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Alan Greenspan Warns That Venezuelan Style Martial Law Will Soon Come to the US

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Text Comments (185)
Haris Rather (1 month ago)
Is he jew?
Honey Butter (5 months ago)
Fuck Greenballs..Americans will not take that bullshit lying down. Will it happen..I believe it. Will it be a cake walk? Hell naw
Otie Brown (10 months ago)
Alan - is correct!
lowslowflyer77 (10 months ago)
Uhmm did Green span Print pout of thin air trillions of dollars?? But it's not his fault it's us workers fault because putting majority of women to work over the last 50 yrs still doesn't keep up huh?
OLD CLUBS (1 year ago)
I still think there needs to be govt. Just limit it.
Brkotas (1 year ago)
Zionist jew always a zionist jew
Bobo The clown (1 year ago)
Greenspan,privelaged kazar jew banker.he hates americans!
peter macleod (1 year ago)
they will throw their  gold and silver in the streets and their bellies will curse it the bible
peter macleod (1 year ago)
i could be wrong off corse you decide
peter macleod (1 year ago)
alan greenspan is correct oil has been depleting at 2% a year sinces 2005 causing the high oil prices which caused the 2008 crash without increasing oil supply's the economy cant grow without growth the system cant function as there no extra money to pay interest on debt there is a tempory glut in oil caused by the depression creating demand distructiong were headed to 1800 or the stoneage prapare now watch primitive skills wildreness survival gardening hunting trapping fishing playlists on youtube and may god protect you
Dragan Radulovic (2 years ago)
The problem is capitalism. How in the world does Alan expect anything, but particularly economy, to grow forever? It's not possible. It violates both laws of thermodynamics. How the economy of the world is expected to grow on and on if the production relies on limited natural resources? Communism was bad but the capitalism is not better. It's only more dangerous.
David Merrill (2 years ago)
I recall how GREENSPAN never even seemed to blink an eye, even though he was indicted equally well as RUBIN:...https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EaV_bU7VImOFd0Z3FHaXBzYVU/view?usp=sharing...RUBIN resigned in time to get on the 5:00 News!
bergamotewilks (2 years ago)
I was about to paint "THE END IS NIGH" on a sandwich board and go for a walk around town, but after seeing 12 seconds of this video, I don't know if I can be bothered anymore.
its just a matter of time before the central banking elites will force the world to accept a world bank n world gov. with or without russia china consent, or itan cuba etc... most weak countrys like venezuela will be so poor and so many ppl will die of starvation they will accept it right away, europe n japan are already controlled since ww2 by bankers, canada australia nz etc the same, i think biggest problem is china, who will be in chaos with world economy collapse, but i think they will fall in line since 1.4 billion ppl starving rioting is the leaders worse nightmare, but russia and iran are really usa biggest problem, they have nukes, man to defend the country and gigantic ammount of resources to live and survive while the world falls apart, but if russia dosent become 100% food self s. they might suffer starvation and since economy will stop, they wont be able to sell oil nor gas, witch will break their economy and force gov to martial law and even control parts where starvation will be real, countrys like india will be dying by the millions, as the economy breaks down and they have a mediocre gov. agriculture industry will breakdown, since india is tied to world economy and need imports of food, that dont cover 100% of its 1.3 billion pop, europe might be a place that is major food producer, but in some areas is very deficient, but in meat, cheases milk, some fruits, and many other foods its self suficient, plus all the industry that can keep goin, biggest problem with europe is the small ammount land for the number of people, the things europe trades to get the surplus to pay its farmers to compete with lower prices from outside will not be there, uk is the biggest problem its a country that is only 40% self sufficient and the rest is all imported with money from finance n stock market, some industry, but its simply banking n oil holding the whole thing together, a banking crash n stock market will send the uk into crisis mode, prices will explode for foods there, i cannot imagine countrys like syria, or north african countrys, or african countrys on usaid help or receiving un food... those will go into zimbabwe hyperinflation n then starvation riots etc, nobody will come from outside to help... in the middle of the chaos the usa europe japan g8 etc will meet and create a new world gov with 1 currency n 1 central bank, witch is what central bankers have been dreaming for centuries. then i think fiat will be in digital currency, maybe in a card with a chip, or chip under the skin''for our own safety'' that will contain all info about each individual and the gov will know everything about everyone at all times, even your dna, if your are prone for diabetes, cancer, your iq, if you are a good sheep, trouble maker, etc, of course the elite will have special chips that are like a pass to anywhere and everything... this world gov, will be the enforcer of the central bank n giant corporations around it, in the future bunch of corporations will control everything, forget creating your small busyness, you will work for big corporation or not at all, and be a slave or welfare zombie, how many small bussynesses survive in the usa or europe