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Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing Their $hit Over Bitcoin

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Arjun Dev (6 months ago)
India is riddled with religious political tyranny and atleast not as worst as Pakistan and Afghanistan but still, the poisonous hidden socialist roots in it's political system, are destroying its citizens and controlling their lives 😐😕👺
Space Xplorer (6 months ago)
They are getting mad about crypto because they fear losing their control over populations. Banking is the biggest scam of all times, not cryptos !
Phil Osophical (6 months ago)
He feels exactly how i feel about the corrupt banking system. The bankster fraudsters and go and drown
johnny30806 (6 months ago)
I think Bitcoin is the "Phoenix" rising, created by the Fed to make US Citizens and citizens around the world to lose faith in the fiat currencies. Thus intentionally crashing the entire system, and the Fed can blame it on citizens and swoop in to be the savior of the world economic collapse. Just my two cents, and still stacking metals watching this all play out. In other words the Fed is Satoshi Nakamoto
John Dickinson (6 months ago)
4:07 delicious!
I'm from Merefa (6 months ago)
With such rates of development of the block, the dollar does not remain long ...
Art TV (6 months ago)
Two enthusiastic thumbs up - fine holiday fun.
Piotr P (6 months ago)
love this intro
jack black (6 months ago)
On RT they got an expert on to discuss Bitcoin (Peter shill schiff) ....he done a very similar Ah, oh, I don't know....I don't know....I don't know...!!! He's such a dick head...!!!
rhea morden (6 months ago)
DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency and 100% secure account and 100% untraceable send/recieve through TOR network. This commnuity has a great promising project and they have largest community and good invest.
Dalibor Atlija (6 months ago)
I can say I am a Keynesian, and I haven't lost it :) I find it to be a, non expected, but for sure a modern improvement. If we would only debate all theories over and over we would go nowhere from here. I also support lots of other cryptocurrencies. Be sure to check eBitcoin or Deeponion. They both utilised a modern airdrop distribution approach and have strong communities. Deeponion is also developing strong marketing solutions and could come out as a next Bitcoin (as Bitcoin is currently commonly used as a synonim for cryptos, a strong marketing is the only way for alts to break out of that stigma).
Marie Shiella (6 months ago)
It's crazy because of Bitcoin already hit $16,000, But Do you know DeepOnion ? It's an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency , it's have a good feature and they have a biggest community
Edward (6 months ago)
Should I empty my bank account and buy Bitcoin
Wonza99 Channel (6 months ago)
The objective of them will always be to control our currencies in some way because a free market of coins will be the destruction of the banking business ... Luckily I am meeting DeepOnion that for those who know it is a 100% anonymous currency I recommend you give an opportunity
MisterLG (6 months ago)
Haha of course they are losing their shit now Bitcoin is growing so fast that they can not handle it anymore. There is no way that they will be able to fight this anymore. One of the projects I am looking forward to see developed is the DeepOnion coin. They able users to send and receive transactions via the tor network, being completely anonymous with their DeepSend feature which will be released in early 2018.... Looking forward to the replies of the governments then!!! hahahah
Hybrit Xero (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video, I liked it) While the bitcoin is bubbling around and bitcoin is blown up like a bubble, the new anonymous coin DeepOnion confidently goes ahead and for the last week has grown 2 times.
Mahdi Al Sukairi (6 months ago)
Nice videos mate, DeepOnion is great timely because of the need for anonymity in doing transactions to protect ourselves from people who are up to no good. I can see great future for the coin because the developers and community are working hand in hand to promote it to more possible investors.
Ferma CHC (6 months ago)
hahaha, they really lose control over bitcoin. what they will do now? I think there is obvious targets - exchanges. They can hit hard there and they will. The only question - when! And before they strike we need to return our investments fast, I go with DeepOnion - cause AIrdrops they running give more then 25% per month! And if governments wants to see your payments, they can't do so with deep onion, its untraceable!
rjlacanlaled (6 months ago)
They should lose it, Bitcoin is taking over the world together with other anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero and DeepOnion. The future looks great for currency.
Oyewale Alabi (6 months ago)
Thanks for your videos on financial breakthrough. As most of your videos are on cryptocurrency, I'd suggest you do vidoe on deeponion. Deeponion is a great cryptocurrency with a great deal of potential to boom soon. It operates on TOR network. Just check it out on deeponion.org.
So... where do I get a loan from Bitcoin Tycoons to develop real estate in Mr. Ver's Fantasy Island? Time share buildings would be cool, no?
c'mon DUDE... they aren't panicking. Where do you think the money is coming from to cause this price rise? LiberNerds with a laptop or smartphone?
