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High Performance Blockchain / HPB - The Chinese EOS ?

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High Performance Blockchain is being billed as China's EOS. Is this a fair comparison? What is HPB bring to the table? Contract Address for adding custom token to MEW https://ethplorer.io/address/0x38c6a68304cdefb9bec48bbfaaba5c5b47818bb2 Get a great range of the hottest coins on Binance! https://www.binance.com/register.html?ref=10192350 Secure your coins with a hardware wallet! Get the Ledger Nano S https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/6877 Follow me on https://steemit.com/@larksongbird Follow me on https://twitter.com/TheCryptoLark Follow me on https://www.facebook.com/TheCryptoLark/ Get 3% off on Genesis Mining - nBiS6j Mine Bitcoin on Hashflare https://hashflare.io/r/4B0EA9A Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice - please do your own research before risking your own money! Thanks for watching! Please like, subscribe, and share if you found this useful! Questions or comments please e-mail [email protected]
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Text Comments (147)
Eoin Keane (20 days ago)
Bit of an update would be nice,
hunterthe4th (1 month ago)
$1.28 right now. Time to scoop some up #buythedip
Al DeTrolio (3 months ago)
Great coin... but... it needs a RE-BRAND !!! LOL ...HPB POSSIBLE RE-BRAND NAMES... TITAN, GOLIATH, TURBOCHAIN, ZEUS... maybe even JUGGLENAUT !! HA!
Banyan Network Family (3 months ago)
This video is very informative! You should also consider to make a video like this about Banyan Network (BBN). BBN is still so undervalued and under the radar.
fluidflow85 (3 months ago)
Lark have mentioned BBN in a video earlier when he talked about possible small cap gems. By the looks of it, he seemed very bullish :) Lark, please do a indepth review of BBN.
Immortalshade 245 (4 months ago)
Some bitch was telling me about this coin you can trade for it on binaince, I’m looking for it on there what’s it’s three letter name?
Buyin Downlow (5 months ago)
Lark there was some guy bashing you for your little long live the blockchain thing that you say. Do you know how if you watch somebody for so long you feel like you know that person and they're kind of like family it really pissed me off when he said that. His YouTube channel is called in it for the money. Keep up the great work bro and please don't ever let anybody like him change you
Buyin Downlow (5 months ago)
The Crypto Lark you're the best my friend. I can't wait to meet you one day at a meet up.
The Crypto Lark (5 months ago)
Don't worry "long live the blockchain" is going nowhere ;)
Joel Canon (5 months ago)
Main net will be end of Q2. So they accelerated their timeline. TPS testnet results will be end of this month. UNION PAY (visa and mastercard combined in China) project starts Q3. Check out the updated white paper.
The Crypto Lark (5 months ago)
Thanks for the updates !
James Yang (5 months ago)
Unionpay partnership finally confirmed in updated whitepaper! Launching Q3 2018!
Mike Triber (5 months ago)
HPB just hit 30k tps in public beta with no optimisation, the team us confident to achieve 1m tps by May :)
Mike Triber (5 months ago)
The Crypto Lark I love your work! The new white paper also came out yesterday on the new website, HPB will also be tapping into application scenarios such as Gaming: virtual currencies & items & Anti-counterfeit traceability as well as Smart big data. The partnership with UnionPay is also confirmed and they will be working together from Q4. The CS is now 28m as the final 50% of private investor tokens have now been unlocked (cmc was incorrect (suprise)). Check it out Crypto Lark :)
The Crypto Lark (5 months ago)
nice !
Soulloh (5 months ago)
Feel free to join a telegram group I created were we discuss the connections between HPB, CPC, BBN other coins and China https://t.me/CryptocurrencyConnections
juuu juuu (6 months ago)
Very rich pple watch it long term - poor and middle class short term.
CeeJiiJohnson (6 months ago)
HPB is borderline shit coin. Its too far behind in the smart contract platform of the future race. Just pure transaction speed is not enough, and even if it was, proving its secure and scalable takes years.
