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Ripple Surge In Price Coming XRP Bullrun After Market Crash!

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My Twitter https://twitter.com/petcentral46?lang=en ---------------------------------------------------------- Crypto Club Video The Master Plan Of Ripple XRP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPpl6vpHMJQ A Ripple (XRP) Surge in Price could be coming as the technology continues to develop. In this video we explore the potential for the banking technology known as $XRP we explore the implications of the banker coin and the possibility that this banker coin could take over the world of crypto. In respect to the community we have provided this video regarding Cryptocurrency and the fundamentals of #XRP also remember this disclaimer This video is for entertainment purposes only this is not financial advice i am not a financial adviser you are responsible for your own decisions I AM NOT YOUR DAD! All that being said i hope you have enjoyed my opinions in this video and i hope you subscribe and comment down below with your opinion in this matter.
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Paris Sethi (6 months ago)
I sold all my ripple. Hmm i am thinking to buy again. Its at 95 cents now. Thanks for your video. 😊
Bodhi Sativa (6 months ago)
Tell Me i Won ... 1PyP9CP5ZnXSJ5J1QkpatkSzHKezEESWLU
Cookngainz (6 months ago)
"im not your dad" lmao 1Y87AKVzVEp4Xojk8zk8YGiK4DDU8nKge
vishal tyagi (6 months ago)
Btc address- 129KwMaHekRULap5M6GvngnEZfB5ZVKrme
Aaron Godfrey (6 months ago)
Your the ripple info G.O.A.T 174TWERURSE3Ydj37VhJ4WrbPhDTNuMM9u
Josnel Maraver (6 months ago)
It would be nice a more technical analysis :) Nevertheless, I share your opinion on the XRP fundamentals. It's so much useful compare to others altcoins. My BTC Address: 12bLdZKHd2f3QNUvppqWnf57DG1dbswEXs Regards,
Jason Owen (6 months ago)
winner winner chicker 1P25XYYtbEDmmSAiWovduuWx3uqGBehjRw
Andrew Robb (6 months ago)
Nice vid who won the last .1 btc 1CJFHhBYkkx39y3XW4aFiyRDtYaJRzAB3s
Mitch Ray (6 months ago)
If you actually want real technical analysis on coins, search: Hyped on Crypto.
dream stealer (6 months ago)
get ripple on coinbase sign the petition! https://www.change.org/p/ripple-get-ripple-on-coinbase-4ee0a1b7-9be1-4947-9fa2-f96e2fb38bd0 share the link
lyrad64 (6 months ago)
Ripple will rise to the top16kc8AwuEZkU2PU4pV7vRCvgK8ci7w3zGY
Lord Snickers (6 months ago)
nice video again, thank you! 1HBREajfh66nRpE7sRGGiXtseC7A973hSu
siddharth kathuria (6 months ago)
Just been repeating the same thing you said in first 30 seconds with no facts over and over for 12 mins.
