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Multi-Currency Wallets: What They Do & Which is Best

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Web and mobile wallets which support multiple cryptocurrencies make it easy to try a new coin out, or to keep small balances of multiple currencies in one easy place. We review the top (and only?) 4 for you: Holy Transaction, Cryptonator, CoinWallet, and Coinomi. Check out our new channel! http://youtube.com/dashorg Connect with us! [website] http://TheDailyDecrypt.com [podcast] https://yourlisten.com/TheDailyDecrypt [tweets] http://Twitter.com/TheDailyDecrypt [facebook] http://Facebook.com/TheDailyDecrypt [RSS feed]: http://mix.chimpfeedr.com/5b92e-The-Daily-Decrypt [subreddit]: http://reddit.com/r/TheDailyDecrypt Wanna sponsor a show? http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Sponsorship Sponsor: Bitshares: http://bitshares.org Show links: Holy Transaction: http://holytransaction.com Cryptonator: http://cryptonator.com CoinWallet: http://coinwallet.co Coinomi: https://coinomi.com Music: 'Girl's Not Grey' by AFI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yzu-4kJg6g Contact us: http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Contact Tip us! See our addresses for Bitcoin, BitcoinDark, Bitshares, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Neucoin, Nubits, Nxt, Peercoin & more at http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/Tip-Us ProTip ready: 17LdaZjmiVzY3wfL4af89FAcgFkAgncrQe
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Text Comments (143)
Mad Teros (20 days ago)
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Josko Sestan (22 days ago)
What no Exodus??
sally gonzalvis (27 days ago)
*Now you can buy, keep, sell and explore a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Instant and totally free transfers to other users. The simple and secure multi-currency wallet. Click here ( **t.co/TObltIwNHf** ) to check it out.*
Nemesis (1 month ago)
Cryptonator SCAM, so please test anything and make sure about it before you told us about it, thanks . .
Curt Brennan (1 month ago)
Your coinwallet.co link is not working.....
sarah colin (1 month ago)
good video if you're scared now and got your Ethereums in your Ledgerwallet, Trezor or any other Wallet and wanna Exchange your ETH quickly to a safer Coin like Litecoin, Bitcoin or Monero then look in Apples App Store for "Bitcoin Chanige “. Also available as Android edition. You can exchange it without KYC, Registration or Public Exchange.have a good day everyone
umair badar (2 months ago)
Tell us about them transactions fees
Brent Willis (2 months ago)
Hi could you do a review on the NAGA wallet now it’s been released? I’d love to hear your take on NAGA and it’s ecosystem
TastyToons (3 months ago)
Anyone got a time machine, look at those prices :0
Hement Singh (4 months ago)
cryptonatore not paying i have lost my dogecoins
carl spears (5 months ago)
how do I get coinwallet all the other wallets don't have what I have that one might, I tried to get it but cant find it. can you help?
I downloaded this Panda wallet: Pandacoin PandaWallet for Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.pandacoin.wallet&hl=en I can't get it to work it's impossiable I have over 2.8 millions, I was given a seed that looks simila to this below, is there a app I can use enter my seed and extract my coins. The email of the person who made this wallet does not work U3FdddsdGVkX182p9ZyTGO9e37oubxZ38g5eu3rkPlshG7nuW1sXJfJPGezTjfX3CBgDey78bLHvVMd 6Bpokijhbvfujk0986756r8uibolVG73Wc6GDz8z7ssrNeH5xUwkwuUrXI/ZoBRNrmMmTQ2t/wWrC6Q2/6kl;dfbndinbv098u09[vacrVyp36KBiUJfxha/6wh62dy3nKM0WQwmlgNYyJCGzP0shYY5fRTdrkTBNvXG2IaMaM CJhvMWw=
GodBlessHipHop (5 months ago)
Sonya Sanders (5 months ago)
Coinami charged me $20 to send $40 with of BTC
Gutenburg (5 months ago)
Thats the bitcoin fee, not the app fee.
