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PayPal Grovels To Patent Office In Desperate Bid To Keep Up With Cryptocurrency

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Text Comments (160)
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
One of the commentators says that jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick, takes GAYPAL, is that true jeffie?
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
One of the commentators is calling jeffie fake hawk turdstick a faggot, us that true jeffie?
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
Jeffie fake hawk turdstick is a cult leader for the narco poke her in the hole colony' conferences. Jeffie likes his booze, tobacco cocaine cola c60 and virgins!
Vercusgames (1 month ago)
We need competitive currencies. That destroys their cartel.
bullls eye (1 month ago)
jeff you looking trim and buff dude !!!
Reggie Abernethy (1 month ago)
Peter Thiel is is sellout.
Vlad Petrov (1 month ago)
thank you!
Be careful my friend. You will make yourself the most wanted man in the world. There is no greater crime than that which is against the state.
Marc McRae (2 months ago)
Lovin the vids man!
MGTOW Rubicon (2 months ago)
Do not use any cryptocurrency that is based on a patented technology. The whole point of cryptocurrency is to free the world population from dependency on government. Patents lock-in the technology to government control for the purpose of profit in government fiat currency; the exact opposite of the purpose of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency technology must be freely available in open source without restrictions for any use whatsoever.
chan-nel (2 months ago)
let's just digitize our net asset's, those that are gaining produce more currency unit's; those that are getting poorer, are losing currency unit's; for making  online transaction's . One could simply sell/trade their "stuff" that they have.
KoG GoK Gaming (2 months ago)
I hate PayPal. They are egoistic, "look at me, I'm the boss", silly rules, silly customer protection. Great talk!
Captain Rocketblast (2 months ago)
Wow. The Earth is reallllly flat where you are! I bet with a telescope and a clear day you can see for miles ! LOL
john oneill (3 months ago)
fuc the dogs
Brian (3 months ago)
Closing my paypal acct asap!
Ben Maskowitz (3 months ago)
Tone Vays interviewed Clif High yesterday and destroyed him on social media. Good old Clif is done
stebo5562 (3 months ago)
All these companies that are trying to hold their ground all of a sudden don’t like bitcoin. So funny
it's really selfish and greedy to charge to watch the videos for anarchopulco. Like that's really shitty tdv staff
reginald berry (3 months ago)
If you were really for the people that summit video should be for free why charge im confused you trying to out the power back into people's hands rite ?
Ruben Leal (3 months ago)
LOL... PayPal = RapePal
TheKurtycakes (3 months ago)
Glad you are getting healthy Jeff. I'm working on quitting smoking myself. Keep up the great work. Thanks bro
John Knight (3 months ago)
Dream Body Clinic paying off Jeff keep kickin it at the gym your hard work is showing💪😔 👍 🚭
Rodolfo Oliveira (3 months ago)
RobboNSW (3 months ago)
The are just trying to add another limb to the banking cartel
old duffer (3 months ago)
Paypal chargebacks are ludicrously high and unfair to anyone selling an item and receiving payment into their paypal account. If the buyer decides to pull a fast one, paypal always sides with the buyer even if the buyer is acting dishonestly. Its about time paypal got knocked off its perch
Ben G (3 months ago)
How to avoid extortion fees.
Carlos Salinas (3 months ago)
Someone tell Jeff that bitcoin is going through the toilet, please
weepingguitars (3 months ago)
It’s up something like 10x from where it was a year ago, what ate you talking about? Not to mention Bitcoin Cash and all the others.
Matt S (3 months ago)
Carlos Salinas You are what's known as dumb money.
metal garurumon (3 months ago)
i dont care about PayPal, because PayPal is not the future
Limitless Pharma (3 months ago)
Fuck them paypal they are a bunch of crooked ass*ole! With their shady acceptable use policy the only thing you are able to sell is freaking coffee mug and golf tees! If you try to sell anything else they will steal your money for 120days.
swordoftruth (3 months ago)
a clever and diabolical move... soon we will all avoid PayPal, because we can ;-)
scotty19581 (3 months ago)
The Best USSA explanation of the USA Feudal System we live under here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFVIlP9PFkY
XQ Gaming (3 months ago)
PayPal business policies are to egotistic. They will freeze your account without notice, transfer in/out without notice and you cannot negotiate with them, everything will go through court when amounts exceed $ 20K and will cost you a lot of money and valuable time. Im happy I got rid of PayPal, be cautious when you have your hard earned money in their accounts.
