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Bitcoin and Litecoin prices are surging! What is causing the prices to rice recently? Best Crypto Wallet: http://amzn.to/2H4CDjA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradscrypto/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brad.crypto.39 Mine Bitcoin with Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/F4018C9F Register for Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11630516 Buy Bitcoin Here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a00a74caccbe60351721d5a If you feel like donating, here are some addresses: BTC: 1Lq9EcXNp1QjjAjz9TquVudc7Gz3i3jTpm LTC: LNed5yYKzig5qG1kc3k7JoMLXohDDRd1QU ETH: 0x5696329c8331bc658093d2508a953ed0c617cfb8 Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell, and leave any thoughts or questions in the comment section. See you in the next video! *Disclamer: This is not financial advice, only my opinion and personal strategy regarding cryptocurrency and other investments.*
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Yasam Farooq (4 months ago)
and what about lcc?? thanks for your videos! ltc addr.: LZaN3YSgA8fNGPYHN3iqhg4aRWVimKx6qj
cody miller (4 months ago)
Yes, it's from litecoin cash.... Not from Litepay launching, the end of the lunar new year, coinbase launching merchant processing, partnerships with monero, or the lightning network growing everyday (faster than expected). Its definitely from a garbage fork using obsolete equipment though. Definitely.
Mariel Capistrano (4 months ago)
Great video thanks LTC Address: LXjt8ujPGMH8n6F5CHSKcBwbH2nEr1nnbX
Marco Martorana (4 months ago)
2018 is the year of the forks -.- a lot of scammers out there! Ltc: LfzRmaFzpKzLV8cP6aRbwvqWotBBE4pJmq
rommel capistrano (4 months ago)
Great video thanks for the info LTC: Lg2UPPkXiiK7zcM6WxSPa6Y2CShD4smAuo
Jamal (4 months ago)
😄👏🏾👍🏾✊🏾 LWxsQV5Dhkeuio1a6Thdi5C6eznXDQwUMt
roadstar499 (4 months ago)
Also Positive news out of south korea 0n feb 14th...All coins will benefit especially litecoin,bitcoin and etherium.
roadstar499 (4 months ago)
Litecoincash is a SCAM!
roadstar499 (4 months ago)
Bill Merryfield (4 months ago)
Litecoin Cash question. If I have my Litecoin on the coinbase exchange when it forks, can u get my Litecoin Cash at a later date ???????
BradsCrypto (4 months ago)
I have not researched anything about litecoin cash due to Charlie lee claiming its a scam
Cee Dee (4 months ago)
Charlie Lee addressed this in a tweet. Said it was a scam. He ought to know.
Marco Radicia (4 months ago)
yea im wondering the same thing here..put it this way,if we dont..then its a scam
nuckingfuts2012 (4 months ago)
Don't forget, to get free Litecoin Cash u'll need to disclose ur private key! I'll gladly give up my pk for some Litecoin trash! Who's with me?
Liteminati 420 (4 months ago)
Bought litecoin at 90,110,130,150,209.
Justin Evans (4 months ago)
Thnx for the video. Gotta love that LTC!! LNv9w7B4EanHzjsPeoz76HKkDHiaXYbK6g
Flow (4 months ago)
Super infos! Thanks for ur work. LTC:LfbhU74HnTbT1FFx6AdptH28Ln7yXXhMCq
Infogeek Gamestation (4 months ago)
Litecoin will explode again :) LTC : LefaCcoxxReGiLAEbSUCimmEHEHK1SDVcP
tam mulatu (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for your positive info as always
Light Li (4 months ago)
Cool. Everything is raising one again. LTC: LdFNWyPm4G4dhJtPg98s8YijCg1yNsBDXy
1967SuperG (4 months ago)
Litecoin cash will most likely be a worthless scam coin.
Nico Edits (4 months ago)
1000 subs you're close bro keep it up! LLUXroccScWrMbezpawJsEDU5ADfZKxnHJ

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