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Hillary Clinton Is Spirit Cooking The US

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Text Comments (73)
Redant23 (1 year ago)
Demonic democrips
Gary A. DePietro (1 year ago)
Wouldn't it be nice if Trump appointed Rudy as special prosecutor for Hillary???
Gary A. DePietro (1 year ago)
You all need to google "Aleister Crowley+L Ron Hubbard+Jack Parsons" to see how deep this stuff goes. They are in to everything.
Victor James (1 year ago)
the system is rigged and spirit cooking is all the rage so put my balls in your mouth
Victor James (1 year ago)
sore loser
Paul W (1 year ago)
Now that Trump has won....how much rioting and destruction is on the way?  Trump, watch your back as I'm sure they will try to assassinate him.
sir dontrip (1 year ago)
trump won not kilary
Earej (1 year ago)
"Anything is possible" is a ridiculous statement. We can dismiss assertions that have 0 evidence behind them, such as religious claims.
Yuli Tino (1 year ago)
senora clinton usted ba a ganar
Christian Grey (1 year ago)
For the people subscribed and watching Jeff it must mean we all have something in common, not acting like sheep and seeing through all the bullshit. As long as we hold onto our metals and Bitcoin we'll be alright, it's just a lonely place for people like us having to deal with incompetence and Hilary supporters.
Michael Parado (1 year ago)
They've been spirit cooking us the seeds of the future. The Lotus Sutra has unfolded. I myself will create trillions of dollar of wealth in very short time. Me to you, i came here to help transition us into the next era. St Germain and theosophist Ascended masters at work :-) It only takes 16% of the population to join a tribe and than the vibration unfolding from this tribe can overcome and change the world.
Dmitry Gus (1 year ago)
Clinton is a Russian robot. Poor assembly - buggy. All because of the sanctions. :)
cool ideas i guess ? (1 year ago)
anyone who believe trump to be a savior sent by God needs to research Project blue beam and rethink their life of total ignorance
daniel saint-martin (1 year ago)
guns sales are going to be epic !!!!!
Jamesjajohn (1 year ago)
So aren't the Americans aware that Bill is a rapist? Is it kept quiet over there or something? I just I see women shaking his hand and smiling at him, I can't imagine any level headed women would do that if they knew.
Improver (1 year ago)
Jamesjajohn Rape is often a sexual strategy of the very socially unevolved. Bill may be many things, but he's not socially unevolved. He can make almost anyone do anything. He's like a very advanced player, especially now sitting atop that $160m Clinton library in his pickup pad. Why bother with rape? Unless he's caught in up some weirdo belief system where violating others by force is necessary for supposed magickal power or something strange like that. I suppose some politicians may be into that crap :)
AwakeningTVII (1 year ago)
Media Bias says it all. They hate Trump. I voted Trump! Also the county over from mine as reported RIGGED machines (Soros). Changing votes to Clinton from TRUMP!
L Blue (1 year ago)
Looks like u.s.a. will be eaten in spirit dinners.
Victor Cauley (1 year ago)
+The Dollar Vigilante I am a christian and I know for sure he was not sent by God. Who you are shows in your works. Trump has proved nothing good, and don't get me wrong Clinton is no better. Unless it is Jesus Christ or a true follower of Christ, power can and will corrupt who ever has it.
Shh Winner (1 year ago)
Its like the film Devils advocate but Hilary accepted the deal with Satan!
40RTY 7EVEN (1 year ago)
I think the term spirit cooking refers to paedophilia which some in the Clinton camp and Bill too have been engaging in.
markscott7777777 (1 year ago)
5.51 Jihadi John on Jihad. 12/11/15 No more jihad.
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
When you mix zionism with satanism, expect shit to blow up. If you don't get Jubileed this year, you will definitely get spirit cooked! You should all move to Mexico and let that shit hole burn. You have a full time satanist-zionist Hillary and a full time zionist Trump. Both candidates are great for central bankers and their colony "Israel".