Coin Crusher (3 months ago)
tyey won't allow me to sell my products... they freeze my account and had to wait 6 months to get just a couple hundred dollars. I was told i should withdraw my money DAILY from paypal.
richy James (3 months ago)
Paypal are a bunch of pirates, stealing all their users money. They don't even try to pretend they offer a serious service.
Dave Mann (3 months ago)
I hate pay pal but have to use it to sell on eBay. Good Luck getting your money off of pay pal because they will always try and with draw from you bank account first before taking off of pay pal and if you don't have money in your account you get an over draft charge. The only way you can take money off of pay pal is to download it to your bank account and when you do you get over draft charges. So you are forced to not download money from pay pal to you bank account unless you want to get ripped off. What a scam and they won't create a better system because you would take money out of pay pal. Scum bags totaly.
brian81877 (3 months ago)
rockethead555 (3 months ago)
Paypal are great thieves the've stoles millions and withheld more millions for periods of time, time in which they invest the funds, get profit and then return the money months later . . really dishonest company
richy James (3 months ago)
all they do is steal, its their business model
Chris Snyder (3 months ago)
Government is already obsolete
Gaurav Sharma (3 months ago)
Everyone is after power, grow up
driverx 36158 (3 months ago)
You look kinda gay with that dego T on so admit you have a fetish for feline woman that piss all over your life.
Michael Raphael (3 months ago)
you look like a girl in a tank top.
weepingguitars (3 months ago)
Shut up, he looks masculine and fit.
Google User (3 months ago)
Whats up Jeff, i have a song you might appreciate, its no Pink Floyd, but it's entertaining and it def applies here, its Tech Ny9ne ft. E-40 - Jellysickle https://youtu.be/UlHn1oXIFT0
Claudia Z (3 months ago)
I too have invested in cryptos, however now I sit with the problem of how to actually use it. Have not been able to find any online wallets that will work for me. All the ones I have investigated won't send to where I live or won't support this part of the world, and at this point its actually very frustrating. Does anyone have any good ideas on which online wallet is very versatile?
Claudia Z (2 months ago)
bitcoin at this stage
weepingguitars (3 months ago)
Claudia Z, by definition an online wallet doesn’t need to be shipped and can be used from anywhere in the world. What cryptocurrencies are you in? Go to their dev websites and see which wallets they recommend.
joethafoe (3 months ago)
I use coinomi
Mainline2U (3 months ago)
You are better off with a hardware wallet. What Crypto do you have that you want an "online wallet"? All hardware wallets handle BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, XRP. Ledger Nano-S is your best bet.
GAHd ZUWkz (3 months ago)
Claudia Z jaxx, but it depends on what cryptos you have.
1hogbyte (3 months ago)
Jeff, how do we stop the central bankers from buying up all the cryptos and manipulating them like they do everything else ?
Shane Potter (3 months ago)
I like Peter Thiel but you gotta remember he is also the dude who tried to screw over Eduardo Saverin and he's also bilderberger
Gold Banking Specialist (3 months ago)
The KaratBank Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.
tony stark (3 months ago)
fuk paypal scum bag ass holes
SCAN IMAL (3 months ago)
SCAN IMAL (3 months ago)
Jose Marti (3 months ago)
With over 3 years of trading, Navcoin has had an impressive and steady rise. Plus, beyond just a promise, Navcoin actually has a product that recently launched, NAVPAY! Here's Navcoin's 26 month year-over-year price changes https://i.imgur.com/BxQLov0.jpg
Ryan (3 months ago)
What’s with the Zionist Star of David on ur arm bro? Or is it a Masonic compass ???
Jeff Berwick (3 months ago)
Aztec calendar
AmericaNWO NOW u OWN. (3 months ago)
Destroy the American with its China toys. American are scum. Spit on them.
Vincent Cardella (3 months ago)
Love what your doing Jeff, however its unfortunate we have to pay 200 bucks to watch the summit videos and you even accept payment with paypal LOL give them out for free at some point, the whole channel is about spreading awareness
Mickus Achus (3 months ago)
Fathers' Fury your always talking about trannies. lol.
