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Cardano (ADA coin) in a Nutshell

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In this video I talk about the basics of Cardano (ADA coin), the people behind it, how Cardano works, and what the future has in store for it. 1:23 How to think about Cardano 2:13 What is Cardano 5:39 Proof of Stake 8:53 Cardano Scaling 11:47 Competition - Ethereum, EOS, IOTA 13:23 Summary Cardano Hub: https://www.cardanohub.org/en/home/ 👍🏻Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/boxmining Community Forums: http://forums.boxmining.com Telegram announcements: https://t.me/boxminingChannel ♨️Social: Website: http://boxmining.com Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining 💰 Secure your Crypto with Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b Track ICOs graphically: https://icotracker.org 🤑✔️Buy Bitcoin (US / UK / CA) : https://www.coinbase.com/join/590c3a1c8bfa31012ffacf87 👑 Recommended Exchange - Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10192887 💪Donations (Message me for Shoutouts!): Bitcoin : 13EvsPm3YhiCPGksQQdvQUFtsbF8FoU6Cz Ethereum: 0x58d98516363D2A5f93CE6aB4A4a909599C3EEC3a 💱Software Wallet: Windows/Mac/linux: http://exodus.io
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Text Comments (653)
David Bermudez (10 days ago)
Cardano is in its infancy stage now once this coin evolves it will probably replace ETH PoS is good for the long run!
Jimmy Huang (27 days ago)
You look like Timothy de la ghetto
Fabian Diemel (29 days ago)
I see you have a gpu laying around. You could also send this to me I need a new one for fortnite and mining. Appreciate it.
Dwayne Harris (1 month ago)
dont ya just love the way your Token is down 60% Yet CMC Tells Ya You're Shitz Up 20%??
Amma b (1 month ago)
is it me or damn near every top 10 altcoin have been called the " Ethereum killer"
The Lion's Den (1 month ago)
Check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!
Adriele de Sousa Pires (1 month ago)
Faucet free cardano. Paga de 1 em 1 hora freecardano.com/?ref=1619
no401k (1 month ago)
joyce coates (1 month ago)
It is important to note that Cardano is utilizing Ethereum Classic
Yoong Jian How (1 month ago)
Seems like almost every token/coin these days are branded the "ethereum killer"
NIKHEEL (2 months ago)
Buy low Sell HIGH😎... . 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Igor Tomaskovic (2 months ago)
Sorry, but NEM (XEM) is waaay better then cardano.. time will prove it :)
Rob Power (2 months ago)
Gordon (2 months ago)
Great job Michael in summing this all up so succinclty - very helpful and much appreciated.
Pat (2 months ago)
I‘m currently looking forward for investing in a platform project like ada, neo, ethereum, eos....would be great if you can do a video comparing them...just an idea of a next video i would be interesting in :)
Bhaskar rao (2 months ago)
Please donate LTC bro 33aV21vQ7d9PkSxLWDHkdgvdJdpBBn3m4c
Psaikodelik (3 months ago)
I'm surely going to invest in Cardinal xD
Bob Stanley (3 months ago)
good vid, thank you
Rob Power (3 months ago)
Thanks for that. Well done.
Игорь Лапин (3 months ago)
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Yitzra Bisha (3 months ago)
The Caradano wallet generates new addresses for each deposit - does that make it a privacy coin?
Annette Modien (3 months ago)
Cardano is a software platform ONLY, so what does it do. Does this mean it is just another APP? Are the coins necessary, as part of the platform?
Kelly Huang (3 months ago)
Just a quick question, you said the Ethereum has never been hacked? I thought it was hacked which is what led to the ETH and ETC split? Not sure if I understood it wrong, please clarify thank you!
Boxmining (3 months ago)
The hack as a software written on top of ethereum
Joe Mel (3 months ago)
Im new with Cardano and gotta find a Wallet thats quick to download , similar to Bitaddress .
Derrek Ord (3 months ago)
Awesome video, thanks sir!
Victor Enriquez (3 months ago)
Thanx bro!
0108lori (3 months ago)
Hi, you stated that the actual Ethereum has never been hacked. What about the DAO attack that caused the hard fork? I understand that after the attack, they changed the name of the original ETH to ETC and ETH is actually the new coin. However, the attack still occurred when they where still originally as one. Please anybody explain why he is stating never hacked. Thnx!!
IGSTER (3 months ago)
What's your overall price prediction ifpr Carfano nto the future
TheTradeBox (3 months ago)
Well said! This Blockchain can become the future!
Matthew M (3 months ago)
ADA has the best team hands down. go check out the roadmap on the cardano website. Im buying more coins today ( still at .39 USD)
Sci Glez (3 months ago)
and EOS has free transactions.. forgot to mention..