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
That's pretty close Jeff, but in all actuality, ISIS is a product of the Israeli Mossad. The USSA has always been Israel's bitch
Ruby Stern (1 year ago)
Trump and Clinton cut from the same cloth. They both are affiliates of Jeffrey Epstein and are on the Lolita express flight logs. He is a child trafficker We need a non khazar in office. These people have enslaved us since Washington
40RTY 7EVEN (1 year ago)
If Trump wins, it won't be long before he is assassinated by a lone nut.
mario figueroa (1 year ago)
40RTY 7EVEN the only people that can kill a president is the secret service dumbass
crisisofconsciousness (1 year ago)
I don't think he win try end the Fed, and he seems to love Isreal unfortunately
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
He will get assassinated if he tries to end the FED, but since he has no problem keeping the FED running at the expense of 300 million dumb Americans, nothing will happen to that Zionist fuck.
Jonee Tiedemann (1 year ago)
I heard that spirit cooking usually gets out of hand and turns into asshole barbecue.
Eric Dexter (1 year ago)
I know you are really big on bitcoin and I am seeing some claims that dividends are going to exchanges instead of token holders and I have noticed wallets are not able to hold the tokens. I have also noticed that sprott is going into block based gold and that the main one is seeking funding witch in theory could also come from sprott. I sorta see a nitche where sprott could do the wallets with etherium bitgold and gold would be an interesting show.
I think Trump is a more radical libertarian that he's showing to the wider public. He's mentioned the Fed and going back to a tariff system instead of income tax. I think he actually knows what's up.
r0ck3r 4ever (1 year ago)
Trump said that the system is rigged. He knows and if he is such an egomaniac this could be his legacy stabbing them in the back and pushing them to the grave once and forever.
Cole Wheeler (1 year ago)
#podestaspizza these sick Clinton Party fucks need to be arrested!
lee danaher (1 year ago)
Great reporting of the 777 code revelation. That is unbelievable. Surely Trump will win.
Scott Mccartney (1 year ago)
l hate to disapoint you but nukes are FAKE... Check out Nuclear Hoax (documentary) Its another Fear tactic to get everyone to pay there taxes... uranium is being used on the stock markets as it has the potential to be a future energy. Your all being lied too as Nuclear weapons are impossible. Please watch the documentary. 2hrs 20mins in the guy eats Plutonium.
Muldeeer (1 year ago)
+Scott Mccartney I know man, there are dozens of "documents" about flat earth and bullshit like that, doesn't matter. It is still BS. But hey, fake or real but won't be used does it matter? We are safe and there won't be any WW3, just a global economic collapse and many many mad people who have to awaken too fast. ALL of the lies and corruption will be exposed and everyone will know it soon!
Scott Mccartney (1 year ago)
Please tell lol.. 3 hour long documentary watch it then change your mind.
Muldeeer (1 year ago)
LoL. Where do you live? Which planet? Sadly nukes are very real, but nobody will use any. That is another story.
Jason Cavitt (1 year ago)
_"Many Christians believe Trump has been sent by god to save America. Could this be the case? Of course anything is possible."_ --Jeff Berwick Isn't it nice that the very empire god wants to save happens to be the host nation of said Christians? It seems many of history's great empires enjoyed favored nation status in the eyes of their respective gods. Convenient, no?
crisisofconsciousness (1 year ago)
a valid observation/perspective
Sean Turner (1 year ago)
Agreed. I personally don't hold with the idea that God's chosen would be a proud, obnoxious, hate-spewing misanthrope, but I won't argue against so many "believers".
J Glad (1 year ago)
A little St. Remy... or Bourbon in the pan never hurt. Or a cheap pinot grigio splashed in the rice pilaf before you stuff a chicken with it... cooking with liquor wine or *spirits* is all good with me. Save the breast milk and semen for those who thirst for such things... but my extra bloody roast beefs with lots of worcestershire sauce and fresh cracked pepper are legendary.