Fathers' Fury (3 months ago)
its about making money. she really charges 200 bucks to view a tranny convention lol. dont send her/him a dime
Jeff Berwick (3 months ago)
The channel is about spreading awareness. Having about 20 people working on research for specific advise and recos costs $
Technium Unlimited (3 months ago)
Whoa your shirt has weird textures :L
Technium Unlimited (3 months ago)
Can I come to see your awesome pool :O
Technium Unlimited (3 months ago)
Nope ^_^ But I am a coin dev :D Ignition Coin FTW :D
Jeff Berwick (3 months ago)
If you are a hot girl, yes
Michael Morrison (3 months ago)
Unfortunately, streamlabs uses paypal, and I like to support my youtubers...
Kevin X (3 months ago)
I can see your right nipple. It is very distracting.
Jeff Berwick (3 months ago)
You may be gay then
Hedin Gregersen (3 months ago)
be an example and Stop accepting paypal as a payment method for your tdv membership ;)
XQ Gaming (3 months ago)
Just got rid of them 3 weeks ago :D
justice4germans (3 months ago)
PayPal is part of the Bilderberg / Blockstream takeover of BTC
RiffRaff (3 months ago)
Paypal are worse than banks.
Tri D (3 months ago)
Get rid of the ring: If no one wins, all will win!
Joe Plummer (3 months ago)
Sorry Jeff but you are a Globalist shill. Nasdeq Own coinbase . Prove your not bought off please.
Jeff Berwick (3 months ago)
Have you not seen me hammer Coinbase on numerous occasions. Owning Coinbase is not 'owning' bitcoin ;)
Sooraj Rajendran (3 months ago)
Hi...check this - a combination of EOS+BITFINEX to start a new exchange. I think its gonna be huge for EOS in particular. Do a video on this if possible. https://eosfinex.com/
A (3 months ago)
Jeff at its best!! Never have agreed more with you.
You should go into comedy Jeff! That wife beater was just hilarious!!!
Brismo (3 months ago)
Dont mess with this bcash thug.
Ron B (3 months ago)
LTC + Paypal = Litepay?
TheObaby18 (3 months ago)
I'm not understanding why a lot of ppl are looking at his tank top, then turn around and call him gay and such. But you're the ones looking at his body rather than listening to the news he's giving. Don't be a fucking bitch and down his news. If y'all don't like it, simply skip. No need to sound like a fucking idiot on a video that's giving helpful information. Closet slaves. Smh.
John (3 months ago)
LOOK AT NEWS KIDS IN THE BLOCK WITH FROSTED HAIR AN WHITE T.. LoL - if we send him BITCOIN he dances an sings 》》 Bye Bye Bye !
Ken (3 months ago)
Nice wife beater you slob.
Truther One (3 months ago)
PayPal and Ebay offer high fees and terrible service typical of most monopolies.
Michael Synodin (3 months ago)
fuuuuuck ebay
Fiddleplayer7 (3 months ago)
In Arkansas we call it a wbs....i.e. Wife beater shirt.
robyn C (3 months ago)
PayPal froze my account because I apparently have the same name as a politically exposed person. So they needed me to supply my drivers licence and a bill of some sort, to prove I didn’t need a special account. This happened around the time I discovered Anarchast, Dollar Vigilante and the many amazing guests. 🤔. Im getting along fine without PayPal.
jskaralia (3 months ago)
Invest in real wealth... Gold and silver!!! 😎
jskaralia (3 months ago)
Foooool!! 😂😂
Alien Hunter (3 months ago)
If you pay taxes, and the funds are used to kill people on foreign country (wars) you, the taxpayers are actually the criminals.
stebo5562 (3 months ago)
No, taxes are forced and that money is technically not used to fund wars, government debt does that.
Alien Hunter (3 months ago)
Ruben Leal If you have any ethics, you won’t be selling to a company who wants to use it on missiles...
Ruben Leal (3 months ago)
Alien Hunter ... so, if I manufacture microchips that are used both in missiles and in SpaceX ships, is it good or is it bad? The USD does not belong to the people. That is why it says Federal Reserve Note. It belongs to Caesar.
Alien Hunter (3 months ago)
Branko Brankov Wyat do you mean? It’s only those 13000 people from 2015 right?
ken ken (3 months ago)
This is good news actually...this could make cashing out and buying crypto easier.