now? very few, all others are franchises of bigger corporations or work for one of them, living on very little, eating gmo crap to kill you as fast as possible, of course these ppl wont have kids, because women wont even look at them as human beings, the world will be a cold, empty place, gentrification will be the norm, with a smiling humane face, everything is always for our best interest, this world gov will be seen as savior of mankind, as the liberators, for ending racism, wars, frontiers, country's, gov corruption... now they can control all the planet, and its resources in a sustainable way, they will say, the sheep will aplaude and a controlled society will be created, of course the sociopaths on top first will make this to look like a heaven world, a sophisticated, more humane, more balanced with more opportunities for everybody, salaries around the world will be more equal, as richest parts will send money to the poorest, but then slowly, the noose will start getting tighter, as taxes increase, world gov needs more n moremoney, and the central bank has no problem creating that digital cash, that needs to be paid with interest, but a small one, of course when you create a digital currency that costs nothing on world level, 1% would be astronomic amount cash, the elite will have riches like emperors never dreamed of, a small group of families will control whole planet with billions, less n less rights, media will create fears, as the terrorists who want to create countrys again, and that kill ppl n put bombs in cars n airplanes need to be stopped... the chip in our hands if taken out will be federal offence, with the masses controlled they will start killing ppl using all sorts of methods, with cancer, chemicals, etc to control numbers, poverty will be the norm anyone against it, will be against social justice, since for you to have more someone else will have less, and ''remember the millions who died in the greatest depression famine? want that again it was greed of some who destroyed the world'' and after all technology will make everybody have better life, you have new iphones, video games, if you dont life the multi ethic cultural tech, corporation owned gov controlled surveyed world you are 1. terrorist 2.racist 3. old crazy nationalist dreamer 4.crazy, all these ppl will be taken out, and the scary thing is, they can erase you whenever they want, they just need to erase the chip, and thats it, you dont have any cash, dont have an id number, a job, a name, a history, cant make a phone call, cant enter public transport, welfare, then they will take you out physically, and you never even existed. this is the world coming... great isnt it? its like a nightmare of everything i hate and despise, end of freedom, end of individual pursuit
nicky zekich (2 years ago)
I use to be a doorman at 4 east 66th street, alan greenspan was the chairman of the fed and the person he was visiting was alan Greenberg the chairman at bear&stern , its pretty good to know what the fed will do in advance and Barbra walters was greenbergs girlfriend these Zionists have the game to themselves and they view Christians as the goyim
You have already lost if your economy is based on debt.
C Steele (2 years ago)
Alan Greenspan is a traitor, should be hung as the rest of these scum bags. No gov't has a right to rule like a king over the people. Earth is my home. Where you were born, by chance when ancestors settled. Work together and oust these traitors who seek to ruin your lively hood.
Zehnstern Astrologie (2 years ago)
I want to move out from this collapsing planet forever.
Allira (2 years ago)
I hear you loud and clear, but I am surrounded by "sheeple" who listen to FOX, MSNBC, ABC and the usual crowd. We re SO very close to the end now. I think I'm going to start shouting from the rooftops!
The moment I started following the alternative media and turned off the TV, I really started to wake up. Now, whenever I see the mainstream media the lies are so clear and in your face. For years I have been posting alt. media posts to my Facebook, and they have pretty much fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes.
Alan Currie (2 years ago)
Jeff if you want to be taken seriously then report truthfully and don't put words in peoples mouths because it gets more traffic to your website so you can sell more newsletter subs!! You said in Jay Taylor show that the White House press core said you are the real journalists. Well your not with this type of reporting! If you want to help people make sound decisions to prepare for the future then stick to the Truth. Now other blog sites have taken your false report on what Alan Greenspan said and its all over the internet. Lets be informed and lets prepare - but keep to the truth and the facts!! For the record Greenspan said in summary that there needs more serious debate about the long term effects of the aging population and what the governments and industry will do to build productivity above 2% so the retirement entitlements will not cause a serious economic problem in the future. He is sounding a warning - But what he should be saying is what Bill Still has been saying for 30 years and Ron Paul - that the FED should be abolished and Congress should take back the ability to create the currency. Why give the power to create the money supply to PRIVATE BANKERS? ie FED read "The Creature of Jekyll Island" if you don't understand that statement. Then setup PRIVATE People Banks like The Bank of North Dakota - and setup a new Gold or Silver backed money system to stop politicians printing as much as they want. There are people who know what to do to fix this system if there is enough will do it!
