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Jeff Berwick on Fox Business: Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?

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Jeff Berwick explains Bitcoin once again to Varney and Co. The latest run up to over $400 dollars a bitcoin has caught these MSM investment commentators off guard. Many businesses such as Subway and Shopify are accepting bitcoin and the future of the online currency is looking very bright. Subscribe to TDV's YouTube channel to be alerted of future videos. Go to http://dollarvigilante.com/ to sign up to receive our free daily blog covering all the facets of protecting your ass and assets during the coming US dollar collapse. For more information on Galt's Gulch Chile, go to http://galtsgulchchile.com. For more on the anarchist enclave in Acapulco go to http://dollarvigilante.com/acacondos.
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Text Comments (140)
narlycat (3 months ago)
oh yeah, bitcoin is worthless because you have to trade US dollars for it,, just like you have to trade British Pounds, Japanese Yen, South Korean Won, Chinese Yuan and Eurodollars and many many more with US Dollars. All of these currencies must be worthless as well.
SEDRICK WELLS (3 months ago)
They was being a dick.
Clifford Savage (4 months ago)
I love this and i bet the 8 dislikes is from bankers
Herb Norcott (4 months ago)
Hang the Banksters... http://www.bookstoselfhelp.com/the-banksters-2/
Robert w (4 months ago)
It's still high
ole jonny kallenavn (5 months ago)
Milan Pintar (5 months ago)
have they had him back 😂😂😂😂
Milan Pintar (5 months ago)
lol oh so sweet ... but now i’m sad i didn’t finish my exchange application back then because they wanted a utility bill
Matt Hanlon (6 months ago)
jeff looks high lol...xanax maybe?
lisulove (6 months ago)
so funny to see this again NOW
Mutaz El-tayeb (6 months ago)
Jeff is all the way up !!
ProudCanadianEh (6 months ago)
If only I saw this years ago... up to 20k CAD now.
Faysal Ali (6 months ago)
LMAO BITCOIN IS @ $13,300.00
jason davis (6 months ago)
How stupid does this Fox news guy feel right now. Bitcoin price today is $11500+. ALL THE WAY UP!
Simone Phillips (6 months ago)
Hugo Sabato (6 months ago)
Have him back now!  Bitcoin is $11,300 today!  Losers!
Jim Schwartzbeck (6 months ago)
Man you played them fools so smooth , they had to hurry up and shut you down to try and save face
ace apple (7 months ago)
Those guys must feel like asses today bitcoin @6300 lol
Hugo Sabato (6 months ago)
$11,300 high!  They need to have him on again!
Just Buy 4 (6 months ago)
ace apple 9,700 now
DeathCokk (8 months ago)
Funny how when a couple narcissists try to mind fuck someone and it doesnt work, they resort to cutting him off mid sentence, twice, then dismiss him from the show entirely.
Darren Connelly (9 months ago)
I think everyone should download videos like this to LOL in the future :)
Andy M (10 months ago)
BitCoin is a world currency REGULATOR that will eventually become a recognized currency. BitCoin gives the Dollar Economy stability. Bitcoin is like Real Estate it is always worth what the last person was willing to pay for it. It is finite. BitCoin will reflect true wealth in the Economys of the world, it will always be a true non-manipulated confirmed register of the worlds wealth. Just wait until the other 97 percent of the world finds out about it.
PMDownUp (10 months ago)
Where was I 3 years ago lol
Dominic Maddox (10 months ago)
What a boss Jeff. Love how you keep your cool in face of war :)
BlueStar (10 months ago)
Well done mate!!
Kevin Shin (10 months ago)
Another pathetic attempt by Fake News to ambush a guest. Jeff tore them to shreds like a boss.
Y SR (1 year ago)
Jeff, that is what happens when you try to talk or comunicate with Dinosaurs!! they just don't understand!!
darkscope2 (1 year ago)
Whenever people ask why I trust Jeff so much, I just direct them to this video
Diego Gnoatto (1 year ago)
how ridiculou is his attempt to focus into saying "real" money while he pretends to hold a cartel backed bill in his hands. omg people still sleeping about what really is the gov.
Malkism M (1 year ago)
Jeff should have screwed them more, verbally ofcourse!!!
Mike Dennis (1 year ago)
Why do MSM presenters always have to act so stupid?
Spiritus (1 year ago)
Hope they're watching this today. Happy Christmas Jeff.
Computer Guru (2 years ago)
Nice job Jeff.
