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MyEtherWallet + Ledger Nano S Guide

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This guide shows how to connect Ledger Nano S with MyEtherWallet (MEW). MyEtherWallet allows you to send and receive ERC20 tokens and customize the gas amounts of transactions, whilst the Nano S allows you to keep your private key out of the hands of hackers. *** This is not an official guide. I am not responsible for any lost ethers or tokens. Please read additional sources of information and the Ledger manual *** Ledger Nano S Black Friday Sale: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b Ledger Nano S Guide: https://boxmining.com/hardware-wallet-guide-ledger-nano-s/ Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/boxmining ♨️Social: Website: http://boxmining.com Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining 🤑 Buy Bitcoin: https://www.coinbase.com/join/590c3a1c8bfa31012ffacf87 Trade on Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10192887 💰 Secure your Crypto with Hardware Wallets: Ledger: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b 💪Donations (Message me for Shoutouts!): Bitcoin : 13EvsPm3YhiCPGksQQdvQUFtsbF8FoU6Cz Ethereum: 0x58d98516363D2A5f93CE6aB4A4a909599C3EEC3a 💱Software Wallet: Windows/Mac/linux: http://exodus.io
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Text Comments (454)
Daniel (8 days ago)
How did you overlay your image on top of the background?
Sascha Srdoch (14 days ago)
Let me see how you do it on your mobile phone ;)
Ripple XRP (20 days ago)
Transaction Failed, what would you do?
Kade ET (25 days ago)
Hi I was trying to do the same but it keep showing me this “intrinsic gas too low” What does it mean? My Eth balance is 0.28, I think it is more than enough
RogerTheShrubber (27 days ago)
When I clicked an address and clicked Unlock your Wallet, I got an Etherscan screen. Is that because my Eth balance is 0?
cryptohezzyy (27 days ago)
ANYONE out here that can explain to me what "Contract Data" does PLEASE
Sean Michael Nugent (28 days ago)
ok who can help me on video chat- i have MEW set up, trying to get an erc 20 token saved on it. having mulptiple issues and new to doing this- cant get anyone to speak to in person-
T heng Khor (1 month ago)
jst want to check if i can using different computer to login the same nano s ledger
parikshit bhujbal (1 month ago)
I lost my pin but i have my recovery seed, what must i do? ( I have eth on my wallet i don't want to lose it if i restore)
Nikhil Kalra (1 month ago)
Nice vids! I think the best way to check your balance is by installing Myetherwallet Chrome extension just click the extension and it will show you the balance. Obviously, you have to add your address as a watch only address.
Hey, I appreciate your videos they really helped in helping me set up my Ledger Nano. Definitely subbing! Keep up the good work!!!!
Raf Child of God (1 month ago)
can you please help me, i have many alt coins like Dragonchain, Vechain, HPB, NANO, BTC etc but i heard Ledger Nano S doesnt store most of the alt coins i have, so whats the point on buying Ledger Nano S? i want to back up my long term alt coins but i dont know how to do it. i dont want paper wallets as it seems difficult and i dont want to store them online wallets. I am new so i would need easiest way to do it user friendly, thanks
June Milo (1 month ago)
Hi Michael, I haven't tried to send any erc-20 from my Trezor, can I just click the drop down menu find the token, and send to my eth address on mew without sending to an exchange and converting, then cashing out? I guess I could try it with a small amount and find out.
Jaylon Braxton (2 months ago)
So just to clarify this. This is for storing your coins right? Say I want to transfer some LTC and ETH to my ledger.. that means it leaves my wallets on Coinbase where it’s pulling from and is stored onto the ledger right?
Dame Segwite (2 months ago)
Pls donate send eth to contract address https://etherscan.io/token/0x7e40b2ce2106558256513005fe16f02f3be42526
BoC_Rob (2 months ago)
Awesome refresher for me... its been awhile since doing MEW and Ledger Nano S. WOOT!
1010110 i (2 months ago)
4 words everybody. Advanced Anti virus software
PromoMIAR (2 months ago)
NEWBIE QUESTION: Ledger App and MEH for ETH are same address?. Confusing me. If xfering ERC20 from xchange, how does Ledger distinguish or does it even need to? If I can go direct from xchange to Ledger App, what is MEW for? Can anyone clarify this?
Vampire_born_in_2006 (2 months ago)
bla bla bla
Mackilicious123 (2 months ago)
mine is stuck on update.... HELP!!!