Namie Amuro (7 months ago)
Hi Lark, I'm confused why people are excited about this project. Just looked at their website, terrible design, poorly coded and with stock images! There is no github either listed on coinmarketcap. There Token is just a normal ERC20 Ethereum Token. So they don't even have a real network themselves. I can't find anything REAL about this project? Also this Token is listed on no major exchange. Have people gone mad now?! Or am I missing something here?
Namie Amuro (7 months ago)
Merkle rating for this Token: "So far, however, there is no clear use case for this token. It is listed on one or two smaller exchanges, but other than trading based on speculation, HPB served no purpose at the time of writing."
Namie Amuro (7 months ago)
Ok I found their github here: https://github.com/hpb-project It seems like they have not coded anything with regards to the project only code is for an ICO, so all talk and pure hype. Seems dangerous to me.
Sherif (7 months ago)
you should do ASMR VIDEOS
jamaican (7 months ago)
does anyone have any idea about masternode for hpb, how many coins do we need to hold for running up a masternode in future, theres nothing mentioned about it in their whitepaper yet, waiting for their new version of whitepaper ..
func (7 months ago)
there are no masternodes for hpb. it is dpos
Nick Pletting (7 months ago)
If you would like to buy HPB, i would recommend to buy it on Kucoin. I've got bad experience trading on Bibox. 1. someone logged in few times with a Chinese IP adres (i live in Europe) 2. My ethers where lost when i deposit it to Bibox (there was a problem with deposits) 3. Because there is almost no volume on Bibox there are big gaps in the orderbook. 4. I coudn't get my funds off for more than 2 weeks because there was a problem. But over all, i think it is worth it:)
VIP-Grinders.com (7 months ago)
High Performance Blockchain is a true gem and massively undervalued
nik vamv (7 months ago)
HPB is a long term hold, not for pumping and dumping. If that project succeeds and they manage to create the hardware they are researching it will be at top 10 without a doubt, sleeping giant..
crypto talk (7 months ago)
Watch video of what is high performance blockchain coin: https://youtu.be/-XCUrXjsbLQ
Briann Bargo (7 months ago)
Thanks for the info. I found another some more good info in this review. Pretty comprehensive, these guys cover everything in there - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_InatnWinc&t=133s
sainteal (7 months ago)
can this coin be stored on the nano ledger S?
Finch Anthony (7 months ago)
Lark please review THETA TOKEN !! Thank you :)
Strawny 81 (7 months ago)
Im in hpb and also checking out trinity network credit - its partnered with neo and will be huge - thoughts?
HoneyChai (7 months ago)
p.s. you seem like a Canadian in NZ not a Kiwi. I work with Brits, Kiwis and Aussies so I know the difference lol  Is your wife Kiwi so you moved there?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Grew up in the States accent stuck
HoneyChai (7 months ago)
Hi, you said we NEED to store HPB's token because it is ERC20. Are you saying that any time we buy ERC20 based coins we need to also be storing those corresponding tokens in MEW/MetaMask?  I understand holding tokens for ICOs but why for coins we already own? Please explain. I haven't done this for any of my ERC20 based tokens. Also, if you add the HPB or any other token to MEW but there is 0 balance how does that work? You send ETH to that contract address and it will automatically update the HPB token balance for you right? Then once we have HPB tokens in the wallet. What do you do with them? Wait until what? I mean what's the difference between holding HPB tokens in MEW and using actual HPB coins on Bibox? Thank you.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Hi! So it is highly recommended to store the tokens you own in a wallet like MyEtherWAllet, because if they are on an exchange you don't own them, the exchange does and the exchange can be hacked or you can be locked out of your account, it happens. Ask yourself how much do you trust Bibox exchange? That is just what I and many do, if you want to leave your coins on an exchange then be aware of the risks. Do not send anything to that contract address!! It is only used to add the token to your wallet. Wait until you want to sell, how long is up to you.
