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Will Cryptocurrency / Blockchain weaken the USA's Power and the Dollar! | Bloomberg

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Crypto King (5 days ago)
Society is jumping way ahead with this financial revolution hype mindset... some good cryptos will remain digital gold/assets for sometime... I don't see fiat currency killed off anytime soon...
Ride (6 days ago)
Fun question : Ho is the number one holder of US debt AND the biggest bitcoin miner in the world ? And one more thing to keep in mind. It’s not called the petrodollar for no reason and oil will not be as relevant as today in the near electrified future. So please let us all be lucid about one thing. America is doing everything it can to destroy bitcoin since day 1 and not succeeded yet. Imagine that people :)
Live Techs (6 days ago)
mustangmanx (6 days ago)
Agree 1000 percent. It's a shame that most Americans don't have any idea how much they've been screwed over year after year ever since 1971.
mustangmanx (5 days ago)
noic tib I'm talking about the devaluation of your money, the power shifting to federal reserve. Sure if you've been investing since then, you've made a ton of money but even the money you've made is a ton less than it could have been.
nioctib (6 days ago)
mustangmanx Americans not investing in index funds, etf, dividends, yeah, they got screwed. Those that have invested became very wealthy. Hoarding gold wouldn’t make a working class man rich. But investing since the removal of the gold standard most definitely has, and continues to do so
Ryan (6 days ago)
Why do u ask for people to comment yet I’ve never seen u debate on ur chat
LiteCoin Moses (6 days ago)
Yea I don't really comment anymore.
nioctib (6 days ago)
Ryan Interactions = better search result.
Chris Rock (6 days ago)
Ryan true story.
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Ken Semotiuk (6 days ago)
The USA is already going third world with all of its tent cities all over the USA? It needs more than crypto crap to save it's sorry ass?
nioctib (6 days ago)
Ken Semotiuk lol. Hey dude, the G7 that just happened, the USA’s economy is bigger than all 6 other countries in the G7, combined . So if the US is doomed, Europe and Canada should be collapsing ASAP.
Crypto Savage (6 days ago)
Steady legal immigration is the way to go but that's definetly not the way it's been happening for many decades now.
Crypto Savage (6 days ago)
Mass immigration does that to a country. Europe is dealing with the same issues. That's what happens when there is corruption at the highest level of government.
jeffrey exposito (6 days ago)
The US will serriptiously try to destroy cryptocurrency if and when it feels the US Dollar is threatened. I think the introduction of futures to suppress the market was the first step.
nioctib (6 days ago)
mustangmanx I think the opposite. They’ll find an expose as much manipulation as they can. Why Because manipulation means that 19k bitcoin was a lie (Which it was imo). Then people are left with the question, what is the real, unmanipulated price. The. They’ll reflect on 7 straight months of market decline. And boom. Btc will be back in the sub 1k zone and everyone will stay the hell away.
Peter Petrov (6 days ago)
Hey jeffrey, haven't you seen any zombie movies? The zombies always get you at the end. There are more of us, and we don't care because we are already dead! lol (Wow that was deep)
Peter Petrov (6 days ago)
The dollar can't stop crypto currency. The world is a pretty big place and even the Church couldn't stop progress and knowledge. The Renaissance is coming; the only question is when.
jeffrey exposito (6 days ago)
mustangmanx I think the government is pro block chain technology just as long as the currency is not threatened in any way. But on the other hand the Federal Reserve has been saying good things about Ripple as a settlement tool. We are in the twilight zone for the time being as the US government I think hasn't grasped the implications of crypto currencies and block chain and is a little spooked about it.
Owlbe (6 days ago)
Hi good video. Commend me
nioctib (6 days ago)
If crypto could derail the dollar as a reserve currency, China would adopt it with a hard on, yet they ban it. China knew it was a highly manipulated market and for that reason stopped its people from massive losses that we’re seeing now.
Crypto King (5 days ago)
noic tib ppl are on this big financial revolution hype.... I agree crypto will not threaten government fiat currency any time soon.. however governments may choose to adapt or add one cryptocurrency one day.. my guess is crypto will be a digital gold/asset for sometime....
Jay Sha (6 days ago)
noic tib You would yet again have a great point if Bitcoin was the Only Crypto worth its Weight in Gold.. 😎
nioctib (6 days ago)
Zambino Crypto is also very much subject to inflation. We had 21 million btc ever. But now we also have 21 million bitcoin cash. 21 million bitcoin gold, etc. how many people added bitcoin cash to their portfolio and spread out their btc investment into btc and BCH? That’s straight up inflation. Btc is now worth less because we have more “bitcoin” With a handful of ico’s brought to the market every day, the crypto market is printing billions of new, future coins, per day. That’s massive inflation.
nioctib (6 days ago)
Jay Sha Yet bitcoin is controlled via China. More than 1/2 of the bitcoin is mined in China. China could 51% attack bitcoin tomorrow if they wanted to.
Sarah Tomas (6 days ago)
Sarah Tomas (6 days ago)
Great video
Malkit Foxdale (6 days ago)
Crypto is deflationary and on a long term uptrend, physical currencies are inflationary and use is declining. The world needs a political clean currency.
nioctib (6 days ago)
Ryan whatever you say, pal.
Ryan (6 days ago)
noic tib what are u talking about I didn’t like it, others did and saw the stupidity of your statement
Ryan (6 days ago)
noic tib how do I know that’s true? U claim crypto is like fiat yet u have a bitcoin avatar?
nioctib (6 days ago)
Ryan I like that you like your own replies. Another odd thing to do.

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