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Top 10 CHRISTMAS BREAKOUT Crypto Coins - 500% PROFIT Potential

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Link to join Blockchain Education: http://pxlme.me/MtIHH9eo [The GUARANTEED best trading group & crypto education program out there today] Follow me on Twitter for daily crypto updates: https://twitter.com/OracleOfCrypto My personal choice for Charting/Technical Analysis Software: http://tradingview.go2cloud.org/SH1Gq SAFE Binance Exchange Link [Best New Crypto Exchange]: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10119981 The Mic I use to record my videos: http://amzn.to/2hmHuB3 My FAVORITE investment book: http://amzn.to/2ADR7DI Ledger Nano S (where I store my BTC): http://amzn.to/2hwaoCn Trezor Wallet (my first BTC backup): http://amzn.to/2hu5Bl7 My preferred website hosting service [$4/month]: http://bluehost.com/track/cryptooracle *Crypto Oracle is not a licensed crypto financial advisor. The information presented in this video is an opinion, and is not purported to be fact. Bitcoin is a volatile instrument and can move quickly in any direction. Crypto Oracle is not responsible for any trading loss incurred by following this advice
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next Cardano (((ADA))) update in 4 days 8 hours check countdown on website & stock up before the bull run
IamApotAto (5 months ago)
I AM PLANNING TO GO IN FOR HSHARE 23.29 DOLLARS NOW!!! 16.45% DIP Do you think it will be a good time now? @Crypto Oracle
Chris Haan (5 months ago)
You perfectly called Cardano. It went up 50% in a week! The Crypto Oracle strikes again
Robbie Hunter (5 months ago)
You called it with ADA! >4,500 thanks!
Kevin (5 months ago)
Could you cover SONM one time? Interesting project which will change the world.
Onex Money (5 months ago)
Thanx man. you the MAN.. keep uploading more videos like this... can you do the coins/tokens thats under a dollar ? that you think it will move up Soon ......thanx
Victor K (5 months ago)
Please do a video of bread coin. Low supply and a good app despite being so early. Looks like it could go 5x fast.
Lorenz pauwels (5 months ago)
my favorite underdog, Breakout stake (BRX) 12.5m fixed supply 9.266.608 USD market cap (1.48 USD)
Denis p (5 months ago)
https://wn.nr/CAJ4VG get first crypto fighter rare!the massive game like crypto kitty!
Carlos Martinez (5 months ago)
Please you could make a video explaining the best way to cash out when you have benefits, where to trade and how to do it in the best/safest way, thanks for all your videos !
Harish Mittal (5 months ago)
What do you think of btc right now bullish because of hardfork and bearish in the end after that hardfork.. please reply .. keep making good videos
Tajwane Campbell (5 months ago)
checkout CryptoBuy Alert on android... it gives an alert for the best time to buy crypto currency
bhad123456 (5 months ago)
Someone Please send me some bitcoin I'm doing terribly Financially , Anyone out there please god help me 1NACa1JKR4dnM9NK4BCpg736Ate6KShNdX
Dustin Smith (5 months ago)
bhad123456 fuxk off ya begger
Falk Pilz (5 months ago)
"BURST" Dymaxion - December 27th 2017 Just by BURST It will skyrocket and at least tripple its worth in a few weeks EASY!
Ryan Adams (5 months ago)
How about onion
Vidar (5 months ago)
Thanks for advice. I.ll know who to blame if this goes down and under 😂🤣... Merry Christmas . https://www.binance.com/?ref=15372288
L0nd0n14 (5 months ago)
what do u think about funfair?
mijanur rahaman (5 months ago)
Make a video about xrp
Ben Jamin' (5 months ago)
sick hat
Mohammed Afsaruddin (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on SONM. . please
asus1201n (5 months ago)
No Name (5 months ago)
Too the moon or die nigga
Supremax67 (5 months ago)
The only coin I am interested in is the one based off the technology HASHGRAPH. If you have the time, I encourage you go over the whitepaper, but the short version is it fast, flexible and future quantum proofed. In the meantime I'll keep holding on to my 2 years old ETH coins.
