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KISS front man Gene Simmons: Celebrities should shut their pie holes

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KISS Co-Founder Gene Simmons explains why celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves and how he plans to help create jobs.
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Text Comments (729)
barbie1216 (2 days ago)
Both were also born in Queens, N.Y.
CaLMCee (3 days ago)
though im not anti semantic XD
Virginia Connor (3 days ago)
Never knew I'd end up liking this guy, but I have far more respect for him than Bono or Bruce Springsteen.
renotsky yelk (4 days ago)
'Uncle Tom' sellout mofo, kissin that fat, pimply jew ass! how effed up is Uhmerica?
renotsky yelk (4 days ago)
yet, here he is opening a big mouth? and was Trump not a 'famous celebrity' who opened his big fat pie hole and spouted lies about 'birtherism' among many other lies.
Scott Slayton (5 days ago)
Thank God for Gene Simmons. This guy is a genius. Whatever his religious beliefs are, he is on the side of sense and sensibility. So we should be thankful for his application of his obvious functional and productive education.
This Little Light (7 days ago)
Doesn't KISS, stand for Knights in Satan's service?
Deplorable Pam (9 days ago)
Who remember his wife telling him he was NOT voting for Trump? LOL.. MAGA..TRUMP 2020
David Doran (9 days ago)
Gene is totally right.
joelmgarton (12 days ago)
This is a classic example of right wing conservative mentality. "Celebrities should shut their pie holes.", says a fucking washed out celebrity. You cunts are fucking idiots and you republican leaders play you like fucking retards.
Michael Schuenemann (14 days ago)
Yes - shut the Hollywood Elite Up !
Faerwing66 (14 days ago)
Gene is quite intelligent. And I find him much more palatable talking politics and non-KISS stuff, than when he is giving a KISS interview--he tends to be arrogant and cheesy to a much higher degree, and give canned answers, speak in metaphor, etc. Plus, Gene is mostly Conservative, it seems, so I like that too! Rock on.
Lesley Stevens (15 days ago)
Wow he has changed so much, good for him. Ran in same circles in ny area during 80s and he was NOT like this. Bravo.
knife (18 days ago)
The day this Kike Cunt dies will be a good day.
C.A.R (21 days ago)
Gene Simmons is a pedophile and he is going to be brought to justice like Harvey Weinstein.
Red Haze (8 days ago)
& a slimeball
Hey it's Gene, before he got permanently banned from FOX. LOL!!
Damian O'Neal (26 days ago)
Anyone goin to the show on the 6th??
hes right celebrities needs to act host dance sing endorse performe-music and do theyre jobs insteads of chatting on nonsense about poltics
Alex Dashkoff (1 month ago)
He looks like a white whoopi Goldberg
tim wathen (1 month ago)
Ray Hughes (1 month ago)
Thanks, Gene, I totally agree. Entertainers are just that, entertainers. Their opinions are not needed or wanted. I've lost a lot of respect for so many. I stop watching their movies or songs
NINTH SWINE (2 months ago)
Is it me or is Gene channeling Roy Orbison?
Caleb Shuler (2 months ago)
Caleb Shuler (2 months ago)
Money makes people think they know everything
Glitters go (2 months ago)
Well Gene....SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE!!!! When did Gene the jew turn NAZI??? All Kiss shit just went out of the house......it was just taking space. Bye Kiss..(I`m sure he did not brief Stanley on this nazi crap!!!
shannon washburn (2 months ago)
Wow, I didn't know Gene was a teacher/educator! Makes sense, now that I think about it. Smart man!
kurt kritzler (2 months ago)
Love gene!!!!!
realityrob (2 months ago)
Holy shit. Gene Simmons said something I agree with...the apocalypse is upon us
Myles Sykes (3 months ago)
He's boring 👎. Anyone who disagrees can Kiss my A## call me 646 978-0976
Kennedy Grey (3 months ago)
Gene Simmons is scary
Paul Poche (3 months ago)
A ballsack with sunglasses
Stfu gene, practice what you preach..
flairfan101 (3 months ago)
Gene is cool! A good Republican.
Raphael Johnson (3 months ago)
Gene is one of the smarter of the modern pantheon of celebrities, which is not saying much. Of course, "of the people, by the people and for the people" was uttered by Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, not the "founding fathers." So I guess he makes his point clear about celebrities shutting up. Also, he's 100% right about the electoral college. Without it, three or four cities would elect the president each cycle.
