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How to Use IDEX! - IDEX Tutorial - IDEX CryptoCurrency Exchange How To

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This video will teach you how to use IDEX. This tutorial will go over creating an account and making a buy order. IDEX CryptoCurrency! Buy Our Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/cryptocoinnews Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCoinNewz Join Our Telegram: https://t.me/ccncryptochat Business Email: [email protected] I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research. All ICO Reviews are paid reviews and all opinions are our opinions. Do your own research!
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Text Comments (236)
Decentralaized (6 hours ago)
That idex is intresting. It is sure best place to buy, if it is to most coin first exhange. LiEh1twULwypYTsyY19LoAZz3RijW5WdUm
Christopher Hampton (4 days ago)
I lost 50,000 pundi and 75,000 tel coin on idex because I went to the wrong site. Smh I bout pundi back when it was .005 this is heart breaking. Listen to Zach he know what he’s talking about.
BAIBAIFIAT (5 days ago)
why a versa? are they your sponsor?
Joona Havisalmi (11 days ago)
I try to withdraw my ETH from IDEX account to my wallet. I get a message "Nonce too low. Please refresh and try again." Ive tried to log out and log in many times, but it is still not working. Please help.
D.J. Magee (11 days ago)
Thanks for all the great info! I would like more videos like this for sure!
Jeff S (11 days ago)
2 questions: 1. Do I have to move my tokens to the new listing exchange to see the gains? 2. What hardware wallet is best for these tokens? Thank you
James Jeffers (13 days ago)
Can you do a stop loss on IDEX?
david orcutt (13 days ago)
Have been thinking of day trading. Thanks for IDEX now too. LfCJaPv91DSnezW5EVnzZXeZohwxJBdjDE
Jin Literatus (14 days ago)
Thanks for another Great video, Awesome info... I like SciDex... Can't wait for the Mass adoption
michael bonacci (14 days ago)
I love the fact that you explain how to use the decentralized exchanges! Its all about decentralized crypto! One project Ive heard that is based off ethereum and decentralized is fr8network!
Jerrid Pentz (15 days ago)
Morpheus Network!!
3EyedRebel (16 days ago)
Thank you for this vid that's awesome!
Kevin (16 days ago)
yahoo- thx - bought a couple hundred quark - LYXJYxhwAeiQA1feMNNEf1AzqwfbwvWBCP
Steel Fury (16 days ago)
Great tutorial, nothing worked btw ! Try doin some prep work perhaps.... if ur trying to tutor ur audience. Maybe the minimum buy order is $50 I guess that’s what 22.5% of minimum order was that u just nonchalantly skipped by, oh and the previous warning pop up of min 0.04 eth withdrawal pop up ignored too...and maybe more importantly the send entire balance action only sent about 70% of ur entire balance leaving like 3% or so in ur wallet...hmmm any explanation would have been quite valuable tbf . I mean pathetic really considering...
Fred Sanchez (16 days ago)
Great video as always!!!! LTC: LQXq48vz1F1reHixNrYiSGw34aAhmBXQSA
Mary Lancaster (16 days ago)
More videos like this please
Ivan Tan (17 days ago)
Thanks for this Zac... Finally there's a proper guide for this. LRpZgbXo1HNDrZnUG44X5F6ZU8V7ydDXAc
Libor Šaněk (17 days ago)
nice video ltc :LLzpMCpwozehTjXnsQUtbDHWKfkyot5oyD
Doyle Wells (17 days ago)
Great video was looking to see how to start trading on IDEX and you come thru as always Keep up the great work. LT8ZrpjnWwAnrFfD4rnnswYB6cHnXeRc8W
Daniel Baker (17 days ago)
Thanks. Good info!!! LTC: LhjGvkZfBbUJ2SBKwzQMPqAtiXcvrHi3M5
João Figueiredo (17 days ago)
Nice job. LTCEQRqGYfoRRAr1S9N5vqcV7xNGRXLRiy
Mihai Rusu (17 days ago)
Now this is golden! I was planning to figure it out some day, but I don't need to lose time with that! Thanks for sharing! LTC Wallet: LQC24FckZJmqzQUSzhD1bzov8VuefheRpt
ray man (17 days ago)
Great video as always man keep I️t up! LTMae7Y4ftx6B1tWZKKqzub61QuZgzU2VW
Bruna Corrêa (17 days ago)
Nice tutorial LSDuHVXAQC41UjPrYUgGsUyBUf51VzmXEu
Reggie Menard (17 days ago)
Great tutorial. The small cap gems on Idex certainly worth the risk.