Tim Smith (2 months ago)
Hello I saw one of your responses and was wondering if you could help me with a problem...kinda new to the crypto thing! Here is my dilema: I tried sending trx coins to my nano ledger S through the ledger website which makes you download several apps, one of which is an ether app (classic one). I put in the address ledger gave me and put it in the address bar on coinspot and hit send. It went through but the coins never showed up in my ledger ether app account. (hope that makes sense) I contacted both ledger and coinspot and coinspot said theres nothing they can do and said to contact ledger and show them the address. Ledger replied to me and said we don't support trx but go to "my ether wallet" and see if it went there. So I went and opened a my ether wallet account and am wondering how I get those coins into that wallet. If you can help I'd be forever grateful! THanks, Tom
Aston Bright (2 months ago)
I have my Tron TRX in MEW. Just a quick question about TRON coin burn......where should my coins be after the burn on 31st of March? I have Binance....should I keep it there?
Ishmael Siaday (2 months ago)
Hi Michael. This is a great video but I have a trouble that I need help with very seriously. I have 3 ledger Nano S and I have been unable to use any of them to access MyEtherWallet. So this is the problem: I created by MEW prior to purchasing the Ledger Nano S. Each time I try to login into MEW using the Ledger Nano S, it takes me successfully into the MEW wallets displayed in your video but not into the MEW wallet that I have my funds in. I have tried all the 2 ledger Nano S and the same thing happens so I ended up using both Keystore JSON file ( which is unsecure) method to access my MEW which defeats the purpose buying 3 Ledger Nano S hardwallets. I watch several videos on this top but none seems to help so far
T vid (3 months ago)
Great vid! As a newbie I've seen multiple nano ledger/MEW videos and was wondering why all of them but yours directs viewers to go to etherscan.io to get the contract address/decimal in order to add an ERC-20 token to our MEW. Kindly, can you touch on why we'd even need to do the etherscan.io step when from the looks of your video you can send and receive ERC-20 tokens without the contract address information? Thank you so much. I'll be sharing this video to a group of my fellow newbies once I get clarification as yours seems like the best one.
john lightfoot (3 months ago)
so if you lose your nano ledger, is the coins gone for good. or is there a way to recover coin directly from the block chain ?
Jack Kulinski (3 months ago)
Hey, do you know how many ETH wallet addresses are on the TREZOR wallet?
Og Menace (3 months ago)
quick question lets say i was using my ether wallet way before i got a ledger and i stored my funds on a usb how do i get the ledger to recognize the previous address that has my funds
dmarkg58 (3 months ago)
Can I do the same with a Trezor?
Crypto Queen - Anika (3 months ago)
is MEW pubic key id the deposit address for all coin from exchange ?
Aw Wei Liang (3 months ago)
Hey Michael, I have created MyEtherWallet and i can access this wallet. I have a question, then what happens i was loss my Omisego 936 tokes that was hacker by someone. It has been labeled as fakephising340. Need your advise is this possible my address can easily hack by anyone ? How do i can get my all loss tokens back ? Where are the token actually gone ? Appreciate your help. Thanks.
Aw Wei Liang (3 months ago)
Awaiting your advise. Thanks
vibhor27 (3 months ago)
How to transfer Tokens from Metamask to Nano Ledger S
Fabian Müller (3 months ago)
Hey i got 2 questions: Can i send Ethereum from my exchange directly to the ledger nano s address? What happens when the myetherwallet.com gets shut down? WOuld i loose all my tokens?
R T (3 months ago)
Nice !
Daniel Kent (3 months ago)
hi bro. thanks for the vid you explain it very well and easy to understand
justin wwilliams (3 months ago)
jessie cascade (3 months ago)
pleae help anyone , iccidently send mine bic token to metamask address rather than to bic contract address ..does this mean mine token is lost or can i get it back ..thank you!
Diver Dan (3 months ago)
Just got mine....I don't have massive amounts of cripto but as it goes up in value it becomes more scary keeping it on coinbace. So bought one...very overpriced cheap plastic with cheap feeling buttons & low memory...but it comes in a very posh iPhone style box to help you digest the cost of this overpriced but I suspect very useful product...so I begrudgingly got it..one thing springs to mind though is its tax deductible as is now my iPad as I use it for cripto which is subject to capital gains so if cripto booms then I have expenses against he tax..
Noriecreates2 (3 months ago)
Hi, can I transfer tokens from Exodus to Ledger? If so, please consider doing a video on this process.
