the ground. Do not hang out with whale investors. You will get 10 lifetimes of stupidity. It's the classic king of the hill. Once you're on top it's incredibly easy to become lazy. They do and it's depressing. But... It opens the door for new rich. That's how we got crypto.
Come Alive (2 months ago)
0.75x speed bros is nice. Try it.
dfilion3 (2 months ago)
Cuban is not rich because he is a genius but because peoples at Yahoo were stupid
Daniel P (2 months ago)
Very true, the company failed
UltimateBargains (2 months ago)
It takes a genius to suck billions of dollars out of stupid idiots.
Chris Johnson (2 months ago)
Haha, he put in $15 million in Unikoin Gold, (UKG). All of these rich guys are lying about crypto as they are trying to buy in cheaper. They all own crypto.
Monica Covington (2 months ago)
Yuuuuuuuuppp!!! I tried to participate in the ICO, but i couldn't because $10k wasnt enough!!
Edward Rebb (2 months ago)
Chris Johnson " Preach " !!!
Tony Hill (2 months ago)
Chris Johnson exactly.
biglance (2 months ago)
5.7 BILLION $!?!??!?!? ?HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess that is how he got rich, that little bitch! :)
Bad Santa (2 months ago)
Always hated Cuban now i hate him even more.
Crypto Lifestyle Club (2 months ago)
Good video Jeff! Mark C is clueless. Good luck when collapse comes 👍
Digital Hedge (2 months ago)
i agree with everything you say, except your view on trump, would like to hear why you arent stoked about having him in office, i feel like he represents what Regan represented
Insoo Kim (1 month ago)
Digital Hedge i got a good feeling as well. I hate how people bash trump over little shit. Isis is largely gone, the stock markets back. Trump is talking with north korea and they already agreed to stop testing.... Could u imagine if some cuck bitch like bernie was in office??? That dumbfuck with an iq of 85, thatcuck bitch standing up to xi jingping or even kim jon un lol... These leftists have no connection with reality whatsoever.
Insoo Kim (1 month ago)
ChongeryDaBeast youre the idiot. Trump is pro real money fool and has been ive read two of his books and need to read art of the deal. Trump was against globalism in the late 80s and has been saying this country is headed in the wrong direction fool. Trump HAS been doing great if you ask me. Also who knows what kind of bullshit he has to deal with with the deep state. The deep state controlled the media so they thought they had a lock down on the presidency.
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Matt for Mankind (2 months ago)
Marky Mark 😂 CRYPTO IS KING 👑
All Total Coaching (2 months ago)
thank you

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