Al Cheddah (6 months ago)
Pretty good insight about XRP. I've got a fair amount of it myself and waiting to see how this grows. Should bee a GAME CHANGER. THANKS! 1LEGNiMLcvrp1BLH5DYU2LV74SswdvSkbr
Gerry McHugh (6 months ago)
Ripple should get back to no. 2 this year behind Bitcoin, great technology, great partnerships already in place - huge potential. 17uRcfrkU9KiTqhjxmDqf3f9a3A3qi25aU
jimmycrackcorn90745 (6 months ago)
I guess no matter what we do to decentralize, the banks will always be here to stay. They need their piece of the pie too. Thanks for your ripple thoughts. 1HcSiJNbsvyzNTkuiinEv6g4kJwxrrnqyH
AJ DelaCruz (6 months ago)
ripple to the moon 3Nw9RYV9nWiEuR7PqUYmNPaxwzFxASrMXn
Rudy Aoun (6 months ago)
hopefully it will hit 3.5$ again this year 1MexrifWJniD5hxaAQPLXHvjGXZ6Gb8zd5
Evan A (6 months ago)
I've been a massive HODLer of ripple and I strongly believe everyone should take the chance to buy ripple this cheap! 1GJL47VR2SQrN61kQoVQXaRG39SEiPJWqL
Karim An (6 months ago)
I don't like Ripple.... BTC: 13xGMHKn5ewF9wDYzLW8LYjtMBisd9GFHT
syamsul hadi (6 months ago)
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Mamoon Khokhar (6 months ago)
Your video is quite informative 👍👍 3Ap6zTyKhbvZqq5qVGT9okLqs1v3LCvxwS
Playstation Pookie (6 months ago)
I want bitcoin ! 18GURqxgaDsZtLbrTYiY7299yLHneJJ6pz
Brooke Seaman (6 months ago)
Fingers crossed! 1Bd46MXHKaNLkH9jKu8MmfJJym1iS1Bpi5
Kosisochukwu Nwigwe (6 months ago)
nice post. informative and this is all I needed to start. thanks for the opportunity. I hope I get lucky. 1NXAHXH1gQ2Jz8A8uvCUzfHnStLFCw1jty
AAO JYOTISH SEEKHO (6 months ago)
12W7EU7W6X1o6hp9MwqjaDSu1ModkkdxWq hope you will be giving
The One (6 months ago)
16d5ohKrix2FUQS6i9BDiPqoKSKPnhqoLR pick me I want to learn more about bitcoin
Yoel Leyva (6 months ago)
I love your videos 1JX5D7EG5EMaWyWdDpYteR9P6aonGGLh8H
Yoel Leyva (6 months ago)
I love your videos 1JX5D7EG5EMaWyWdDpYteR9P6aonGGLh8H
From Fear to Trust (6 months ago)
Thanks! 3LA8rqNxg877UTBj9WXRqBZnX85GX4nfQy
rohit patel (6 months ago)
I ain't getting any giveaway that is for sure But still just in case Btc : 344LQhzLDLy4TsMSqMee6Zn46H6QRkiHLf
Regine Mariano (6 months ago)
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chase-loc (6 months ago)
Ripple the nipple 15T2ga4etHmFmGadiDqJxd4sY4Tgnj8eFb
Hitesh Madnani (6 months ago)
I have invested in XRP hope it rises. Btc - 3HLvypY5Tis4NdV79Zy6Z3CyjCM1kgvDr6
saveen christopher (6 months ago)
saqib qureshi (6 months ago)
I’m glad that i Watchs your videos thanks for wonderful knowledge and help..!!🙏 3GLzB3UH3AJNEj5H9wxU8a4eU7Xr6WHSQA
Shahzad Tajik (6 months ago)
This is wounderful way recording videos for helping other in crypto world , such a good new up to date im seeing from past ....Great guide line and workout picture clearing to the community added your channel and alot support by positive work....Ripple will be Go up and up and up as Market cap below funds rises.......thanks for such best words also from your side ........1rrxDMjQa6cpgBgcosfP7S11ks66hHsSQ
Dean & Relyn Kruger (6 months ago)
What can you say about Ripple, incredible coin, has dozens of newly signed contracts, banks and money transfer companies are flocking to use it. However, again tokenomics are the problem here. With 39 billion coins it will be hard for it to go beyond $5 which would me a 200 billion cap, that is bigger than BTC, even with the growing total market cap to 1 or 2 trillion, it will be hard for XRP to get into double digits, but hey anything is possible in cryptoland. I currently hold XRP, been following since it was 6 cents back in 2017, so hard to let it go, but I am thinking for more potential for a coin to 10x, XRP does not fit that bill. It will be around for the long run, but potential growth in the next year to see it double, maybe triple, but not 10x. Good Luck, Just one guys opinion, not giving your any advice. 36xQW33iSbLuqzPvndD4dkQu6m1TFnzMre