Jimmie M (18 days ago)
Probably i will do idex one day, but atm i stick with bancor for small projekts. LTC: MUD9tPqogijAtQCfHkbmEXoCTULg6D6EQp
Brandon Crawford (18 days ago)
Great video dude I'm getting in now.. Ltc MNAuC41pUjRXZ7EFazCyNzti6X4cyK37vV
Alter Goldstein (18 days ago)
So whats your next pump prediction? MSzsd87sE53U3f2Jv46RVxvMHbi5tP4tVj
Sjef Dun Eerste (18 days ago)
Nice thnx
Matt (18 days ago)
I like it! LVzZu5WCWSHMCcEb38GwMjc1EPDUiBRfdz
pilgrim's progress (18 days ago)
SOMEBODY HELP ME! Is there an exchange I can use that's within the us that my bank or the exchange ie. Coinbase that won't charge me an international processing fee on top of their already outrageous transfer fees?
Chris Charles (18 days ago)
Thank you Zac you are the best!
spiderpics (18 days ago)
been with you since the start always a morale booster!! cheers LRxJbjCg5yH4cS2zP84VGJy9cmndbbGudy
Kalifornia Love (18 days ago)
Thank for the guide a lot of potential on idex Le7n7e6BLCQ6HkyMnnvAPgD8RxtPogm2qZ
Naser Cham (18 days ago)
Excellent tutorial. You are amazing😉
Andrew K (18 days ago)
10$ to $7.19 to buy in . lol. wow. I guess you need to buy more. LNUCjCPKUdeqRWK38QzibcCDXNnakhdkT8
Mutinta Nameembo (18 days ago)
is this an advert Zack? LRXjY9uTLgkYrvNfre6cTKHbD62iiifi1Y
QSA Invest (18 days ago)
cool! LPVoq2Txqx99DxJztie2DVaXqbFJgk2Nsj
Mihai Turcu (18 days ago)
Used IDEX a few times, it has a learning curve but it's worth it. LTC: MAY9yPBajC6m1d7Y3BEiXQVoomRY5VyC8R
Katherine Stutz (18 days ago)
Thanx so much this idex vid was really helpful
Gordan Sladich (18 days ago)
Gordan Sladich 1 seconde geleden If you had to put your only $1000 in 3 coins, what would it be? LNHrzPF5q7TifSwKuvfRAa47Jiv6Z7ZJLj
KINGME (18 days ago)
Index acc my fought
KINGME (18 days ago)
Hey Zack I sent money from my Eth on Hot bit to Idex to the wallet number located right next to wallet on my idex acct and it end up going on Etherscan I don't no nothing about etherscan so how do I get my 400 bucks off of ether scan
lakers34kb (18 days ago)
You can only withdraw using ethereum????
jmartir384 (18 days ago)
I love IDEX .. thanks Zach LYwsQwoMEkvaTd9tEoVFT9qvia4YXF9Qfc
mi fi (18 days ago)
So what is the min purchase?
alexandrikov (18 days ago)
It was a little hard for me to understand how it works but I still got the sense of it about being a good service. LNYej97op2uCAmBwsnpUWY5XpUeA7hVgu1
Marius Clipa (18 days ago)
tutorials are good for the newbies , good info ltc: LhrwLrbag1xQRMu3rGXbBRFg2HZ53qUkxM
DroogmansJan (18 days ago)
Finally, a good vid about idex LgfMX8Lmqn2TTGbcdsN925ti2XdKGANHi1
Sander V (18 days ago)
Win Win Win Hi Zach and Friends! Thanks for the LTC! Greetings from Holland LTC: LRiy53NsPRRepUNscty4js4JkwLL4Bnh3D
ogrim weu (18 days ago)
wut do u think about zebi and deb ? LQcauRgGGQ4aDgUiuoSsNFGtPrHFLDyL9y
jason williams (18 days ago)
Great tutorial, been a little confused with idex! Thanks! Ltc:LhKjcfMD2KcaTSGZbGR3f3k1BmJEGyBH4x
CryptoSantaNick (18 days ago)
or just go over coin market cap, true idex link up there
Luka Mustać (18 days ago)
Finally one of youre best
Rafael Rabello (18 days ago)
Im tired of losing money, but hodl all the way! IDEX has great coins... LTC LRJAPEpqnz8SrbWrCQh3G2f2CvYB1Dpaeb
Shahzad Tajik (18 days ago)
So competition will begin from coming week, Good luck zuck.....LQFPwLc6nyh4QpF1qxuarsPqjCKagKzSHM
Robert G. (18 days ago)
Big thx for the tutorial and also big thx for your daily news!!! Ltc: LSdHLwqee6ArBGB2kAmCwnSzdpsVSzyJ4f
ben B (18 days ago)
hats off to you for doing this IDEX video LfwLPr4txyedWvwXxAKbbLwsJxJ8qms5Eq
B B (18 days ago)
thank you for this video!!! you the man!!! actually more like crypto iron man :P lol tx mate LSmVyMa3NjbbK9qKzdPV3xvAuguHVm5oNK
June Milo (18 days ago)
