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Why Andrew McCabe shouldn’t be granted immunity

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National Review contributing editor Andy McCarthy discusses how the DOJ invited top lawmakers to review documents related to the FBI informant and why former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe shouldn’t be given immunity.
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Jerry Lawrence (9 days ago)
Double standards do apply. If this were a normal citizen they would be under the jail. Why are we puting up with this?
Daniel Devault (10 days ago)
No immunity, less jail time is ok. Spy or informant did they instigate the Russian contact? They want to us the word informant, thus avoiding being able to question him. Did he inform or instigate???
Bruce Snell (11 days ago)
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Paul Ryan needs to accept his place, resign his post and step off. The word is out among the Voters and spreading fast. Ryan was on that plane with Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. He's a crook. And he's got to go.
Philip Jackson (11 days ago)
No, immunity!! This weasel will flip, after he is charged!! If he is given immunity, he will protect his friends, and be able to stay out of jail!!
George Stone (11 days ago)
If you want the DOJ & FBI cooperation in turning over documents, just withhold their funding. No money = no department & no rogue agents. Congress needs to send in the federal marshal's & National Guard and do a couple of 3 AM no knock warrants on Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Bruce & Nellie Ohr , James Comey & Michael Avenatti.
Dennis G (11 days ago)
The only deal I would offer is to take DEATH off the table if he tells all. McCabe's actions to alter the outcome of our election is  TREASON at the highest level. Let the man pay for his crimes he committed and set an example to all who may try to do the same in the future. His DEATH is owed to "WE THE PEOPLE" and nothing less.
Hufflesd (11 days ago)
When a person recieve pay for information. They are a spy. A informant does out of thier goodness of heart. Like a whistle blower. They did it because something was wrong. If this person the FBI used got paid 250k. Then he is a spy.
Land of Giants (11 days ago)
He has ZERO leverage...Tell the POF we wont HANG him if he tells the truth...
Tim Sullivan (11 days ago)
McCabe sure is a number two, Lou. Get out the pooper scooper & throw his lying, criminal ass in Leavenworth!
Giovanni Soave (11 days ago)
Coward Trump keeps running, but Mueller will hunt him down.
Purpurowy Diaboł (12 days ago)
Deep State = Vatican, Clinton = Skull and Bones = Vatican, Vatican simply never lost power from times of monarchies just went with dirty games to secret societies, Trump = protestant opposing Pope of Rome
SanAntonioSlim (12 days ago)
Never give immunity unless you are certain the person will give you something actionable. Remember what happened last time Congress granted immunity in the IRS political weaponization investigation? Don't let anyone off the hook unless they start singing a truthful tune.
Cindi Osbun (11 days ago)
SanAntonioSlim :They can't tell any truth.... they'll plead the 5th, because THEY ARE ALL CRIMINALS.
Linda Krief (12 days ago)
Everyone is missing the point. They weren't there to see if there was any Russian collusion. They were sent to implant Russian Collusion into the campaign.
zend meemail (12 days ago)
America needs immediate public executions of all these traitors!
algrundy (12 days ago)
No immunity, waterboard him.
bill modaffari (12 days ago)
Because he's a piece of s*** and that'll set a precedent and that precedent will be hard to overcome so I would say get right after it prison time immediately if not sooner maximum sentences maximum for every single one of them
alice jarrell (12 days ago)
lou rules
Thomas Murphy (12 days ago)
Squeeze him like a lemon. DO NOT immunize this low life non-evolved amoeba floating om pond scum.
shrek is love (12 days ago)
The important question is, if Horowitz discovers corruption that would absolute;y destroy Americans' faith in the FBI and DOJ, will he hide the information or will he reveal it? Is it more important to him to uphold the reputation and legacy of the FBI, or is it more important to expose unethical, criminal conduct?
colette s (11 days ago)
america has no faith is DC government period. It is a swamp filled with putrid stench. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is ALL that is left.No more cover ups, lame excuses, lies, redacting, refusal to turn over documents, slow walking, obstructing.
Cindi Osbun (11 days ago)
shrek is love :That credibility, is already long gone there.
John Deckenbach (12 days ago)
He can plead the fifth amendment and not testify at all, or he will testify for immunity....too stupid to get it Fake news?
Terry Drake (12 days ago)
McCabe having to pay for a lawyer with no pension sounds good to me😀
colette s (11 days ago)
i cannot wait until that is what happens to mueller.
Allen Smith (12 days ago)
NO IMMUNITY! Don't let that snake slither out of this!
Peter Schancel (12 days ago)
Lock up Sean Hanity for Witness Tampering and Conspiracy. Ye Sean Hannity told any people of interest from the FBI to destroy evidence , cell phones hard drives and interfering in a Federal Investigation . Lock Him Up Lock Him UP
RT TH (12 days ago)
Peter Schancel , you are too stupid to understand the points of double standard. Too stupid to even try telling a lie. Hannity said you would be prosecuted, unless you are Hillary Clinton. A clue for you. Only liberals swallowed fakes news and ask or more.
Mister T. (12 days ago)
Little Andy is going to be sleeping in the same cell with a Muzzie soon. . .JUST LIKE HIS FORMER BOSS
joshua mitchell (12 days ago)
Hope all the evils are arrested and go to GITMO -- we are so tired of this crap -- go after clinton
Leonard Wong (12 days ago)
Immunity? HA guilty is guilty...... crime must have consequences or criminals will just repeat their acts.
43pigtail (12 days ago)
They would arrest me and u first... not them
43pigtail (12 days ago)
Why r we all trying to figure out this mess??? Isn’t his what u do in court?? No arrests yet 🤬🤬🤬
43pigtail (12 days ago)
Good job Lou!! Keep on till we get these TRAITORS 👺👺🤬🤬🤬
Victory Combat (12 days ago)
I knew this would be lou dobbs propaganda
Tony Gilder (12 days ago)
Victory Surely you are not a veteran? What kind? The Obama kind?
