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Don’t Believe The Bitcoin Bears, Says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee | CNBC

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Is it time to get more bullish on bitcoin? Are the bitcoin bears dead wrong? With Fundstrat's Tom Lee, CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Don’t Believe The Bitcoin Bears, Says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee | CNBC
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Text Comments (466)
Boowap Dabam (11 hours ago)
again not the stock market idiots dont talk about mining at all you dumbshits
Bullion Forever (2 days ago)
The banksters don't want people in bitcoin, they'll continue to bash it and get people in the dollar.
Jason wooshkuff (2 days ago)
buy the tip people! buy the dip!
Elliot Parkes (2 days ago)
why does anyone listen to this guy? literally all have his calls have been wrong the past few months
IO TA (2 days ago)
Tom Lee is no bitcoin guru, don't listen to him.
Eddy Garza (2 days ago)
Just let it die off already
Time Killer (2 days ago)
I think amazon is going to partner with BTC and LTC eventually......why do i think this? do you have an amazon alexa? If so, ask alexa "what is the best cryptocurrency to buy" and she'll respond with "I like LTC" 9 out of 10 times. every now and then alexa will throw out "i like BTC" but its mostly LTC (which works hand in hand with btc) For the same reason alexa tells us Seattle Seahawks will win the next SuperBowl (cuz amazon is from seattle) ALEXA IS PROGRAMMED TO SAY SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, LITECOIN, and BITCOIN! This isnt by accident. its programmed into the alexa to respond this way. Now ask yourself, why would Amazon want to promote LTC and BTC? Cuz theres a partnership coming soon. and that means REAL WORLD USE AND UTILITY Prices will skyrocket if amazon accepts btc and ltc. and other fortune 500 companies will follow suit like walmart, apple, google, etc And the price will skyrocket even more. Dont believe me? spend 50 bucks and buy an alexa for yourself and ask what is the best cryptocurrency to buy. ltc, ltc, ltc, ltc, ltc, btc, ltc, ltc, ltc ltc, btc theres a reason for this too. dont say i didnt tell you so in a year or 2 when you miss out people.....it may be 5 years down the road or more...but when it happens, MOON landing and all the people that accumulated and HODL'd will be rich af
Olivier Imbert (2 days ago)
crypto #Sonm
Crypto Conversations (4 days ago)
Love it...
Cristiano Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Buy Oysyer Shell (SHL)!! Decentralized internet !!!!!! 🆙
bizzle (5 days ago)
Better do the opposite of what this Tom Lee guy is saying.
Mark Sanders (5 days ago)
Soooo many suckers, place your bets.
saeed a (6 days ago)
crypto has a problem and that's legitimacy. Warren Buffett was right the whole thing is a sham
Anthony Ferguson (1 day ago)
Adoption and trust is all that's needed, the technology is sound once more people join network it will gain more and more trust, that will bring legitamcy and prices will become less volatile as more people adopt, the only thing makes a fiat currency legitimate is trust in it, when bitcoin goes mainstream it will certainly have that. Global currency not manipulated by banks and government no wonder people on wall Street like buffet don't want it to succeed. It's early days in years to come it could be worth a million each, it's not beyond the realms of possibilities Incidentally it's highly divisible a million dollar bitcoin can be divided into 1 cent would = 1 satoshi bitcoins smallest denomination
Crypto Ninja (7 days ago)
HODL everyone! BTC will perform later in this year to new ATH !!
KaMo Channel (7 days ago)
Don’t believe Bitcoin but must be believe your self Bitcoin never know you 💁
Bitdane Exchange (7 days ago)
Bitcoin will rise again soon.
thai nguyen (8 days ago)
please let people know so they will lost money on hitbc
ROGER BANNERMAN (9 days ago)
I love these day to day bitcoin speculations. I'll comment on this video 5 years from now laughing when bitcoin is 250k
Bezz80 (9 days ago)
Cryptos are a scam, murder the scammers...gunna be fun to watch.
rai swarnim (10 days ago)
Jones Cain (11 days ago)
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Jones Cain (11 days ago)
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canan johnson (11 days ago)
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Mahdi Knicks (11 days ago)
Dont listen to anyone on here... buy it back with me at 6,500 and hold it until Dec.
David Peak (11 days ago)
I made $17K on Doge Coin 4 yeara ago! Lick!
이채림 (11 days ago)
Bitcoin is Scam. Never buy Bitcoin.
canan johnson (11 days ago)
Though the video is quite encouraging and informative ,but ever since I joined Mr Collins’s mining pool ,I have been earning a good block reward ,that with his system, we can mine about 1.5 BTC within the maximum of two weeks ,So I recommend you contact him through whatsapp if you need a reliable mining pool +447537181939
Auto Public (11 days ago)
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Ohh Moinsss (11 days ago)
in less than 10years from now, bitcoin will worth easely 1million and more. by now and save your own childrens and futur. dollar and euro and fiat currencies are dead we all know, they printed more paper than the real value.