Brandon Pumphrett (6 months ago)
dude ur a legend...... i cant help waking up and watching ur shit every morning....... morning being a few hours ahead being in south africa... the very intro to sticks in my head all day long
VAMPIRE IRON (6 months ago)
Kinda glad I bought 3000 coins in 2011 lol.
FERRARI FUND (6 months ago)
My favorite cryptocurrency moving into 2018 is DeepOnion! Privacy coin built on top of Tor check it out!
Tanisha Adjo (6 months ago)
$17k now
Alexeon Lta (6 months ago)
guys, pay attention to a very cool project called a DeepOnion, this is one of the best coins for 2018 for investing !
Chriss Biggs (6 months ago)
Central Banks will always try to ban or abuse the BTC. So for this reason there is privacy coins. The best privacy coin right now is DeepOnion because of it's feature that combines TOR network that hides IP of the wallet user. And after the next feature DeepSend get's released it will be completely untraceable transactions with extremely low fees and fast speeds! I suggest it for everyone to check it out and joine the DeepOnion community if you also want some free DeepOnion!
Crypto Rootz (6 months ago)
Passive Income From Alt-Coins for 2018 https://youtu.be/pKNj8oSg1KU
Matt ward (6 months ago)
Bitcoin is a short lived beanie baby craze which will go down as the ultimate bubble.  People who got in early will bank big bucks or metals but those who were late to the hype will get eaten alive.
Maestro Pc (6 months ago)
Really good video, keep it up! it would be really good to see a video in your channel about a really good coin called DeepOnion. I invested in this coin about 3 mounths ago and the price is really high compared with that date, and the dev team is inplementing a lot of good features.
Mari4nne (6 months ago)
Central Banks & Governments still can stop Bitcoin if they want with some measures that will scare investors. Anonymous cryptocurrencies like DeepOnion are more difficult to be controled so I have started moving to those type of cryptos.
Mary Gonzales (6 months ago)
Now there is no way for a Bitcoin to turn back it's only one way for BTC! Also there is a Privacy Coin DeepOnion that has been staying at same price while BTC is being going up. It's a very good coin to chose for the investment and to hold as it will be worth at least x10 in closest months. DeepOnion team is doing good work so i am very happy with the Coin and the active development that team is doing :)
jossy Chancay (6 months ago)
Hi Vigilante! very good news, cryptos are the pivot point of freedom
Joseph Moss (6 months ago)
People should be discussing the upcoming war with legislature more thoroughly, in preparation of FUD. Like these people; https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@averageguy/crypto-for-the-average-the-upcoming-bitcoin-war
v b (6 months ago)
We live in a wonderful time. I am very glad that I have previously invested in Bitcoin and now enjoy its flight. I also invested in DeepOnion, this is a very promising and anonymous crypto currency. I advise you to get acquainted with this project
Gigi Bebe (6 months ago)
I invested in deeponion a weeks ago and this is a great cyptocurrency. the value of coin here is rising every single day so i recommend to check this out!
aakabli86 (6 months ago)
Quick question, Tron Token is on the top traded cryptos and its price is increasing, do you think we should buy it???
Crypto Stock (6 months ago)
Great video
Andrew VanNess (6 months ago)
Great video to listen to while hodling for my family's future! Thanks for the laugh Jeff, let's get Barack DroneBomber in jail!
Detroit Steve (6 months ago)
Fuck 'em!!! Hope they shrivel and die!!!
Tas Perifimou (6 months ago)
If you pay the TDV subscription fee, he will tell you when to sell Bitcoin and buy gold, also he will ensure that you hold 95% of your investment in Gold and only hold 5% in crypto. I do not believe he will ever sell his bitcoin cash so you will be hedged against both sides of any arguments.
Electron Resonator (6 months ago)
why did you do this?, you glorify bitcoin while it's just a program that runs by a lot of computers, the idea of bitcoin itself comes from a person, why don't you learn a bit about bitcoin from the point view of the person who make it, Satoshi deliberately make himself become anonymous and even he mined 1 million of bitcoin, he never spend it at once just to keep bitcoin price afloat and rising, and after 2010 he never touch it again, look how he moves, he consider many things seriously even when bitcoin just worth 4 dollars in 2010
Michaël Denecker (6 months ago)
Thanks for making my day Jeff !
destiny's remorse (6 months ago)
cryptomakingmoney.com (6 months ago)
Amazing video - Love It
Giordano Cosanni (6 months ago)
One of your best....
Elliot (6 months ago)
HAHAHA Hopefully they will need a new job soon epic!
