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American Billionaire Warns to Get Out of the Stock Markets & Run to Gold

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Text Comments (376)
tsdon1 Smithee (1 month ago)
who really has gold anyway? i mean unless its physically in hand. does anyone realize gold has been fractionally sold like fiat
Marky Mark (2 months ago)
I understand the average person doesn't know much about Gold and Silver but common everyone is aware of Jewellery and the precious metals in them, not one person even asked a few questions about the silver and if its real etc.These people are not stupid just ignorant.
snifferdogg forfreedom (2 months ago)
Brain wash
Pete Wilson (7 months ago)
It's NOT 'drunken miller'.
frenkynofuzz (8 months ago)
omg these peop[e deserve whats coming
russ burton (8 months ago)
could have taken it into the coin shop right in front of her OMG and got 150$ instead she takes the candybar lmfao I WOULD NEVER BELIEVED IT IF I DIDNT SEE IT
Flaviu Ciohodaru (1 year ago)
y no1 comes to me to offer me a silver bar i would take that in an instance
Agree to buy gold, of course? Nope, Crypto Currencies.
Gordon Warlow (1 year ago)
How do you think he became a billionaire? 1.Scares many people into selling their stocks. 2. Stock prices fall as a result of mass panick selling. 3. He buys stocks when they hit bottom at bargain prices. 4. Stock prices eventually return to, and exceed previous levels. 5. He sells his stocks for a huge profit. 6.He returns to step 1. Voila!
elimar008 (1 year ago)
take that video and shove it up ur ass
k m venezia (1 year ago)
When this collapse comes. NOTHING will save you but food, water and plenty of guns and ammo and I don't like guns. Gold might help you way down the road, but ur probably not gonna live that long.
Reuel Naidoo (1 year ago)
Take da silver
hotrodroy111 (1 year ago)
This whole economical collapse issue is being done on purpose to usher in a NWO. Do people really think that the gold they hold will help them? The Governments purpose for all this craziness is not to make you rich. It is to usher in a take over like never before.
Safet Hamzagic (1 year ago)
where was i when he was offering the sil er....damn lol
July 26, 2016 silver = $ 19.62 an ounce. Silver went up because of Briexit, not because of the currency crisis.
Linda Fukuyu (1 year ago)
Gold, Silver and any other precious metals are for Security .. Not .. Investment.  It's so sad to see Americans don't see the value of Silver .. I would choose a 10 oz Silver that the guy offered in a heartbeat instead of chocolate.
Donny Kingpin (1 year ago)
I bought large chunk of GSS , a profitable miner, 6 months ago. Price is moving higher and STILL at one fifth where it once was. Look into GoldenStar, a real company making real mining profits in the beginning of the spot gold bull run. Good luck.
Mary A (1 year ago)
OK, REMINDS ME OF A QUOTE FROM THE BIBLE: "Neither their gold nor their silver will save them, on the Day of Destruction." The ultimate goal of the New World Order masterminds is a CASHLESS SOCIETY, and that includes gold & silver coins & bars ! Few remember that FDR outlawed privately held gold, and confiscated all of it in a "buy back" program. The current devalued status of the US dollar will eventually lead to international chaos, since all other currencies are also "fiat" & pegged to the dollar. When the dollar collapses, "international credits" (computer journal entries) will replace it, and also all other dollar-based currencies.
Luke Carter (1 year ago)
Take the Silver people. Silver is money. Chocolate is GMO's.
warren holmes (1 year ago)
Buy the way I thought America had a lot of educated folk over there and I thought Australians were dumb.
warren holmes (1 year ago)
And you guys one the war, what the hell happened to all you Americans, unreal.
Anki Jain (1 year ago)
people who are holding gold wants to create gold bubble....don't panic
Ed Rico (2 years ago)
Ppl will always do the wrong thing. It's just how the world works
stu. house (2 years ago)
"Do'h! " now I want a chocolate bar and it's 2 in the mornin' here and all the shops are shut.
Alan Shore (2 years ago)
he warned everyone should get out of the stock market....what happens when the stock market crashes....and has happened since the beginning of time" everything is on SALE!!!! and people like this guy buy buy buy buy buy....rinse repeat....
Samuel Hernandez (2 years ago)
it only tells me to invest better into land or food. seeds and live stock will be the only thing valuable if the dollar collapses or the economy goes to shit.
T H (2 years ago)
Now thats a bunch of BS.. Trust me if this guy was offering a 10 oz silver bar so long It's not fake and I would take the chance on the silver.. So stop feeding us with your non since..