So are we supposed to take the elites' words for face value? That is being really naive.
w0tm (2 years ago)
Greenspan is an idiot but even a idiot is sometimes correct. America became a corporation in 1871 (look it up). Owned by the Royal Family, The Holy Si and Illuminati. America will soon descend into total chaos and anarchy unless I'm sorry to say " when government fears the people we have liberty; when the people fear the government we have unlimited tyranny". We have reached the point where only one action by the masses will save us from anarchy, tyranny and slavery. We are at the last second of the eleventh hour. Will the 98% who are sheeple become people and save America and the world from slavery? I hope so but it is very unlikely. Those who will put us in bondage has had 100+ years to bring us to the bring us to the brink of total disaster (and total control for them). "Preppers" and "militias: who were laughed at and derided not so long ago will be the only ones who will have a chance to remain free. The time is near - very near,
the usa was created as a special colony, a sort of colony corporation,since the dutch n english had privatized colonization n these ompanies had their private armies they where going to make the usa the first corporation colony, witch would pay a dividend to the stock holders through a central bank, from witch the gov, would borrow cash from, later after the ind. the rothschilds n queen of england tried several times to introduce central bank to continue this idea, but only in 1913 it really got traction, and that was when they had a bigger idea, to use the usa as centre to create a world central bank by force, using its military, using its currency, economic power etc, thats why usa had huge flow of cash from uk in investments creating huge banks, all rothschild agents, that basically created usa industry. in germany n japan belgium many corporations where tied to the usa and these investment banks, ww1 ww2 where a consolidation of the usa, all wars after that just more consolidation, the killing of the ussr by strangulation etc
And all 50 states are part of that corporation, including every town. It's interesting to research when your own town was incorporated. When I realized that my town was put into place just to round me up as a tax cow and dictate to me what I can and cannot do, I see things very differently.
PALADIN (2 years ago)
Iknowwhy 789 (2 years ago)
He would know since he helped set it all up.
Todd Lavigne (2 years ago)
Greenspan should have been taken out a long time ago.
Brandon Garfias (2 years ago)
they will try and they will die
Badd Mann (2 years ago)
kill Rothschild's and the world will be great again they are the scum ruining every country and are responsible for most of the war in the world
dont take the chip (2 years ago)
The 2nd most powerful family will claim this world. Dumb idea. You would have to destroys there whole infrastructure to do so.
DB Donovan (2 years ago)
NDAA, which was legislated & approved by Obama, March 2012, clearly makes the office of President, Supreme Dictator, free of any Constitutional check & balances in his way & clearly the biggest threat to the individual, the family & this nation's survival. If the “orchestrated take over” takes place & the power goes off & a public announcement is made of “any excuse” over emergency broadcasting, many armed people, with various big & small weapons, will head for DC & the WH. Hopefully, the Military will act, even more swiftly, to eradicate the EVIL treasonous Dictator, before any round up of civilians occurs. If Martial Law is ever imposed by Obama, to carry out the ELITE & the UN's 90% depopulation scheme, based on the current climate of political hatred & violence in this country, there is a slim chance that Obama will survive the multitude of assassination attacks initiated on him in response by those who believe that it is not a matter of choice, but a matter of requirement for their family & nation's survival.
Barry Telesford (2 years ago)
venezuela dont produce food
Jimmy joe Armijo (2 years ago)
Allen Greenspan tanked the USA economy he was wrong for us his whole life he mad a ton of money for himself
Dexter Haven (2 years ago)
There isn't a prosperity problem. There's a prosperity distribution problem.
You mean taking from the haves and giving it to the have nots is a problem?
Jonathan Sojo (2 years ago)
I'm from Venezuela how can you said that the conditions are the same ? are you out your F.... mind ? go there ; you wont last a week
George Bryan (2 years ago)
stupid people with signs against people with guns telling u wat to do
George Bryan (2 years ago)
well learn how to grow a goddam garden like I do and raise a hog for meat.the will b a lot of u that will starve to death.go back to living like they did back then. those of u who can't won't survive
R420Forester (2 years ago)
more fear mongering..live life! gees
Crossfire4701 (1 year ago)
The u.s can't borrow and trash cash it's way out of 19 trillion dollar debt lol.
dont take the chip (2 years ago)
Live life with pedophiles rapists murderers transgenders , beastility doers. An so forth this ain't life my friend.
