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A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bunch Of Criminals

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Text Comments (594)
Mark Pajari Jr (7 days ago)
Fuckin irs piece of shits . fuck those crooked fucked up. Fuckers
Thad Bailey (11 days ago)
H Arz (11 days ago)
Taxes woulds be good if they actually were there for the people that pay them, but since the ones that control market prices also control the goverment, taxes is nothing more then another ploy for the rich to milk the poor
Karren Kuddlesberg (12 days ago)
What if the IRS disbanded after Civil War? It did started around that time.
Tulsatom Bob (16 days ago)
The IRS is a criminal extortion racket worse than the Mafia. Since the IRS is the private enforcement arm of the privately owned Federal Reserve Corporation, it should be held to the same standards as any Corporation that is involved with theft, extortion, and kidnapping. The RICO act is used to fight Organized Criminal Enterprises. It's no different than using the RICO Act to arrest and convict Pablo Escobar or Tony Soprano. Why is the IRS still running around pretending to be an agency of the Federal Government???
sony sonic5 (25 days ago)
Fuck the irs 2 months since I filled out my income tax return and still haven't received shit fuck you irs .l.
Mr. Lowery (29 days ago)
What sucks is that income tax IS unconstitutional but 99% of the US population is contractually obligated to pay income tax to the government through the Social Security Act. The terms of a contract supersede any rights someone has in a court of law. Contract law is the highest law of the land and if a person has applied for and was given a social security number, anything they earn under an I-9 situation they are obligated to pay income tax out of. This is why many people have gone to prison for not paying income taxes and claiming they are unconstitutional. That social security contract they willingly entered into all those years ago lets them find out the rights they are claiming are non-existent for them because they agreed to the terms of the Social Security Act contract when they applied for and were given a social security number.
Bullish Buffalo (1 month ago)
so true
Free Thinker (1 month ago)
The ending is SAVAGE!!!!!
Sinyail (1 month ago)
All slaves enslave themselves. Freedom or death. Most people are happy, enthusiastic even, to consent to enslavement as long as their masters allow them some basic pleasures. Sad, but true.
lifeoftheyarty (1 month ago)
Tax is theft. Fuck the IRS
Michael Holman (1 month ago)
S.L. S (1 month ago)
Why is Berwick, an ex Canadian with a Honduran citizenship living in Mexico bitching about us slaves in the US who are paying the IRS. It`s because Canadians recognized he is full of crap and there are enough dumb Americans who will buy his BS.
Aeon Mouse (1 month ago)
How can I use bitcoin or monero without a computer? How would an inmate in prison use bitcoin without a burner phone, and outside connections. What about China Government who Own Bitmain? How are the chinese government not a threat to the currency when it comes to 51% attack?
Moise Nash (1 month ago)
glendetta (1 month ago)
Excellent video!!!!
Bobby C (1 month ago)
Fuck the Jews as well.
ricky hawkins (1 month ago)
you dont have to do anything coinable can send them your info
Dan Harmony (1 month ago)
"Fuck the left and fuck the right" I love the rest of the video but that scene at the end was kind of cringe with all of the la la libertarians. Libertarianism, and especially anarcho-capitalism, or private law, are very right wing ideologies. Being personally liberal in a society where everybody has ultimate freedom in their person and legitimate private property means risking repercussions for personal failure.
darklegended gaming (2 months ago)
IRS is actually a cunt group fuck the IRS go to africa usa is not for u IRS
Crypto Busa (2 months ago)
John Smith (2 months ago)
It would be dream to see the majority wake up.
ayitian1 (2 months ago)
High IQ people are the cause of this!
1017 Sosa (2 months ago)
Candy shop - 50 cent
Irish34 csprigg (2 months ago)
Wonder if he still alive now cuz this govment and military leaders are corrupt and control by illuminati and the rostchinld families
ctxm klxy (2 months ago)
What's really a joke is it would only take less than 1% of the population and one afternoon to go down to the capital and end it for good.
Pietro Del Franco (2 months ago)
I don't like what you said about the constitution. If it were respected, we would be extremely free. The constitutional fathers would use a system like liberland's if alive today
skabootykat (2 months ago)
nothing but rape.
