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Dying former Miss USA contestant: Trump changed my life

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Miss Wisconsin USA 2005 Melissa Young discusses how Donald Trump changed her life.
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NDFOOTBALL (13 days ago)
Trump is winning for America. Liberals are clueless and have destroyed California. Never vote for the socialist party Democrats.
Mayumi Yamamoto (13 days ago)
God Bless this women, God Bless the Potus!
matthew watson (13 days ago)
Cheap base sentiment. The right is truly pathetic
Iris Huntley (13 days ago)
phony bullshit Trump is a lot of things,compassionate isn't one of them GOD,forgive me if I'm wrong but what is She dying from?beautiful relationship Trump doesn't even have a beautiful relationship with his wife!
Steven Horton (13 days ago)
Iris Huntley Trump does have a wonderful relationship... with his own mirror image. Donald Trump has no time for anything that does not celebrate, advance or enrich... Donald Trump. Trump, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Clinton, extend to the limit line the doctrins of narcissism and sociopathology. They used wealth as was inherited to build dynasties of untethered power, privilege and corruption. They have no humility, empathy or sense of guilt. They lie with impunity, and have no fear of tribulation. No fear of punishment. In public they speak of God, and might even petition Him in prayer. But it's all for show. They convinced themselves that they are the One True God. That Jesus dude is irrelevant. They talk, they lie, they accuse, they deny. The Clintons are two of the more egregious examples. They have no regard for those around them and no use for any of them. But without the rest of the population they would not be Good.
will ford (13 days ago)
How can anybody give this a thumbs down people are just garbage waste .
JM NYRican (14 days ago)
marcellespiritu (16 days ago)
You guys his so racist, he let a black homeless woman live in Trump plaza for 9 years, free rent, food, water, etc,etc..and 1 a flower a week... godddddd that man is racisttttttt !!!!!! Watch her in YouTube !
ajrose (16 days ago)
So Trump did something nice! Woopy!
Deal It (16 days ago)
President Trump may just be the greatest president this side of Ronald Reagan. History may record him as the greatest president in our history. i.e. North Korea has been a living "hell hole" since the late 1950's. President Trump may end all that..If! North Korea is genuine in it's overture of peace. If the evil Barrack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing "Nothing", the peace praise should be renamed "The Trump Peace Prize" in honor of the American President Donald Trump.
LaughTooHard (16 days ago)
I love this woman and I remember the rally. It wasn't very widely reported after this event, but a veteran arrived at her home shortly after the rally to protect her and her son. I think he drove all the way from Texas to do this.
Deplorable Pam (17 days ago)
God Bless her..
Ali Mohammond (17 days ago)
David Hogg is Adam lanza from sandy hook!
Daniel Penn (17 days ago)
Lord God Almighty, bless her, save her, in Jesus name
Alan Lloyd (18 days ago)
Of course Trump was never anything the fake news accused him of. The Democrats are finished unless they stop calling everyone a racist, sexist, etcccc. The country is seeing thru that bullshit agenda. Fuck the alt-left
Larry Labonte (19 days ago)
trump is such a misogynist, right liberals
Patricia Cosgrove (20 days ago)
Hate to write this but isn’t trump getting credit for one thing and someone is not mentioning all the horrible stuff he is guilty of? Give us s break!
Patricia Cosgrove (20 days ago)
How sad that she supports trump . He’s a fake ‘ she is so mistaken!
beth robb (20 days ago)
This woman is delusional, I am sorry she is ill, but can’t understand what she is seeing when thanking trump for WHAT? Seems a set up to me!!
Gregorio Gould (16 days ago)
My God ! Can't you find any good in this ?
Brian Wellbrock (20 days ago)
Fun fact: When Fox called Pennsylvania you could see her in the crowd of supporters crying. I remember thinking that she was georgous and boom here I see her. Unbeliveable.
leslie scirrotto (20 days ago)
Free Speech this Woman has the right to Praise anyone thar She wants too
Benito Juarez (21 days ago)
Otherwise, he calls contestants overweight, Miss Housekeeping and pigs.
Elaine Sensiper` (22 days ago)
One women. The screen time he got by doing this, is why he did it. Has he ever helped a non beautiful, poor, homeless?
thom torrez (22 days ago)
Leftist liberals have no souls .