George Bryan (2 years ago)
when u got Homeland Security picking up illegal s at the borderland taken them north putting them on our soc Security.I wonder if their given them a K 47 s and starting terrorist teams in the USA. u better arm up America.Homeland Security is not here to help u
janna turner smyth (2 years ago)
Greenspan is a scumbag
Goodtohave Inajam (2 years ago)
The fast food industry is not a productive part of the economy, and that's most of the "jobs" available; part time, minimum wages. Oh, there are some other part-time, minimum wage work, Target, Wal Mart, the dry cleaner's.....you cannot build from that. These people will end up on food stamps, to supplement a deplorable income. Only the C.E.O. makes out, and the rest of the workforce can go pound sand. Revolution is in the air.
K. Look (2 years ago)
just remember that you can't always believe what is on the internet .
Z (2 years ago)
it is time for a revolution my brothers and sisters rise up against these Banks and he's bastard ass people that's keeping us down let's go
Z (2 years ago)
lack of productivity all our jobs went to China Mexico Japan that's why we're in the spot that we are in bring our jobs back vote Trump
Matilde Kimmerle (1 year ago)
Trump's products are All Made in CHINA.
Alex Hamilton (2 years ago)
Thanks for covering Venezuela, we need all the help we can get... from Caracas
Patricia Deisler (2 years ago)
TRUMP 2016- It's not a campaign, it's a movement.
rockymontana1 (2 years ago)
Greenspan is a steaming pile of shit,him and his asshole buddies.They should all be flying somewhere together and crash and burn.Do the world a favor...
Joe Pyne (2 years ago)
Hitlers brain was saved and will be placed into the skull of the Frankenstein Monster. All heck will break loose.
cindy garay (2 years ago)
People need to become as Self Sufficient as Possible!  Don't rely  on other's so much and pool together your talents and skills on solutions! They Can't get their NWO if we Don't really Need them!  Americans BUY farmland!
BADGER BADGERISM (2 years ago)
John Doe (2 years ago)
all these globalist need to hunted down to reap what they have sown
George Reichel (2 years ago)
Looks like Ron Paul was ahead of the curve once again.
laura rose (2 years ago)
The secret space program has taken 25% of the GNP since Trumans presidency and all without accountability. Greenspan sits on the council of 12 (MAJIC 12) which controls this money. When you hear about money going missing in the govt., (think Rumsfeld declaring 2.3 trillion missing from the pentagon on 9/10/2001) it's gone to the secret space program. It's draining us dry.
David Brace (2 years ago)
elect Hillary or Bernie and America will feel the Burn!!! Just like Venezuela. Trump 2016!!
brscic (2 years ago)
Economic collapse does not even scare me anymore,.. I am more afraid they will start WW3 before they loose control,..
David Brace (2 years ago)
yes,, this thing with Transgender Identity & restrooms Obama is shoving down our throats is a Giant smokescreen. they need to distract us from what is coming.
Margriet O'Regan (2 years ago)
Hi 'dukegreened' as I said, check out Bix Weir's 'Road to Roota' it's one heck of a good story even if it's not true ....go on, check it out
Be happy (2 years ago)
There will be no martial law. Too funny
All Total Coaching (2 years ago)
It's not if its when ?
madwonderland (2 years ago)
I just now watched the interview. WHERE DOES GREENSPAN SAY THAT????? PLEASE LINK where he says that. He didn't say that in the interview I watched. Your video makes it sound like Greenspan said Venezuela is coming to the US and we're next, and martial law is coming to the U.S... Look, I don't want to jump to accusations, but I didn't see that at all and am wondering if you just twisted the truth to make it sound more dramatic. Please prove me wrong and provide your source.
john72ss (2 years ago)
so you really think  America is on the same level as a third world country?
David Brace (2 years ago)
getting damn close to it John.
Pongo Huston (2 years ago)
With the massive national debt, to the multi-quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble, and the Department of Homeland Security in possession of 1.4 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition (ready to shoot and kill Americans who are starving/dying), there is no doubt that the U.S. economy is crashing down on us!
Kaybe23 (2 years ago)
Get ready for the FEMA Camps ...