Sci Glez (3 months ago)
EOS seems to be building a larger community due to the way they are doing their ICO, I think it tackles the issues that Cardano wants to tackle in a better way, and it has people that have develop successful platforms already... so I think EOS is a better bet..
Bikini Model (4 months ago)
Thanks, Great explanation! Love <3 If anyone is interested, you can find me on this Discord channel: https://discord.gg/wFBJZgW It's a great community with with lots of smart people, active chat rooms, and resources. I tried many other discords but this one is the best! Just wanted to share that. Hope to see you there! :)
Randy Brown (4 months ago)
Thank you, well said
Steve McGlumphy (4 months ago)
I've never left a comment on any YouTube channel before but I wanted to leave one here. Great job on the explanation of ADA. You have a great way of breaking things down for noobs like me. You also stay on point and don't get off topic with nonsense or 5 mins of opinion based garbage. I'll be tuning into your channel often.
AVLRECORDS (4 months ago)
if you release a coin with a cap of many billions, for me thats a good reason to stay away from it despite its good or bad coin
Cardano Mike (4 months ago)
I said yes already! *BUYING*
L3O (4 months ago)
i'm drunk
De G (4 months ago)
I bought 4400 Ada tokens... Was this a wise choice? Thanks for the info by the way.
ARTUR KOWALSKI (4 months ago)
Cardano does not have any working product. It is a scam!! You all loose money.
ARTUR KOWALSKI (4 months ago)
Cardano is a scam
Double D (4 months ago)
NEO/ETH pair is the money maker. I don't care about long term investment. Sold all my ADA.
Crypto investor (4 months ago)
HODL ADA and TRON. I dont see any other long term holds that can achieve high success rate with their technology. (Maybe ripple too but their software and partners don't use XRP).
Jeff Lewis (4 months ago)
F-150 (4 months ago)
Nicely done. Thanks for the info!
Eric Courtois (4 months ago)
GREAT NEWS: Cardano Integrates Ledger Hardware Wallet to Enhance Security; https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/cardano-integrates-ledger-hardware-wallet-enhance-security
Serjo Morano (4 months ago)
Great vids
Michael Vu (4 months ago)
Can you do a video to put NEM vs Cardano please?
Rikaisun Li (4 months ago)
Awesome video!!
imran shaikh (4 months ago)
UPcoin exchange is giving 500$ till 21-Jan-18, for early registers upcoin.com/?ID=51b50d81
andy s (4 months ago)
very informative,,,thanks
Yasir Najmi (4 months ago)
Johann Wiese (5 months ago)
Great explanation. Thank you and keep the great videos coming.
Tekken20 Iron Film (5 months ago)
Say what?
Alex S (5 months ago)
So blockchain has progressed into a multiverse.... that was quick. :)
Dan (5 months ago)
How can you kill ethereum when its already dead?
micheal Ability (5 months ago)
why are you people using eth to market your coin, why cant you market what you have?
Remode (5 months ago)
Cardano is literally only a whitepaper at the moment, all of its value is 100% speculative and based on nothing concrete as the only concrete part of Cardano is it's whitepaper... Same with EOS except EOS tokens are like food stamps, you use them to get the product later on so the tokens honestly solve nothing at the moment.
José María Delgado (5 months ago)
It is not quite true that changes in etherum is quite difficult, when many changes has already been implemented.
José María Delgado (5 months ago)
How can you say that ethereum is quite slow doing transaction, when it is the fastest blockchain functioning
Ikaika Arnado (5 months ago)
This is just an open source Etherium 2.0. Iota throws out the scalability issues and mining while retaining a proof of work system. That's a example of true crypto 3.0. Proof of stake is flawed. It assumes that the wealthiest people won't game the system. Quite the opposite really. The wealthy will always game the system and will burn it down before relinquishing power.
Drew DelRo (5 months ago)
Your videos are quite informative and useful! Keep up the great work!
d town (5 months ago)
Why are you reading a scrypt.
r alan (5 months ago)
Great presentation and information.
Luke (5 months ago)
he says cardano wrong
Stas Pavlov (5 months ago)
Great video! I was starting to worry that all crypto YouTubers are bumbling idiots untill I came here.
ampworkz22 (5 months ago)
Silly nub question here. If Ethereum is slow for mass transactions, how are they supporting all the ERC 20 tokens that have been created on top of it? Is it completely separate? Thanks!
molomosk123 (5 months ago)
#OldNakiaPhones LoL
James J (5 months ago)
thanks for the info great video
CKJ Crypto News (5 months ago)
whats the best exchange
Voxy Vaffel (5 months ago)
cardano doesnt even have a working product...this crypto is a joke as the #5
Udo Wong (5 months ago)
So the team behind Cardano is from Hong Kong with an office just minutes from mine. not the most rational decision but imma pick up some more on binance now!
