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☠ Bitcoin Trader is a SCAM - Honest Bitcoin Trader Review

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Bitcoin Trader is a SCAM - Honest Bitcoin Trader Review Bitcoin 101 - https://www.tradingwithpaul.com/cryptocurrency-101-introduction/ In this video I look at a new autotrader called the Bitcoin Trader and I'm going to say straight up that the results of my Bitcoin Trader review is that this is a scam that you should avoid. There is no details of what exactly they are really offering, the videos on Bitcoin Trader are stolen from someone else and just talk about Bitcoin in general and to top it all off the Bitcoin Trader testimonials are all fake and use stock images with fake names. If you joined the Bitcoin Trader my advise is to get your money out as soon as possible as all that will happen is that you will lose it all. Avoid the Bitcoin Trader scam and save your money. Some systems I use - https://www.tradingwithpaul.com/partner-with-paul/ ✩✩Follow Me✩✩ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VPaOYeh8_gGEDi3Sa9ymg?sub_confirmation=1 My Blog: https://www.tradingwithpaul.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradingWithPaul/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/TradingWithPaul Stay Profitable, Paul Share Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2zdaNqJOlg Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Trader Review, Is Bitcoin Trader a scam, Bitcoin Trader legit, The Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Trader autotrader, does the Bitcoin Trader work, Bitcoin Trader testimonials, Bitcoin Trader results, Bitcoin Trader scammer
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2WheelsAndAFishingRod (2 days ago)
I signed up but thank fook my gut made me double check before i went any further...phewww! Are there any legit auto traders for noobs??
sina sarikhani (5 days ago)
Hello Paul. I have been recently scamed by www.flashescrow.com. can you put a video about that on your channel???
peter hayward (7 days ago)
Is Ethereum code , crypto. also a scam?
Trading With Paul (7 days ago)
+peter hayward yes i consider it a scam too
Joy Division (10 days ago)
Good to see some people waking up this scam , the success stories are used to lure many in , here in the UK many naive folk have been scammed by these bitcoin trading companies , why do you really think most major retailers don’t accept this bitcoin as payment? If it sounds too good to be true.... Great job educating folk on this scam Paul 👍👍👍
John Tsang (2 months ago)
Hi, thank you for your post. Who are CryptoPoint.com I put in £500 but wary of validating the account with I.D. etc. can you advise.
Mr Burns (2 months ago)
Funny the advert before this video was a 16 minute advert for another bitcoin robot claiming not to be a scam...
Trading With Paul (2 months ago)
haha I would say 99% of Bitcoin robots are scams or useless
Bitcoin trader is being advertised heavily on facebook right now, saying it was on Dragons Den TV show. I was tempted by it, but did research before investing. Always do research before investing in anything like this.
Trading With Paul (2 months ago)
Good to hear you weren't caught out
2knackers (2 months ago)
“Bitcoin trader is a scam” *shows no proof*
allan allen (2 months ago)
Why was this on the uk show dragons den so it’s a complete rip off?
Trading With Paul (2 months ago)
Ya I seen that page as well. That page is a fake. Can anyone actually find any mention of this on an official Dragons den page? Did anyone actually see the real episode where this was on Dragons Den? Its a clever trick by these scammers and unfortunately will trick alot of people
Idilicom (3 months ago)
I am not saying that you are not correct, but this offers no evidence of a scam whatsoever. I would have thought that a victim would have found you and commented by now if they were there.
Shemelia Lewis (28 days ago)
Guy Burchard anything else happened? I basically have done the same thing but I haven't recieved any phone calls as of yet
Guy Burchard (3 months ago)
Idilicom I went on the site yesterday filled in my details and i was thinking its too good to be true I was on a review page 1 minute later which was exposing the scam and I got a phone call the scam guys trying to help me set up my account I also got an email both within 2 mins of putting in my email and phone number. god knows who they will sell my data too
WebArt Design (3 months ago)
https://btcglobal.team/ - SCAM !!!!! STAY AWAY !!!! https://socialprofimatic.com - SCAM !!!! STAY AWAY !!!! https://bitzz.io - SCAM !!!!! STAY AWAY !!!!! https://www.btcmclub.com/ - SCAM !!!! STAY AWAY !!! https://atlanticgam.es/en (AGAM) - SCAM !!!! STAY AWAY !!! https://www.questraworld.es/ - SCAM !!!! STAY AWAY !!!
Derek TP (3 months ago)
This video just seems to be an advert for your own channels... whilst sceptical of Bitcoin Trader, your conclusion "scam" seems to be based purely on their use of stock images, which is hardly conclusive or persuasive. I've no link with BT and am just trying to find out about them, this video wasn't helpful
terry tunney (3 months ago)
its scam tried to join uk.directed me to bulgaria
Sheila Hughes (3 months ago)
Thankyou was just checking that out
Patrick Garces (3 months ago)
I was just to press to be a member. Thanks for your advice
Marin Marinov (3 months ago)
Thank you
Krisztian Nagy Szeder (8 months ago)
Can u link Bitcoin trader which not scam .thanks
urdivine (8 months ago)
Good question

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