JAKDUP HISTORY (2 years ago)
this PUNK helped with all the finacial bull...just another deceitful ass
Llawen Corwynt (2 years ago)
Bullshit. I went and watched the interview. Neil Cavuto interviewed him, Neil asked Greenspan if their was a collapse coming and Greenspan said "I wouldnt go that far" although he said Europe and USA were in long term trouble. I guess anyone can read between the lines and say he means collapse. But he did not outright say it. Im going to read between the lines and say the Easter Bunny is real. Lets keep the news real. DO NOT ACT LIKE THE MAINSTREAM NEWS AND START SPEWING BULLSHIT THAT SOMEONE DID NOT SAY.
Like the elite and the politicians are going to flat out tell you the truth. You have to read between the lines whenever one speaks. You cannot be so naive.
Tigerpaws9097826 (2 years ago)
Heh. That brings back a memory. Many years ago, there was a minister and motivational speaker who I followed avidly. With humor, in one talk where she used a quote originating with someone else, she jokingly confessed, "We all use each other's stuff." In that case, the plagiarism was admitted, proper credit was given, and the intent was to convey truth as the speaker saw it. Here, things seem to be different.
madwonderland (2 years ago)
+Tigerpaws9097826 I just noticed SHTFplan posted the exact same words, and Market Oracle / Jeff Berwick. Looks like some of these guys just cite each other.
Tigerpaws9097826 (2 years ago)
I'm happy to be one more echoing the perspective you posted. Greenspan was not trying to deliver the message cited in this video. We have some very serious issues to concern us. Sadly, that fact seems to be inducing a level of anxiety in some people that leads them to exaggerate aspects of the news. I've noticed that I've had to allocate time lately to an activity in which I didn't engage previously - checking out the more extreme headlines shared with me by respected friends, before I accept them as true.
madwonderland (2 years ago)
Absolutely, I watched the interview just now too and I never heard him say that at all. You'd have to really twist his words to come to that conclusion. I want DollarVigilante to provide their source!!!
jefe Anson (2 years ago)
well what would happen is that the government would be disolved within minutes and there would be mass arrests on politicians, in Wisconsin alone over 600,000 people filed for their hunting license, and that's not all of the people who have guns. the rest of the 50 states , well you do the math, the government wouldn't be able to force a person to fart . the government is so insignificant that its absolutely ridiculous, even if all the gun owners only owned bb guns they could still take them over in hours. so this is why obama and them want you guns because they know that either the economy's going to collapse or that they are deliberately doing it.
Jaime Alvarado (2 years ago)
It was set up to end this way because of a thing we call vengeance       He who laughs last has the last laugh   while the others tremble in fear
Jack Italix (2 years ago)
they just need more suckers to fuel the fire
American citizen (2 years ago)
I learned how they steal and munipulate and how was contributing to there murder and crimes so I stopped fundingnthem..we must stop funding them..it's there worst nightmare to not have our money and resources..there over and terror is turned on them..keep them running for there life and hiding underground in Walmart tunnels like Hitler did..hid underground hahaha
yomaster12345 (2 years ago)
Unlikely. Unlike Venezuela, Americans are much crazier and trigger happy. also there are a lot more guns. It'll be more like a blood bath before anything like Venezuela
Sidney Boudro (1 year ago)
Several Sargents have keys to the arms room in an attack the arms room would be open or broken open. There was another locker a bit more secure that held grenade launcher and machine guns. That may have been harder to enter it never occurred to me to find out.
Sidney Boudro (1 year ago)
I fully doubt that an entire unit would rebel together. The ones that did would be court martialed. When the attack on Pearl Harber came the arms rooms were broken into to get ammo and weapons to fight I believe present generation would do the same.
Sidney Boudro (1 year ago)
You really believe that a bullet that will take down a deer will not hurt a UN forces soldier. Do you have any idea what happens to a helicopter when a bullet hole is punched in a rotor blade. The pilots who flew me around said the helicopter would vibrate something fearse and if the blade broke it would break your neck before you hit the ground,.
yomaster12345 (2 years ago)
+David Frigault The problem with North Korea is that A LOT of them are brainwashed form birth. Like, literal brainwashing.