Tao Jones (6 months ago)
Great video!
U da bomb...love your truth!!!#
Dennis M (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/guNrsaOZrgo You sure bitcoin is a thing governments are trying to control? Seems like it is something they created. See video please and let me know your thoughts. Thank you from long term follower.
Jim Miklas (6 months ago)
How will these deranged fucks pay for their wars?
Борис Бритва (6 months ago)
As for me the best cryptocurrency to invest today is DeepOnion! Its grows up every day and have a good project!
Fadi A (6 months ago)
dont forget you couldnt buy alt coins without fiat currency.
metal garurumon (6 months ago)
I admire u anarchy Jeff berwick without work like a debt slave like the rest of human on this planet u are millionaire and have fun
Paul Hackett (6 months ago)
The Venezuelan crisis might present some opportunities but I can't figure out what they could be Any ideas?
Candymimi H (6 months ago)
Besides of BTC, please also consider other potential crypoto, such as DeepOnion. It has huge community and powerful anonymous technology. It might be the next Dash/Monroe, and finally will beat them.
Candymimi H (6 months ago)
Besides of BTC, please also consider other potential crypoto, such as DeepOnion. It has huge community and powerful anonymous technology. It might be the next Dash/Monroe, and finally will beat them.
Barry Dutton Sells Homes (6 months ago)
Jeff that was another beauty LOL.
Cam raiD (6 months ago)
Rockin it.
Idan S. (6 months ago)
Bitcoin is the most vertical chart he has ever seen? Should check the dollar chart he might learn something new. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/7guh08/this_bitcoin_chart_is_insane_oh_wait_thats/?st=JAVXO94E&sh=b0147113
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B1RK0N3_7k010 PS4 M0DS $15500
Gorilla Dojo (6 months ago)
Markos D. (6 months ago)
HaAAAAAA stiglitz
SCAN IMAL (6 months ago)
Blockchain IS the platform building the AI's intelligence for our full spectrum control system ,Cryptocurrencies are the cheese to get us all in the trap....No Crypto's are not our savior and Yes it may wipe out central banks but it will just shift to a greater level of centralized AI control.It will rise and rise ,maybe even to 100K or more and then Everyone will be locked out,the only way to access it will THEN BE TO TAKE THE MARK,THIS IS HOW THE MARK WILL BE ACCEPTED AND DEMANDED,THE GREEDY WILL NOT WANT TO LOSE THIER MASSIVE GAINS AND WILL TAKE THE CHIP OR WHATEVER THEY FORCE ON YOU. Anthony Patch broke it down perfectly. Full armour of God is the only way GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Mark Lane (6 months ago)
10 banksters dislike this ... hahaha
Pip Santos (6 months ago)
Mark Lane That's my number one reason why I joined this "bubble." Haha. I don't care whether its a bubble or a gigantic digital sphere. If bitcoin will crash to 1USD per btc tomorrow, am still not selling. Bitcoin is a big middle fing3r up central bankers' a55es. I want that fing3r to stay there. Haha.
Robert Lefebvre (6 months ago)
Jeff Berwick Stop giving the Federal Reserve credit when it isn't due! You say they "print" money. Heck, it would cost them $0.14 to print a $100 phony note and they want that profit. They just hit a keyboard now to create trillions! Printing money is so archaic. Their fraud has gone massively digital and we need to stop saying they are so slow at their evil that they are printing the fraud. Plus, printing leaves a paper trail while their digital fraud can be BleachBited away with a few more keystrokes!
Pip Santos (6 months ago)
Robert Lefebvre Imagine I, a poor third world nobody, can actually open the world's ledger of account and trace back the bitcoin I have to its creation. That is a sobering truth to discover. And the thought I have an entry in this ledger makes me so happy. I am not a slave. My money has an honest history.
JohnnyBGood11 (6 months ago)
Jeff you were almost spot on about the IRS, I went to an IRS seminar in Chicago today the IRS has 82,000 employees and the agent spoke of bitcoin and said those cases will be difficult but will be able to have some paper trails and we can only ask people do yo have a bitcoin wallet and if so what's the password...he said his criminal division is 3% of the IRS budget and they go after stuff like EIC and Child tax credit fraud laundering cash not a whole lot of man power to check every lead on bitcoin..you're right if something happens open a dummy wallet have someone send you some bitcoin send it a way and say here it is agent I've been hacked it's going around...lol
Duda Dadu (6 months ago)
Now all we need is a solid p2p wireless mesh network and they'll never be able to stop it.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (6 months ago)
Sarcasm Level 1000% Great Video Jeff hahah That Old Man Mumble Jumbling was hilarious 😂😂😂
Vercusgames (6 months ago)
Keep debt far far from crypto. That's the future the human race needs. Fiat can spend that time fixing it's crap!
