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The Canadian Dollar is Now Even Less of a Haven from a US Dollar Collapse Than It Was Before

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Patrick Campbell (7 days ago)
Way to go Canada! Once again, you've shown us how smart you are, this time in the financial arena. Your leadership in selling off all our gold reserves was something even a 2 year old would know. That's how smart our financial experts are in Cana duh!
Allan Kwiatkowski (9 months ago)
Trudeau I'd not a socialist if he fucking was we wouldn't be in the fucking mess we are in now.he is a braindead uneducated fuck who believes if you think it it will be.
Eyes of the World (1 year ago)
Canada holds a shit load of silver and silver will be the main multiplier when shtf.
sean (2 years ago)
canadians are so smug, I've been telling everyone to hold US Dollars now I'm rich and they are poor. don't be emotional do what's right, now I'm putting my dollars in gold.
Mark Harist (2 years ago)
LOL I know an old guy that has been flying to Canada on a private jet for twenty years spending $20,000 on guided hunts. The last time he went the Canadian immigration jammed him up for hours over a DWI conviction that was 18 years old. He got back on his jet and said FUCK CANADA, they don't need my money. I agree, let them pay $18 for a gallon of milk and see if they don't grovel for the ugly American to come visit them.
XLT 339 (2 years ago)
Remember. Its the government who stopped your friend. The silent majority Canadian citizens are busy keeping things going in their own lives. Milton Friedman said. Put the government in charge of the Sahara and soon enough the sand will be gone. 😁
Agent76 (2 years ago)
Check the prices of food here for yourself. Safeway - Home https://www.safeway.ca Safeway - Proudly Canadian. Your neighbourhood grocery store for over 85 years, you can always count on Safeway to provide the best selection of quality products
Adam R (2 years ago)
Canada's gold is even less now at .6 of a ton
Michael Gebhart (2 years ago)
They got to quit acting like a bunch of lefties.
Victor Yang (2 years ago)
why do we need gold anyways in this digitial age? don't understand. it is all about confidence about the future.
Respect Master (2 years ago)
gold will not save you from the wrath of god coming.
Antslim Cody (2 years ago)
time is running out!
Nolan (2 years ago)
This is laughable Jeff. The Canadian loonie has lost its value compared to the US dollar because oil is trading bellow $30. Oil is the life blood of the Canadian economy. Don't get me wrong, gold is important as a currency reserve, but is hardly the reason why the Canadian loonie has declined in value.
Lucas D (2 years ago)
The most recent data shows Canada now holds 0.62 tonnes. Figures were released a couple of weeks ago.
Cody Thompson (2 years ago)
I'm up in rural BC, Canada and prices are outrageous. I'm freaking out a little to be honest. Our country just sold half of what tiny reserves we had left, right before a massive price gain? What is going on? This is no coincidence in my opinion. I tried to pick up some physical gold from the local dealer today and they were completely sold out from Thursday's panic. I think things here are going to get really bad. Our real estate is so overinflated due to Chinese money-laundering and because it never dropped during the '08 crash. All of our industry has shit the bed. There are very few jobs and costs are rising out of control. even with oil so low we are hardly seeing a break at the pumps. I don't think people realize what they're about to go through. Marijuana was one of the Only saving graces here and now they're going to try to legalize that and take the money for themselves. The people are going to have very little left . So many young oil workers with numerous toys and homes. No jobs left to pay the copious amounts of debt they took on. Suicide rates up 20% or more in Alberta. And this is only the beginning. We have to all educate ourselves. Thank you TDV for the space to share thoughts and ideas
Charles Wilson (2 years ago)
All countries sold off their Gold because the US came up with some B/S that Gold has got no monetary value. This would make the US with their Petrodollar King. No other currency to Challenge the almighty US petrodollar. No Brainer.
Charles Wilson (2 years ago)
The Germans have one going 280 Km per liter.