Greg London (2 years ago)
Hilarious.... What a B.S. video trying to get you to buy crap gold... Sorry, but I'll keep my precious fiat US Dollars and you keep your crap gold...
Jewls Tagara (2 years ago)
yikes ! The mental traps of society.
jrvq (2 years ago)
Well gold really does not pay you dividends and it does not grow in price that is why investors does not recommend it if you try to make wealth. On the other hand it is good way to protect against fiat currencies but I would not put all my savings on precious metals.
chess747 (2 years ago)
Fuck America is fucked up, you all predict is doom and gloom,can't you guys be positive for a change,every fucking year it's a month or a date for the end of the world.Heres a point money is fake it's all bull shit invented by the rich to control everything,money is all fake,fuckkkkk can't you see the forest through the trees.
Henchman Twenty1 (2 years ago)
Fear is the number one motivator. Get people afraid and they're putty in your hands.
valkidlv (2 years ago)
Own hard assets..........!
Steve Patterson (2 years ago)
Moving into Gold is a great idea if you think we are returning to the middle ages and we are all going to ride on horse back and show allegiance to a queen or king. Precious metals will never be of any practical use ever again !!! Deal with reality, we live in an electronic world and we are never going back !!
Damon tollemache (2 years ago)
If there was any ounce of truth in that silver or hershey bar research poll then it would have been done on Wall Street, or outside of a busy shopping mall, or Sports stadium event.
Damon tollemache (2 years ago)
What a lot of lies... gullible americans will believe anything. This pure media mind control over the population not to buy silver. If you believe that survey was true I think you need your head examined.
Damon tollemache (2 years ago)
crap .. i don't believe any of that silver or hershey bar offer, i bet was all made up lies put out by the media.
Enquiry News (2 years ago)
Drunken " what a name, The United States Government can Make GOLD AND SILVER! SUCKERS!
HodorTarg (2 years ago)
the problem with Gold stocks is that you don't actually own Gold. If you wanted to go and collect the physical gold you supposedly own, you can't. If you wanted to sell the stocks for gold instead of fiat currency, you can't. The reason people like mr billionaire here start chirping about buying gold is because they buy it when it's cheap and pump-ty-dump it to idiots that shit themselves when the market wobbles. "apocalypse is coming! buy gold!" > price goes up and mr billionaire sells all of his holdings leaving Joe market sheep holding the bag. Happens every time. Every time a financial crisis is being peddled, the same thing. Buy gold if you want to be parted with your money.
Adam Craig (2 years ago)
I have to side with Warren Buffett on this one. I would much rather have pieces of quality companies than a chunk of shinny metal that I hope someone will pay me more for later. But, hey, what does he know? He's only been doing this for 70 years! Seriously, I might have a little money in Gold and Silver, but it will never be better than a good company. I have done very well following his advice. Even during the great recession.
Frank From Upstate NY (2 years ago)
O course...this is all true...Americans are fucking idiots.
freevideos051 (2 years ago)
I am getting candy bars for prepping lol
Gary Sass (2 years ago)
listen this guy "mom put all your money into gold" lol I guess you forgot the 90s for Gold
Gary Sass (2 years ago)
50% of your mom's portfolio in gold??? That dumb idea.  Too much of anything isn't good idea.  Gold doesn't even pay anything. "it is risky" 50%
Google Name (2 years ago)
Yeah run to gold. Good luck paying for anything with it. If it's really bad those with guns will take your gold, if it's semi bad you'll get pennies on the dollar for your gold and it better not be a big coin or bar - you'll get even less. The best things to have in a real collapse would be booze, guns and ammo.
Slim Shady (2 years ago)
bunch of idiots in California.
john whatmore (2 years ago)
WTF they turned down 150$ for a bar of choclate????
HK H (2 years ago)
Your retarded.
wize oldfart (2 years ago)
Chocolate will make you fat, Silver wont.
Brooke Parks (2 years ago)
send that silver bar my way!
se7en1976 (2 years ago)
Buying gold is a joke.  Its only worth something if money exists to buy it.  Total collapse means the gold is worthless too.
T H (2 years ago)
well I must be a joke when I bought gold at $500... Well lets see now It's worth 1200... and going up... See ya in the islands sipping on a margarita... and laughing all the way to the bank...
