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Jeff Berwick Exposes US Government As Terrorist Organization on PressTV

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fafar gol (20 days ago)
Watch pompeo's pathetic struggle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWmajOOKXHk
Antonio Ribeiro (1 month ago)
US is the evil empire. In fact, there is nothing to enjoy or anything to offer the world.
786MAKEADIFFERENCE (6 months ago)
Mr. Berwick is truly a man of God as he is a man for Justice and Peace ...
Ali Mohammond (7 months ago)
and the government did Los Vegas shooting, and there try to hide that one say there on one shooting and Mandalay, when the proof there was mass shooting at Hooters, belligeo hotel, nyny! and couple other one just came out on video!
Ali Mohammond (7 months ago)
CNN=fake news, Busch family did 911 twin tower, there alot of proof now on utube, Busch brother was head of security of twin tower, and for some reason the camera were broken down a few day before hand! to many other to list!
Lone Wolf (8 months ago)
You got it Jeff!
Lili Robin (9 months ago)
Good for you Jeff!!! Always being truthful is your best quality.
Casper Kite (9 months ago)
Jeff Berwick is stupid and is a pinhead Isamofacist green with jealousy that Washington is a world leader and tge bitcoin advocate is on exile in worthless Mexico doing God knows what with underage kids in this unregulated country.
Nick H (10 months ago)
Never does Jeff Berwick disappoint
Darius Alaiwat (10 months ago)
Love your videos Jeff! Invested in BTC start of 2017 after subscribing and I can't thank you enough. I'm only a teenager and my dad who's big into investing laughed at me for buying BTC. I've now more than doubled my investment all thanks to you! I'm the one who's laughing now. Keep up the great work man, you're a revolutionary!
Atom Knows (10 months ago)
omg her face at the end lol, she's like yeah we will never have this guy back on again.
Jim Nielsen (10 months ago)
The US Gov't is an evil ass bunch of warmongers. Hope they get cancer and die a slow and painful death. The world would be so much better without them.
Attack Helicopter (10 months ago)
good job Jeff!
Will Simon (10 months ago)
spot on as always... but not truman who warned about military industrial complex, eisenhower
Andrei Amzulescu (10 months ago)
alpha7B5 (10 months ago)
Exactly my thoughts (and words), too, dear Jeff! Nice to see you even on Press TV! :-) Cheers from Slovenia!
tech 101 (10 months ago)
substation (10 months ago)
Good job Jeff👍👍👍👍👍👍wake up the zombies..."US exceptionalism🐂💩
moneyindabank (10 months ago)
Jeff is a BO$$
nekeke (10 months ago)
No yihadists slaving women, please. You should not appear in a yihadist TV.
Peter Rushkin (10 months ago)
So IRONIC. You blast the health ranger for talking about bitcoin and not knowing what he is talking about. Yet here you are talking about politics and not knowing what you are talking about. EH??????
R Sinclair (10 months ago)
Its a game Russia is in a much better financial condition than the rest and if they have sanctions it helps stop arbitrage. There will be no war russia are making too much monee for the bankers
ahmed basyoni (10 months ago)
keep screwing them up Jeff
ajones990 (10 months ago)
And don't forget Somalia, they just invaded that country too and none talked about except we are change.
Moldoveanu Bogdan (10 months ago)
Jeff...you are right in all you say, but you need to take care man, if you begin to upset the wrong people you will not end good. Is pretty hard to change anything in this sick system, if not impossible. The number of people that realize what is happening in the world is very low, and the rest are somehow "programmed". Best regards from Romania and don`t take this as a joke !
