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TDV: Jeff Berwick on CNBC The Santelli Exchange about Bitcoin

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Jeff Berwick is on CNBC's The Santelli Exchange to talk Bitcoin. Read Jeff Berwick's blog at http://www.DollarVigilante.com
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Text Comments (69)
wrogbe Nepe (1 month ago)
I loved watching this video four years in the future, I bet that joker wishes he would have bought bitcoin back than
The Blockchain Authority (6 months ago)
Jesus I was so ASLEEP in 2013!! I would be filthy rich right now.
Harry Gupta (7 months ago)
Today 18 Nov 2017 one BTC @ US$ 8000 plus + BCH . Market cap cross 150 billion US in less then four years. Next would be 1 BTC @ US$ 100,000 to 500,000 expected in four years (18 Nov 2021).
Dennis S (10 months ago)
All of these CNBC people have egg on their faces now, 1 billion to 57 billion market cap in just 4 years, where will bitcoin be in another 4 years
Computer Guru (1 year ago)
I have seen this several over the years and l get a good laugh every time. Jeff makes them look like such fools.
02powertube (1 year ago)
I hate my self for not watching this video in 2013!!!!
The Blockchain Authority (6 months ago)
oilreg (1 year ago)
what happened with the ATM s thou?
Ian hahn (10 months ago)
There are 4,000 Bitcoin Atms now and growing in numbers everyday. got coinmap.org and I'm sure you can find one close to you. More importantly a simple software upgrade could be done make every ATM a bitcoin Atm and ATM associations are looking at just that right now. https://coinidol.com/atm-manufacturers-turn-to-bitcoin/
Computer Guru (1 year ago)
There lots of atm's for btc. http://www.btc-atms.com/
Vik Dylan (4 years ago)
Very true, I agree.
I'm amazed they let Jeff on the news lol
Gina (4 months ago)
well how did your investment turn out? lol
Cal The Entrepreneur (4 years ago)
Nice vid man! I would have to say bitcoins aren't much better than fiat currency...we need commodity based banking. Currencies of real assets...silver, gold, land, real estate, and food are great examples to back a currency. Confidence based currency is a scam in itself
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
You can wipe your ass with dollars: instrinsic value. Really you should do some research before posting stupid comments.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
The speculation value is far higher than the instrinsic, meaning that the intrinsic value is almost nonexistant.
John W (5 years ago)
bitcoin the dollar and gold all have a sort of built in value. A value can be derived by the cost and capital used to produce the currency. Bitcoin's and gold's money supply increases faster due to demand(higher price) and lower cost. the dollars supply is not determined by market forces(capital, production cost).
Mark Turner (5 years ago)
Why can't these US 'News' / 'Entertainment' shows have interviewers who are not acting as if they are on speed?
Black & White (5 years ago)
here is my problem, I want to jump in this boat , I like the hole concept of the bitcoin. that being said , Mr. Rick Asked a VERY important question WHO CAN WE CALL IF something goes wrong with our BitCoin account, Like say one morning you wake and your Bitcoin account Disappears. I admire Mr. Jeff Berwick and I listen to what he talks about, but when asked that important question he did give a direct answer so maybe I missed something [3:40] watch it again. So who can we call?
toocat2000000 (7 months ago)
Just don't wait! jump in! Oh this is from 4 years ago. Darn it all! Hope you did Black and White!!!!
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
Gold is easier to obtain than Bitcoin.
Charlie E (1 year ago)
And according to recent research there is a lot more of it that the experts say!
gamevalor (5 years ago)
Best of luck to you Jeff Berwick! Hope you succeed with providing a good alternative to FIAT currencies.
gamevalor (5 years ago)
Gold absolutely does have intrinsic value, it represents all the effort it took to mine and produce it.
Jason Taylor (5 years ago)
Really? time will tell.
Eric Smyth (1 year ago)
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
You are a dumb fucking idiot to belive such nonsense.
M Goldey (7 months ago)
lollllll. sucks for you!! I bought a house last week. Should've hopped on board back in 2013 bitch boy (-;
Eric Smyth (1 year ago)
Jason Taylor (5 years ago)
So you don't have to mine silver or gold? Also the first 6 million bitcoins were given away before it went public. So these guys just got super rich off your hard work.
joshman5001 (5 years ago)
then we have different definitions of intrinsic value
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
I looked up the definition of intrinsic value, and it's quite far from what you are saying here.
joshman5001 (5 years ago)
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means you can make things with gold!!! it is in all sorts of electronic just to name a few for example cell phones, computers, mars rovers. that is "instrinsic value". what can you do with a dollar. spend it, make a paper plane, burn it, and wipe your ass. so you tell me which one has no "instrinsic value"
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
My oh my, a little angry aren't we? No, my "shit talk" is based on facts , common sense, and history hence this is why you have no other argument other than to have a childish response with no logic behind it. Your reponse is based on emotion and you don't like it when somebody challenges you on it. Remember the "Golden Rule".
capoman1 (5 years ago)
"If you think about it..." Yes we want PEOPLE TO THINK!
