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Cryptopia CryptoCurrency Exchange Tutorial How to Buy and Sell ZenCash/Bitcoin

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Cryptopia is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available, especially if you're interested in buying and smaller smaller up and coming altcoins. Register with Cryptopia today and check it out! https://goo.gl/yRCE94 This is a basic tutorial on what is Cryptopia and simply how to use their cryptocurrency exchange. Specifically I go over depositing ZenCash, buying ZenCash and selling ZenCash all against BTC / Bitcoin in a Zen/BTC market. Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/nti5asr Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/WQd7cCs VoskCoin Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/VoskCoin VoskCoin Steemit - https://steemit.com/@voskcoin VoskCoin Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VoskCoin/ VoskCoin Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/voskcoin/ VoskCoin Discord Server Invite - https://discord.gg/FGGmS2z VoskCoin Twitter - https://twitter.com/VoskCoin VoskCoin Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/voskcoin/ VoskCoin Decentralized Tube - http://bit.ly/VoskCoindTube VoskCoin Official Donation Addresses, support appreciated! BTC - 12PsgKuhcJrEqJbD3oMN7rcEcuyqyqRznL ETH - 0xDEe6A2ae293F8C58Ef71649658344BbF382b6e70 ZEC - t1WRoxHVh8vhDJxAr6vpP4zzj3xHGF9ZbgQ ZEN - znb1iNFP6VctF2AhXLXtMsSjP7emvYDmeXR VTC - VdeggL7drzbYeB2eedDeDYe9xPwtPXW8KG KMD - RCbKFSQhNWCqSwuFY8cGwzhDk8zMdYkjDj Doge - DHgX7vJjBsmYcB1GgubGtu3TVJkqQgCG6B XMR - 484HoyS4h2fenvLKQkuUV7FwnJaGK8LMX43tiJ3UZdVU53d2MxFiQ1jbSfyorsXZVs1SvoPVh4nipjd7b4GVgFGmCgygdpV We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to http://Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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Text Comments (54)
Roberto Rebola (2 months ago)
Vosk I love your channel and your Content absolutely top notch ,,,,, could you give me some personal advice how long do you normally mine a coin thanks
Kristen Tred (2 months ago)
You just have to learn at lot such as Plan or strategy, what are the trusted cryptocurrencies Option brokers and what are the things you should consider as a beginner. Want to earn legit money from cryptocurrencies trading? My recommendation is *FIRST MILLION ROAD* software for hassle free trading with frequent winning signals.
Enrique Diaz (3 months ago)
If i deposite ethereum can i exchange it for electroneum
ThisIsFancy (4 months ago)
Thanks! this video helped a lot.
Saneej Ahamed (4 months ago)
Awesome ! Thanks for the Guide !
Kristian Osuna (5 months ago)
When i try to exchange coins or buy coins with bitcoin it gives me a way off number for example y triend to buy xvg which is cents only per every coin but was telling me that my 25 dlls of bitcoin can only get me 1 xvg coin what am I doing wrong?
Percy Mashao (5 months ago)
I've tried to buy BTC with namecoin but the sell button is disabled. Help please. I have like 1.59 nmc wihich is equivalent to 0.00066147 BTC. Why wont it sell ?
mike cortez (5 months ago)
How long for the bitcoin to show up?
Rude Laser (5 months ago)
If i have some bitcoins, how do i get them in to my account as dollars?
Mike Smith (5 months ago)
seems to me you can only buy on coinbase and never be able to sell, mind you they have a send button but it goes nowhere?
Mike Smith (5 months ago)
yeah, that's great now where do we buy it
Viktor Nerlander (5 months ago)
They sort of explicitly tell you not to mine to Cryptopia but I've got a question, can you mine to Cryptopia?
rayman 600 (5 months ago)
Viktor Nerlander use suprnova. You can store coin that you mine and move it later
gmoney62301 (7 months ago)
Once you sell your coin for cash how do you get the cash into a pay pal or bank account etc? Any help is appreciated thanks
Bana Mohammed (5 months ago)
so what happens if you don't have the ATM in your country?
Mike Novo (5 months ago)
In Canada you can use Quadriga for large sums. Coinbase is just to expensive with their fees up here. Or just use a Bitcoin ATM to pull the cash out. This was designed to eliminate banking fees. Oh how far we have (not) come...
Jesse Paul (5 months ago)
you can sell and get cash in your bank account by selling to Liviacoins
Mike Smith (5 months ago)
yeah it's even hard to put cash back into your bank account here from coinbase in Canada
gmoney62301 (5 months ago)
JavaScriptMike Coder sure buddy whatever you say concidering your probably sitting in grannies basement we understand you don’t have the intellect to write a proper sentence let alone be able to comprehend crypto the only circus freak is you Ronald McDonald “I’m loving it “ what an ass monkey
antone rich (7 months ago)
VoskCoin What do you use to keep track of your coins. I'm looking for a portfolio manager for crypto any suggestions? Show idea if you do.
antone rich (5 months ago)
Ok thanks for the suggestions. I think I looked at Blockfolio before but they have had some updates. I have not herd of CoinCap. I will check them out. My issues, so far is the apps are they are not for people who both mine and trade like I do. I buy and sell a lot of crypto. I buy or sell about 1 to 3 crypto coins a week. The main issue is having to input one transaction 2 times. For example if buy ADA with BTC. I have to input the buy for ADA and then the sell of BTC. The app should be smart enough to know that my total balance for BTC will have gone down and do that part for me. I have been using crypto pro, maybe your suggestions will be better. Thanks
Miss Vosk (5 months ago)
I use Blockfolio and CoinCap. You can use both to input how much you have and it'll keep a real-time log of your savings/earnings based on the market. I also set alerts on Coincap so i get an alert of the prices every morning.
neuspeed79 (7 months ago)
Vosk.. Why is mining ZenCash so FREAKING SLOOOOWWWW??? I have mined for 24 hours with two RX 580s and I make more per day mining XMR ($100) than ZenCash ($22).
rayman 600 (5 months ago)
What XMR pool are you using?