Matt S (3 months ago)
jskaralia You can stack silver and gold and Bitcoin simultaneously. Best of both worlds.
jskaralia (3 months ago)
TheObaby18.. I love the sound of silver and Gold coins jingling in my hands!! 😁
jskaralia (3 months ago)
TheObaby18.. You to yo ahead and keep relying on speculations of air, i could care less, just laughin at you suckas!! 😂
jskaralia (3 months ago)
TheObaby18.. Your the governmnt guinea pig, im a silver and Gold stacker!! 😎
TheObaby18 (3 months ago)
jskaralia you're ignorant. Closed minded like shit. If you want to be the governments guinea pig, by all means be one. But don't insult other's because ur stupid ass can't understand. Just simply ask someone.
@cucuzzza (3 months ago)
Jeff Buffwick
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
@cucuzzza , jeffie stole the bra from one of his virgins!
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
@cucuzzza , no that's jeffie fake hawk turdstick. Thank-you!
Amadextruss Intrex (3 months ago)
Right on dude.. getting SWOLL.. ?? Be there next Year
Golden Reward (3 months ago)
Amadextruss Intrex You might be there but jeff sure won't be. He makes an odd appearance but spends most of the time home , away from the Bull shit as he stated in his videos.😅
jskaralia (3 months ago)
Amadextruss Intrex.. Toothpick arma, bird chest 😂😂
david19mx (3 months ago)
Cool tank top, where did you bought it?
whatwhyandwhos (3 months ago)
Dude you are looking well
Andrew VanNess (3 months ago)
19th comment! That’s my lucky number. Crypto currency has made my life easy af.
AnEclecticSoul (3 months ago)
Looks like you're finally coming to terms with the fact you're gay. Good for you Jeff, keep going, keep finding the real you, and you'll be truly happy soon.
weepingguitars (3 months ago)
He has always set off my gaydar, but appearances can be deceptive.
FLYNN (3 months ago)
you are so friggin cool man
tony kamps (3 months ago)
NICE WIFE beater, got that shirt in black. hey whats that number of the hooker you were with at anarchapulco ??
Google User (1 month ago)
Ken Semotiuk you type with the grace of a genius millionaire
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
tony kamps jeffie fake hawk turdstick doesn't do hookers only virgins at his narco poke her in the hole conferences!
Google User (3 months ago)
Either way probs way out of your hateresque price range lol
AnEclecticSoul (3 months ago)
That was his "wife"
hector gutierrez (3 months ago)
Ok. Thanks
Anthony Pooler (3 months ago)
Tax is also debt too yup
snifferdogg forfreedom (3 months ago)
Ok let's do it screw pay pal screw irs big commie government I'm in all check out the links below need to do some research thx
xiobus (3 months ago)
We should send protests and disputes to any patents that go against cryptocurrency... Especially against existing and developing tech... As a practical move... In my opinion
xiobus (22 days ago)
Tomas Av. Protesting a patent is a legal term... It can be used to make them unenforceable
Tomas Av. (22 days ago)
MrFourkinghell (3 months ago)
who is WE? You and the other acolytes?
Google User (3 months ago)
xiobus yes
Linn Honeycutt (3 months ago)
https://d.tube/#!/v/titusfrost/ota09ttu Abel Danger Interview - 9/11 Truth, Serco, MH370, QAnon, Drone Tech, "White Hats" etc. - DTUBE Early Release
Kathleen St. Clare (3 months ago)
Soooooooooo much information in this interview. What happened to the real passenger planes on 9/11 for example. Also bad people have started to be arrested: Podesta and 3 more. Thank you for the link.
Linn Honeycutt (3 months ago)
Serco is trying to find a way to get its paws into bitcoin thru the patient pool....they run it.
Holocene (3 months ago)
Is that a sports bra???
Captain Rocketblast (2 months ago)
If I was a poofter , he would be so mine.
Jim Allen (3 months ago)
Jeff wearing a wife beater...LOL
rockethead555 (3 months ago)
Linda .. the guy is a free man he can wear whatever he wants Linda . . and in regards ti attention, everyone seeks it . . yes even you Linda
Fathers' Fury (3 months ago)
sloped shoulders, tiny humorous bone/biceps, close together, beady eyes and of course, bitch tits. what a clown and slave to evil. i present to you a generational female to male transgender satanist jane nowick. hahahah jeff you slave
MR KNOW IT ALL (3 months ago)
Holocene hahahaha lookin like one hahha
saurabhksharma (3 months ago)

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