Computer Guru (9 days ago)
Varney never had him back. I wonder why? :)
Entertainment Account (2 years ago)
william waddell (3 years ago)
I love the end at 5:15 when he calling counterfeit banks notes real money
This tv show host is an idiot. Lol. Has no clue what he's talking about.
Red Pill Philosophy (4 years ago)
calm, cool, and collected, well done Jeff.
swardinc (4 years ago)
according to the host that would include well all money in the world, let's get rid of dollar bill 
Eric Palmer (4 years ago)
REAL dollars!
Eric Palmer (4 years ago)
HAHAHA this host is ridiculous. As if dollars aren't used to purchase drugs and prostitution everyday HAHAHA
Sergio Tejeda (7 months ago)
Eric Palmer my thoughts exactly 😂
Bryant B (4 years ago)
These media type are so use to the old way of doing things, by time BTC is $10,000/BTC then they will say "ohhh Bitcoin is now an accepted form of currency", NO Shit Sherlock, we've been trying to tell you that for the longest!  Keep saving in BTC people, it's going nowhere, it's here to stay!
ccricers (4 years ago)
The "coin" part of the name is confusing people and I can see why some people have a hard time grasping it. Bitcoin doesn't revolve around units of currency. It is largely an electronic ledger with a proof-of-work mechanism for making sure transactions are valid, and the currency it counts is just a part of it. As with any currency no matter how local or big, a currency's value comes from increasing acceptability.
Dash Infonode (4 years ago)
"..and it's done quite well".
nappiral (4 years ago)
I love reading the comments of the uneducated masses that will be passed by with this technology. Sounds like when people said people would never bank, shop , communicate etc..on the internet. Not to be too inflammatory put the poor are often also ignorant not by coincidence.
hang zhang (4 years ago)
If bitcoin works then people will create bitdollar, bityuan, etc. A never end currency story! No gov likes to give up the control on currency anyway! It is naive to think gov can't shutdown virtue currency like bitcoin. They can even shutdown the internet if they want! 
Anunt Patel (4 years ago)
is bitcoin a good buy at $725? what is your forecast by end of 2014?
John W (4 years ago)
no I'm not, shutup. LOL
TheBanAna (4 years ago)
these fox tv anchors! trying everything to discredit bitcoin... props to Mr. Berwick for remaining so calm.
Ares Apollo (4 years ago)
I wonder which buthole these two TV anchors are having their fingers plugged up in. They got totally mashed by Berwick.
eric maurer (4 years ago)
This Jeff guy seems like a real douche. Guess what Jeff, BitCoin Is only worth what another retard will pay in actual money. I'd pay about,...... $0. I'm not going to make some douche rich off my real money.
Souvick Ch (4 years ago)
China just clarified that btc will never be given any official statur....their demand is gone...
iDeadlift (4 years ago)
The more you go on tv the better, Jeff.
HyperOptic Productions (4 years ago)
"My BRAND NEW iPhone"... then "My iPhone here..." This presenter is a corporate tool... of COURSE he will never convert away from the status quo... his masters won't let him.
ChiefClickClack (4 years ago)
Jeff tore them apart...I loved his comment about Cyprus...lol
bokiboy (4 years ago)
Mainstream media please commit suicide before masses destroy you.. 
damon claus (4 years ago)
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Gold Seek (4 years ago)
Bitcoin used for illegal activities. What a terrible argument by the mainstream. What do you think criminals, murders, gangsters, governments use? Dollars, Euros, etc. In the end, bitcoin is not gold b/c it is not tangible and is regulated by the amount in the Earth. Bitcoin may be a up from paper fiat issued by CB's but fails to live up to what I would feel safe as calling money - a store of value. My 2 ounces, Peter  (ps. I own Bitcoins as a speculative bet on its success)
Anders Hass (4 years ago)
Omg people are trading Euros for USD, what does that tell you about Euros? Also nice to have a true statement about governments in the mainstream media :D
NewsDebunker (4 years ago)
Here's an important question: If no one knows who the creator of Bitcoin is nor do they have access to the ledger, then how do you know that the group or person who created it still does not have control? Imagine the Fed, but completely invisible- that potentially could be what Bitcoin is. Could this person or group be siphoning off gobs of money or manipulate it with complete anonymity? I support the Bitcoin, but I don't think anyone has ever asked this question before.
avarmauk (4 years ago)
The bitcoins popularity is a bit like the young vs the old. 