Can't thank you enough, I finally get it! I've been in crypto a year (senior/female/less than 1% group, but that's no excuse), and Idex was difficult for me to maneuver until I watched this vid 3 times! I will thank you by buying some of your gear soon! June
Michael Murray (18 days ago)
Alright!! I've been real nervous about other exchanges. Awesome guys & Thank you!! LTC MKScA5dXqcGTV947yHAt6SaWnQgMXjHnZy
Michael Torrisi (18 days ago)
Love IDEX. Gets the job done! LSpk5A2f667ZbqWWAf3z6FSewheqGKcnCn
Poolhustlin1 (18 days ago)
Only the best info on the web!!!! MJt3XVos1brip8mwVddbArDuXg56rf8UHk
Daniel Kingston (18 days ago)
Waiting for you new show LXnLLysxg7KZBz5ZVPBvZtLf76HnSLpH8y
Teresa Back (18 days ago)
im always on binance....gonna go back and revist idex with what ive learned here. MG7u4CxDpAjrHmNMyES7LZKJAsGkH5UG9M
William Day (18 days ago)
Thank you for your tutorial! Been wanting to try IDEX.. LWM4VP2EKX74obGGMQTRAeM5V32FxSzPGg
Ian Dyksman (19 days ago)
You should have mentioned the "makers" and "takers" limits. Mention it now if your reading this 👍 LeCvxXSpvW9kKfnC3NVGqAJHENoUMTcYer
Mo hane (19 days ago)
Great video, can some one explain about the wallet please!! so where can I find thIS wallet? is it like ETHE wallet on coinbase/GDAX? can I transfer fro GDAX to IDEX or does the ETH needs to be in a specific wallet before I transfer to IDEX? also what is GAS???
June Milo (19 days ago)
Just the video I needed today! Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for all you do! June
Jurij Jutkevic (19 days ago)
Patience is the key to success in crypto business!!! LMdrWUkrznUrzPewTS8tijWmzrDk6vN8uQ
Darren Spiers (19 days ago)
Great video MAUNp8eJyVNGvKYdx1RgU3XLLa4wC4GqpR
Mike Raleigh (19 days ago)
Thanks ZACH!!!!! ME4HUAbxFDbAmdM2F8MotJyHijtuubqhpG
Eric Lim (19 days ago)
Thanks for the video. LVnxP2V13x6dxVZsTf5XTeM1j5hanwwFzH
Be Ckay (19 days ago)
Its not so slow with my Mac i must say, dont know why you say that, i use Chrome and Metamask, nice trading but whole different as Binance ofcourse. MEjhRQCWRs5DXHbu2o37XQPkTf65ztsTM9
STEVE GROVE (19 days ago)
I could never figure out IDEX, but at least I got BAX on Kucoin. LTC: LNUJJimzAvJ7EVo8bBAWq4zB2R5ZwDURZ
peter connell (19 days ago)
From the guy who bought bags of fitrova. Now down 97% and delisted from bancor. Don't fall for his next shill coin, stick to top 10
Manuel Fischer (19 days ago)
I stay with Binance till I have some profits. LRXJ1Epd3K9BzZo5RfCxrRdX8p3fMgDA1K
Slarty Bartfast (19 days ago)
Thanks for the video! I'm using a Ledger for idea. Do I still need the keystore file? MWVWpCiQ2pDFbyQomtgpLntAAUuapiknPJ
chris papandreas (19 days ago)
great to c u helping out inexperienced crypto beginners- maybe switcheo exchange as well sometime cheers
ANKIT BISHT (19 days ago)
3PaD7dNxxD6A2s7GQhMgjYCVdeDfPGfAP2 Brilliant a very detailed tutorial. Thanks
Crypto Revolt (19 days ago)
Nice TUTE but boy oh boy, the NEO Dex in Switcheo leaves this for dead. Why should I have to create a NEW wallet on the actual site? Don't have to with Switcheo..just log in with my existing Neon Wallet. Why do i have to pay a gas fee to transfer from this newly created wallet into the IDEX account/wallet? Dont have to on Switcheo..it's free & they take it directly from my Neon wallet into their smart contract ater i've placed my buy/sell order...none of this waiting around garbage for minutes on end. Why do i have to pay gas again to transfer the tokens I just bought back into my newly created wallet AND wait minutes again for the transfer,,,it's free on Switcheo and takes about 20 seconds. Then if I want to take the balance out of my newly created wallet on Idex to say MEW, God, I gotta pay a gas fee again! If this is the state of the DEX's on the Ethereum chain then they aint gonna be around long once an even better version of Switcheo comes on the Neo Chain in the form of NEX.