Josh N. (7 months ago)
Lark question for you, Is Github secure to download the Nav wallet?? Thank you
FH Divisionn (7 months ago)
Can you just leave the HPB in bibox??
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Ask yourslf how much do you trust Bibix to be in charge of your funds
Tim van Cromvoirt (7 months ago)
Hi Lark, great video! This is just copied from a reddit but you forgot to mention that the testnet is already being launched Q1 this year, which is pretty significant and also the 7:37 dude on the picture is not the CEO appearently.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
True, realized that after publishing!
Bcash sucks (7 months ago)
Loaded up on this one, thanks Lark!!
Haruspex (7 months ago)
Anyone know how much HPB cost during the ICO?
Tony Veigel (7 months ago)
Did you have to poop while making this video?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Fascinating feedback
Oliver McKiernan (7 months ago)
Im pretty heavy on the Chinese coins at the moment. hope it works out!!
harimauplayer (7 months ago)
Watcha have? (I only have OMG)
MacbETH (7 months ago)
Long live the lark!
Junk Man (7 months ago)
Love the highlander reference...there can only be one....dude talking about crypto.....on the internet. :)
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Haha!! Thanks Junk Man!
Gediminas Cibulskis (7 months ago)
guys, take a look iost.io it looks quite promising
Christopher Martin (7 months ago)
Can this be placed on Ledger Nano S??
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Yes, via MyEtherWallet
Jakub Štepanovský (7 months ago)
Hi Lark, don't you plan cover RedPulse in your video? Recently they have been invited to World Economic Forum 2018 where world leaders will be attended and RPX CEO will be speaking there :) I think one of legit project out there btw love your vids
Jakub Štepanovský (7 months ago)
Absolutely, check it out. The fact they are invited on such an event is very interesting for whole crypto space I think.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Hi! No plans to cover it again, made an ICO video about it, but maybe I should have a look!
Vman V (7 months ago)
Hpb was mentioned during Da Hong Fe's presentation(see slide re VM usage) in S Korea last week. They're due to release an updated Whitepaper in Feb as I understand it. The whitepaper isn't detailed enough, though this has been the case with quite a few chinese projects that have seen big growth in the past. Extremely low circulating supply(1/22 that of EOS with currently 28m - cmc has it wrong). Their marketing is next to zero, and on two relatively unknown exchanges. This is a massive project that if it were to reach EOS's mcap would do a 58x. Yes you read that correctly(8,490,081,530/146,400,507 = 57.99). Amodest growth projection for this is 7/8x in the next year. It will hit bigger exchanges and it will gain more attention during the NEODEV Con in the next month. It may take time and patience but HPB will hit the scene big time. I think it's one of the screaming buys out there.
I Exec (7 months ago)
HPB !!!!!!
John Fassetta (7 months ago)
Is BiBox relatively safe? I am concerned about getting it safely.
Eoin Keane (5 months ago)
use Kuc
GP 100 (7 months ago)
Yes bibox has been good to me
harimauplayer (7 months ago)
I used bibox to do CAT (bitclave) and I am happy I used Kucoin and I cannot withdraw $30 in GAS ... also from selling CAT ... but converting to GAS to move it to binance for free
Allen Lichner (7 months ago)
Just dropped in to give you a thumbs up! Please keep up all the hard work. We appreciate all you do for the crypto community.
Fadi D. (7 months ago)
On sanfran Conference neo had a presentation where HPB mentioned
Crypto Calc (7 months ago)
Hi Lark - just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your great work! You are Amazing, you are fantastic man. A+ research, A+ presentation, A+ choice of tokens and topics... I could go on and on. So, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great work you're doing!