Crypto League (2 months ago)
Dear IRS, I dont want my money to fund your wars, drugs, rich houses, and raping little boys and girls- Marine Corps Veteran who woke the fuck up
Map to Success (2 months ago)
I love this video I really enjoyed that!! 😎👍
Oz Mafioso (2 months ago)
Love this video. FUCK THE IRS.
LauraC (2 months ago)
Lol the thumbnail and title on this alone...A-M-A-Zing. I have not even watched it yet, but I have a feeling it will be...Superb!
Craig Gibson (2 months ago)
Great video.
TROLL KING (2 months ago)
DVS DVSDVS (2 months ago)
Great things on the #Verge
Wolves And Sheeple (2 months ago)
But who will build the roooaaaaddddssss??????
Bit Coin (2 months ago)
Tk$ Jeff....
Crypto Mining (2 months ago)
Let's replace the whole criminal financial system with bitcoin! Then the federal reserve can use their useless printed paper for the fireplace or the toilet.
Crypto Yoda (3 months ago)
Sorry did I already say...FUCK THE IRS?!!!!
Crypto Yoda (3 months ago)
Fuck the IRS!!!!
Crypto Yoda (3 months ago)
Fuck the IRS!
Lucas Baker (3 months ago)
Fuck yes great video
XQ Gaming (3 months ago)
Sorry IRS but someone stole my coins.. 👌😂💯
Richard Henry (3 months ago)
Putin is drafting laws to allow crypto currency‘s. I hope others respect freedoms like he is!
Mur kie (3 months ago)
Jeff u speak my mind man
bekindrewind (3 months ago)
What's bitcoin and how do i get it? The irs is bullshit. I paid them 2000 and 2 weeks later they send me a letter saying "we've decided you owe us more". Are they allowed to do this and can I do anything?
Arborsaurus The terrible (3 months ago)
DVS DVSDVS (3 months ago)
Check out XVG and Onion Coin.
Marcus Fossa (3 months ago)
I actually wish that air plane had made it to the white house.
Josh Jarrett (4 months ago)
I always had a wish we could all come together as a nation and refuse to pay. How would the government stop the entire nation of not paying taxes. They couldn't. Fuck the IRS and the Government
DM K (4 months ago)
Fuck Congress fuck you irs idiot fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you ....
Mark Upton (4 months ago)
The best and most informative video I've seen all year! Especially the end. FUCK ALL OF THEM , ESPECIALLY THE IRS, a bunch of fucking thieves and crooks. I hope every IRS employee catch a vile disease!
Howard B (4 months ago)
Jeff, are you familiar with the corporation known as your name in capital letters, that the government created for you upon birth to opt into their system and now trades you like a commodity? If so, what steps have you taken to subvert it?
Ozzy Logano (4 months ago)
never figured out either why 300 million people would listen to like 130 ppl smdh
Shirley Anthony (4 months ago)
Brilliant and factual video
DingoYabuki (4 months ago)
Ed Ca (4 months ago)
Papalareis (5 months ago)
The constitution limits the government, not the people
Matt hey (5 months ago)
That. Right there. Its the policemen who will be bringing you to jail for not bowing down and obeying these "laws". Among others, I also blame them, and wish to God they'd get their heads out their asses and work for us again.
Personal Email (5 months ago)
Berwick ----> Your Visa scam is just as unconstitutional as the IRS.
Frank Zen (5 months ago)
Anyone that wants to roll over and give the IRS money, let them. Right now WE have the leverage and they need to incentivize converting to cash by giving a more reasonable tax rate! If they ban it, the value goes up, period! If they want to repeat prohibition, I say let them!
Erick Alden (5 months ago)
*Tax is theft.*
Mad Dissident III (5 months ago)
I'm only going to pay the IRS on gains that are converted into the U.S dollars that they have jurisdiction over. Where does the IRS get off sticking its fingers into currencies that it has no jurisdiction over?