Pablo Diablo (6 months ago)
Dean & Relyn Kruger Market is only a Number ... in the Feature 1000-10.000$per Coin.. Buy Now or Cry later
turin hazarika (6 months ago)
I think banks won't let ripple to go down 3JWEaLQEhSnaw4siKgkX4s75P3iMfQHyDn
Crypto Currency State (6 months ago)
Information about the status of Ripple XRP in terms of Regulations: https://youtu.be/PfcoeQ2HDG8
Daniel C (6 months ago)
Max Strauser (6 months ago)
Ripple is going to explode!!!! 3G3ksRv4L9oFDMAa5XBJMgxHBf1id7hLxG
CN77 (6 months ago)
Hmmm ... I may have to get some Ripple soon! 3DG8KZAKszNzJawo1bZcQLakX98KkRpSWk
Matthew bloomfield (6 months ago)
ThePhilStudio (6 months ago)
Jonathan Dixon (6 months ago)
Money!!! BTC: 1DPZoAdm7d6HJsY48yWR2uCP2j6cju3Shu
E T (6 months ago)
XRP Hodl 13AGJWk4m6v5xfNf6MRj6SBEbS8AerfEVX
gh0ul666 (6 months ago)
Wenmoon 1JqkWLwX6RMKJtzph89WNu5DQ2gAhq4qZj
thelastrealdude (6 months ago)
1GoxdTybFaeDyTnSRd4vmSC3LstmJv4JHg will be highly appreciated :)
Silver Jaguar (6 months ago)
I can see xrp hitting 3$ again by 2019 due to the high number of coins it's gonna take a whole lot of hype
Jay Knibbs (6 months ago)
Steven Espinosa (6 months ago)
Love when people get hyped up and say they won't invest in XRP because it's a centralized coin. Who cares if it makes you money 1PJZkWJvJYtkp482PnvdQUuVbAjmiGrGuy
Stian Bekkemellem (6 months ago)
Ripple to the moon! 3DPFw42LzhantdFF1ftHcHfUzgZgdnmyHH
Argelio Alayon (6 months ago)
Anze Gjurin (6 months ago)
Hello 19ENnRVYFn788bTbb1jjw4zRnNPsjdvM3Q
Pericles Toukiloglou (6 months ago)
Due to the high number of XRP coins, it would take a lot of new capital to drive up their price, hopefully it will reach its' last peak at around 3$ again this year. 17fYdsbrSwaX5biGDh2fotE3Ce1J4Zn3Un
Just got hold of some ripple xrp :) 16WBx2HwKtRqV7Y3uWxdDDsP6s42RSiW8
Nicolas Serrano (6 months ago)
Really hope your prediction is true :) 1Nrcw1HAAHnDQdnWEAdkHG4gGnX7Uswk5y
the knight (6 months ago)
RIPPLE XRP. https://coinfaucet.io/Account?r=XpxDSQ5t7N1
Money Magic (6 months ago)
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Daverhan02 (6 months ago)
Nice content! BTC: 1NgP6uvQHUux4xnPZ273ntupuEgMv1pYvw
FATMIKE804 (6 months ago)
Ripple will go to the moon within 2018! 1MkgdywvLyREyPchnHvLDdb69f1TKtwbP6
Matteo Scalet (6 months ago)
Will Ripple the first coin to be added on Coinbase? 1MkgdywvLyREyPchnHvLDdb69f1TKtwbP6
Woody Miner (6 months ago)
I'm 100% on xrp. I think it's going far. rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh
Hany Hassaballa (6 months ago)
Chase Urias (6 months ago)
Whaddup lemme get dat sweet BTC 14UJkXGxp1iwQYtZbF1z7eaQmUm7wypVt7
Romeo Hol (6 months ago)
Keep up the great videos! 😉 17eqFqwZjw8KvoQRtwsk3FdNFpYuAgKFS2
Ravi Kapoor (6 months ago)
SLOTH(Xrp) turning into a CHEETAH 1Md28o8hwS1APZh3EazDJ5W31uwcNvLUCy
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action american (6 months ago)
Good video! Xrp 4 me 14na28pQcpvbxYFcBJNfEeTVV6ZKZGob7V
Mehul Vaghani (6 months ago)
I am using this app for getting ripple price live and fast. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cryptocurrency.ripple.xrp
platon konstruktor (6 months ago)
Johnny Johnny (6 months ago)
1DJWfHr7TqZvbvoGb6xxnCoYSwErJ57rJZ thanks man!