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Ajay Mahar (7 months ago)
Sylvain C (7 months ago)
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Good stuff, retweeted
Joe smith (7 months ago)
Bro you have GOT to give a review of titanium ....it is totally legit and in its infancy still huge things for this project ... read this for someback up information .... https://www.thedigitaledger.com/ama-1/2017/12/26/submit-your-question-for-the-titanium-ama-session#
Zycho (7 months ago)
btw... you can also store this on your Ledger by using myetherwallet as interface?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Yes, while it is an ERC20 - after the mainnet release and the token swap happens who knows
Zycho (7 months ago)
your audio levels constantly shift, you need a compressor and raise the gain level a bit
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Thanks for the tips! Will look into it
Mr. Nice guy omar (7 months ago)
Do you ever fucken buy any of these coin at all. If not why the fuck you give people advise to buy, this is bullshit, I promise this guy is getting paid to market for these coin.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Hi Mr. Nice Guy - while I do not partake in all the coins I cover I do participate in many. This is not advice to buy, it is an informative video. I do not get paid to do these reviews, in fact if you watched the video you would see that this was a user voted and requested video that I did because regular subscribers just like you requested it!!
Peter Gallagher (7 months ago)
I rewound and watched your Sean Connery impersonation probably 50 times. It is the funniest moment in human history.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Hahaha!!! Thanks Peter!
Matt Wang (7 months ago)
What are your views on Chinese artificial blockchain companies like Bottos?
Nicholas DiFulvio (7 months ago)
I've been reviewing their paper over past few days. Good team, first mover on product, partners.
Krishan Gupta (7 months ago)
Keep an eye on wanchain
Krishan Gupta (7 months ago)
Not being able to chat with you on the live chats anymore......... 😭
Krishan Gupta (7 months ago)
Already in hpb and int
Jose Colmenares (7 months ago)
What exchange?
Zeki Cagla (7 months ago)
Best Choice! Me too :)
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Nice!! Well done
Where is your donation address for ETH or BTC? You sir always provide some quality content.
Charles Timmins (7 months ago)
Your a good egg 🇬🇧😁
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Cheers mate! I took them down because I want you guys to keep your crypto! Just watching and subscribing to the channel is already such massive support!
Brodie Gardiner (7 months ago)
HPB will be the coin of 2018 !!
Skankwave (7 months ago)
franzb69 (7 months ago)
i wanna buy hpb but i don't have enough bitcoin to purchase lol
Dry Dessert (7 months ago)
It's indeed meant for *big* businesses, not for consumer apps
eeklipz (7 months ago)
lark, is a sharp crypto shark. I enjoy the entertainment.
Crypto Lone Wolf (7 months ago)
It’s interesting project but december 2019?!?!?!? How about the RED PULSE REVIEW? And why not use imToken or Eidoo wallet instead of MEW? Ty for youre work, as always awesome!
harimauplayer (7 months ago)
eidoo is not all good, paste jaxx 12 words in myetherwallet ... and myetherwallet display jaxx address as the first choice (same for coinomi, same for metamask) now paste eidoo 12 words in metamask, no funds (12 words give you 2 ETH segregated wallets) same for coinomi and jaxx - - - eidoo is the weirdo one paste eidoo in myetherwallet, then scroll down 1,500 addresses like I did, I dare you to try to find the private key of your wallet now, granted coinomi don´t give you your ETH (or any) private key, but paste the coinomi 18 words in jaxx and you can find it there (or the first address displayed in myetherwallet) no response of eidoo why they try to be original
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
I know right, long way off! Eidoo is all good ! But I like the ledger compatability. reviewed RPX in the ICO, should do an update
Mark DiSessa (7 months ago)
Just a note when moving it to MEW, HPB doesnt show up correctly with the updated price and the number is extra long with ,000,000,000,000,000 added to whatever you transfer there.. Its there though. Will this update?
Haruspex (7 months ago)
I have the same issue
Vman V (7 months ago)
It just isnt putting in th e 18 decimal places. You can do it manually as the lark explained.