Patra Raju (3 months ago)
Could you make a video on how to transfer ETC from Exchange to Ledger Nano S with MyEtherWallet (MEW)? Thank you.
luke 9:23 (3 months ago)
I see some for different prices. Is one better than the other?
Carlos Loopez (3 months ago)
Do I have to have an account on myetherwallet first in order to use it with my my ledger nano s?
James Doakes (4 months ago)
For the ledger nano s, is it possible to switch other alt coins like ether or litecoin to your bitcoin wallet as bitcoins? a direct transfer type thing? is it possible?
Jason Chhetri (4 months ago)
Hi Michael!! quick question, I made a myether wallet and downloaded the Keystore/JSON file which is saved on my computer. Even if I buy and start using the nano ledger s, how can I keep my Keystore/JSON file safe from hackers? I am new to Crypto, Thanks!
Ishmael Siaday (2 months ago)
You do not need to store your Keystore/JSON file in your computer because if hackers get into your computer then they can get access to your file and possibly steal all your funds. What you need to do is to save the Keystore/JSON file on USB sticks (2 preferably) and save them somewhere and then delete the file from your computer.
Anil Kumar (4 months ago)
friends these are two ICO which i got after struggling a lot these are potential ICO with good plans and strong team https://steward.friendz.io/go?r=NTQ5Mzg https://app.dock.io?r=anil-kumar-91703:aaabhluK
Andrew Hopkins (4 months ago)
Very Good. Thank much!
Hanut Sareen (4 months ago)
Great video, is there any way to integrate an existing MEW address with he nano ledger or do I have to move everything over?
Shen CH (4 months ago)
So i can contribute to an ICO and recieve Tokens from My Nano S via MyetherWallet?
Fearless One (4 months ago)
Thank you
volerhaut (4 months ago)
Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding cold wallet. First of all, I'm currently holding: Trx, Appc, NAV, Ven, Ark and Neblio. Can I store them all on a ledger nano or Mew? Or do I have to convert them into Btc, ltc, Eth etc... Please help me out cause I'm storing everything on binance and after hearing news about exchanges being hacked, I don't feel safe leaving them there. Thank you
Blake Johnson (4 months ago)
Rad! Thank you for this. 10/10
Orlando Newman (4 months ago)
Aloha I really like your videos very simplistic. Do you know of any trusted sources who knows anything about unlocking an Ethereum mist wallet my ethers are stuck in there. Thank you
Robert Emmons (4 months ago)
I have a Trezor wallet, but I am uncomfortable that I have not been able to use the key phrase to access the wallet from any wallet except Trezor. For example, the key phrase for a Jaxx wallet can be used to access your coins from a Coinomi wallet. If Jaxx stops supporting its wallet, you can get your coins from Coinomi, or some other compatible wallet long as you have your key phrase. If Trezor's website gives you a 404 error one day. Where do you go? Trezor will not give you your private keys. You can factory reset an old phone or tablet, and install a Jaxx or Coinomi wallet. Then, you keep the phone shut off or disconnected from WIFI, with no SIM card unless you need to transfer your coins. This seems secure, safe, and reproducible to me. What do you think?
Brandon Stuebing (4 months ago)
I've had a virus that changed my address on me when I tried to send Dash to another lost it all..
Danny Raul Molina (4 months ago)
thanks. this video raised more questions though. I'll have to do my own research
Donna Burstyn (4 months ago)
I can't see anything other that Etherium with arrows going both directions. I am unable to see my transactions. This has happened from the start. HELP
EKSi Studios (4 months ago)
Hi Michael. First of all, thanks for all your videos, think I've seen all of them and now i have a question. I have the ledger wallet and soon Envion tokens will be unlocked. Now i was wondering if it would be working when add a custom token on MEW if that will work on the Ledger Nano S wallet. Hope you could answer this question, it would very much help me! Thanks in advance. Regards Maikel
MattyCrypto1 (4 months ago)
Where is the best list of ERC 20 tokens?
raffi3o3 (4 months ago)
is it possible to store the already existing private key, from myetherwallet on my nano ledger s ? so I can get rid of the file on my PC? As I understand the nano ledger already created 5 new addresses, what about if I want to use the already existing one from myetherwallet ?
Adrian Ooi (4 months ago)
Hi, if i need to access my MEW which has an existing address using the nano s , how do i do it? its not showing when log in using the nano s , its only showing the ether address which is on my nano
Senan Skalkos (4 months ago)
can you switch between my ether wallet and the ledger one without loosing tokens
Crypto Stars (4 months ago)
whats the recovery process if we lose the device or it gets broken or out of order?