top mastering (6 months ago)
Scammers - dont use it
ALMEEZAN AMBUR (6 months ago)
Hi good job pls tell my which one wallet in Indian pls
Maddys Earning Tricks (6 months ago)
My coinomi shows noconnection error no support from coinomi ever I got how to solve my coins stuck
Rod Genardini (6 months ago)
God I hate your face. I can't tell if you're 28 or 39
Ddstairclimber (6 months ago)
amanda where can i store stellar and fatcom
ajay kumar (6 months ago)
Cryptonator is fake wallet M.sending some bit coin but show me unconformed status I have no received 3 days
THE SHACO (6 months ago)
https://www.coinbase.com/join/59571a2aa8007a06450f7c61 < this is the best bitcoin wallet for me so far! because you can buy bitcoin directly to your wallet" if you have doubt do a research your self!
Lt.Static Static (6 months ago)
coinwallet.co is down. they got hacked.
John Doe (6 months ago)
First, you should use only open source wallets, open souce code is open and viewable to everyone in the world, so there is no hidden backdoor and bugs are more likely to be addressed faster. Exodus and other popular wallets weren't mentioned. So be mindful as this presentation only reviewed a limited number of wallets.
Jens K (6 months ago)
Tom Cruise - really - that brain washed Scientology retard.
Gaurav Ggadge (6 months ago)
How about walletgator.com.
Bruton Timber (7 months ago)
Thanks Amanda!
César Grancho Pinto (7 months ago)
WalletZ - The All in One Coin Balance Viewer ( either Public Wallets and Exchange Accounts ) https://www.walletz.cc a bit different.. The version doesn't create wallets, but helps you to track existing walllets in one place :) Handy!
Oscar Olvera (7 months ago)
Cryptonater is a scam, the pending of a transaction takes forever, of course they have excuses saying that it may takes days, it’s also one of their most popular issues, they also have another excuse saying that customer service is being overloaded and they take 1-2 days to reply, only if I could post the proof, smh I wasted my time and money.
Oscar Olvera (7 months ago)
Like it took me one hour to send them a transaction, but when you receive one from them, it takes forever, I still yet to receive my currency
Frym Louie Maderas (7 months ago)
what are you using then? what do you recommend?
Edward S. Carr (6 months ago)
It's all in the approach!
Don't trip (6 months ago)
Edward S. Carr How in the world are you going to put me through being successful and profitable.? Give me a little idea right here before I contact you by email
Edward S. Carr (6 months ago)
Hello Don't trip, why don't you contact me on [email protected], so I can put you through in becoming successful and profitable
Don't trip (6 months ago)
Edward S. Carr sorry ed but I have no idea what you just said. That language is above me. Can you make it more simple. I have investing in bitcoin through Coinbase. Is that what you’re talking about? Them type of purchases. I want to be smart how I do this, please help
Edward S. Carr (7 months ago)
Hello Frym, with the look of things, what i can actually say is that instead of you going by it yourself, why don't you invest in a company that mines and trade crypto currencies. that's how i go by it myself, all i do is to fund my wallet after that i instruct the company to do whatever i want either by reinvesting or mining, it will all be handled by them and at it due time i wait and cash out which will be sent directly to my wallet or local bank account.How as trading been for you so far?
HighProfitIncome (8 months ago)
Free 100GH/s Bitcoin Mining 10% of Daily Profit With Life Time Contract Return on investment within 10 Days https://goo.by/ojXFq
GT RACER (8 months ago)
I should add that, I'd like to buy other less known ( 4 Now Anyway) tokens/ Crypto's that I can Buy/Trade and turn 50% of profits back into other coins or USD via Paypal etc.. And if I may ask also what exchange would you use..Thanks again. I'll be opening a bitcoin account tomorrow.
GT RACER (8 months ago)
I'd like to buy a number of coins that are cost only penny's per say on the dollar, but have a HUGE potential to go gangbuster's due to the research.. Anyway, Since I'm a Newbie ...how and what would be the best place to store, say 1k @.03 each to hold for investment..I have about 8-10 coins selected, and what type of wallet. Thanks
merry merry (8 months ago)
I am getting some hostcoin first day of ICO
Salih Yagiz (8 months ago)
shinu sharma (9 months ago)
kurd gamer (9 months ago)
Cryptonator is scam
sir miss-a-lot (4 months ago)
Oscar Olvera Thats weird, because I just sent litecoin to cryptonator and exchanged for xrp. Then sent it poloniex no problem. 2115 xrp worth, maybe they had problems in the past but its worked fine for me.