Tiffany Frehley (22 days ago)
........Ummmmmmm,, ..... if you are awake, ...... theeeennn .... you know what I am seeing and thinking, lol. ..... hilarious and in your face folks. .......
HuckFinn (23 days ago)
According to Trump he grabbed her pussy; that's a helluva lot of gratitude!!!
Mark Thompson (23 days ago)
Ahhhh that's touching
Rick Insanitorium (23 days ago)
I honestly thought it was another woman he paid hush money for sex.
Perchjerker (23 days ago)
God Bless you young lady. May Gods grace heal you!
lark6spur (24 days ago)
Did he grab her by the pussy???
lark6spur (24 days ago)
Is she dead yet????
Claudine Schultz (26 days ago)
God Bless you, thank you Melissa for your courage. President Trump is my hero. I just love our flag & country, it hurts me deeply to see all the corruption & disrespect around us. I just hope I can well get & live long enough to meet him too.
Brian Liu (28 days ago)
Well say that 'People with People have the Different Connection and Feeling, Its really HARD to tell Who is Score 1 or Score 9.99...depending the Chemistry.
Chris Estes (28 days ago)
remember that guy throwing his shoe it George w,Trump would've caught the shoe in mid flight and thrown it right back at and probably hit the journalists,that's my man trump...
ViKing Tut (29 days ago)
The 182 people who disliked this video should commit suicide.
ViKing Tut (29 days ago)
I remember the time a woman said this for? ?? Well no one I can think of but I'm sure that some other candidate for president did something like this? ?? Or not.
Surely this WOMAN doesn't fit the looney-left-leaning narrative of what is a "woman".
dontdrinkthecoolaide (29 days ago)
he pays all his bitches not kindness
Michelle Marie (30 days ago)
Melissa, yay! You look wonderful and my eyes are tearing up. You passion to see the right person lead our nation. Thank you for sharing your experience.
al ebay (1 month ago)
Melissa Young  ...you are truly  beautiful inside and out. and forever miss USA...
Perry Berman (1 month ago)
Good thing Melania was there. Otherwise, he'd probably want to fuck her too. Then the financial aid would've been hush money.
Heidi Elle (1 month ago)
Another positive story about Donald Trump. It's nice to see and hear this lovely lady share her experience. I get so weary of the decontextualized, incomplete, deliberately slanted news stories. Truth is not truth without balance.
Ronny Sterling (1 month ago)
He is the greatest president since George Washington isn’t he?
Shafonda Sheppard (1 month ago)
I really hope she can make it to another rally and this is coming from a black woman 😎
Mr Mister (1 month ago)
This right here should shoot down the MSM that President Trump is a heartless cruel shill of a man and she’s not the only miss America contestant to support then candidate Trump but you’ll never see MSLSD or the Clinton News Network report on any of these fine women...
TrumpStrong58 (1 month ago)
Life is short! VOTE TRUMP !!
Few Good (1 month ago)
She shows real trump. Knew him in person. Not all u don't like trump. But all don't care kind person he is. . He good at what he is doing and great for r country. Others don't like cause he getting trash out and people n swamp done us bad,lie,steal money,leaks and rape others,treat like shit. And want u try think he bad mad...well, out all swamp,u not know good person if seen. Don't want change how is cause not better for u all ...they keep same to keep getting what want u get pd to much money now. Treat us true Americas bad. Want let bad people n and doors open. If u want then everyone of u need have some of them b your neighbors.if say no cause u pussy...but comes to it your asses scream running for help...Hell like other countries come n then give place live. Oh then u get place by inter cities where get around with it all and no matter see they do don't turn them in cause u like them...u dick suckers...Give them a room n house .u want them here but if ask to do I bet u say hell no.......if think they good people always stand beside..if they do nothing wrong b around u not all americas......I do not want us Americans hurt but if let n then should be with u all cause u love them and up there ass and just as guilty take tow truck try get u out and that might not get u out..Trump gets second turn..love trump. Done more here n short time and lot better than all President .swamp hates and lot more cause took a outsider prove all bad n ther. Swamp and sex ,stalker corruption,u name it.....and people crazy if want keep u all for 8 years than u turn n to like swamp.....swamp had it set up get all want and all get and stuff think will not get caught in. They protecting Hillary and all she done to us. Steal give r money bad countries any build nuclear weapons for them. So so much more did wrong...if was normal person like us then u no r ass b in jail so fast. So why not get Hillary ass n jail.. trump kept his word to people and got all said will and still doing it.... I think 8-10 should b all the time person can b a senator or congressman..in so long now some got get out There bed just have them come set in.....10 yrs most serve there. Just like President.. look how dam long they been in they so bad and corrupted and hurt us and just help them self and get all want. It change if can't stay long......so mad and tired can't c type...say misspelled lot but sleepy...u get point......I know r state voting for trump next time.......go trump win it......