Lethn (4 years ago)
I love the way the blonde chick was mocking the presenter that was funny ;D
Liberty TV (4 years ago)
For those viewing bit coin as an investment - The US dollar's upside is zero and the downside is zero. It is a fiat currency and will lose value every year and ultimately all its value. For bit coin since supply is limited, technically its upside is unlimited but its downside is also zero. Sounds like a no brainer to me. I am in the process of picking up some bit coin. Best of luck to all.
Rafael Samsa (4 years ago)
nice cause i found this site where i can win free bitcoins every hour just by clicking this kind of "slot" http://freebitco.in/?r=33104 ......... :D
Shivakumar (4 years ago)
billonare and govt are in trouble..............
taebaek (4 years ago)
You did an EXCELLENT job in this interview Jeff, very proud of you ! peace.
BTtje (4 years ago)
Why the hell are they stll interviewing that guy charles bain (or something, that black guy at the beginning) for economic advice? I remember him form laughing at Peter Schiff for predicting the economic crisis of 2008 in 2007. He said back then its a good i.d. to infest in goldman sachs.
Chris Pompa (4 years ago)
....Idk but she's hot......
Alpaca Mynigga (4 years ago)
Bitcoin - $715
forex trader (4 years ago)
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Zero Hoots (4 years ago)
jeff is so cool and calm. 
ZHONG.TV (4 years ago)
bitcoins is going to be the future..this brit is a douche
TheFinnmacool (4 years ago)
What I love about BTC right now is it's diverting money from time tested "money", silver and gold. This has given me the opportunity to get the metals and the mining shares on the cheap. The setup in BTC right now is fantastic. Surreal may be a better word. I don't know what will happen with BTC but when a BTC user told me that silver has NO VALUE I immediately thought that a lot of people are going to get burned. Regardless of whether or not BTC makes it. If you have BTC and you are not selling some at these levels, you are smitten. You have to sell to make money.
TheFinnmacool (4 years ago)
I'm sure there's a point in there somewhere.
halfasheep (4 years ago)
The US mint has sold more silver eagles coins in 2013 than any other year. I gather BTC is blame for this. The main market for silver is the industrial market anyway. Not bullion stackers.
TheFinnmacool (4 years ago)
Very true Derrick.
Derrick Yazwa (4 years ago)
One BTC user saying silver has no value shouldn't tell you anything about BTC. It should just tell you that you came across yet another person that has no understanding of money or economics, which is the vast majority of Americans.
a2thek47 (4 years ago)
this 2 are RETARDED!!!
Bernardo Machado (4 years ago)
this tv anchor is so obnoxious and rude, not mentioning completely oblivous to what he is talking about. You can see his anger and distrust with innovation and technologies. Luckily we live in an age that favors innovators who dare to take risks and change the status quo. Is BTC here to stay? Hard to tell, but its already something and a big message about the current banking system. One thing is for sure, dollars are going byebye, with the printing machines operating at full speed, inflation will hit hard and fast somewhere in the future.
Carl Andrew (4 years ago)
 Afraid to say that I absolutely never give Fox, BBC, CNN, Sky or any other mainstream media channel 'the benefit of the doubt'. I admire your optimism (but personally find it misplaced, sorry). I prefer to place my own optimism in new concepts like (as it has become) the alternative media and, of course, radical concepts such as the BTC might become or even more radical ideas like a Resource Based Economy. I am more interested, for the moment though, in informing those already uninformed as to the evils of the status quo.
Bernardo Machado (4 years ago)
Well, I always give them the benefit of the doubt. I know FOX is usually associated with all evil in the world, although there are probably some people that work there that are not like that. Btw, Berwicks was a gentlemen on the show! He upstood his point with such a class.
Carl Andrew (4 years ago)
Don't mean to be insulting but why would it surprise you that a servant of Rupert Murdoch (who has a vested interest in the status quo) is being rude and obnoxious about the possibility of an alternate financial paradigm. Fox presenters always have an agenda/opinion and it's always in line with the nefarious ends of it's Owner and largest shareholders. I still have to do my own research into bitcoin, so wouldn't speak for or against it, but that said, anything that can provoke such a strong reaction from Fox must be worth a look at! As an aside, I was very impressed with Mr Berwicks composure and how he resisted the (clearly intended) incitement to react defensively.
Kurt Rickerd (4 years ago)
Varney acts as though "dollars" are not ever used as a digital currency. Has he never used a debit card?  The most obvious thing never discussed is: what gives a currency value and indeed what is money?  Does it derive its value from the fact that it is backed by all the overwhelming violence of a world empire?