Daniel Movtady (7 months ago)
Nuls next review? Good info on it in this medium article. https://medium.com/@edieusdiaradan/nuls-the-undervalued-crypto-coin-7989d5b4eb3f
Tony Ji (7 months ago)
we can use red pulse to get the data lark ahaha
CryptoKNIGHT (7 months ago)
I saw you mentioned in another video that Nucleus Vision is a scam. Can you give some details about that. It's the first I heard of it.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
All good mate :)
CryptoKNIGHT (7 months ago)
ah, sorry, I misunderstood.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
NO ! Nucleus Vision is not a scam, but there was a scam website pretending to be Nucleus Vision - a few people got hit
CryptoKNIGHT (7 months ago)
In his previous video, when he was talking about scams he briefly mentioned it. At least that's how I understood what he was saying.
Danny Nat (7 months ago)
CryptoKNIGHT where did he say this?
5038david (7 months ago)
I just liked your video. Could you take a look at oxycoin. Thanks
Bojan Dančuo (7 months ago)
Using hardware acceleration for block processing is actually something that Dash started working on some time ago
CryptoKNIGHT (7 months ago)
Hey Lark, how are crypto's taxed in NZ?
Fedro994Q (7 months ago)
here you go: https://www.google.com/search?q=how+are+crypto%27s+taxed+in+NZ%3F%EF%BB%BF&rlz=1C1OCLT_enCA768CA768&oq=how+are+crypto%27s+taxed+in+NZ%3F%EF%BB%BF&aqs=chrome..69i57.910j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Joe Vu (7 months ago)
i'm so heavily invested in chinese crypto, i think i spoke chinese in my sleep last night. $neo $gas $bto $dta $int $hpb
Artur Vilao (7 months ago)
+1 for hpb and bto, great choices
Erik Goldhar (7 months ago)
The sleeper of sleepers. Actually been getting covered more recently but because of the crap exchanges people have not attempted to buy or shrugged this one off. Bad move IMHO.
Crypto Lane (7 months ago)
Erik Goldhar Bibox isnt’t a crap exchange. I thought it was going to be junk, but it’s not bad at all.
Rusty Cole (7 months ago)
$hpb top 20 coins in no time
Thunderbird (7 months ago)
Chinese Ripple?
Matthew Byars (4 months ago)
Thunderbird That would be Wanchain 😀
Damian Harrison (7 months ago)
Why is Ron Jeremy giving cryptocurrency advice?? *laugh
Carl MC (7 months ago)
Nice, just bought 100k
akarna69 (6 months ago)
I bough all the coins, sorry guys, all sold out. LMAO!
Robert S (7 months ago)
yeah I bought a million
garbear2321 (7 months ago)
Freed0m (7 months ago)
anyone who would move such money wouldnt brag about it :) but stay defiant can surely post his ether wallet and proof me wrong ;)
Mateusz Czeladka (7 months ago)
whatttt, 600.000 USD?
Mark DiSessa (7 months ago)
Coincollector82 (7 months ago)
Crypto Lark, please cover XAS sometime.....from what I hear it is lisk on steroids!
Ster Ling (7 months ago)
You were serious about getting this vid out after the live stream! Enjoy your take on all of these. HPB is another impressive project, thanks for explaining the ico timing issue/NEO. Also, we want them now! lol. BTW, what's your opinion of the gold backed cryptos? DGD, HGT, and more to come.
Damien Parsons (7 months ago)
I think we should price crypto with metals anyways... somehow let go of fiat valuations and have a metal mineral to crypto valuation. A roll of toilet paper can be worth 10 grams of copper. LOL
Ster Ling (7 months ago)
The Crypto Lark..Thanks for the reply. That's the same thing I'm getting about it. Some ppl have interesting theories BTC/LTC vs Gold/Silver backed currencies.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
:) - haven't looked very deep into any - but I suppose for store of value to a stable currency could be good assuming robust auditing to avoid tether situation
N V (7 months ago)
Second!! and 3rd Like.. wow what an achievement. Yay
SJ (7 months ago)
Crypto Lark + Highlander Reference + Dodgy Scottish accent = Gold
Gold Fever (7 months ago)
hey! im a highlander!! haha
Coincollector82 (7 months ago)
"Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen." —Sean Connery as John Patrick Mason in The Rock (1996) Sean Connerys best! lol
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Haha :) My best Connery ;)

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