Bao Tu (4 months ago)
Great video man! helped a lot thank you!
Justin Brown (4 months ago)
Dude you need to be way more specific when saying sending to yourself. Iam trying to send my GOLEM from JAXX to MEW and I logged into MEW using my Ledger. So when I send tokens to those address's generated by MEW when logged into through my ledger those are the address's on my ledger? And you said your sending coins back to yourself? So what you are saying is your sending tokens from your ledger back to a ledger address you have? And also the Ledger does not come with a manual.. Any help would be appreicated. Also when you say I am going to select my BAT here, you are blocking that part of the computer where that action is occuring. For trying to help people who have no idea what they are doing or firstimers your going really fast and not explaining the send to address fully enough. Also the command you call send is "generate transaction" Also will you see your ERC20 tokens actually stored on the Ledgder Screen or not????
GREAT Vid great help KEEP up the good Work Michael, greetz from Michiell/ Amsterdam!
scott taylor (4 months ago)
Can I store BTC/ETH/ZRX/VEN/SUB on my Ledger Nano S using the Ledger Manager App? If not, what wallets support these alt coins, and can I link them up with my Ledger Nano S for extra security? Thanks
F Architect (4 months ago)
Can i send ERC20 tokens directly to my Nano ledger S without using myetherwallet? And for what does myether wallet help? Like can i use ledger nano s without myetherwallet? Thx
Gary Murphy (4 months ago)
Boxmining. Or anyone... When I set up MEW it was late and I was trying to set up my Ledger Nano. Well I got the MEW set up but not the Ledger. So I just printed out my paper wallet and got a Address (QR code) along with a Private Key (QR code). It was late so I went to bed came to the office and tried with friend over lunch to get one set up and somehow we plugged in the Nano and set up a new wallet and somehow did not get the private key written down but I did set up in my Ledger with a key inside but I don't have access to any longer because when I print out the paper wallet address it only shows the address and not the private key unlike the one I had printed off the night before. I just don't want to not have my private key in addition to my Nano having a copy I can't see. I hope this is not confusing. SO my question is now that I have it seems two wallets (one I set up that late night with key and one set up with my Ledger without key) can I send the Ether out of my Ledger wallet to the MEW with the key and then close down the MEW without the key and now zero balance and then attach my Ledger to the wallet where my coins are and lock it down with the Ledger?
Hanna Oh (4 months ago)
Hi! I was wondering can you store VEN and BNB on the Nano S ledger? If so, how would you do so?
Hanna Oh (4 months ago)
Thanks so much! I love all your videos they are so helpful for crypto rookies like me :)
Boxmining (4 months ago)
try using myetherwallet and it'll show up in tokens
Tony T (4 months ago)
Can you store crypto on a Nano and use it as myetherwallet security key or does it need to be one thing or the other?
Oscar Flores (4 months ago)
Hi, I'm having a little trouble.. I made an ether wallet a couple days ago and I did not use my ledger at first because I was buying into a Ico and was under a time crunch so I just made an account using my private key and was intending on using the private key for just a one time quick thing but now I'm sure how to access my account after the fact.. can you please help me?
jetliFAN (4 months ago)
When you mentioned you're sending the token "to myself" what do you mean by that? Do you mean it's being sent from MyEtherWallet to the Ledger nano S or do you send it somewhere else?
Mick Jäggah (3 months ago)
I think it has to be somewhere else, because the public address of his ledger ends with cEB and the "other" address ends with "463". Maybe he has another mew wallet? Mhhh...
Initial D (5 months ago)
where did you send your BAT tokens to? from myetherwallet to nano s? i have a utc file but if i want to use the nano s...do i have to send all the tokens from myetherwallet to the nano s like you did? and what will happen to the utc file then, i can delete it? so confused now
Ben Parker (5 months ago)
Nano Ledger Unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmFoH3-154o
Crypto Mining (5 months ago)
I can't seem to put the browser support on yes.. Do you know why?
Mav Man (5 months ago)
Hello Everyone! Check out this token called PlusCoin https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/pluscoin It has great potential! You'll thank me later!! ;-)
ben collins (5 months ago)
I'm lost
Good Vibes (5 months ago)
Hey Guys! Just wondering... once it "loads up" on myetherwallet, is it automatically ON your ledger? Just like that? .... Thank you.. .it just seems so.. easy.... ?
grandmastero88 (5 months ago)
Guys, I have a question. It is kind of unrelated to this video. I bought ETH almost a year ago, and i noticed the anount in my wallet increasing by 0.04. What is this? Am I imageining things?
sam banares (5 months ago)
Hello Michael would I able to import my ethereum private key from blockchain.info to my ether wallet and store it in my Ledger nano s? If yes, Can I able to have multiple private key store in ledger nano s?