Enajite James (5 months ago)
Hi Crypto oracle, been your great fan and follower. It's Christmas I want to make a wish(i hope you grant it). Can you gift me some cardano(ada). Been dreaming about it but don't have funds to get it. I believe this can change my life this Christmas. I follow you on twitter @jenajite
Dankrupt (5 months ago)
ill be waiting for that kwanza special ;)
Gman (5 months ago)
perfecto1986 (5 months ago)
My 2 favorite coins ARK and ADA Bought ARK at the beginning of this year and ada around 600sat Am i gonna make it ? Love the vids man keep it
Teo Schlingloff (5 months ago)
i was joking in my prev comment.....
Sam Nakamoto (5 months ago)
you understand market cap yeah? for ADA to hit 1k the market cap should be 25 trillion for ADA. Thats too far even the moon is closer...Sell ADA if it hits $1
Teo Schlingloff (5 months ago)
oh man i just went all in in ADA i fucking hope it goes to 1k by 2020! LETS GOOOOOO TO THE MOOOOON!!
Shuttle Forecasts (5 months ago)
great decision, like it! u r smart
sessy33 (5 months ago)
uh oh. he didn't mention XVG. I'm worried now.
sessy33 (5 months ago)
nah fam, price is fine.
Effect Six (5 months ago)
sebastien brady (5 months ago)
You're drunk!
Aussie Gamer (5 months ago)
Nice video mate .. appreciate it ... all advice is welcome
Jacob Broughton (5 months ago)
Who else caught the crazy dip on XVG today? Btw dont believe the bullshit rumors that are going around.
alan b (5 months ago)
Cameron vaporware
Cameron (5 months ago)
what rumors?
Rapstak (5 months ago)
Rumours dont go around for no reason, ive heard things like this months ago
alan b (5 months ago)
..even if a fork of DOGEcoin makes good for real, and comes through with some Wraith updates.. i think we’re seeing an A B C correction.. if not wow, no explanation for crypto except it is irrational as a 6 year old
sessy33 (5 months ago)
the good ones or the bad ones?
Isaac (5 months ago)
What do you think about Monyx ICO?
Max Power (5 months ago)
Is IOTA a fraud and a scam there are a lot of respected people saying so on Twitter and saying it direct to IOTA's founder.Ari Paul has told them to sue him and all they do is insult him but dont refute any of his claims.So whats the truth ?
lankeled38 (5 months ago)
You're horrible, No ICX, No NEO?, the only one you got right was ARK
Dustin Smith (5 months ago)
lankeled38 if you followed youd know the man owns almost a million dollars worth of neo... we all know he likes it and veen saying it for a while...
Travis Long (5 months ago)
I'm HODL'in some ARN
Craig Thorn (5 months ago)
merry christmas
kabe ayofe (5 months ago)
Can't believe you missed out ICON (ICX)
deanjks (5 months ago)
This coin has been pumped and shilled to the absolute death. Its the flavour of the month over at r/cryptocurrency Hype dies down and the market will move on next month
Supremax67 (5 months ago)
The only coin that is worth it at the moment was born from a new technology called "Hashgraph". Keep in mind the coin doesn't exist yet but the technology meant to replace "Blockchains" does exist. HASHGRAPH addresses all the issues with blockchains without any compromises. The company patented the product so no more coins clones, the market won't be flooded with crap coins and we can finally see a solid coin.
disfunctional45 (5 months ago)
Wicked tips, thanks !
Brett Allen (5 months ago)
no verge? rlly?
alan b (5 months ago)
Can you explain why you like Verge and what makes it superior to other privacy coins?
Logan Nathanson (5 months ago)
Your videos are amazing and your calls in blockchain education were awesome this past weekend, thank you!
Magic11 (5 months ago)
He was born on christmas :)
BILLy Swogins (5 months ago)
Magic11 actually christmas was originally a pagan tradition, christians adopted it in europe to allow the pagans to still celebrate it and historians agree was born no where close to dec 25th but close to september
Lenz eazy (5 months ago)
Merry Crypto Christmast!
Arty (5 months ago)
i literally love you <3
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (5 months ago)
Merry Christmas buddy

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