Sidney Boudro (2 years ago)
Yea a bullet fired from a hunting rifle with a scope will not hurt a foreign soldier.
withoutexcuse2011 (2 years ago)
Greenspan will say many things but NEVER that he is one of the principals that has brought about what is to come. He will never say this because he knows that many will be seeking to put his head at the end of a long pole and these criminals are all COWARDS. I say we should eliminate the statute of limitations for financial crimes at large levels and prosecute Greenspan and many others for all of the major financial crimes that they've committed. Would we have enough prison cells if this were to happen?
withoutexcuse2011 (2 years ago)
Trust me, I am under no delusion. I merely stated what NEEDS to happen. Under the present criminal regime there is ZERO chance of it happening. Therein lies our biggest problem - no rule of law.
Georg Dirr (2 years ago)
Need to ban secret society influence and campaign contributions in politics. Also white house wall street insider trading plus mountain of other stuff.
withoutexcuse2011 (2 years ago)
Okay, I couldn't agree more. The entire FED needs to go. The FED should never have been established in the first place. That was why it was done in secret. My point is that after the FED is dumped then the criminals that made the decisions for the benefit of the banks and the 0.01% need to be held accountable. Or are they going to get away with 'murder' when we know full well who the 'murderers' are?
Radu Hociung (2 years ago)
+withoutexcuse2011 In the original interview, at 0:50, Greenspan says "This is something we knew 25 years ago". He clearly means that himself, as well as his colleagues knew about the demographic problem 25 years ago. In 1991 he was already the chairman of the Federal Reserve (he served betweeen 1987-2006). Then he says "but nobody's done anything about it", and to me that means he's sharing the blame with his colleagues. It would be easy to attribute all of the blame for the current situation to one person, but the blame belongs with the entire organization of the Federal Reserve system.
withoutexcuse2011 (2 years ago)
I guess I agree with what you say but you seem to speak of the "FED" as if it were a person. When you say "the FED knew" what you mean, of course, is GREENSPAN knew. When you say "the FED knew this for 25 years and did nothing" you mean, of course, that GREENSPAN did nothing. Organizations are not self-existing disembodied entities. Just as guns kill no one (it is people that kill with the gun) so the FED itself does no harm - it is the people IN THE FED that are the criminals and the biggest criminal of all is the head honcho of the FED - Greenspan, Bernanke and now Yellen. The buck stops at the top. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Prison and/or hangings!
Mr99RICH99 (2 years ago)
how many years can we hear the same warnings before it's just more boy crying wolf !!
Mr99RICH99 (2 years ago)
+Solipsi Rai .....oh NOOoooo ....not the SOUP LINE CONSPIRACY too !!
Solipsi Rai (2 years ago)
You'll think differently when you in the soup line. Don't hide your face either.
Jack Hydrazine (2 years ago)
they're feeling the bern in bernezuela!
Boxing Boxeo (2 years ago)
Mitt Notned (2 years ago)
This new economic order that will rise out of the ashes is prophesied in the Book.
Ascend (2 years ago)
Cant tell if your tryna inform us or just take our money with fear mongering..
madwonderland (2 years ago)
Considering the fact that Greenspan didn't actually say those words if you go watch the interview yourself, I would say the latter. Absolutely disgusting the way they put words in his mouth (Fed asshole or not) to dramatize this story.
john72ss (2 years ago)
Radu Hociung (2 years ago)
If you can't tell, you should let your wife hold on to the family purse. Then you can enjoy the fear porn for what it is. I do think you should be prepared for the eventuality of the collapse, which is a certainty at this point, but don't let it rule your life.
AnEclecticSoul (2 years ago)
"Greedspan" is spewing fear because we are waking up. Martial Law in the U.S. is his wet dream and isn't going to happen. The Elite's "American Dream of total domination" is turning into their worse nightmare as they watch themselves loose control over the people.
RWG RWG (2 years ago)
When the feds and government run out of bag-o-tricks the end game arrives it’s going to be horrible for so many people so much debt people buying new cars new houses with no wage increases and with manufacturing jobs leaving the US it’s just a matter of time
fuzzypolicy (2 years ago)
watched the fox interview. when does he talk about martial law coming to the US? in fact, the interviewer asked him about martial law spreading from Venezuela to other Latin American countries and Greenspan told him not to be extreme, so...... I'm confused by your video title
madwonderland (2 years ago)
Same here. It's very dishonest to twist his words and then put out this video saying Greenspan said something that he didn't even say. Frankly, journalists that do this piss me off. I just lost all respect for this channel.
Radu Hociung (2 years ago)
Greenspan did say that a collapse is coming to the US and the rest of the western world. The interpretation about Venezuelan martial law is Mr Berwick's brand of fear mongering. Fear sells newsletters, right? It's interesting that Jeff did not include a link to the original interview he's commenting on. God forbid his subscribers would go to the source.