Oscar Olvera (7 months ago)
Cryptonater is a scam, the pending of a transaction takes forever, of course they have excuses saying that it may takes days, it’s also one of their most popular issues, they also have another excuse saying that customer service is being overloaded and they take 1-2 days to reply, only if I could post the proof, smh I wasted my time and money.
Oscar Olvera (7 months ago)
It is a scam, like
adrian peirson (8 months ago)
Evidence ?
1DaTJo (9 months ago)
OMG did you see - bitcoin for $5, others for almost nothing!!!
Chris Carlaw (9 months ago)
deb stor (9 months ago)
she so kissable
igor taranchenko (9 months ago)
This girl is something else. ♡
cooldog60 (9 months ago)
Where can I store tokens like pillar off line?
Tech droide hindi (10 months ago)
I love u
Skye Walker (10 months ago)
wow all the prices are literally 100 times what this video shows XD
Learn and Earn (10 months ago)
Thank you
solution maker (10 months ago)
Asch Gwader (11 months ago)
litecoin jumps from 3$ to 90$ in one year ,
AndrejCibikDesign (11 months ago)
Coinami now supports ETH
bluenetmarketing (11 months ago)
Tom Cruise? Really?
Tom Samadhi (11 months ago)
superblobsterman Oh Yeah (11 months ago)
OMG Ethereum was $3.94 and Dash was $3.71 in this video. Why could you not have warned us about the impending explosion in prices? Why Amanda, why? AHHHEWWW :'(
Lebriss LZ (11 months ago)
https://news.bitcoin.com/coinwallet-co-bitcoin-wallet-hacked-closing/ LOOOOL
Poresh Gowala great (1 year ago)
I like your smile sweetie
French Fry (1 year ago)
no one of them supports bytecoin, how and where can i buy them???
Dylan Evans (1 year ago)
Hey, don't know if anyone here can help me with an issue I am having. I am wanting to buy Crypto (Bitcoin) with my euros on my German bank account. I tried on the Bitpanda wallet and couldn't validate the account because I don't have a German Cellphone number or address (Only a passport and bank account). I live in South Africa. Anyone know how I can buy bitcoin with those euros in my German bank account? Thanks :)
adrian peirson (8 months ago)
Try bittyliscious or local bitcoins, or a bitcoin ATM
Fred Johnson (9 months ago)
Go investigate the Capripay wallet and App V6 and Capricoin. It allows interchageability between BTC, CPC and Euro,,,to start with,,. and there isn't a fee!!
idea_plus_plus (1 year ago)
Note to self: In April, 2016, "CoinWallet, an online bitcoin and multicoin wallet service has announced the closure of its services. The announcement cites a recent data breach that struck the wallet and bitcoin services provider on April 6, 2016." - Source: cryptocoinsnews
TitanSilver354 (1 year ago)
The ticker tape is kinda ridiculous, considering all prices are out of date an hour after uploading, but hey gives it that legit look I guess. Also, just signed up for holytransaction - no Etheruem support -wtf?
Dragos (1 year ago)
Don't trip (6 months ago)
Hamish's World hey bro, do you recommend buying NXT through JAXX. I have bitcoin in coinbase but I don’t have any idea how to purchase NXT or where to do the exchange for some bitcoin. How do I get my bitcoin form coinbase to Jaxx? If you can help I would appreciate it
Hamish's World (10 months ago)
bro it has an intergrated shapeshift in it do u realise the convenience of that?
Dragos (10 months ago)
I was probably going too fast. I received the 50$ but I forgot to delete or update the comment. And Jaxx is still shit because of high commissions.
Hamish's World (10 months ago)
been using jaxx for a very very long time moving alot of coin etc, never once had any issue, dont go spreading misinformation because you were stupid on the math and got burned
Tudor Renegade (1 year ago)
Lickcoin, suckcoin, blowcoin, fuckcoin, analcoin......