Ralph the Rock (5 months ago)
Hey the IRS got some new high tech software called Chainalysis that can detect all non tax paying bitcoin investors!! Ooooh scarrry.. they gonna get you. Lol
OpenVisionz (5 months ago)
82 irs workers watched this
james williams (5 months ago)
LIFE LOCK is another organization that`s getting a huge number of people`s personal bank card numbers and more. They are in bed with EQUIFAX. You know, that company that claims they were "hacked" of about 150 million U.S. citizen`s personal information. Ando of course Equifax got filthy rich by that "hack" (not to mention the CEO`s selling their company stock just a couple of days before letting all the victims know what happened) and then here comes LIFE LOCK. Their protection packages began to fly off the shelf. And who gets a cut of every protection package they sell? You got it, EQUIFAX. I wonder how much money could be made on the open market selling 150 million people`s personal information. Oh, don`t worry about all that personal info being used in VOTER FRAUD in coming elections. The democrats will see that doesn`t happen. HA HA HA!
THE GREEN MACHINE (5 months ago)
IRS is coming. Racketeering charges coming for all bitcoin holders. Haha, IRS is armed and just bought a shit load of ammo for that ass
Castorp Z. (5 months ago)
IRS is a criminal organization
WATER-MAN (5 months ago)
I can't afford to go to Anarchapulco, I'm poor...
KTWEBS (5 months ago)
As a leaf you shouldn't talk shit about the constitution.
Luke Italiano (5 months ago)
I love the ending. You are a genius my firend. Keep up the good work!!
delta Digger (5 months ago)
So how do we keep our crypto earnings from IRS?
Steve G (5 months ago)
Didn't Julius Ceasar invent the concept of "taxes"? I wonder why that didn't fall along with the roman empire...
Not Just Content (5 months ago)
IRS employees aren't exactly hard to find. If it were Mexico, the cartel would take a few out making the rest resign in fear of losing their gonads
Mathieu Belanger-Camden (5 months ago)
100% True !
Peter K (5 months ago)
You are so right don't get why we find there lifestyle
tsdon1 Smithee (5 months ago)
Taxation is theft.
Davin Chase (5 months ago)
Necessity is the mother of crypto. Speaking of decentralizing the web, you gotta check out Substratum. Not only does it do that but it's also a GREAT investment that's on the move! https://youtu.be/gL0JLybfyt4
"F the government" I'm subscribing!
Xander Arena (5 months ago)
Your throng may be at war with itself
NavyBoySM2 Hutson (5 months ago)
AMEN!        3%tre IN
Eye of the Storm (6 months ago)
I love you jeff
Major REX (6 months ago)
Best episode EVER. So accurate visualisation. Sadly people are like sheeps and don't complain.
dominicjan (6 months ago)
that awkward moment when you need to sell your crypto to go to anarchopulco
d8d8 (6 months ago)
If the 100 million does nothing then the 10,000 IRS/FBI/Police will slowly keep putting some of the 100 million in prison and taking their assets until the 100 million are all in jail. How do you propose to solve this problem in your plan?
colm brock (6 months ago)
Totally correct!
Liberty Warrior (6 months ago)
Governments will be finished in a few years. If they think Bitcoin is a treat, just wait for block chain applications to take over, that is going to completely root them. Governments will no longer have the ability to shutdown servers because block chain applications don't use centralized servers.
John Tabor (6 months ago)
Makes me so mad
Tom Washington Jr (6 months ago)
Great info as usual... except for the rap song... I hate rap!
blackdreamhunk2 (6 months ago)
Your not even an American lol.
david mccoy (6 months ago)
Bitcon....hahaha yeah cashless hearding
gRosh08 (6 months ago)
American Taxes slaves are the biggest problem! Games over!
gRosh08 (6 months ago)
I'll be dealing a lot of pain too mutherfockers!
Dave Crofton (6 months ago)
Cliff high videos are disappearing
Quantum Blue (6 months ago)
Hahaha, yeah bitches!!!
Hugo Sabato (6 months ago)
(((Black dot)))
Wiri Heremaia (6 months ago)
you are awesome man
A bunch of beta males tide up with grizzly bears lording over top of them. This shit is about to get kinky as hell!
nanoaquamania (6 months ago)
Most of the population reply, that govts spend on infrastructure and millitary. Well for us, they have all the weapons in the world, to eliminate millions. Remember that.

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