John Murphy (5 months ago)
Best review on crypto is boxmining
RR SS (5 months ago)
Know by any chance why CARDANO WALLET IS DISABLED in exhanges like Binance, bittrex, etc? its been like 5 days already, this is nuts, no one can buy or move their coins!!!
Kris P (5 months ago)
ok whatever.. let me buy some ADA
Mukhtar Ahamed (5 months ago)
Thank you
Ralph Raymond (5 months ago)
Hi Michael- can't move my ADA Cardano! Binance keep asking me to start another customer support request and clearly know something is an issue. NO HONEST communication from them whatsoever! SUSPENDED NOW FOR NEARLY A WEEK!! Does anyone know what is going on with Binance??
Elder Paisios Prophecies (5 months ago)
*Does that mean that CARDANO can go up as $1,000 as ETHEREUM is at this moment or even surpass it?* *CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME THIS QUESTION.* Thank you
Elder Paisios Prophecies (4 months ago)
Nu if they claim the end create more coins that is really bad. No one keeps their word. When they say trust me and put your faith in me, run. Anyway I still bought a few because they're cheap. Let's see what happens.
Coconattsu (4 months ago)
"Inflation only occurs when the community votes it is necessary" quote from someone in Reddit. Don't take my word for granted, I don't know much about Cardano. But it seems like it can issue more coins if they see the need
Elder Paisios Prophecies (4 months ago)
Nu wait did you just said that they can create coins anytime they want out of thin air? If that's the case I'm out
Coconattsu (4 months ago)
Maybe in like... 4 years, who knows. You have to look at the market caps. Ethereum has a circulating supply of ~97 million ETH, Marketcap being $107 billion, Cardano already has 1/10 of ETH's Marketcap and is worth $0.50 each. The circulating supply is huge and it ~could~ take years to match the current ETH, also, Cardano's supply isn't fixed, they can issue more coins and they can also burns coins, this will affect the price in the long term. TL;DR it's possible, but don't expect it any time soon
Miguel G (5 months ago)
Bought a ton of Cardano recently, really believe in its technology and potential to dominate the cryptocurrency arena.
Ne on (5 months ago)
Haskell is nearly 3 decades old..
David Shiedelbaum (5 months ago)
OK who bought TRON under .20? Give it up....show us your hands! You deserve a high five for picking the winner.
steve deery (5 months ago)
Another solid piece Michael. Been watching for a long while now and your ever-growing number of subcribers testimony to your value to the crypto-community.
DasCrypto Moley (5 months ago)
And TRON is the Eretheum of the World.
Bryson Newhouse (5 months ago)
Do a new Cardano video!
Ant Bruns (5 months ago)
Hello Michael, how has your team still not heard of Skycoin? This is the real Ethereum and BTC killer. It’s has actual running products already. Multiple blockchains. Their own coding language with years of actual code, many developers, next level gen 3 consensus algorithm called Obelisk. Their whitepaper(s) were written by early Ethereum devs. Oh and they are now in phase 1 of rolling out their own hardware worldwide to create the new internet, with a 20 conference tour of China. Thanks, liking your work.
Thanh Quach (5 months ago)
Great info. I'm going to buy some now.
Junaid Ahmed (5 months ago)
Thanks for the review on Cardano (ADA)
Blaz Sustar (5 months ago)
Hey Michael, great review. Can you do one for Raiblocks?
John Desaubin (5 months ago)
Many thanks for your "in a nutshell" videos. I'm downloading them for future reference. Keep them coming.
Mansa Musa (5 months ago)
Where is it being sold?
capetayo (5 months ago)
I've never known or seen an asset to be worth $23bn in only 4 months! If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Let's all wait and see. I'm not saying Cardano is a ponzi POS scheme, but certainly looks like one as an un-intended consequence.
Shine Kaippilly (5 months ago)
Can you do NULS?
marko markovic (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JvhMvZxskM GCN coin https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/gcoin/#markets buy few milion now and in two years thank me 01.01.2020. this is one of the most underated and most promising projects out there sleeping giant , in 2018 it will go to moon .
Harry Alexander (5 months ago)
Michael, Great video, I'm new to all this.  Can you store Cardano on a Ledger Nano s?
xxxmardinxxx1 (5 months ago)
Hi Boxmining, Can you please check SRN Coin Sirin Labs, it looks that they have very strong team...
Jimmy Dean (5 months ago)
david telfer (5 months ago)
Max L (5 months ago)
They don't have smart contract feature :) Also, Haskell programming ... nahhhh... no thnx..
Nodas Basadis (5 months ago)
What about LOC?? they call themselves new ''airbnb'' seems great team and promising.
Al Sebastian (5 months ago)
How many coins will there ever be

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