Flat Earth
some1intheworld (10 months ago)
This man is not only a top tier scam artist but also a top tier troll! Thanks for the laughs
Simon Aloo (10 months ago)
Barack O'bummer haha, that was funny :)
trey taylor (10 months ago)
What do you expect? America serves the elite nwo families that serve satan. Oh I mean lucifer. I don't mean to be politically incorrect
The chosen 1 (10 months ago)
Jeff talk about race and iq
Cynthia S (10 months ago)
Watch the Syrian documentary on ONN One america News .... tell your friends ... maybe the sheeples will start to wake up.
nipponese (10 months ago)
Jeff, complaints about monetary policy are fair, but multi-polar foreign policy is a zero sum game. Some nation is always gonna be the bad guy, so pick your poison: the US or (insert nation with highly restrictive internet free speech policies).
Barnettstrongman Jnes (10 months ago)
Trump has to sign the sanctions and if he does the it proves he is nothing but a stooge for he jews.
Charles (10 months ago)
So what would you people have us do? Do you want Kim Jong- un to launch a nuke at us? Will we have your permission to have a military then?
Michael Alpine (10 months ago)
Well said, Jeff. You're good at cutting through all the b.s.
Adolf Hipster (10 months ago)
Jeff the gov gonna kill you bro watch out
noel delcourt (10 months ago)
USA = No1 Terrorist Organization WorldWide !...
I couldn't say it better myself BUT I would have included that the government is made up of Satanists, Zionists, and Psychopaths!
erictheBaptist (10 months ago)
Drop some truth!
NumberOfThings (10 months ago)
Jeff Berwick, you should probably formulate your opinions into a more carefully worded structure. Maybe talk to some lawyers before you go on the air saying these kinds of things we would all hate to see you land in jail or even worse. We know what the US does with people who expose their inner circle.
TheOlddantucker (10 months ago)
Don t look to your news on tv and don t read newspapers.
Magnum (10 months ago)
HERE IS ONE TO THINK ABOUT.... U.S. "finds out" North Korea is getting it's nuclear capabilities and missile program from Iran. All that, during and after a preventable attack on the U.S. takes place from North Korea. Unfortunately, Innocent people would get hurt... The U.S. government then tells it's citizens that they will take out North Korea and its leadership for this and then they will go after Iran for aiding and supplying North Korea with wepons of mass destruction. Just my thoughts, Stay Vigilant People!!!
Mary T (10 months ago)
Has she had any experience with female genital mutilation of young girls ?
WillBendingSteel (10 months ago)
Ussa is the agressor and evil in the world!!
sunny okoro (10 months ago)
I love you Jeff. Stay safe bro
Kevin Hicks (10 months ago)
I see you taking a page out of Peter Schiff's book after just saying he was a shill for being on the news. Also most of your info is parroted from others. I respect you speaking on the issue because your followers listen to you, but please don't pretend like you are doing something new others haven't or aren't doing.
Calvin (10 months ago)
North Atlantic terrorist organization!! Love it
Rupert Butler (10 months ago)
Well funny. Truth becoming main stream. Well done Jeff
Malkism M (10 months ago)
Good to see you on press TV Jeff!!! like Max, Ken & others to expose this tyranny of the Zionist Jewish bastards.....
Computer Guru (10 months ago)
Jeff you crack me up comparing the USA to north Korea. You come here to the USA and say and do what you like and no one bothers you. Try that shit in north Korea and you would be pushing up daises.
blackbird garden (10 months ago)
well said Jeff
Ashton 09 (10 months ago)
Well said, thank you brother.
Tajul Akbar Ismail (10 months ago)
Liked And Subscribed
ivoman7 (10 months ago)
I think so too, Jeff. Quit your cult.
Cam raiD (10 months ago)
Haha, I love how you handle the questions. It's brazen and blunt.
zwitscherelfe (10 months ago)
Very well said, Jeff! Keep on doing what you do, hopefully others will grow some strength and spine and start to speak out too! Reading the comments here i can see that paid agents are copying & pasting assiduously…
John Woodhead (10 months ago)
Congress sets itself up as judge and jury,always using fake morality to justify bullshit sanctions,I am sure most Americans do not agree with these sanctions so who do these congressmen (and women) really represent? Because it certainly is not the majority of the American public
spacepathfinder1 (10 months ago)
are you still alive?