Sobuka (1 year ago)
Trump?! You can discern a tree by its fruit.
Sobuka (1 year ago)
I find Rudolph very suspect. I just do not trust that guy go whatever odd reason. smh
slhines7 (1 year ago)
The more of the same will will likely continue way beyond the days that we've passed. Corruption, which has been gett worse but nothing that the powers that be can't continue to keep on kicking the can down the road on for generation to come.
Juan Zavaleta (1 year ago)
#SpiritCooking is an art concept created by colleague-peer artist Marina Abramovic and has nothing to do with satanism, illuminati or any related "Alex Jones" crap. Wikileaks has released a bombshell possibly related to the occult, this artist might be an occultist, but this does not make her a satanist either an evil witch. This is deeply interesting and ambiguous, unfortunately, the Christian Lunatics are already making a scandal out of it for the sole purpose of gaining audience and attention... Hilarious at most...
Jas Mariah (1 year ago)
Juan Zavaleta What do you think occultism is tho? Definitely nothing Godly..it is satanic.
Har H (1 year ago)
wikileaks never tweeted that. looks like Photoshopped image. anyway trump will win
Benjamin Quevedo (1 year ago)
John wasn't invited in the email. The email was asking John to check if his brother was coming. You probably know this, yet said something else. It's called being intellectually dishonest, and seeing just a small bit of that leads me to be more skeptical of the things you say as you are probably just cashing in on the hype instead of actually educating your viewers in this case. You lose like 100 respect points in my book but your trading stuff is good so I'll still watch that. Don't count on a guy like me buying your books though, or paying for any of your content. With that said, thanks for all the good content you come out with, I really do appreciate it all, save for when I catch snippets like that.
Dragan Cugalj (1 year ago)
"Ari" in Jewish means Lion. Iraq and Iran have, 'Ari' spelt backwards. Afghanistan = has the word 'Satan'.. They are suppose to have COMPLETE control of the middle east by 2008, yet we're in 2016..
Robert Johnson (1 year ago)
You said she is a horse all can agree to ride. I think you're close here, but lets be frank. She is a Whore (of Babylon) all can agree to ride.
Duke Scanlan (1 year ago)
I'm just glad the Cubs won the World Series.
Jake Hunter (1 year ago)
Lord willing the creek don't rise after election day smh lol
LibertarianRunner (1 year ago)
Remember, if you vote you can't complain. Do not consent. Trump and Hillary are both garbage.
Brian McHugh (1 year ago)
Beer, check. Chips, check. Sunscreen and Iodine for nuclear light show, check.
Brian McHugh (1 year ago)
Silly! You can't shoot Beans. lol
EvilEmpire83 (1 year ago)
Beans and bullets
Wendee Shannon (1 year ago)
Ultimate-JM ULTRAH (1 year ago)
"Lets see if we all get through next week"... XD I hope we do lol.. btw, i like how you linked ISIS to the CIA.
whistlelike killbill (1 year ago)
sooo.... is America ready for the season finale tomorrow?
YESHUA'S CHOSEN (1 year ago)
National Liberty Party - go surround the whitehouse with your small arms, or grab a group and have a standoff in the woods, and you let me know how that works for you. smh😒😒😒
WTF BBQ (1 year ago)
That didn't work too well at the bundy ranch........
Liberty in our Time (1 year ago)
the patriots are ready one way or another either Trump wins or it's war! many of us have armed up and the militias have been ready for some time.
Pamela Evans (1 year ago)
Trump 2016 🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pamela Evans (1 year ago)
Believe it🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pamela Evans (1 year ago)
Evil Incarnte👹👹👹 🚫Hillary ever !!!💯%🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
rene ibarlucea (1 year ago)
keep in mind that she also loves orgies with children
Honest News Network (1 year ago)
Please change your bg loop. It's really annoying...
MrsB Stacy (1 year ago)
Rockapulco (1 year ago)
Sir Shibe (1 year ago)
you never want to be first to a spirit cooking

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