Chara (2 years ago)
If you are still determined gold is the only fair currency, maybe you could invest in the chemistry that makes it possible to extract the gold from electronic waste. Yup, it bittersweet that you are hearing my words at all, because this technology is ripping apart the next generation's world, so I don't expect it to last forever.
Chara (2 years ago)
I'd rather see investment in educating youth in sustainable farming (permaculture), at least you would get a stable and diverse supply of food while healing the earth in the process.
Chara (2 years ago)
+Vamoo I know it's hard to see and understand the entire picture. This is not the same world your father lived in. The lengths at which companies go to get gold, copper, oil, and gas are more expensive and work intensive. We are going down the curve of peak resources, the rules of the game will no doubt be different then going up the curve of resource extraction, population, and food production, etc.
Chara (2 years ago)
All I'm saying is how do you know if know the pursuit of gold is not destroying things we absolutely need, like the rain forest and fish (food). Please google "destructive gold mining".
bakkyboy1 (2 years ago)
They didn't air the hundreds of people that chose the silver. Don't believe what you see and especially don't believe anything coming out of the USA.
thebean:d (2 years ago)
These people don't get it. Don't invest in silver bar folks, Invest in chocolate bars :D, and maybe store it in Antarctica so it doesn't spoil :P . I'm sure anyone will give as much gold as they have when there's no cheap food
Corneel Peeters (2 years ago)
WTF ,silver or chocolat
Sam Spade (2 years ago)
We have two choices. We can conduct another world war and those of us who survive can revert to the Dark Ages. The second choice is to round up the banksters and their political, give them all fair and speedy trials, and then hang them all at the same time.
DieJungherr (2 years ago)
please say druck not drunk
Todd Lavigne (2 years ago)
I can hardly believe people are this fucking stupid. This blows my mind. It's not that they are dumbed down chemically, they are just uneducated and not aware of what is going on out there. Plus they are fat pigs that love food get fat and complain about how bad they feel because they are fat. LOL
stophypocrisy (2 years ago)
The stock market is a joo scam.
Bobby (2 years ago)
the hershey bar have more perceived value than the silver bar
Use gold as an insurance, nothing more. It's not an investment. It does not produce anything and does not yield any dividend. It's just a hedge against inflation, but like everything else it can become overvalued and undervalued at times.
TheBrendon67 (2 years ago)
OH my God! Hershey wins?
Robyn Nunya (2 years ago)
I will take the silver please lol sheesh no contest.
darrin hughes (2 years ago)
Asia people would choose the silver,you see the difference?
Sparky Hollywood (2 years ago)
mining stocks, yup.. purchased as penny stocks on the secondary market.
Sparky Hollywood (2 years ago)
gold, silver, and rubys, and emeralds are always a great investment. and also a milk cow, chickens, and pigs.
Sparky Hollywood (2 years ago)
this is why the masses will perish...
rick m (2 years ago)
lol...blah blah til 5:50...then its not the obvious (buy gold) ....but BUY MINING STOCKS,..AHAHAHA. THIS AFTER HE TELLS US "the stock market lost a pile recently". yessir, you are a guru, an oracle of  Omahahahaha.
We help people convert out of fiat currencies. Let's connect! #okbars
Follow the money!
styleyk (2 years ago)
Take the silver stupid
Bread (2 years ago)
Patz13 (2 years ago)
People recognize the risks of accepting valuable items from a stranger. You don't know if they are really members of a gang or if they will call the police and accuse you of stealing it. You are drawing the wrong conclusion.
Max McAteer (2 years ago)
A good excuse for doing something stupid isn`t any better than a bad excuse. Its Stupid either way. Oh and buy the way, criminals generally don't video tape what their doing IN PUBLIC.
Pink John (2 years ago)
that's fing stupid if you have any other siliver bars to give away let me know
foosmonkey (2 years ago)
Get out of the markets and run to gold, of which I may or may not have a controlling interest in...
Mark (2 years ago)
chocolate or silver.... hmm. its got to be a joke right... They really can't be that fucking stupid!
Mad Marc (1 year ago)
Oh they are, be very afraid....
T H (2 years ago)
It's just typical You Tube BS...
I wouldn't pick either of them, but if i was starving and had no access to food for sure the chocolate bar.
Monsterbaby (2 years ago)
Financial advisors are only interested in make money for themselves not their clients. Never use an advisor unless you've known them forever and have the same outlook on the economy.
Michael (2 years ago)
I wish Mark Dice would come to my city. I would go through many wardrobe changes.