XLT 339 (2 years ago)
The dollar has nothing to do with oil. The days of the petro-dollar are long gone. The USA is now exporting energy and electric cars are here. I bought one myself. It is a hybrid that gets 75 miles to a gallon. That is slightly better than my sports cars when I was a kid where 8 miles a gallon was fantastic. Saudi Arabia is in serious trouble. They have all had to pump more just to make ends meet because they are now forced to borrow money to fund budgets that expected $200 oil forever.
MrSirFluffy (2 years ago)
+l jess US says "Gold is Useless". Americans buy all the cheap gold "trolololololo"
Charles Wilson (2 years ago)
I agree
l jessel (2 years ago)
+Charles Wilson All Countries?? How about just stupid countries like U.K., Canada, Australia, U.S.. The rest of the world will gladly take your gold off your hands. When the SHTF the Countries with no Gold will be shitholes.
research junkie (2 years ago)
Cauliflower $2.99 now. All fruit and veg dropped after a week or two. Orchestrated. Might backfire, everyone's talking about having bigger gardens. Lot's of farmer markets even this time of year, here in Vancouver.
J Glad (2 years ago)
Canada is a slave plantation for foreign corporations to abuse and pollute, extracting resources and wealth, the poor Canadian public is a clueless about their situation as they are about the medical experimentation their hospitals do to them.
Shinigami Kaze (2 years ago)
+J Glad Completely agree though I would like to know more about the medical experimentation you mention; if you'd indulge me or point a place where I can read about it.
Amber Ng (2 years ago)
Hi Jeff , could u tell a bit more about how u think will happen to Vancouver 's real estate market ?
william waddell (2 years ago)
I didn't know any governments still had any gold or sivler
william waddell (2 years ago)
+Amber Ng I don't watch any  main stream news to get informed lol wich do they even talk about that on the main stream news?
Amber Ng (2 years ago)
Time to do ur only research instead of only watch the mainstream medias~ lol
All Total Coaching (2 years ago)
Again Thank you
ANG (2 years ago)
I have been following your research... Thank you for doing this.. Sent this video to friends but it seems every one is sold out to main stream media crap... People here thinks that nothing can happened to canadian economy... I feel sorry for all of them....
Thegoldenratio (2 years ago)
Let me elucidate, prices are skyrocketing in *northern* canada where they have been for years because of their geographical location. Everything is expensive in Canada anyway, except pot and wood probably
Pamela Funk (2 years ago)
I am a Canadian. I used to sing "God save the Queen" in school, now I know she is the Illuminati Queen Bee; I used to think US Presidents the Bushes were Christians, now I know they are NWO; I thought my past PM Harper was a Christian, I am praying for Justin whose father was responsible for Abortion Legalization in 1969; and whose Liberals have put in the Homosexual marriage laws here since 2005; are currently legalizing marijuana and probably will legalize prostitution; and have already taken in 20,000 refugees in two months....our world is a mess, I am praying, sharing, and preparing.
Nancyray (2 years ago)
+Kel Ell Oh Hell no! How did you think that? I haven't trusted the gooberment since I was 7 years old.
research junkie (2 years ago)
+Pamela Funk gee, what an odd thread this turned into ??? what about them long-haired hippies, gal? you representing what kind of Canadian exactly? Right-winged bigotry is just not something you hear every day up here. What are you praying for, Pamela Funk? Praying they don't "legalize" any kind of freedom, praying they keep those reins so tight on us we can't exercise our free will? Praying your country blocks your fellow human from seeking refuge here.... Hope you're not praying to God, Pamela. Doesn't sound like a prayer he'd approve of to me.
thee black hole (2 years ago)
+Nancyray do you think the government can protect you and others in our society?
Nancyray (2 years ago)
+Muldeeer Buy some and smoke your own, great idea& hilarious! That's thinkin. 💡
Muldeeer (2 years ago)
+Nancyray If it is legal you can grow your own. If somehow they manage to only make it legal for the government to sell it, well, then you buy some and smoke your own.

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