Rick Delgadillo (3 months ago)
Well then aren't you a celebrity also. You should follow what you are preaching. THIS IS MARIA
Chay Carle (3 months ago)
The irony and hypocrisy from Gene
Kenneth Clark (3 months ago)
Always the salesman Go Gene GO
feralbigdog (3 months ago)
he seems surprisingly intelligent, i was under the thought that if he was dressing up like he was that he was a big ol' leftist, but he is making sense
Victor De Wilde (3 months ago)
Gene Liked the market at the time of President Trumps election at 20 He must be laughing alway the to a bigger bank as its now around 25!!!!!
Joseph (3 months ago)
Al Czervik (3 months ago)
Being an rock musician basically, he is shockingly intelligent. I like how he tells it like it is. That's what you can do when you possess 'fuck you' money in your bank account.
King Steve (4 months ago)
This cunt needs to shut up and sing.
k m venezia (4 months ago)
You are right. I don't care what celebs say about politics which includes you Gene. What utter BS. Oh but we should listen to Gene according to FOX. I watch FOX for my comedy or when I'm feeling down, it's always good for a laugh.
George 1010th (4 months ago)
Hahaha... ofcourse i am not anti-semantic
Den Wheeler (4 months ago)
Juggle my balls.
Den Wheeler (4 months ago)
Their both fucking idiots. Go back to planet cool you fucking piece of shit.
Todd West (4 months ago)
Both of 'em made a ton of jack off me alone. They both should love me. But no........
David Westhoff (4 months ago)
yes many celebrities have ruined themselves for me, by being too vocal about their sexuality, politics...etc. they are basically cutting their own wrists doing this, because I don't want to know any of that from them. Thanks Gene
1142 Eat my Ass (4 months ago)
Well said Good sir!!!
Darrell Johnson (4 months ago)
Celebrities became famous by selling themselves as sex toys now they are hating system they built on sexy imagery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA4DR4vEgrs
Richard warren (4 months ago)
Gene ruled in Rock!!!
Bark Manden (4 months ago)
Gene your Killing it !!…Thank you much
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (4 months ago)
The stock market is correcting now, from the job growth, pay hikes and bonuses and that triggered a speculation of interest rate hikes. The comments on this video are 666 comments and the market had a 666 correction. Interesting... Hmmmmm Gene Simmons would find that funny.
john smith (4 months ago)
Please raid his home again for child porn (but, this time use the flash drive sniffing dog)............... Please.
electro college???
Stan Wilhite (4 months ago)
Those "Simmons boys", Gene and Richard, sure turned out differently............
Betty Boop (4 months ago)
Your vote doesn't matter they are tallied up in Manhattan and all networks conspire to choose who they want aka Rothschild family rule and they are Jews and Jews own Hollywood and music industry media too...
Jonathan Sheehan (4 months ago)
Lol it's true
D. Grady (4 months ago)
Calling Trump a 'job creator' is like calling a thief 'Christian'. The 4x bankrupt Trump would be penniless today if he had to pay taxes like the rest of us, if he had to pay his contractors like the rest of us, and if he didn't start with a $300M inherited empire from daddy. Trump creates jobs for Russian bots, Chinese factory workers, and H1B/H2B immigrants.
dannyd1572 (4 months ago)
Celebrities should shut their pie holes yet he is on TV doing the opposite. Matter of fact, he's been doing in the past couple of years.
Scene N. Herd (4 months ago)
Gene Simmons once slept with porn stars and has hair that's just as scary as Trump's. While he is being matter-of-fact i would protest from living in Malibu that actual celebrities don't live there much anymore, mostly just old Jewish producers, Cher and a bunch of people who blow leaves off lawns.
Kenneth Martinez (4 months ago)
Say what you want, but Gene is highly intelligent....he says it like it is....
Hillary Trump (4 months ago)
Has anyone told grandpa that he has a dead animal on his head?
PLANET BOOM (4 months ago)
Gene the pedophile
steve lawrence (4 months ago)
Gene is a great American (I think Kiss sucks however)
wcompto (4 months ago)
Oh i agree completely Gene. So why don't you shut up?
Hefty Alan (4 months ago)
Gene tells it like it is and surprisingly knowledgeable. Honouring vets, how great is that?
Sugar Jets (5 months ago)
Here's all you need to know about Gene Simmons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBc0am1CXPY
Scrub Wave (5 months ago)
Tommy Wiseu's lesser known brother.
Jack Beanstalk (5 months ago)
Gene Simmons real name is Chaim Witz just another dirty ass jew just like Harvey Weinstein . Gene Simmons clams he had sex with over 3, 000 girls and women why is he not conceder a rapist like Harvey Weinstein and the rest of those Hollywood dirty Jews. You people need to wake up
Body Mechanics (5 months ago)
Gene Simmons is a greedy prick!! Everybody hates him!!