Steve Harris (5 months ago)
And a sloppy wet vag coin
Gary Stinten (6 months ago)
Tudor Renegade there is a fuckcoin.
Daniel Flower (1 year ago)
Whats a good wallet for monero?
Tom S. (1 year ago)
OMG... I'm watching the crypto rates below the video... I could cry I didn't buy back then!
kingofallcrypto (6 months ago)
Get some XVG, EOS and SALT as well. Back up da truck, buy and wait!
Jungle Ape (6 months ago)
Now it is even worse. Buy OMG coins before it is too late!, they havn't gone parabolic yet.
Eggy Noggy (1 year ago)
Ok so... Any wallet that is internet only should be avoided for obvious reasons.......
Sergii hood (1 year ago)
how about jaxx?
jmcarp98 (1 year ago)
Great you guys are all set for the cashless society:)
CRE8FUTUR (1 year ago)
My first issue with your proposal is: How are they going to control the Blockchain?
jmcarp98 (1 year ago)
No privacy and no freedom to buy and sell what you wish because it will be totally controlled. They will also take everything you make in taxes and fees:)
CRE8FUTUR (1 year ago)
what would be the problem?
hussien ragab (1 year ago)
you so cute :)
Ryan Stalder (1 year ago)
is there a wallet where i can store ripple/monero/golem/factom all in one?? or do i need individuell wallets? or can i just keep them on poloniex- what would you suggest?
Edward S. Carr (7 months ago)
Hello Ryan, how as trading been for you so far?and how long have you been in the system?
av733 (1 year ago)
These wallets are all crap, none of them are offline or open source.
adrian peirson (8 months ago)
record your backup phrase, then switch your phone off.
Please update the video. Coinwallet only supports BTC and ETH now. They also tend to have technical issues and are "unavailable" a lot. HolyTransaction doesn't allow new members and I think the site is about to shut down.
Mickey T (1 year ago)
Does anyone know anything about the CoinPayments wallet?
Vini López (1 year ago)
hi, can you tell me about Exodus and Mobi. Thanks!
Alex Morgan (1 year ago)
I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out how to store pivx as their wallet refuses to work on my pc of mobile è
Elia Closet (1 year ago)
CoinWallet only SUPPORT BITCOIN.
Logical Mayhem (1 year ago)
Coinbase? its only BC and ETH with double auth
Jermaine Johnson (1 year ago)
Oscar Olvera (7 months ago)
Cryptonater is a scam, the pending of a transaction takes forever, of course they have excuses saying that it may take days, it’s also one of their most popular issues, they also have another excuse saying that customer service is being overloaded and they take 1-2 days to reply, only if I could post the proof, smh I wasted my time and money.
adrian peirson (8 months ago)
Evidence ?
Sir J (11 months ago)
ok...it's a scam....bye bye
Arthur Heidt (1 year ago)
he is right they are all scam, as are the exchanges. working for unbacked money is a bad thing in general for all those who work for it
Eggy Noggy (1 year ago)
Dylan, that was so well played, I would donate some bitcoin to you just for making me laugh. :)
Nathan Rasbold (2 years ago)
Sweet. I just found your channel and am definitely subscribing. Keep making videos. :)
John Karantonis (2 years ago)
Amanda we enjoy your show format! Adonis, Thanks for adding uberpay.io and clarifying the need for a daily use wallet to the audience
Whats Wrong (2 years ago)
Thanks again Amanda! I already use Coinomi, but you've definitely peaked my interest on these others ones! I'll be checking these ones out! oh and sharing this video! Good info!!!!
Dan Gershony (2 years ago)
Great video. I'd like to offer a small correction BIP44 is not about backing up your wallet but a protocol (on top of BIP32) for deriving child keys in a multi-crypto/multi-account wallet, if anything BIP32 (HD wallets) is about easily backing up of a single master key. If I could also recommend an additional wallet coinvault.io as multi crypto wallet
Dan Gershony (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Haha ;) thank you for doing so many good things for the crypto community I am loving your channels.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Dan Gershony Thank you for that information, wise one.