Art Curious (12 days ago)
I hope this wraps up soon and the FBI/DOJ get reformed from the top down. Cant wait to finally get back to talking about things like infrastructure, ending the student loan program, the failing Medicaid system, and reforming welfare.This whole FBI mess is really about cleaning up Obamas big dump on the WhiteHouse lawn before he left.
Donna Ferdinando (12 days ago)
Yeah no deal
Southink (12 days ago)
If McCabe wants to sing — then PLEASE let him sing — the Fat Lady cannot be far behind.
Smoke (12 days ago)
I think we are going to find out that the gang of eight are up to their eyeballs in this mess, hence why Gowdy and Ryan are retiring. The real issue is will Trump want their scalps, and what are the elite willing to trade for their scalps? I think if a deal is made it will be who gets prosecuted and who doesn't along with us seeing the vast majority of Trumps agenda being passed by Congress. That will be the horse trade.?
sick of liberals (12 days ago)
Put Obama in jail
Michael Tobin (12 days ago)
Remember Nunes shut down the inquiry early so he is out of the picture, remember you don't go running to the person that your investigating aka Nunes/ Trump gang bang.
Dennis Walker (12 days ago)
Michael Tobin So you believe that the president should not be briefed on the corruption rampant in the doj , and the fact that the corrupt bureaucrats in the doj are embarking on a scheme to overthrow the constitutionally and legally elected president .
Jessica Greene (12 days ago)
It has come to light that Trey the trader Gowdy has recently had dinner with Rod Rosenstein who asked him to soften up the language on the spy situation and also it appears that Mr. bad hair day is in negotiations with several MSM outlets for a position.
Fred Flintstone (12 days ago)
Jessica Greene traitor. Not trader.
dominic pelle (12 days ago)
Ohhhhhh poor poor Lou Dobbs.. boo hooo hooo Ryan and Gowdy who are privy to the intelligence ..just won't play ball with him at *FOX FAKE NEWS* and back his pro Trump lies lies lies.. Booo hoo hoo..snowflakes.
dominic pelle (12 days ago)
Yeah Fred Flintstone..and did you know according to Trump's lawyer Giuliani, that he could shoot Comey in the oval office.. and not be indicted. LOL you people are SICK IN THE HEAD. and believe whatever you want to believe. I learnt that from Kellyanne Conway.. the alternative facts spokesperson for the alternative reality Trumpanzees live in.
Fred Flintstone (12 days ago)
dominic pelle nobody won in California yet. Fucking idiot.
dominic pelle (12 days ago)
Bubba Blu ... you sound like a Trumpanzee swinging through the trees that still believes in the LAW OF THE JUNGLE and not the justice system of the USA. Ohhh..that's right Trumpanzees call the American system of governance the DEEP STATE.. you stupid MORONS. And I suppose in your eyes.. Republicans won in California.. just like Fox said they would.
dominic pelle (12 days ago)
nano tek (12 days ago)
dominic pelle ALESSANDRO has a Canadian flag on his profile, you moron.....Instead of responding to him telling you to grow up, I suggest you respond to James Clark
Tony Corleone (12 days ago)
BREAKING NEWS: Trump and Fox News love stupid people and stupid people love Trump and Fox News....END OF STORY.
Tony Corleone (12 days ago)
Hunter Bravo Trump can't resign now he's in too deep.. it's all about staying out of jail for him, his kids, and most of his administration..Trump is finished and he knows it ,the suicides from the ignorant racist uneducated idiot redneak Trumptards supporters are going to be awesome, can't wait to read about them.....LMFAO
Hunter Bravo (12 days ago)
Tony: Oh, oh the truth hurts, did I get a spark?. Trashy mouth doesn't make your IQ appear not one point above 87. I have always been told by the likes of you that obscene language dictates your level of education. LOL..It is plain to see..
Tony Corleone (12 days ago)
Hunter Bravo Says the ignorant racist uneducated idiot redneak that got played for a fool by Trump, LMFAO. fuck outta here stupid, stop embarrassing yourself you uneducated redneak idiot....
Hunter Bravo (12 days ago)
Tony: Both Hillary and Obama had flies land on them while debating . Flies like to manifest on rotting flesh and demons. They are DEMONcrats. You appear to be one also, brain rotting. Can't distinguish fact from fiction. Exactly end of your story.
limeypam (12 days ago)
We the people demand justice and accountability. Shut down the deepstate and shadow government. Remove all swamp rats so our President can perform his duties in peace.
g nolan (12 days ago)
What Gowdy and Ryan say doesn't matter. Show Nunez and Grassley the unredacted documents because when DOJ briefs Congress they withhold damaging information not to national security but damaging to them. They redacted the fact that McCabe had a $70,000 conference table. This train has left the station.
Larry Guess (12 days ago)
g nolan, Your contention can be further confirmed by viewing the redacted and less redacted versions of the Grassley memo.
wendef ung (12 days ago)
I hope he enjoyed it with my tax dollar while I'm using a $70 IKEA desk.
substation (12 days ago)
No way...too serious
Robert Hudson (12 days ago)
Trump and Fox Jews are working for Putin.
monkeygraborange (12 days ago)
McCabe lied under oath, and now he expects us to believe he's going to tell the truth in return for clemency? Yeah... fuck that!
Keke Wolves (12 days ago)
You have to remember both Gowdy and Ryan are leaving politics no way they’ll jeopardize future investments
shrek is love (12 days ago)
Holding my breath for when we see Gowdy at Perkins Coie next year.
kerry the truth (12 days ago)
we need to set an example..hang these treasonous fucs..

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