B N (1 month ago)
You can just feel the warmth from her heart and soul. God's Speed beautiful lady
Eloisa Macal (1 month ago)
God bless you!
Alexander Hart (1 month ago)
See you morons on the left and other haters Trump doesnt have to care about ppl but he not only cares for everyone but even to the point of caring for individual ppl so so much for you ppl saying Trump doesnt care
Greatnews4me2 (1 month ago)
👍 great job Trump
B Bender (1 month ago)
God bless and be with Melissa Young, even suffering illness; very beautiful. I believe that President Trump's compassion is well documented. Google the You Tube story on the HOMELESS WOMAN then Mr. Trump housed, feed and supported in Trump Tower
Kelly Cobb (1 month ago)
Yeah, Whoopi and JOY, have this woman on your show!! Trump is awesome!👍🙂
Rusty Wallace (1 month ago)
There's an American going to die yet still is great full for being treated as a valued human being.
Marion Zulty (1 month ago)
Bar Accosta from white House briefing s!!!!!!!!!!
ThXGOD (1 month ago)
She is the image of true bravery.
fred davis (1 month ago)
Thank you and God bless you and your family.
Sam Gibson (1 month ago)
Beautiful person in and out. I pray that God's power heal you Melissa.
Ramiro (1 month ago)
You appreciation is displaced. You should be thanking your Physicians instead of a rambling lunatic. No sympathy from me
nina kay (1 month ago)
I never meet Mr President but I always felt that he is a real gentleman with a kind heart and great spirit I love him and his entire family....
klimber10001 (1 month ago)
I remember, I remember.... BULLSHIT. Fat orange cyst is on his way out :-)
Marie Saqueton (1 month ago)
The Trump this lady is talking about is the real kind person few people know. As she said, he is a very generous and kind man.
10tenman10 (1 month ago)
She is very classy. If her disease is truly terminal then she's really speaking from her heart. No one could pay her for her feelings and sincerity.
Heart Warming, and saddening at the same time. Shes such a pretty lady.
Lionel Mandrake (1 month ago)
I'm waiting for the libs to attack her. Surprisingly, not yet. Hope with all my heart for a miracle for this woman.
D Back (1 month ago)
Finally we have a real president of the United States 🇺🇸
Jordan Boyle (1 month ago)
CNN would never show this !!!
Zomya Myoaung (1 month ago)
You are a such beautiful woman and you made it a great point on our President
Thomas Burgin (1 month ago)
The Clintons have been helping millions and millions worldwide for 20 yrs now. Ask a Trumpster and that bitch has done nothing but ruin this country. Trump gets this person to show up and now Trump has a hart of gold, knowing Trump that woman is fine and he paid her. Its just amazing how a scumbag like Trump can fool so many, it makes me sick, opps I just puked in a Trumpsters mouth, spear me the Fox News dribble. Everything about Fox News is a con, just like Trump. I really hope Fox gets caught up in the web of criminality that is Trump, just for protecting Trump and turning the Fox News audience against the world press and against US intelligence agency's. Fox should have to pay a price for turning conservatives into moronic fukn assholes.
seattlejayde (2 months ago)
Oh Puleez ... sick woman comes to rally to thank this crook??? Really??? So fake.
RedneckSpaceMan (2 months ago)
My heart breaks for that lady.
Greinker The juicy fart (3 months ago)
what condition does she have ?
LAST ZODIAC (3 months ago)
That's a man by the way!
Mitch Match (3 months ago)
Is she still alive?
Ali Mohammond (3 months ago)
thank you Trump from Dearborn, Michigan here, my prayers are with this lady!
protectbodythetans (3 months ago)
I guess she didnt die...
