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Bitcoin Trader Review - MASSIVE SCAM

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BEEN A VICTIM OF A SCAM? GET YOUR MONEY BACK HERE: www.scamxposed.com/recovery This scam fell into my lap last night. I was watching TV and checking facebook when I got hammered with ads about making money with Bitcoin. These fake sites sent me on to a fake CNN Tech site copy that eventually pointed to Bitcoin Trader. Its a massive scam and even the brokers are getting in on the scam action with a pretend regulator (PIPSEC). Avoid this one guys, 100% scam!!! MY TOP RECOMMENDATION: http://www.scamxposed.com/top $100 GIVEAWAY VIDEO: www.scamxposed.com/competition BEEN A VICTIM OF A SCAM? GET YOUR MONEY BACK HERE: www.scamxposed.com/recovery BUY CRYPTO FROM THESE TRUSTED PLATFORMS: http://www.scamxposed.com/bitcoin/ http://www.scamxposed.com/paxful/ TRUSTED CRYPTO TRADING EXCHANGES: http://www.scamxposed.com/binance/ TOP ICOs: http://www.scamxposed.com/adverx/ http://www.scamxposed.com/nitro/ http://www.scamxposed.com/inspeerico/ TRUSTED CLOUD MINING: http://www.scamxposed.com/nuvoomining/ TRUSTED BITCOIN HARDWARE WALLET: http://www.scamxposed.com/hardware/ TRUSTED SITES: DAVOR: http://www.scamxposed.com/davor ADVERX: http://www.scamxposed.com/adverx BITCOIN ATM CARD: http://www.scamxposed.com/cryptopay/ CONTACT ME ► http://www.scamxposed.com - WEBSITE ► http://www.scamxposed.com/subscribe/ - SUBSCRIBE ► lttbo_chat - SKYPE ► [email protected] - EMAIL ► https://twitter.com/scamxposed - TWITTER ► fb.me/officialxposed - FACEBOOK ► @officialxposed - TELEGRAM
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Andrew Nugent (2 months ago)
I got as far as signing up after getting curious - within 10 minutes I got a call from Switzerland from a very well spoken woman who was going to put me in contact with my own personal broker! I only had to place 250 Euros which 'wouldn't take bread off your table'. It sounded like a call centre environment, lots of background chatter. Their brokers were limited in how many accounts they would handle but there was still some available. Lucky me. I get transferred to Peter Abbiati who wants me to complete registration, download some software and basically hand my life over. I said I'd go and do some research first as getting my own personal broker for 250 euros investment seemed ridiculous and anyway why do I want one if the software will trade for me? I further explained that the fact that there is a call centre handling the initial enquiry, calling within 10 minutes, using time pressure techniques to enrol you was also a bit of a red flag for me. He said he'd mail me and call back. The second call was brief.
Reg Marchant (2 months ago)
That what they did with me... I said no also... after checking them out... but being a fan of Max Keizer, I am under the impression most of this is unregulated anyway... and decided to have a go... bye bye £250 it seems, slowly being eating away on wrong trades lol
Andrew Nugent (2 months ago)
I forgot to say thanks for the research, you saved me the time. Great work!
Maximum Axiom (3 months ago)
I signed up, made £500 payment......and wait for it......my bank declined it. as much as I do not like Barclays and any other banks....but in this case, it looks like Barclays saved me my £500. How could I have been so stupid. Oh wait, greed and this supposed link to dragons den. Can not find that episode anywhere.
Tyrion Lannister (3 months ago)
Unfortunately I invested 400 pounds. Should I be worried that they can use my credit card?
Reg Marchant (2 months ago)
did any of your trades turn green out of interest... I had trades up and down and both still lost... I could only laugh
Reg Marchant (2 months ago)
Your lucky... keep away from this
Maximum Axiom (3 months ago)
hi mate how is it looking, I made a payment, but my barclays bank declined it, should I try to make it again? seems like a ponzi.
ScamXposed (3 months ago)
Yes. Cancel your credit card. They’ll try every trick in the book to get more money from you.
lezi100 (3 months ago)
They are making false claims linked to UK dragons Den please be warned #DagonsDenUK http://latestgoss.org/the-real-reason-dragons-den-has-been-cancelled/?campid=1071004532&creaid=253835628189&sitenm=www.journalistate.com&catego=runofnetwork%3A%3A100&keywrd=&device=&mtchtp=&netwrk=d&dvctyp=c&adposn=none
Dex The Arctic Fox (3 months ago)
I also found some proof that is fake. I found a fake news article claiming that Bitcoin Trader was on Dragon's Den and got a big investment when it wasn't ever in Dragon's Den. Here's a link: http://chillirelax.club/the-reason-behind-dragons-den-cancellation/?cid=107156&creaid=2151202&siteid=150362
ajay999999 (3 months ago)
Man I nearly signed up thanx
RONNIE TUTT (4 months ago)
Hello my friend...DEFINITE SCAM...take a look at this link...https://mirrornews.online/uk-news/piers-bitcoin.php?s=23496076 they are illegally using a top UK tv presenter to promote this scam. I wonder if Piers Morgan knows about this???
Excellent work as usual!! Big bullshit pie!!! Love it!! Keep up the great job of finding these scamming pricks! Cheers! Mary in Japan.
Ethan Mckeown (7 months ago)
Love your content dude! Hard to find any youtuber that does these kind of videos.
ScamXposed (7 months ago)
Thanks Ethan. Most Youtubers are just out to make a quick buck and arent concerned about their subscribers being ripped off!!!

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