Nero Stone (7 months ago)
Hey Vish could you make a video on how to cash out, like if I got 20 etc how could one get that coin, to dollars and in my bank account, Thanks
rayman 600 (5 months ago)
Also note that (but don't quote me on this) paypal only reports to the IRS if your account is over 20k in transactions. So don't go over 20k.
rayman 600 (5 months ago)
He uses Coinbase. You have to pay the tax if you want USD. Coinbase sends it to your paypal account and then YOU transfer to your bank. There are other ways but your bank could close your account if you are funding it directly with BTC. Banks don't like bitcoin.
it7upport (7 months ago)
Or Other Cryptocurrencies
it7upport (7 months ago)
Buy or Sell 100$ Bitcoin Get 10$ free bitcoin https://goo.gl/W6DPEZ
Maxim Ioan Gabriel (7 months ago)
on my Radeon XFX Rx580 8gb my H/s is no bigger than 290H/s therefore is no more profitable then mining ETH,on your nvidia GPU what is your H/s? Hello from Romania
Karim Asfour (7 months ago)
Voskcoin, Should I buy now a antminer L3+(2200euro inc. The powersuply) that comes after 4 weeks and mine litecoin?
JavaScriptMike Coder (5 months ago)
What the hell?
RedKidz (7 months ago)
I am confused. You bought ZEN for 0.01202396 and sold it for 0.00117292. Isn't that a lost??
RedKidz (7 months ago)
VoskCoin lol
VoskCoin (7 months ago)
RedKidz Lol the video was just showing the basic buy and sell functions, I️ know that it was a loss it was just a demo of the functions
Claybron Thompson (7 months ago)
Hey am 13 and trying to start bit coining any tips on getting started?
JavaScriptMike Coder (5 months ago)
Try to get a good video card. an RX580 or better yet, Two of them.
Geebin Inc (7 months ago)
Claybron Thompson ask your parents for some money for Christmas lol. Check out paxful.com and get them to deposit at a local bank branch and you'll stay anonymous 😉
The Sharper Sword (7 months ago)
Question: from your point of view as a miner, how should a trader enter and exit a mineable coin? When do miners hold, and what decisions cause miners to let a coin rise in value versus selling off their holdings? Im looking at Zencash particularly, and its hard to find a good entry point right now as an investor.
Hugo Trujillo (7 months ago)
If you wanted to withdraw to your bank in USD and in USA how you do it? they send it to your bank account or western union or how is it?? I have a coinbase account by the way I know how that one works but Im very interested in open and account with cryptopia and buy and trade instead of coinbase please let me know
Andres Zambrano (7 months ago)
Yo I really like the ZenCash project. Do you think running a ZenCash secure node would be pretty profitable?
VoskCoin (7 months ago)
I don't think it'll make you rich, but it'd probably pay for a nice little comp to run it + electric in the first year and then straight profits after that. I think they'll be a ton of interest in running them with the recent Zen coverage + price spike
VoskCoin (2 months ago)
Mining Rig Parts on Amazon- http://geni.us/WQd7cCs Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon- http://geni.us/nti5asr Signup with Cryptopia using my link! https://goo.gl/yRCE94 *Build a ZenCash mining rig! - FULL PART LIST BELOW* Zotac 1080 Mini 8gb (6x) http://amzn.to/2zweEWM Zotac 1070 Mini 8gb (6x) http://amzn.to/2xMruhB Zotac 1060 mini 6gb (6x) http://amzn.to/2gOOIxK Gigabyte z270 d3 mobo http://amzn.to/2yvLVmh Intel g4400 CPU http://amzn.to/2yvIUTh ATX power switch http://amzn.to/2zxp4pe Ram http://amzn.to/2gOnmYK USB (Harddrive) http://amzn.to/2znaPX9 EVGA 750w PSU http://amzn.to/2hNSKpQ Alternate PSU Parallel 750w (needs ATX adapter) https://goo.gl/ZFckQc ATX mobo adapter https://goo.gl/BDbcGD & https://goo.gl/5G6pHU Velcro (Useful for customizing placement) http://amzn.to/2zgKDt8 Arctic Freeze Thermal Paste kit http://amzn.to/2zi6TD5 PCIE Risers http://amzn.to/2xMTKQY Add2PSU http://amzn.to/2xMtVAM Zip Ties http://amzn.to/2xIib2S 6x GPU Mining Rig Frame http://amzn.to/2zfQEcV MiningCave Coupon for entire site = voskcoin https://goo.gl/Qk1th5 Mining software used is nvOC made by fullzero https://goo.gl/pYgo8B Alternate Mining OS smOS https://goo.gl/jMxTSS We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
VoskCoin (7 months ago)
https://goo.gl/pYgo8B was it this one? nvOC? I run nvOC on some rigs, smOS on some others // really want to try dstm new equihash miner as its apparently the best but havent gotten around to it yet and its not loaded onto smOS or nvOC (yet) /// thanks man really appreciate the support!
Quinton Atkinson (7 months ago)
Hey Vosk, iv been watching all your videos trying to get as educated as I can and I really appreciate you putting all the work you have done online for us to see, but I am wondering what miner you use for Equihash, or more specifically for Zencash, I was watching your video about 3000Sols and saw your program looked a little different, Thanks so much again man!

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