Itsokdudee (11 days ago)
We all want the institutional money asap BUUT, guys just be carefull about media advices and public figures predictiong the price. Hold but look at the big picture also!! To moon!!
Mert Su (12 days ago)
a mainstream media outlet is giving platform to a pro-btc guy.. Should we be worried?
Risd 07 (12 days ago)
Tom Lee ... ridiculous guys who just gonna try to pump His bags
Preston Bannister (12 days ago)
"great store of value" ... as long as you do not care if you get out value in the end. :)
Jorge Orpinel (12 days ago)
Guy is a muppet right?
indo (12 days ago)
Why did crypto kirby channel stop?
love love (12 days ago)
There is a psychological propaganda warfare that is launched on Crypto by the Superelite who have their whole Identity fixed like immutable to the old Economics. So the only way to survive is to attempt to repress their competitors... This pattern of repressing the enlightened keeps returning.
Never Gonnatell (12 days ago)
Government needs to GTFO out of our lives.
M Simas (12 days ago)
Badjoke BEY (12 days ago)
https://www.reddit.com/r/NEO/comments/8p2zuu/announcing_the_first_official_spotcoin_ama_on/ ask to spotcoin
NavShay (13 days ago)
NFLX had many crashes of 50% or more, but if you held it from 2001, it has returned 34000%. Imagine selling it every time it drops, the difference between poor and the rich is the mindset and ability to see the future...
epicpurevids (13 days ago)
The host makes some great counter points, this year is so much different than the previosu 3, using the bull market years to say what this year is going to do.... it does not work like that. This year is a bear market, the first one in 3 years, it won't just go away over night, this needs a full year at least.
epicpurevids (13 days ago)
lol. This guy just said we were about to have a huge rally from consensus hype, the TA did not support that at all, but he went with that call and was off by 30% or so, I don't take him seriously. Someone that ignores the TA in a speculative market and just says what they are feeling is not the type of person you wanna listen to in crypto.
MMG008 (13 days ago)
Regardless of asset class, CNBC commentary is at best, just noise.
Mehmet Aygüc (13 days ago)
soon maximum 12 months this market will go insane parabolic , invest what you can forget 12 months and than forget yourself
joy sandy (13 days ago)
a very big exchange with a big market cap. if #HITBTC were not popular amng traders, nobody'd deal with it at all.
J (13 days ago)
Ye. Clearly he is unbias.. not.
These are Threads (13 days ago)
AthenaSaints (13 days ago)
I like crapcoin. I also like turdcoin.
Brad Conroy (13 days ago)
Can you really not see that those news anchors have an agenda to discredit Bitcoin?
charles johnson (13 days ago)
cada negocio tiene naturalmente para obtener ganancias después de la hora de invertir pero de una forma o la otra entran en contacto con tantas sombras de personas, organismos y empresas que nos enseñó y vio como confianza digno personas pero a la larga terminan con nuestro capital dejándonos con grilletes de la recuperación de nuestro perdido ahora que nos hace ver el internet como una zona imposible para el comercio a través de la inversión de la primera que fue realmente una víctima. después de tantas quejas y discusión con amigos y colegas de negocios, realmente dijeron mejor es inversión rentable invertir con los inversores de derecha y que mis sufrimientos por fantasma invertir y ahora hay una salida a través de un cuerpo llamado [email protected] que dijo son fiables, rápidos con las transacciones del negocio y que para cada moneda invertida con ellos multiplican 4 X la cantidad original dentro de las 72 horas de invertir. le di en 0.3btc justo justo para ver la veracidad y la competencia de éste y después de 72 horas tuve a mi 0.3btc mayor a 0.12btc y al principio que enseñé fue sólo una programación hasta que probé minera la 0.12btc y se worked.now allí es no hay tiempo que perder pensando si su verdadera o no son becasuse estoy invirtiendo más con ellos desde que confirmaron que era verdad. también puede contactar con ellos para invertir y tener 4 X lo que dio pulg. gracias [email protected] telegrama @ +19293148512.
Dan Mac (13 days ago)
I would deny also if I was so deeply invested in Bitcoin..