Chris Millington (10 months ago)
If only u could get on CNN next
Alexandra Bruce (10 months ago)
¡Hasta la victoria siempre! LOL, Jeff, that was great!
Rush Shukla (10 months ago)
Until the evil Anglo American corporate cabal and it's Federal Reserve system of fiat currency is brought to its knees and completely dismantled there will never be peace. These evil butchers don't want peace because it doesn't profit them. Only endless war and terror and continual support of terrorist states like the Saudis and Israel. The Zionist occupied govts of the West are built on CORPORATE HATE AND CONTEMPT for those that don't want their crooked business. They make war with them to line their own pockets while their own citizens are living in tents on food stamps. It 's a killing machine that's totally out of control. Their Islamic bogeyman is a complete farce. It's a smokescreen for creating a New World Order. Only the dumbest sheep buy into their propaganda.
Dan Truitt (10 months ago)
"The US is the most tyrannical empire in modern history? You go on Iranian TV to say this, Berwick? How about the way Iran treats its citizens? Ask the Iranian-American reporter to the WaPo who was locked up for 3 years for implying things were sometimes tough living in Iran to Anthony Bourdain on his Parts Unknown TV show on Tehran. Good thing you're in Acapulco. I'll try to bring you a cake after they lock you up for treason. And to those idiots with their anti-Semitic comments....well, what can I say, Jeff? Are you with them, too? I wish you crypto guys would stick to the crypto stuff. All the other anarchist crap you sell is pure bullshit. I'm sure you'll ban me from making any more comments on your channel. Which is perfect- you rant about censorship yet practice it yourselves. I still like your investment advice but you really need to put a cork in it with the political crap.
Jeff Higgs (10 months ago)
The spooks are all over you now
LaurelBlue (10 months ago)
Right on, Mr. Berwick! You speak truth. God's power is greater than all powers on earth. Please know that MANY are praying protection for you and your family... !
Rohi π (10 months ago)
Jeff my man! You go brother. Intergrity personified. RSA.
Vercusgames (10 months ago)
They don't survive in world peace. I can't believe a freaking anime, Gundam Seed Destiny predicted this outcome.
k7gixxer1000 (10 months ago)
Jeff, O'bomber is also the first Noble Peace Prize winner to BOMB another Noble Peace Prize winner "Doctors Without Boarders"!
Mitch Perrett (10 months ago)
Berwick hides out in Acapulco, Mexico. A country so corrupt cartels permeate the government and economy. An Anarchist and hypocrite, he is completely oblivious to the fact that America is responsible and should be commended for making major contributions to upholding Western freedoms and power advantages while also suppressing Communist, Islamic extremist and militant-based regimes. By trashing America like he does, he essentially is supporting other regimes with far less to offer humanity, which is incredibly non-sensical, and, his opinions seem to satisfy his small, haven't-quite-thought-it-all-through, millenial, know-it-all, hipster, hypocritical, counter-culture crowd.
Mitch Perrett (10 months ago)
Calvin Hague your reply to my comment is borderline retarded, pathetic that the basis of your reply is wanting to talk about interest rates as an indicator of freedom.
Calvin (10 months ago)
Mitch Perrett But America is not free. Look at the Federal reserve . It is manipulating the interest rate. In a free market the interest rate is set by the market, but under communism the interest rate is set by a central bank. Jeff lives in a failed state. Hence it is free of government and therefore cannot be communist at all since everything in a failed state is privately owned by definition.
Pelle Enron (10 months ago)
I am sure Jeff Berwick is a popular propagandist on PressTV ( aka *Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting* ). This guy sink to new lows all the time. You can be happy that this guy, featuring on Islamic propaganda TV, is NOT an american.
Didier deNice (10 months ago)
The United Sates of Israel representatives in the congress and the senate vote as they are told to do by... their (((masters))) Whatever you think of Berwick the truth is that for the past twenty years the biggest terrorist countries in the world have been Isra-hell and the US ! War mongers that will eventually succeed in bringing us all in a major conflict. That's trully what the (((bankers))) and wall street want ! And of course never admit your responsability but blame someone else for everything !