Pip Santos (6 months ago)
Vercusgames Andrew Province They'll fix crap with crap and end up with a crappier crap. Lol.
Andrew Province (6 months ago)
"Straight to the moon - bitcoin all the way up" - TDV <3
Pip Santos (6 months ago)
Andrew Province They'll fix crap with crap and end up with a crappier crap. Lol.
Rol M (6 months ago)
Futures will starts trading for the reason, so that they can short bitcoin, same as gold, that is bad for bitcoin
Hugo Sabato (6 months ago)
NBU South East (6 months ago)
Cook hose juice? xD
Freeda Birda (6 months ago)
I'm sure IRS (illegal ripoff service) will be after stealing people's money as tax
m h (6 months ago)
Gulage wouldn't let me watch this for 10 minutes
TesteBeta Beta (6 months ago)
Talk about IOTA
Jamaad Walker (6 months ago)
Let's not rub it in ! B humble
Ethin 9 (6 months ago)
Hi Vigilante! I saw some of your videos and they fixed my mind! Recently i got into the crypto-world with some DeepOnions, the total anonymous digital currency, i feel like finding back power and indipendence. Yeah, i think people should have back their power and invest in some of the cryptos, we can't miss the boat to freedom anymore.
Ganeshram Krishnamoorthy (6 months ago)
People will soon talk about other emerging cryptos for example deeponion. It can be called as budding bitcoin.
Ramesh Pathak (6 months ago)
Governments will try to do everything to stop flow of money from stocks, banks to Cryptos. Bitcoin and other cryptos are unstoppable. You should make video on DeepOnion coin. It is TOR based anonymous crypto currency with privacy features like DeepVault and DeepSend.
Luigio Kamar (6 months ago)
Good video Jeff! Bitcoin is growing very good many new investors coming in and BTC is staying strong. Also there is a Crypto DeepOnion that is completely Private Coin based on user Anonymity. The DeepOnion is also very fast and fees are cheap ! It's a good coin to take look at ;)
Suzy Q (6 months ago)
Jeff, you'll love this article, they decline to mention that ALL the markets they compare BTC to are in HUGE bubbles......ha ha ha, enjoy reading this one! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/calm-down-cryptocurrency-still-microscopic-154923408.html "Calm Down. Cryptocurrency Is Still a Microscopic Asset in the Financial Market.00"
D Rutter (6 months ago)
It's 13k but still has a while to go before my tiny fraction is going to make much difference! It's still great to watch. Been following bitcoin almost since it started.
Dennis de Ruiter (6 months ago)
Charles Patterson (6 months ago)
Bitcoin and Etherium are not 'Securities.' Bitcoin and Etherium are ''Utility software." 34EKE5JfPUokJmX21T8CtqQtY5nubMdQYQ 0x88D5E603B37E8e7E1E13062421eCc2EF8a4d8930
Davey Jones (6 months ago)
BTC at $13,340! (1PM MST)
ash smitty (6 months ago)
Shhhhh shhhhhh I l love it tooo.
Jc Hedrick (6 months ago)
That one made me laugh. Great video!
cjean (6 months ago)
Bahaha. Laughed so hard. "uh...uh....uh..."
Jenny Cartwright (6 months ago)
YES! Come see me at Jenny Cartwright is Talking about Coins; )
lotjeboerboel (6 months ago)
I like bitcoin, but I love anonymous cryptocurrency like Dash and Monero. Best newcomer and in my opinion the on with the brightest future ahead is DeepOnion. This is where all Bitcoin owners will go to if governments keep creating more laws to gain control.
SKIP AD (6 months ago)
Holy s#it... Here comes the long awaited crash. Bitcoins $50000 in a week.
Suzy Q (6 months ago)
I wish YouTube had a LOVE button! this is so exciting, love your direct and to the point videos on these control freak losers!
tikklemeemo (6 months ago)
Thats right Bitcoin not btrash...y are you still making videos on Bitcoin. Your Bitcoin btrash is at $1500 down 11% today
Federal Reserve (6 months ago)
Rob Moore (6 months ago)
Best editing in the world, ever @ 4:10
Philip Kennedy (6 months ago)
Man, crazy when $12k BTC is "old news" only a few hours after it's posted. -Phil
trevor toerien (6 months ago)
you're the man jeff, we love you, keep up the great work
Mark jackson (6 months ago)
decentraland is the future buy now or cry later

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