G-Mack, 58. (5 months ago)
👍🏻 we owe it all to our vets, thanks to men & women of the USA armed forces!!! 🇺🇸 America first!
666cfc (5 months ago)
Isn't Trump a celebrity? Oh, and nice whig there Gene!
david frost (5 months ago)
so stupid people they are both dumb think about the people
david frost (5 months ago)
they both have immagrates in thier familes dauh wife and his family
Nancy Stone (6 months ago)
bjkjoseph (6 months ago)
Hello a celebrity was just elected president,is this the Twilight Zone?
Alberto Zerain 11 (6 months ago)
stupid kike, shut the fuck up!!!
Brock Smash (7 months ago)
Gene with the awkward plug outta nowhere hahaha. He pretty much told the host his show sucks and is boring
John Alberti (7 months ago)
btway..that's the sign for "I LOVE YOU"..in ASL (American Sign Language)..gene..it's not your creation..
John Alberti (7 months ago)
\m/_ gene simmons Rocks _\m/ ..Trump ROCKS TOO...I met Gene at a book signing..in Tempe,Az..
Hector Defendi (7 months ago)
Sissy-ass pussies at Fox News... Get over it, losers... He acted a lil silly yesterday (11/16/2017), and You BAN Him? Fuck You, Fox News...
Glitter (7 months ago)
He just got banned by Fox. How the hell did ACE and Peter stand being around this asswipe all those years?? And, Paul Stanley he's an ass , too.
jldog134 (7 months ago)
Thank You Gene Simmons!
Brett Octane (8 months ago)
Thanks Gene !
MA-121 (8 months ago)
Gene Simmons a smart and wise man.
pinstrps (8 months ago)
So then why should anyone listen and take Gene's advice if he is saying celebrities should shut their pie holes?
Jömpa (8 months ago)
Celebrities should not everyday people
Garegh62 (8 months ago)
What is with the coal black dyed Brillo pad on Gene's head? Take the fucking sunglasses off and embrace your wrinkles you fat fuck! You're a HORRIBLE bass player, you can't write yourself out of a paper bag.
Senor Cabeza de Grande (8 months ago)
It's President Trump...You dumbass!
defilade 106 (8 months ago)
So in the face of Liberal Elite with common sense! Love it!
Angel Messtanoffski (9 months ago)
No surprised to see these celebs play golf. It is a rich white man's sport!
Tvzblaze Ggg (9 months ago)
HEAR, HEAR! WE should not have people from Malibu deciding our elections or policy.
Silent Majority (9 months ago)
Finally! Somebody who knows what he is talking about! Rock on Gene.......
Cobalt (10 months ago)
Overrated musician and 1st class asshole.
Darin Walker (11 months ago)
Rock On Gene!
William H. Thompson (11 months ago)
I wish he could be my band manager. In a perfect world!
Molon Labe (11 months ago)
Trump understands that Americans want a government overhaul and are willing to fight hard for it! We want a strong leader and he is. We want a leader that listens to what we want. Asks us what we want and then responds. We haven't had that in my lifetime until Trump! He even asked for the people's input on things at some of his rallies and he is holding up to the promises he made.
In Pain 4life (11 months ago)
Kiss sucks, this fuckin Jew needs a oven
Grayson Goss (1 year ago)
wow the gene simmons show!
William Martin (1 year ago)
Only Faux would put this Moral Cripple on air, its sad what they do for ratings.
JohnDgr81 (10 months ago)
William Martin ..yes, I watch all the news, all the networks 24/7...including the Spanish networks!...I have all the time in the world to do just that!.....search: Bilderberg group!..get enlightened!...and some culture!...then get back to me!...and BTW,...my IQ test results throughout my school years? ,...my average was was 198!....had a couple of scholarships, and a 20 thousand dollar pell grant from the US government to boot!
William Martin (11 months ago)
JohnDgr81 Do you watch the news, or are you the typical deplorable with an 82 IQ. Trump is trash and so are ALL the people that still support him.
JohnDgr81 (11 months ago)
William Martin ok, so you are happy being a loser! Conformist!...that's ok!...what ever makes you happy!...enjoy your life my friend!
William Martin (11 months ago)
JohnDgr81 The man is a Moral Cripple just like Trump. With that being said, my greatest accomplishment is living my life and not being a moral cripple. Sadly you are what you eat John.
JohnDgr81 (11 months ago)
William Martin ....Gene Simmons has made MILLIONS of dollars!..in the easiest, fun, and meaningful way possible on this planet!....and believe me, putting on a multi million dollar show and concert tours, like Gene Simmons does , is NO easy feat, by any means!....what are your accomplishments!?PLEASE ,...reply!

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