Elmar Bagir (5 months ago)
When sending ERC20 tokens from exchanges to Nano address, Nano doesn't have to be connected. Connecting to MEW is only to get ETH address, which can also be accomplished with just Ledger Waller ETH App. Right?
Ahmed A (5 months ago)
great explanation mate! i have question though :) if i use my ledger with MEW i guess i dont need to creat new wallet and put password and download the key file??? im tottaly puzzled pls help
Jhontez (5 months ago)
This video lost my and did not answer my main question. Yes, this video is somewhat advanced. I may need to find a tutorial for dummies.
Jhontez (5 months ago)
Christy Tran (5 months ago)
Hi, can I just use the Ledger Nano alone for Ether? Without creating myetherwallet account? I have 2 difference receiving address..when I create myetherwallet and my Ledger Nano S. Thanks
Matthew Ellis (5 months ago)
why does it say "Re-open MyEtherWallet on a secure (SSL) connection" when trying to send eth to nano? cannot go any further :(
the redeemer (5 months ago)
when I enable browser support and use MEW to view my ledger wallet I have a number of ETH public addresses to use... but when I open with the ledger wallet there is only one address. What would happen to my ETH if sent to one of these other addresses and then opened in ledger wallet? thanks
JJ (5 months ago)
Hello great guide. Quick question. I already have a myetherwallet address I was using and recently purchased nano s. How do I connect the nano to my existing address? I was searching for it the addresses but couldn't find, theres just too many.
GoldChump (5 months ago)
Ok so I am confused a bit. I have coins in myetherwallet. I understand the process to do the actual transfer of erc20 tokens to nano s and interacting between the two, but when I am connecting the two how to do I connect the NANO S to the specific myetherwallet that I have my coins in? I am not sure how to connect my actual myetherwallet with coins in it to the nano s.
Jake (5 months ago)
Hi, I have plugged my ledger in and selected browser mode but when I press the "connect to ledger wallet" button, nothing happens. Any ideas? Anyone else got this issue?
riddler ? (5 months ago)
are the tokens on MEW or on my ledger nano s??
riddler ? (5 months ago)
what if MEW gets hacked? Or goes offline??
Stuart Hayward (5 months ago)
great video
lordhummus _ (5 months ago)
Problem: I connect my ledger nano s but can’t find the address I want to interact with. HELP!!!
Captain Crypto (5 months ago)
So can I just send coins to any of the address on my wallet or do I have to unlock the address first?
Mario Ja (5 months ago)
Thanks. Need to ask. If I am buying an ICO presale, can I send them ETH directly from my Ledger nano s ? I mean without loging into MEW. And then will I find theirs tokens in my MEW later ? or Do I have to allow something in MEW to be able to receive it?
Arjen Everaers (5 months ago)
How do I send BQX from MEW to my Ledger Nano S?
Ben Evolent (5 months ago)
Michael, there is one issue that wasn't made clear in your vid. Can you associate your ledger nano with an existing MEW address holding multiple tokens, OR do you have to send them all to the address/es provided by Ledger device. Thanks.
Jannosh Bigglesworth (5 months ago)
Please explain this scenario: you have eth on your ledger and also Eth/tokens on a Myetherwallet account, you then plug in the ledger, will it only show the amount you have on your ledger? Or will it display the Myetherwallet tokens and eth amount aswell? I'm guessing the private key for the ledger only lets you see your ledger amount?
Darwin Sujaya (5 months ago)
How could they give the selections of the address ? https://youtu.be/_RvDPQHERtc?t=170 Did they access cookies?
Lissette Aponte (5 months ago)
I have a mew account with my eth and tokens on it but how can i connect that to a new ledger. I followed your steps but it shows me new wallets with no balances. When i log in directly to mew i see all my balance. Do i need to log in to mew first then connect the ledger nano s for it to connect to my main mew wallet
Doug Wingert (5 months ago)
Do I need to set up MEW first? and if so when I get to the part where I use The JSON file it says that is not a recommended way of using the wallet and it has an option to use Ledger... That's what I'd like to do but how if I don't have the wallet yet? This video assumes I already have a wallet and the videos explaining how to set up MEW assume I don't have the ledger.. Please Help

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