Fahd Mokaddem (2 years ago)
Exactly, I did the same and wonder the same thing.
Yootjoob (2 years ago)
These Filthy jews never STOPS
Gasho Simon (2 years ago)
0:43 that was a good joke!
Margriet O'Regan (2 years ago)
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greenspan is one of the good guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Check out Bix Weir's Road to Roota ............ For some one who got Shemitah you must be smart enough to get Bix Love Ya xxxxxxxxxxxx
dukegreened (2 years ago)
oh really, let's see some data on that. according to many insiders greenspan is a highly adept sorcerer and one of the architects of the new world order, a regular bildeberger attendee and steers the illuminati finance arm in america. wall street moguls report to him regularly. and finally you don't run the fed for 16 years as one of the good guys. sheer math.
TejasTigre2012 (2 years ago)
Greenspan is a criminal who needs to be strung up.
barkingbandicoot (2 years ago)
Although martial law may come the US, Greeenspan did not say this! Watch the interview. When asked about Venezuela he said, "Let's not go to extremes.....compared to the rest of the world the US is fairly well off".
Mark Patton (2 years ago)
Let's get this over with!
330 kotic (2 years ago)
right let's get this s*** over with ...so we can move on
Justin H (2 years ago)
2017 martial law! Jesus is coming, and it will happen they are training for it, no one trains for something we don't prepare for.
Bank Robber Of AMERICA Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006. Former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to put an end to the Slave Masters of this world. He warned about the Occults, Zionist, Secret Societies Groups, Tyrants, Family Owned Federal Reserve Banksters. And we are STILL enslaved to the Rothschild/Rockerfella Zionist Illuminati, Perverted Luciferians. Now they are working on Killing Everybody so they can be free to be GREEDY DEMONIC PEDOPHILES.
pilgrim's progress (2 years ago)
+TheDollarVigilante If u believe in the proven timeline of Shemitah and the prophetic nature of it then u should also know that there are also black and white prophecies concerning gold and silver being worthless as well... ie. a man is drowning and I have a tank full of air or a million dollar gold brick. So one of your alternate strategies is Bitcoin but that's not going to stop the system (beast according to the bible) either. So from my worldview I see bitcoin must in someway bow to the system, but until then it seems they will somehow inflate that value as well until the bubble bursts and the people in the know get out coincidentally before that happens. So how long, do u presume, after the dollar collapse, which will subsequently effect all other markets since we consume over 20% of the world's goods, before they sabotage bitcoin since obviously anybody with any sense would have transferred their wealth to hedge against the central bank ran fiat currency collapse and we all know they must project the illusion of consolidating all wealth and buying power to gain mind control over the people. Do u have any ideas on how they will get around or crash the blockchain system and what to be looking for?
VAMPIRE IRON (2 years ago)
Mira Smit (2 years ago)
Well if this will be biblical what would create more anarchy and chaos than the internet suddenly being unplugged now so many people have become dependant on it and byebye crypto currencies. If Trump wins by a landslide there could be a problem for them.
Walter White (2 years ago)
There is a special place in hell for Alan Greenspan. He is a prime architect in the destruction of this country.
mkmason2002 (3 months ago)
He's a Luciferian.
R T (1 year ago)
+Elaine Elden do nottttttttt put Greenspan into the same category as that animal kissenger. Just because they're both ugly and Jewish does not mean they think and act the same. My god if kissenger was fed chair. Holly shit he would hold any administration at financial gunpoint by threading to make interest rates 20% if they didn't invaded Iran or China who knows. Greenspan is not as evil as everyone thinks. He fits allllll the qualifications but look at what he's done and the warnings he was screaming for years at gov and banks and didn't want to raise rates to hurt the average American because banks were acting insane
Elaine e (1 year ago)
+ Walter White Has there ever been an uglier Jew than Greenspan or a more Satanic sounding voice than Kissinger's? He talks about old people living on benefits? What the hell is he but an old fart living off the benefits ...the contributions made by taxpayers?