Mark Thompson (4 months ago)
Uhhhs, That's touching.
Hangfire-13 (4 months ago)
hunkey monkey (4 months ago)
Have no idea why this is not trending. Trump truly cares, brought tears to my eyes.
zomg222 (4 months ago)
168 libnazi scumbags disliked this video.....
rain rain (4 months ago)
One part of him is good person other part is ughhhhhh😷he is libra or gemini or pieces
Samson Pagon (4 months ago)
Really people are that full of hate that they will thumb down this story!!..WAOH!!...just WAOH!!.. I don't know if this beautiful lady is still with us, but I would just like to say, you are a strong, brave woman, I will keep you and your son in my Prayers. God Bless you, from a Sister in Christ, in Scotland 🙏 💞
Lupe Morado (4 months ago)
Es asqueroso como en fox news usan estos casos y a estas personas.
Criss Cringall (4 months ago)
President Donald Trump is a true patriot.
D.Meyod (4 months ago)
It killed me to watch both grandmothers die slowly from cancer. Knowing this young woman, with so much life to live, is facing the fact of most probable certain early death is so heartbreaking to me. For her. And for her family. I hope she has the utmost comfort and peace in whatever happens in her journey or end of it.
Pathway Heaven (4 months ago)
So sweet
Awenda (4 months ago)
Absolutely. Democrats are always full of shit. Pelosi doesn’t even know that Bush isn’t President. God Bless Mr. Trump! Melissa keep fighting.Why are Brits so interested in America? certainly they have enough troubles of their own....Muslims are taking over Britain. Sad. At least the man has a great set of balls!
Fat Abbott (4 months ago)
Oh Melissa you are a beautiful and brave woman...fight it and get through it. Love from me in the U.K.
CMSTester (4 months ago)
Does anyone know how the former Miss Wisconsin is doing... hopefully she's still with us
SKMC69 (4 months ago)
I can't get any info. No idea
Watogo (4 months ago)
Trumps changing American life also for the better. Our prayers Melissa.
Nicholas Kazantzidis (4 months ago)
It is amazing how I never saw this before. Cnn would rather blow up than show President trump is any good light.
Matthew Mcgrory (4 months ago)
Melisa Young...bless you.
HighsNBurgers (4 months ago)
Trump fights for the one-ness of America. One to one with Trump, people love him.
William Kiene (4 months ago)
I am embarrassed for all Democrats........they believe all the lies about Trump......such sad confused people.
ConanTheRepublican (4 months ago)
As of 2/3/18...we have 158 ISIS members voting this down.
Margaret S (4 months ago)
call me you don't have to die you are too young God wants you well Please call me! We have a support centre to show you the "Way" to healing
Samuel Davidson (4 months ago)
Oh man, she's a super fox, it's the deepest of tragedies when such beauty dies. I hope I look a quarter as good when I'm dying!!!
Diesel Dog (4 months ago)
i hate make up
John Plum (4 months ago)
Mr.Trump said that before the election the whole world was laughing at the USA but that was a lie because after Obama was elected into office the whole world began to show more respect towards the USA but after Mr.Trump got elected the whole world look at the USA with less respect realizing that they could elect such a man like Mr.Trump & by Mr.Trump's own words as if he prophesied it into existence the whole world is now laughing at the USA! Christians believe they have picked the best person to run the country because there are even some Christians who have made comments that Mr.Trump election is a miracle of God & that he didn't get help by the Russians - that being said then they also must think Hitler's election was a miracle of God as well since Mr.Trump has commented that he read Hitler's book & seems to have used the same tactics as he did to get elected. Plus where it says in the book say a lie long enough & people will start to believe it! Like some people now believe in evolution! Americans now believe ALL men are created equal except Mr.Trump as he is above everyone else & the law chosen by God & their motto - In God We Trust – has become - In Guns & Trump we trust - just as Hitler convinced the Germans they were a victimized nation & that they were above everyone else & that he was the only one who could fix the problem so elect him – so has Mr.Trump convinced 1/3 of Americans that they are a victimized nation by all other countries & nationalities that are taking advantage of USA so elect him as he is the only one who can fix it - but just as the Bible says - For those who exalt themselves will be humbled & those who humble themselves will be exalted – the rest is history in Germany - So now what does America have to look forward to also! Look around the world at all the civilizations that have come to be destroyed & were left to become Ancient ruins because they thought they were better than their neighbour & above the law - By the way he's a German descendant which I also have some in me - where my stubbornness comes from – also why the white supremacist voted for him & Trump’s victory was met with cheers & Nazi salutes - Hail Trump! The reason Mr.Trump likes Putin is that Mr.Putin takes advantage of his office to enrich himself & deprive the Russian people. All this fake news being created & passed around - even what D.Trump is doing by saying all the media is spreading fake news about him - is nothing more than Satan's way to repeat a lie to get people to believe it & to divide the USA & the world - for a kingdom divided will not stand! Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven - Jesus's kingdom of creation - life - brotherly love & togetherness or Satan's kingdom of destruction - death - brotherly hate & division - War is nothing more than hell on earth & those that like to bring it on are doing Satan's will as he is the author of death & destruction. That is why Jesus said do not think I came to bring peace as he knew this was Satan's kingdom & was opposed to - life - brotherly love & togetherness & would do anything to bring the opposite to the world once Jesus started to preach to - Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you - If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them - Luke 6:27-36 - Mr.Trump likes those who like him & likes to threaten those who don't like him! Two men full of hate for those that hate them - they don't care how many deaths or lives may be affected by war just as long as it does not affect them! Mr.Trump is a natural con man & says John McCain is a war hero to other people but not a war hero in his eyes because he was captured - that being said that means he feels every Christian that was captured - tortured or killed were not Christians including Jesus! - Well Trump in my eyes is not much of a businessman when he had to declare bankruptcy 4 or 6 times or much of a hero went he picks on those who seem weaker or different then him! So this should be easy for Trump to declare bankruptcy for the USA as he has done it 6 times before - In July 1991 - Trump’s Taj Mahal filed for bankruptcy - He could not keep up with debts on 2 other Atlantic City casinos & those 2 properties declared bankruptcy in 1992 - A 4th property the Plaza Hotel in New York declared bankruptcy in 1992 after amassing debt - 2 more bankruptcies filed after 1992 totaling 6 - Trump Hotels & Casinos Resorts filed for bankruptcy again in 2004 after accruing about $1.8 billion in debt. Trump Entertainment Resorts also declared bankruptcy in 2009 after being hit hard during the 2008 recession. In all 4 of Mr.Trump's bankruptcies he help cause them by getting high payments & not reinvesting into the places - so those who lost out where his investors - those who did work on the places & all the people that were out of a job after the bankruptcies! Mr.Trump but thousands out of work as well as the business that closed because they never got payed! So the only one who benefited by the situation was Trump. He doesn't pay taxes & seems to have worked to give the rich a big tax break so he will never have to paid taxes again – The only way Mr.trump can live the way he has is by taking advantage of others - as he says SAD very SAD! - Or is SAD Trumps way of signing off - Satan's Apprenticing Devil D.J.Trump - Oh what are you saying that - I said that Mexico would pay for the wall - we would give everyone healthcare at a low price - give low income people tax breaks - protect the LGBTQ – DACA community & women equal rights – my my I think you're mistaken I thought I said Mexico would watch us build a wall - give the rich a better health-care & tax break – stop the LGBTQ community from entering the military & other organizations as they are not persons – make sure women don't get the same pay for the same job men do as they are smaller than men – except my wife & my daughter Ivanka! Destroy DACA as it isn't helping us & by the way this is all Obama & the Democrats fault this is happening to our country plus no ties to Russia fake news I only sell ties in the USA & other countries! Oh & Jesus He knows I don't lie.... the golf balls on the green I put them on the tee! - Oh & don't go & see The Big Sick it will just make you sick! SAD! - Oh Remember I said if someone speaks well of me I'll speak well of them so yes Nazi White Supremacist are fine people! & black people who kneel are Son of a B...h - No liar will enter the Kingdom of Heaven! Mr.Trump wants to build a wall by asking for $29-billion to do it! That means he could give everyone in Mexico $227,450.98 instead so they wouldn't need to come to the USA & save him to have to build it in the 1st place but not everyone is broke in Mexico so he could give to those who are even more & those that are not broke less!
Chichirica Paota (4 months ago)
Wonder how much they gave her. Just saying.
SKMC69 (4 months ago)
You're a fucking loser.

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