RojasLee (4 years ago)
Payne has been consistently wrong about just about everything.
logans run (4 years ago)
Jaime Warlock (4 years ago)
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Oliver Westcott (4 years ago)
oustanding work Jeff!
truth1901 (4 years ago)
18qPgUfRyPxnoHQgzZ7yKMVG1CLYKiByfq      WE LOVE YOU Jeff   :)   Thank you soooo much for your help.
Gestet Ner (4 years ago)
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Max Hermann (4 years ago)
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nlucctw2 (4 years ago)
"real money" to these guys = paper with ink on it lol
1998awest (4 years ago)
Hilarious. Well done, Mr. Berwick.
TimeAttack (4 years ago)
I lost my shit @ 2:18 Jeff has balls of steel and that's why I love him.
Daniel Woike (4 years ago)
Now I wish I would have got some bitcoins a year ago. Same with gold. Why can't I get paid in bitcoin? 
idyllyrien (4 years ago)
Ohh, I love this interview soo much!!
David Fourman (4 years ago)
I had no IDEA that Fox was such a bastion of liberal ideology. God forbid the free market and the PEOPLE decide how they transact value.
kell perez felix (4 years ago)
People are going to open their minds to this.
valentjn (4 years ago)
It would be nice if Mr. Varney allowed the guest to finish ONE sentence.
Jamie Crockett (4 years ago)
12zbtQMgUzJKoo8LUBPVDFfGBmVfdM58re donate
Justin Jordan (4 years ago)
"You could sell me the bitcoin and I would send you real dollars—real money?"  Bahahahahahaha so much irony here it's ridiculous. Like so many others are saying, good job Jeff!  I don't think I could have kept my cool like you did.
The Daily Hustle (7 months ago)
Justin Jordan Isn't it incredible! Ha... mainstream programing...
Shalom Dunn (4 years ago)
Indeed 785 as we speak! 
TheFinnmacool (4 years ago)
LOL, "And also, who would want to stay stuck in gold at 1280 and not participate in the bitcoin wave!! $600/coin now baby!!!" That cannot be denied.
Jérôme JORDA (4 years ago)
+TheFinnmacool Because its better! Its non-physical so there are less risk of confiscation by the state, theft, and also you can send bitcoins anywhere in the world whenever for no fees, thats thanks to its non-physical property. Also you cannot fake bitcoins, you could fake gold with whatever metals underneath. And also, who would want to stay stuck in gold at 1280 and not participate in the bitcoin wave!! $600/coin now baby!!!
TheFinnmacool (4 years ago)
+Shalom Dunn Shalom, why do you suppose people are buying BTC instead of silver and gold right now if hyperinflation is in the cards?
lightcaesar (4 years ago)
Way to stay cool among the assault by committed statists, Jeff. How is Bitcoin any worse than a fiat currency created out of thin air? The blonde DID ask some good questions.
Bryan Cooper (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is better because the Government can't get it's greedy hands on it, they can't inflate it, they can't make more than 21 million bitcoin - therefore they can't do a QE of Bitcoin making bitcoin worth less. The reason why they can't get their greedy hands on YOUR Bitcoin is due to the Blockchain technology.
benhmn (4 years ago)
Wow, you kept it extra smooth this time Jeff.  Excellent job.
Steven Steiner (4 years ago)
www.SnailsInTheMail.us accepts bitcoins too! Escargot for bitcoins. Yum :)
Skyturnip (4 years ago)
Go jeff
Inventor Gadget (4 years ago)
AAARH what stupid idiots!! Talk about Discredit whitewash attept - they are such horrible actrs its painful to watch!  "You can do illegal activities with bitcoin" - oohh noo shit lets ban US fiat dollars Now since thats used for massive illegal trade just ask mexican  maffia !  Jeff u did great keep it up!
Dawie Poolman (4 years ago)
These TV presenters are shockingly stupid
bluskywalking (4 years ago)
Good on ya Jeff - you speak for us all. : )
Kurt Robinson (4 years ago)
"people are willing to get rid of their Bitcoins for dollars, what does that tell you?" The hosts trying so hard to ask loaded questions but they're pretty terrible at it.
taebaek (4 years ago)
+Kurt Robinson haha! excellent point! peace.
Kurt Robinson (4 years ago)
people are willing to get rid of their dollars to obtain milk and bread, what does that tell you? dollars are obviously worthless.

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