Cameron Spearman (6 months ago)
thanks. liked sub and post on. 1BKsV3PuXQ2RkffFvFX67ocGKUbVdyfGPv
1aceike (6 months ago)
Looking for some increase. Thanks. 19v7kT4Fu6LHFVCpZ5pFefJK5jdECHQSiP
Kelvin Lum (6 months ago)
XRP will hit $5 in April/May 1CvxaH2j31dMYq8ZvzwZBERJDHdJGYGN2Z
marucio Kevin (6 months ago)
I hope i win 16mZQcqmFvNx1hMvyfqNyLXYg4X1AM5Evb
James G (6 months ago)
Come on 0.1 bitcoin, and ripple!! 3NdK692eaNL5NLNe9YHZdhQFYdfmb8ex7a
Rfdusty (6 months ago)
Awesome video, need to get myself some ripple! 1JM8sXF8abHREWMSrB7LdT8suGkAKtgeA9
Yogobit Chatterjee (6 months ago)
Ripple would go up but predictions like it's going to touch $350 this year are far fetched. It's got a good future no doubt but I feel it should be around $20 by the end of the year. Any questions? Feel free to ask Btc address 1AsPYNSa7RcLU5U1492qvd4TchArsQq9F1
Triiker (6 months ago)
If some more real world banks would adopt ripple we would see some great gains. BTC: 13Tw4BdNyTYpc5SCeHHwkLzkB1YTMH2ZQn
christopher Pearson (6 months ago)
I made allot of money already on ripple. I am not sure if we will see much growth compared to other crypto. Thanks for the video s. 1DniJ9W6wJovRzmoiok6MGRdJwa2qW2DGn
777tage (6 months ago)
Hi, Great info about Ripple. I personally like Ripple the way it is being adopted in huge corporations and even in nations. Btc 1Dz2Af6MkXuzG5RfaYnWBMGT6CfsMYGZoH
Kable tha Kiid (6 months ago)
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Light Li (6 months ago)
XRP woohoo!! Nice video! BTC: 17LQBo7UJvw9vJ4RDmyDFyvLgAHK86YvCF
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igor damnjan (6 months ago)
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Hazzel Chacón (6 months ago)
Seadreamer_ (6 months ago)
Love the content thank you. 34ZJXdm748heJ1G4dxNzUpHqjdurbsUAbs
Rick Rik (6 months ago)
I'm just here to win lol 13DVQYpspkyQ7KcVnyzDa6UCq3J4mYTusc
FULL of HOPE (6 months ago)
I do believe Ripple its a strong project , and a lotta big players working for this goal to be a success in the crypto market 1CuSj5m1aWSNDtJmJM8EF3vyJwwHuRhQbB
Jonathan M Z (6 months ago)
i like your opinion, its about making money, even if its a pump and dump.. btc : 16KeNTNMDQrouGhkKMF8dCXYoW9E1Jgdt3 thanks!
Sunil Kumar (6 months ago)
I believe in xrp tech... It will take over first place by the end of this year. I will by XRP with your giveaway...Thank you!! 1MwwEjqUCzS9hiaCtR3inD5X5SS3ckdCjg
Joseph George (6 months ago)
I hold a lot of Ripple 😉 keep up the good work mate. 3E38WPdnRnJR4EEE9wmWg4eHQZST1qkNBg
Crypto Dez (6 months ago)
Xrp definitely is not going up from here in my opinion. 1P247WXGM3fjuSc5TWP1cQgWRebcaWCkQW
Nature Calls (6 months ago)
Thanks for information 1K3cnXGvQd37TFV7Kk5jVUgUehnWE5HXEo
AsR_Chaos _ (6 months ago)
why not a XRP give away?
Jasenko Sadzak (6 months ago)
Maybe I should buy some Ripple again. 1MJSgDBDQA2X3LBGHus8CcpQaKhEYSsTeu

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