Scott (13 days ago)
The first line of this video is wrong. Bitcoin is UP 4,933.86 (177.22%) in the last 12 months. It's down from it's All time high, which is much different.
tmemore (13 days ago)
Cost of mining depends on mining difficulty, these guys are clueless. If price goes down, mining becomes unprofitable, miners leave, difficulty drops, mining costs go down, and on an on.. WTF these guys are talking about.. Stop listening to CNBC.. They pumped ICO tokens at their highs: example XRP @ $3, check were it is now..(below 1).. CNBC are crooks
SUK MIKE HOK l (13 days ago)
tom lee is good at saiding, should,guess,think,maybe,if i can i would like to buy against it
radcow (13 days ago)
The searches have fallen because last year every man and his dog Googled Bitcoin when there was massive bull market
Dan Anthony (13 days ago)
I don't know man. I see the utility going down. I'm not sure people.will buy Bitcoin when there pushing xrp so hard in the market . Nobody's there to market Bitcoin cause there's no company. Only so many investors are interested in decentralized digital assets that are mined by majority of 4 miners in China. A little scary.
noynac527 (13 days ago)
Can’t break through? Manipulation!
Reloop Audio (13 days ago)
CNBC's pessimistic view is really obvious and silly
Peter Rogers (13 days ago)
The Bull is coming don't know when but its coming.
Gods kid (13 days ago)
its the ones nobody believes in that ends up soaring above the rest!! bitcoin will make multimillions... 😎
Benjamin Knotts (13 days ago)
People know what bitcoin is And it’s not going to be king for long
Chitlins Laundry (13 days ago)
Tom Lee keeps it real. HODL!
The Trader Guy (13 days ago)
Thom Lee is the worst. Its like following Gartman.
Buy low and sell high
Louis Graveline (13 days ago)
Bitcoin is obsolete. EOS!!!
Orlando Alessandrini (13 days ago)
I don't believe animals but I do believe in numbers.
Jacob Broughton (13 days ago)
Risk taking will begin soon! ICOs will have a great year, no doubt about it. Take a look at Fr8 Network and Muirfield IP guys, real world use that will genuinely benefit society with blockchain technology.
Kuziai (13 days ago)
With the new leverage that comes to effect on August 1 2:1 good luck buying bitcoin noobs :)))
N Younis (13 days ago)
Kuziai what regulations though, they have been saying that for ages. Nah I'm not noob, been playing crypto for some time 😎
Kuziai (13 days ago)
New regulations because noobs like you lost a lot of money buying bitcoin
N Younis (13 days ago)
Kuziai what's coming to effect on August?
Voltaire (13 days ago)
Show is hard to watch. Tom Lee is great, but these hosts are old-money lap-dogs
Senjor Oscar (13 days ago)
So, just how invested is this guy?
M49 (13 days ago)
We are yet on the bottom, trust me guys it goes slowly up and then 🚀
Connor Cunningham (13 days ago)
Bitcoin has more room to grow but long run it will not be the coin of choice. There are wayyyyy more better options out there. These guys need to crawl out from the crypto rock they're living under. Talk about something other than the big 3.
Carlos Salinas (13 days ago)
yep. maybe in another 10 years when dollar has depreciated at a half ;)
Connor Cunningham (13 days ago)
Carlos Salinas I think it could still rise to the 12 to 15 range but overall yes it will
Carlos Salinas (13 days ago)
more room to sink
King Kaymen (13 days ago)
Hahahahaha this guy would still be bullish if bitcoin fell to $.001
DCUPtoejuice (13 days ago)
They love to use the most hyperbolic time frame, why not just say it is flat on the year, oh, doesn't make news.
DividedShark (13 days ago)
ETN baby :)
PhazonBlaxor (1 day ago)
juyhhkj itth It could have smart uses if the team were to push it as a real mobile currency. Say, you could pay in-app purchases in actual apps with it, ETN could be a game changer. But that's not going to happen, Google and Apple should be in on the action if that were to ever be the case because they always want their share. But their wallet is fantastic, one of the best wallets I've used. It's clean and works well, plus mobile mining is interesting concept. It's not making much though, 2 bucks per month with current prices for me. I bought in at 0.06€ and it's now barely over 0.01€. Total waste of money so far. -_- But I'm holding, not going to sell with loss. If the coin crashes and burns, then so be it.
C P (8 days ago)
juyhhkj itth (12 days ago)
DividedShark why? The tech has problems. It has a bad image. And its use case is useless.
DividedShark (12 days ago)
ETN is just getting started, XRP, Nano, NEO were all relatively flat for months to years and then people fomo'd in once the price started mooning. Same thing is going to happen to ETN, just wait and see.
Vanguardas Vucava (12 days ago)
I actually thought this shitcoin died already
smokintones420 (13 days ago)
Hail to Tommy LEE....DILLY DILLY
All of the sudden CNBC is tough on crypto when just last year they were teaching viewers how to buy ripple (XRP) step by step at its all time high lmao. regardless of media coverage BTC will continue on its path higher.