Lovejinder Singh (10 months ago)
Jeff is fearless.
Jeremy Elster (10 months ago)
Solid effort Jeff!!
Tatsin (10 months ago)
Very true. But people don't see it.
Klaus Campagnoli (10 months ago)
You forget to mention the Banks Jeff! You forgot to mention the involved banking and petrodollar interests...
D Rutter (10 months ago)
"Yeah, I think we'll leave it there, for now..." :D
Krypton (10 months ago)
The recent BTCe bust just shows how the DoJ over stepped there jurisdiction acting like a god entity on humanity.
John Nordstrom (10 months ago)
Nice job Jeff. Way to get the message out there !!!
Marius Landman (10 months ago)
Jeff you are so correct!
/ (10 months ago)
you're a legend jeff
Ronald Bourque (10 months ago)
Dwight d Eisenhower Jeff not Truman
Amr K (10 months ago)
Jeff got it
Harry (10 months ago)
Jeff would be better off promoting use case for crypto instead of this vigilante attitude. There is too much anti-.gov rhetoric from the space and all it's doing is bringing negative attention where its not needed. Turn the temp down there in Mexico ;-)
nomoreserfs (10 months ago)
I think Jeff meant Eisenhower.
John Adams (10 months ago)
The bankrupt america buys power though the fake monetary system. This in itself is a scam and the rest of the world should demand america be stripped of its monetary system and the fed reserve should be abolished
David Patton (10 months ago)
Run, little ones, run to other utopian nations and then video blog how smart you are. Bye, bye.
Snide 2 (10 months ago)
Jay Craford (10 months ago)
I love all of the anarchist comments -- we will all rise against this system!! People are waking up and rejecting fiat! Good for Speaking out and everyone else embracing political anarchy!!!!
swardinc (10 months ago)
while you have a interesting take on things, how would you prove something like that say before a war crime thing? Because just like i said about CIA/FBI/NSA trying to blame Russia when it looks to be more and more like are own government who has done it. It would be hard to convention us people that Russia did it, some times i wonder if that was not setup so if Hillary got into office we would be at war?
Jesus .Christ (10 months ago)
*Jeff Berwick Exposes US Government As Terrorist Organization on PressTV!*
Jennifer Lynne (10 months ago)
Remember Obama, Clinton, the Bush family all nfg, sold us out. Not Trump
John Halstead (10 months ago)
Jeff, Eisenhower (a west point grad) warned the US about the military industrial complex... not Truman... rest is spot on... bravo.
Jennifer Lynne (10 months ago)
Your a Canadian Looser, always bashing America. Trump is trying hard to get the Globalist out & he is a Outsider Moran. Keep your Vagabond lifestyle and stick it where the sun does not shine. Mexico medical care is at least 20 years behind, I should know, had my knee stitched up on vacation over there. I gave you the benefit of the doubt & I had enough of your bashing of America. Go Trump!
Project 2050 (10 months ago)
@Jeffiner. I hope you are right. But I doubt it. Trump just seems like an outsider. Its a big club and you ain't in it.
Jennifer Lynne (10 months ago)
Duncan, Trump is a Outsider, Jeff is the Moran. First volunteering is great, nice job. If you have a opinion on here people want to bash you. Not voting hurt America thats how we got Bush, Clinton & Obama. If Trump does not get taking over by the Globalist we actually do have a chance. Do you not have a huge problem with the reporters headscarf in this video?because, I do. And Jeff is talking about the Elite but, watch his video's he is always bashing America. America was heading towards Socialism before Trump got it, now we have a fighting chance, this is our 2nd Revolution. Ex. The Montgomery Whistler Blower. We can beat the bad, were on the verge.