Pammie Time (2 years ago)
Gees I would taken the silver!!
cosmodave69 (2 years ago)
Daytime Moon proves flat earth as well as the illegitimacy of everything we've been indoctrinated to believe including an inevitable fake alien invasion funded by the Rothchild's to usher in a NWO MUHAHAHA
john72ss (2 years ago)
you cant eat silver, its too hard on your teeth!
Jacques Shepperson (2 years ago)
gold and silver will not save you for whats coming!
u mudder pucker (2 years ago)
ya soon as someone takes the silver bar he shuts the camera off and says no you get a candy bar haha. If you guys were making a lot of money you would not be selling any anything to get subscriptions you would be to busy investing getting rich.
Harry Kiralfy Broe (2 years ago)
People are foolish and clueless.
leonlim007 (2 years ago)
ppl are dumb.... take the silver... OMG....
Hjalti Kristjánsson (2 years ago)
WTF 10 oz silver bar is at least 170 dollars!!
TheCoingeek (2 years ago)
I really appreciate this video because I'm a coin collector.
Jason Vorhees (2 years ago)
At least you know the chocolate bar isn't counterfeit. Only an idiot would accept bullion as payment on the street. Enjoy your Krylon painted tungsten idiots. It won't help you. Water, Food, guns, ammo, alcohol, and tobacco will. I would consider trade for those.
Leggo My Ego (2 years ago)
I'd rather own assets that generate earnings, but I'm sure that I'm the "crazy" one among your tinfoil hat wearing viewers.
tobagocat (2 years ago)
There is nothing...and I mean nothing,  dumber than a dumbed down American
Bill Joe (2 years ago)
I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a chocolate bar today
Gerard White (2 years ago)
Gold is fine as an investment, it is free of VAT or CGT. Silver on the other hand is subject to 20% VAT at point of sale, so the price needs to rise 20% before you make a profit.
The elite are even telling us in MSM of the upcoming collapse of the CORPORATION.  Here is the link:  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/the-federal-reserve-s--4-3-trillion-ticking-time-bomb-121801977.html?bcmt=comments-postbox#They have to tell the goyim their plans before they do them, so when this information is in the MSM, they are telling you something, and it pays to listen to them.
Kristy Niederkorn (1 year ago)
The useless goyim are the canary in the coal mine. Coal mine already collapsed, yet, goyim keep digging for their masters coal.
Hugo Booo (2 years ago)
Listen you idiot with silver you can't do shit a least with the Hershey you do pupu
Kevin Fiessel (2 years ago)
He was clearly wrong
Xeno Phon (2 years ago)
Gold needs a society and or economy to be worth anything. If capitalism brings down society, it will bring down all societies. Global trade will shut down and the only things worth anything will be skills, water, food and bullets. You will notice your silly worthless metal is not included.
tsdon1 Smithee (1 month ago)
Xeno Phon communism is bringing the economy down moron, not capitalism. duh!
Max McAteer (2 years ago)
Keep telling yourself that. Maybe one day you will believe it.
855MAGICAD (2 years ago)
BLAZING IDIOTS!!!  They have NO idea what's going on.. Hell ...if you like chocolate THAT much... take the silver bar and buy a BUTT load of chocolate!! MOHrons!!
OakhillSailor (2 years ago)
is this 2009 again?
VonDa in Wonderland (2 years ago)
+Jack Gold Oohhhhh!!!!
What did I get from this video? Invest in cocoa! Most people (at least in America) value chocolate more than anything else.
Quick1337 (1 year ago)
Hahaha, best comment!
destiny's remorse (1 year ago)
forget silver, i'm putting my life savings in chocolate
Vamoo (2 years ago)
Funny. On a serious note, don't invest in cocoa before thoroughly investigating the market: the trees are rapidly approaching extintion
MahdiBanners (2 years ago)
you are advicing pple to get out of the stock market yet you want them to buy gold shares and etfs?!! what's the difference?! that's just another load of bullshit! sounds like you are a gold and precious metals broker. Look people, only reasonable amount of actual PHYSICAL gold and PHYSICAL precious metals are adviceable to buy and store as a hedge against inflation or currency collapse. Holding gold shares and etfs is just like flushing your money down the toilet since these shares can not possibly be redeemable for physical gold because the amount of gold shares and etfs are waaay more than the actual physical gold in existance by many thousand folds. This guy made his wealth based on a false presumption and is making his wealth by misleading pple that he is amore trustworthy thief than the thiefs of other industries in the stock market.

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