Crypto Trader (13 days ago)
If you understand you understand leave the rest of the world to rot more for us that know
Digiclear 333 (13 days ago)
I can’t wait for it to break 10k and start seeing a frenzy again. Keeping stacking now and HODL soldiers
Carlos Salinas (13 days ago)
jajajaja pfff jkajajaja
smokintones420 (13 days ago)
Its not fake money and hodls the most value (store value) No coin could surpass the value of Satoshi. It would be like taking George Washington off the 1$ bill
w (13 days ago)
If the majority thinks its going up it will likely do the opposite
Gerald Ambrosia (14 days ago)
Sure believe this tool when he said btc was going to rise 70% IN A WEEK after consensus. How many gullible investors got rekt from that nonsense. Want a tip? Whatever Fundstraat or Tom Lee says. Do the opposite. It has served me well
Enrico Fernandez (14 days ago)
If he is so bullish why did he sell his litecoins?
Stephane Munoz (14 days ago)
I want to start of by saying that his guy it gonna get crucified if 6k5 wasn't the bottom. This being said, I don't know why people keep listening to him, he was wrong so many times before. He just throws bullish sentiments out there for people to subscribe to his service and guess what?? Bullish news sells better than bearish. In essence, those guys don't care if the market goes up or down, they are making money right now of your backs!! STOP LISTENING TO THESE SCAMMERS, DO YOU RESEARCH AND MAKE YOUR OWN OPINION, YOUR GUESS IS JUST AS GOOD AS HIS!!!
jpnz (14 days ago)
It’s just a accumulation period
Jason Chiu (14 days ago)
Funfair will launch soon. One of about five real projects on the blockchain
Jason Chiu (13 days ago)
why? there is only about 4 coins/tokens in the whole of crypto that has a real project. Why do you think its crap?
Carlos Salinas (13 days ago)
pure craaaaaaaap
Phil B (14 days ago)
I really like these segments that CNBC are doing
Sof Bk (14 days ago)
Sell BTC and buy XRP before it is too late
Sof Bk (11 days ago)
may be you will regret saying that about XRP  soon
Mahdi Knicks (11 days ago)
Ripple is trash
wootisit (14 days ago)
Everybody hopes to get bitcoin cheaper.. Won't happen
Dorii (14 days ago)
He thinks Bitcoin is a great store of value like it is.....give me a break....
80sruler (14 days ago)
You just give me a heads up when those 10 days are. You know, Tom said the mining cost was 8000 - now it’s 6000 I guess to try and bolster his cost argument on price
Danis Jaya Harti (14 days ago)
impala6464 (14 days ago)
Great HODL!
Adrien Pruvost (14 days ago)
Bears are not wrong, bulls are not wrong either, market is always right. Don't forget that Tom :)
Bhanu Sharma (14 days ago)
Just wait for winters...
Crypto BR (14 days ago)
Last time Mr. Lee said the bottom was 8k bc that was the mining cost. Now, the mining cost is 6k , so that should be the bottom. I guess at 4k the mining cost will be 3k. Hilarious!
Tomas Ferko (2 days ago)
Mining cost is not fixed and is way dumber indicator than Google trends
Time Killer (2 days ago)
mining cost is really 1,000 although some would say 2,000 Its basically the cost of electricity (kwH) x (amount of time to solve 1 btc)
Hugo De anda (14 days ago)
If it weren't for cryptocurrencies, shorting the whole fiat thesis wouldn't be so simple. I really don't know what the price of a bitcoin is going to be in the near future, but I know that the next financial crisis is just around the corner. We are actually passing from a dystopian recession that no official media wants to admit, to a new monetary era. USA it's loosing its hegemony but I'm not against Americans, they have just been played. One can argue that every nation has the government they deserve, but no one deserves to be treated this badly.
HEROVILLE MOVIES (14 days ago)
Bitcoin another scam
Albert Gérard (14 days ago)
Steve Frank (3 days ago)
Albert Gérard info
the nforcer (7 days ago)
Wasu wasu wasu wasu wasu wasu wassss-upppppp......BEEETCONNNEEEEEEEEEEEECT!!!!! ......WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!
vdvre regerreg (12 days ago)
waso waso waso
Cat Funt (13 days ago)
greveeen (13 days ago)
Albert Gérard so funny new and original
jerry cardinale (14 days ago)
Regulation. by the SEC a joke The Fed a joke J P Morgan other banks a joke why any one will let these thieves control cyber currency or have any power is beyond my assert reality thoughts Las Vegas gambles are better then control by these mainstream liars I research and make adult decisions and do not follow any one elses guide lines rules or law!
Trent SC (8 days ago)
Who do you think invented blockchain.. choose Jesus and escape from here before it's too late.
KG ll (14 days ago)

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