Joel Cannon (2 years ago)
Note that 2FA (two factor authentication) for HolyTransaction is only related to withdrawals -- it does not offer 2FA for login.
DJDJ DAX (2 years ago)
your channel is great!
American Patriot (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt There are 5 multi coin wallets (uberpay.io) with 38+ coins and with a new coin swap in future releases
Adonis Valamontes (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt - no problem, even thought we originally used the coinomi core, we've taken the code to a new direction, we see altcoins play a more active role in the consumer/merchant adaptation of alternative currencies, so a wallet is needed for the consumer's daily use, just like your traditional wallet today. UberPay's vision is to encourage consumers to accept and spend coins easily daily, and not to use UberPay as the safe deposit box for cryptocoins. UberPay is developing a new coin swap service, that ultimately will include all of the UberPay family of altcoins. With instant liquidity and no speculation. [a quick pick of UberPay's beta Coin Swap service (http://doecoins.com) ] More things to come!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Adonis Valamontes Ah! Very good, thanks for adding that resource to our list.
jonathan yoakum (2 years ago)
nice bandana hat, was just considering walletfying some exchange Emercoin and your video closed the deal, thank you daily decrypt!!
American Patriot (2 years ago)
+jonathan yoakum Emercoin soon will me in UberPay, (http://UberPay.io) we are working on last minute technical requirements.
Don Gateley (2 years ago)
Naive question here. Do any of these allow inclusion of a bank account for transfers between fiat currencies and crypto currencies.
Don Gateley (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Thanks, Amanda. I went to their site and they say nothing about using a bank account.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Don Gateley I saw some fiat options on Cryptonator, yes. They may offer bank transfers and be just what you're looking for.
Elliott Marc Jones (2 years ago)
Cryptonator is very unreliable.
Will Darling (2 years ago)
If you like the Cruiser, just checkin' you've seen some of his more out-there ones... Tropic Thunder, Knight & Day, and I can't get enough of Oblivion, though maybe thats the M83 soundtrack
Kevin Schmitt (2 years ago)
Great topic and show Amanda.
Eric Hecker (2 years ago)
Holy transaction lets you switch coins easily. Also they let you send payments of one coin from another instantly. Pretty cool service with less fees than cryptonator.
Eric Hecker (2 years ago)
I've never seen that warning when I tried. Maybe just a bad day.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Eric Hecker I tried to do a coin conversion on Holy Transaction before making the video. It said they'd reached their "limit" for the day on that coin pair. Maybe it would have worked on another pair, or at another time?
Yoni Berger (2 years ago)
web only no tanx
ausPPC (2 years ago)
Great topic! And it's really cool that Coinomi allows its users to do testnet transactions.
Vlad Cealicu (2 years ago)
you can also compare most of the wallets here: https://www.cryptocompare.com/wallets/#/overview (feel free to review your favorite one as well)
Jata Johnson (1 year ago)
Hey there, I'm new to the crypto world and I'm searching for something for my STEEM. Any suggestions?... good video, btw! Thanks!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Vlad Cealicu Good suggestion.
Piggy Coin (2 years ago)
coinwallet.co doesn't just "track" your proof-of-stake payments -- It gives you them too!
Eric Hecker (2 years ago)
I can confirm it works. They take a percentage for hosting, but you get most of it.
Piggy Coin (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt I believe so, yes. They stake them all, then they give you a share according to how much you have there.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Piggy Coin That is interesting, indeed. You know, I saw "POS Pool" on their homepage and didn't know what it meant. So -- are they in effect staking with all the coins that people deposit into their wallets there? How does that work?
Eric Hecker (2 years ago)
+Piggy Coin They do. It's great. Better than the mintcoin wallet eating up all my ram.
rawsavage1 (2 years ago)
Thanks Amanda. Still haven't found what I'm looking for.....(U2). Been ready to move on from BTC to alts for over a year(Who needs all the current nonsense; and does the current run-up of ETH signal the end of BTC navel gazing?) . Can't understand why Paul doesn't make Airbitz multicurrency- It would be the killer wallet. Paul, tie Shapeshift to Airbitz, like Coinomi has.

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