R T (1 year ago)
+Radu Hociung sooooo whats the true cause right now? And yellen has now let this go one too long if Greenspan was leader and it was 1996 believe me he'd open his mouth and Volcker forget it. Directly attach the president Rates should have rose 3 years ago. But the ignorant Harvard asshole who's never worked a day in his life he knows. So you need to see the big picture if gov cut spending 20% tonite the fed would raise rates to 4% tm and the capital inflow would be insane right now That's not going to happen tho
Radu Hociung (1 year ago)
+R G Here's a clue. By setting interest rates to zero, they encourage spending and discourage saving. Use your brain to theorize if the opposite, ie, high interest rates would encourage or discourage savings. Then use your brain to decide if this kind of encouragement is roughly equivalent to controlling the savings rate. Open your brain before opening your mouth, please.
MrFreiheit (2 years ago)
There are some dumb fucking people in the U.S.
MrUseur (2 years ago)
Greenspan was asked 2015 where he thought the gold price will be in five years. His answer was: "measurably higher". I can imagine he knew very well why he said that.
francisco yllescas (1 year ago)
+Dogmeat1950 that is why we will crash even harder because nothing is backed by Gold.
look the usa is a ponzi economy since the 70s, its gdp is based on consumption not production, most american companies produce outside the usa, plus china produces everything they do but 50% cheaper or more, the only card the usa has now with so much debt is controlling its own interest rates and having allied countrys using the dollar to buy oil, making it artificially strong, the usa now is backed to a corner along with many other countrys, they need more money more debt to keep things going, or else world economy will fall into deflationary hell, everything will break down, printing will just produce more chaos, i see countrys closing in themselves after defaults and then war, its 1930s all over, this time its russia n china not japan n germany, and this is also a plan by central bankers to force russia n china into a world currency and world gov, where corportions can go into any country using one currency and do whatever, like european union, witch is nothing but a big bussyness deal
Dogmeat1950 (2 years ago)
+MrUseur It's called READ A BOOK. "Why Nations Fail is a great Start" then again I'm willing to bet you have never read a REAL Economics book in your life. Jim Rickards is NOT an Economist. He's a Lawyer. He knows as much about Economics as Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders does. Which is next too nothing. So stop watching and reading stupid Conspiracy shit and go read and some real Economics.
MrUseur (2 years ago)
Sentences starting with "You idiots....." should not be read at all, but ok, I give you an advice with regard to your quote: "...Gold can't be backed anymore right? Economies could never get as big as they are now without being off Gold." Listen to Jim Rickards, he would tell, no, prove to you that your statement is completely horse crap.
Dogmeat1950 (2 years ago)
You idiots do Realize Gold can't be backed anymore right? Economies could never get as big as they are now without being off Gold. FYI Greenspan is one of the greatest Economist of our time. You having access to a device that lets you on Youtube if proof of that. With the Logic you speak of we might as well use Bottle Caps or something else. Then again I bet you don't know a damn thing about Economics cause 'ThedollarVigilante" sure as hell doesn't lol. TheDollarVigilante is Alex Jones 10 years ago, WE ARE ON THE VERGE!!!!!!!!!! yeah ok... buddy. WW2 didn't even last this long lol..
WhatAmI IsItInMe (2 years ago)
how much money do you make from this fear mongering?
WhatAmI IsItInMe (2 years ago)
+ItsAllJesus its not about the views, this is how he sells his business  
KeyKeeper (2 years ago)
+WhatAmI “TheKingdomeWithin” IsItInMe Jeff is a multi millionaire, you think he gives a shit about the chump change youtube pays for views?
WhatAmI IsItInMe (2 years ago)
+Michiel Van Kets true. its a fine line between reality and exaggeration. with so many fruitcakes on YT the lines are very blurred.  and I think there is no doubt his vids are up there with the doomsdayers, even throw there are aspects of truth in them.       
Michiel Van Kets (2 years ago)
+WhatAmI IsItInMe for some part you're right; he does this to sell his newsletter, but ... the dangers he's talking about are very real! this while the christian fear mongers and the global warming fear mongers are all frauds ... big difference
WhatAmI IsItInMe (2 years ago)
+Michiel Van Kets he may well be. he is also very good at inciting fear to get more customers  
Carolyn Nigro (2 years ago)
Fucking Banks
Jhere McKenzie (2 years ago)
This is not good....
Jhere McKenzie (2 years ago)
True...it needs to reset! The not good part is how people are going to respond, I do not want to be near them! I am ready....
madwonderland (2 years ago)
Neither is lying about what Greenspan said in that interview.
AwesomeNinja (2 years ago)
Please take a look at my comment, the message has to get out.
Peter Soja (2 years ago)
We're doomed

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