Pz Meyer (5 years ago)
Well, dumb ass! That is exactly how it is valued, among others, because it is NOT officially valued as money! Just as oil or any other commodity. Grow up and.....also grow a brain.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
Gold wouldn't be worth that much if it was used only for it's industrial purpose... so fuck you
Pz Meyer (5 years ago)
That is not correct. Gold has intrinsic value that goes beyond the current topic as a 'money' alone. Gold has value both physically and subjectively. Physically it has practical use and value in industry, electronics, and jewelry. Subjective and aesthetically to many for its look and use such as, again, in jewelry and in various other objects. The dollar? Maybe as wall paper but NOT as a store of any 'value'. Bitcoin ultimately also fails because of its non-physical uselessness.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
And you have plenty of bullshit.
snarbywrx (5 years ago)
Gold has plenty of intrinsic value. It took much labor and energy to mine it and purify it. It has multitudes of industrial uses, as well as ornamental. It is an ideal money for local barter. I am not sure how you can say that gold doesn't have any intrinsic value?
Gutter Vox (5 years ago)
Berwick is the real freakin' deal. Read a great interview with him at GUTTERVOX (just google it).
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
Who the fuck cares! When you talk about objective value, Gold has very little value. It has value because everyone has agreed that it's valuable. Bitcoin is going up and down fast because it's value is very small at the moment.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
It's very rare, and it's becoming increasingly rarer as more and more people search for it. The supply of bitcoins isn't controlled by one central entity, it's controlled by everyone. Or to put it better, it's controlled constantly and actively by the majority of it's users. It's truly decentralized.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
It is a pyramid scheme, just like any other good. But it's not going to crash.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
Bitcoin isn't paper, thus all your shit talk is worthless.
Tom oo (5 years ago)
Tho Gold does have thousands of years of being a means of exchange and a stable valuation. Bitcoin has only been around for a few years. There's reckless speculation going on in Bitcoin at the moment, I mean it's up 30% alone today!!!? Google pump/dump. I do think bitcoin is a fantastic means of exchange, but it's going to dump hard as soon as the slightest drop occurs.
Tom oo (5 years ago)
Bitcoin is up 30% today alone. People are speculating like mad in it. The growth in bitcoin depends on new users and new money. While I do like the idea of bitcoin and I think it will grow into the future, the current bubble/frenzy is only going to end badly. I said it's a pyramid scheme because the early investors/miners got the richest. This relies on more investment/money to give them their returns and this continues until there isn't more money and it crashes below $10 for a guess. Panic!
Daniel Woike (5 years ago)
Wow, an anarchist on the mainstream media. Things are changing for sure.
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
Apparently you have not heard of the Golden Rule.A twenty dollar gold piece has reatained value and purchasing power.The price is of that twenty dollar gold piece is now 1600 dollars.You can't get that kind of value with a twenty dollar bill. Paper currencies eventually reach zero.Gold will never be zero.To quote Thomas Jefferson,"Paper is the ghost of money and not money istelf." There is no comparison my friend. But hey, if illusion is your game then by all means go for it.
nomoreserfs (5 years ago)
Bitcoin bubble?
davincij15 (5 years ago)
Last time I checked if currency stops working all the power plants do not shut off. This is not a nuclear blast or EMP it's hyperinflation and the currency continues to be exchanged for goods until a new method of exchange is used.
agorabinary (5 years ago)
The free market didn't create bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin. Bitcoin operates free of state regulation, and within a freely competitive open source framework, but to incoherently spout "the free market" four times a sentence like a trained chimp, and then end the interview by plugging your site instead of answering the question makes you sound like a libertarian asshat. And I'm a libertarian.
9pt9 (5 years ago)
How is it rare? Who controls the supply of bitcoins? I don't now a lot about it. Sounds dangerous to me.
J Adam (5 years ago)
Great statement Jeff. The only place there is freedom left in the world is on the Internet. Of course the power hungry governments have been trying to put a stop to that.
Dion Henderson (5 years ago)
Thank you! Intrinsic value is a myth that must die. Value is subjective.
Franz Glaus (5 years ago)
Amazing. Jeff is a great spokesman. No hype, no jive, just the facts and let the adults make up their own minds. The kids are just going to go back to the sandbox.
marshall mcphink (5 years ago)
Replace the word Gold with Bitcoin. Your comment would make just as much sense.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
At this point, Bitcoin is better than gold: it's rare, it's hard to acquire, it's limited in supply, it's backed up by hardware and electricity, it's divisible in very small amounts, it can't be falsified, it's not physical, it can't be stolen, it doesn't need to be stored, you can take it anywhere with you by simply memorizing the private key, it can't be confiscated by the government (which has happened with gold).
davincij15 (5 years ago)
Please describe how someone is promising a return on bitcoins you purchase? A ponzi promises a return of 10% 20% or what ever % please point to where you are promised that?
davincij15 (5 years ago)
prove it's a con. I agree it has no intrinsic value, so does a dollar backed by gold and silver. Any currency backed by gold and silver is a SCAM because they (government and banks) will remove the backing.
MonadTransformer (5 years ago)
Tom oo (5 years ago)
Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme whether you like it or not. The recent ramp is going to end badly. All parabolic moves end with....
9pt9 (5 years ago)
Gold has intrinsic value based on it's rarity and the labor required to acquire it. Plus some electronic and jewelry use.
Luca Fuoco (5 years ago)
If you think about it, neither the dollar nor Gold have any instrinsic value.
coolbeat2005 (5 years ago)
bitcoin ETF ahahaha ;D
dickson dangers (5 years ago)
Silver and Gold, never get old
Beckys Young (5 years ago)
This dude's a dumb ass
jjiimm64 (5 years ago)
yes they do... i believe just last year 10lb bars where filled with lead
BitcoinChannel (5 years ago)
Good job Jeff. Don't back down or compromise. We will win.
David Marte (5 years ago)
Nothing cheats Gold.

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