Don Duncan (10 months ago)
Ok, you say Trump is an "Outsider Moran"? What is that? Is it like a "looser"? I'm an American voluntarist who does not support the USSA Empire. That is who Jeff is bashing, i.e., the ruling elite, not America. Governments have NEVER been "for the people". None. Not here, not anywhere, ever. So don't conflate the people with the rulers. I disavow any responsibility for what those lying scumbags do of say because I don't vote or identify with them in any way.
Jennifer Lynne (10 months ago)
Fyi Lisa, Im a openmind type of person so I been listening to Jeffs videos for awhile, on fasting I agree, on US political views he is wrong. On over reach of government for the past 20 years Apsolutely. I have a right to be where ever the hell I want to be. You go back to practicing the Quran & its ideology.
Lisa Cheney (10 months ago)
Jennifer! What are you doing here then? GO back to Fox, Breitbart or whatever Trump is promoting this week.
RaisingConsciousness77 (10 months ago)
Great talk! but Eisenhower, not Truman
Monique Hunter (10 months ago)
I admit, I live in fear for the most part. Our kids in the U.S. are used as weapons against us. If a citizen gets out of line we have so many laws on the books that they can pretty much take your child for anything. I refused the Hepatitis B shot for my newborn, then the nurses questioned me about my history and asked if I had ever drank alcohol or smoked marijuana in my life. I said yes and they called Social Services. I had to pass a UA and short interrogation before holding my child. In school, if our kids miss 4 days in one month, which my family does every year for a trip to see family, they send us letters threatening to fine and/or jail my husband and I. If we seek a second opinion or disagee with a doctor on our kids' diagnosis, the doctor has power to hand our child over to the state. You can see hundreds of stories on social media under #MedicalKidnap My sister bit me in school/daycare when I was younger. I was taken by police, separated from my sister and terrified that I was never going to see my parents again. Nancy Smith Schaefer, former Georgia senator, may she rest in peace, I believe, was murdered for her activism in this area. Politically motivated assassination and government-sanctioned child kidnapping is common here, so as an awake American, yes, I live in fear.
koffee (10 months ago)
resteemt and upvoted =)
A Martinez (10 months ago)
that was very blunt but also 100% true
Mark Walther (10 months ago)
oh come on...we havent bombed canada ....yet?
Dimitar Andreev (10 months ago)
Mark Walther hahaha... atleast some of you americans have good sense of humour
yankee thai (10 months ago)
Our government is owned by the Zionists.
SprinkleCrazy (10 months ago)
America doesn't need any more demoralizing at this point, we need to maintain strength for protection. Criticizing and condemning all administration's as the same as others, doesn't portray strength, it diminishes what the new administration is trying to do... Make America first in our own right, on our own land. It's not an easy thing going against a century old establishment, but give it time and support,and we could rise against the elitists. It's not futile to have hope that we are a nation to be blessed again.
grasshopper78 (10 months ago)
This land is not our land Unfortunately our ancestors raped and murdered whose land this was, and the people who were here lived a much better life then, than we are now The government is a absolutely and totally corrupt to the core It must be done away with No more rulers weve tried that and it doesnt work
The Rocket Radio Show (10 months ago)
SprinkleCrazy clever and true.
A3 Skywarrior (10 months ago)
Russia, Iran and North Korea hate us for our freedom too I guess.
A3 Skywarrior (10 months ago)
I got that quote from George Bush after nine eleven. Isn't that the reason a man in a cave in Afghanistan with a satellite cell phone was able to bring down three skyscrapers with two airplanes and then blow through 6 reinforced concrete walls of the pentagram leaving a 10 feet hole above the ground without damaging the grass, leaving no seat cushions, luggage or evidence of any passengers on the most fortified building in the world on the most protected airspace in the world with 86 security cameras but only 5 doctored frames are allow for the the public to see? Did someone lie to me?
sunny okoro (10 months ago)
Do you really think you are free in the US? Try opening up a business of your own and see the number of regulatory fees to pay.
Dimitar Andreev (10 months ago)
A3 Skywarrior what freedom buddy ? what are you talking about?
Bror King (10 months ago)

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