Paul (19 days ago)
I made most of my starter profit on IDEX. Took me ages to learn how to use it though. Litecoin: MMWAhA6BNd3oW8RGjfSzRmJ4wLfbSVMXwR
Brecht Bosmans (19 days ago)
very useful tutorial ! LWViVtjrNVyvyEW9kxTJ4LqNu1xgtsLpZH
Michael Hoffmann (19 days ago)
Thanks for the good update man ! MUsuGqrGEzjNoVJVe3CgLMPTNtF3cnwDfx
Constantin Pavelonesc (19 days ago)
Hehe, nice one! LVmHWS8VGgXnFyhxBbYsbYBuXTCrwSL2Uc
Mike Dixon (19 days ago)
Any gas issues with index? I used fork delta before and got stuck when their auto gas suggestion was too low leading to a 2 day "pending" situation. As cancelling orders etc also takes gas I ended up for a while with 2 Eth that I could not trade with or even withdraw as all my funds were on the platform in the smart contract wallet but they wanted to use my now too low main wallet for gas........ Also they require .004 in the main balance for gas purposes. Nightmare ltc1qyttfxnjwpaywrx78yyce58w2yu703pj7upwm70
Michal Parkansky (19 days ago)
Thank you for your videos! LTC: LbZoQhdFoNdSRJMEpAXhLoZiVcvABVr8n4n
Shaun Johnson (19 days ago)
Shaun Johnson: $BBO RATED 98% by Blockchain Brad, Crypto Lark, Crypto Zombie all did ICO reviews on Bigbomb EcoSystems the ticker is BBO. Right now it's only IDEX and avalible at the ICO seed price. Not even listed in CMC yet. Might be the best bargin of 2018
Andrew Stringfellow (19 days ago)
Thank you sooooo much been waiting soooo long for this!!!!!!!!!! MUcny5uPViQYK8J3TebzCpnZ8hXLQpuNRH
Bosko Buha (19 days ago)
Great! LTC:LQyMN7EBFvm6wjUL3iniXn9DwJv3UH9nVf
Wayne Johnson (19 days ago)
Thats crap let you send 10$ and dont let you withdraw it only 40$ fuck that site
Thomas Lentz (19 days ago)
IDEX I amazing but keep in mind that you still pay the network fee on ethereum, don't ever day trade unless you got big bucks on it LTC: LiCGj4tC9Ea7nafqeFat3SzbVQusWs1VB3
Tony Moreno (19 days ago)
Useful thanks always tried to avoid this exchange cause how difficult but great coins thanks ltc1q2qqswm6uldsmd9vucnx3l4sr3vgknm909adx0d
Thanks for the tutorial! LTC LSHNECgjqi3i3Pck3HZpJt5kWsB8FCSduu
Abdul Yousaf (19 days ago)
awesome Zach! Would've been more awesome if you did this before BABB got listed on kucoin lol But still awesome, thank you! LTC: LcdNeGBT8cBCZCtsvv2V1tYAiv7ZCqXGzh
Jeremy Seagull (19 days ago)
u doing a great job guys just answering every practical questions anyone can have appreciate your videos realy usable content,thanx! Lar3r2915h34J5M4NWHSPCEqRjNRF9ermw
Andy Mendoza (19 days ago)
Thank you for posting this video Zach, it was very helpful! Going to buy some of your merchandise as a thank you.
Blockchain Vision (19 days ago)
One thing I don't lile about idex is that it is terrible to run on a mobile browser. That's a huge issue for me as I do most of my trading on my phone.
JC 89 (19 days ago)
Idex is awesome! More ppl should use it. LRj2s5eUsKmXtrPWSEY9TKao5F2umYSqMg
Mars M (19 days ago)
thank you Li1t9Xm8iC34x6VH4ys5ePJoqjaymENB93

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