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Stanford is afraid of Conservatives coming on campus: Charlie Kirk

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Stanford University plans to host Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.
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Jude Blanch (9 days ago)
Great job Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens!! Turning Point USA!!!
Yin Yang (11 days ago)
UC Birkley, UC LA and NOW Stanford....AMAZING you guys/girls. Interesting ...about the fear. Kirk is right. If conservatives have nothing to offer, then why are they so afraid??? May campusses again, become a place of DIALOGUE...right on! Have you seen the Diamond and Silk on Waters World where they interviewed people on the Street? it was hilarious...especially when they ask the people..."are you Winning?" Awesome Kirk...."we are the rebels"..hihihaha!
Gregg Powers (15 days ago)
Does Charlie have a glass left eye? Not being disrespectful ....
mike Twiddy (19 days ago)
How'bout Susan Rices son? I'll bet their scared of his voice. But He can't vindicate his mothers despicable activities in the Obama administration.
Mike Viall (20 days ago)
I met with Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne last year on this very topic and can assure you that he is in fact promoting respectful two-way debate on campus. As far as the rest of the staff and faculty? Assume nothing.
The Retardicans Don't Wanna Come To Stanford. Believe Me. What Are They Gonna Disgust? Tell Lies About The, Left, While Sweeping Their Own Retardican, Imperfections, Under The Rug? Stay In Your Own Retardican-Satanic-Illuminati Campuses. There, You Can Tell All The Continuous-Luciferian-Pathological-Lies, To Them Crippled-Brain-Mutant-RepubliCONNED-Fascist-Communist-Mind-Controlled-MAGA-SSHOLE Slaves.
arnon oren (1 month ago)
In sleng it is a pimp.....or bed actor- merchent.... But let us agree on both....😀
Guy David (1 month ago)
I went to Stanford & was a classmate of Condee , whom I am proud to know...when I was there ( a very long time ago) the liberal/ socialist antiAmerican antisemite foaming at the mouth socialists were literally violent to anyone who challenged their ranting .... Nowadays - worse !
Guy David (26 days ago)
hustlinsince1982 U are laughable ...U never exposed me as a liar , U only expose Urself as a googling dipwit , U are up early for the left coast ...aren't U ?
hustlinsince1982 (26 days ago)
Laughable. How can one be exposed as a liar and still not acknowledge they're wrong? Rice served as Provost of the University in the 90s, but never attended as a student. If you don't mind me asking, what dorm did you live in and what class did you have with Rice?
Guy David (26 days ago)
hustlinsince1982 U rely on google a little too much ...yes she did go to Denver U ...anyway ...SU too ...
Guy David (26 days ago)
hustlinsince1982 evidently U don't know anything , yes , she did ...so go stifle Ur Demself ..not even a nice try just a #Fail
hustlinsince1982 (26 days ago)
Condoleezza Rice never attended Stanford University as a student. Nice lie though.
Jason Coleman (1 month ago)
KIrk is a bigot. Paying gullible blacks to brainwash other blcks. This guy is traash !
flyback 2me (1 month ago)
Don't EVER send your kids to Stanford... PERIOD!!!!
Heng Yan (1 month ago)
So sad that America is becoming like this.... and I am saying this as a Chinese in China... please be the beacon of light. keep the light strong
Cypress Butane (1 month ago)
Nobody wants Nazis screaming 'blood and soil' marching down their street. Go figure.
Cypress Butane (1 month ago)
SuperReallyNice - ...
SuperReallyNice (1 month ago)
Right; Antifa must go!
M. Reese (1 month ago)
What Kirk “Forgot” To Tell You Kirk explains “the amount of hurdles and obstacles that the administration has thrown at us, the fees, the change in locations; its… they are afraid of conservatives coming on campus.” He also complains that he, and the event organizers, were faced with “weeks of litigation to get through, thousands of dollars in fees. We were stalled, we had to get donors and board members involved.” Kirk did not mention that the group bringing himself and Owens on campus to speak, the Stanford College Republicans, could not hold their event immediately because of outstanding payments that the student group had yet to pay for previous events. Also, there are university policies that disallow outside funding, meaning that the funds used for the events that bring speakers to campus must be raised by students or the campus organizations. Kirk offered to fund the entire event, but that is obviously against university policy. That might explain why the event was “stalled” and the “weeks of litigation” (litigation used liberally as there was no actual lawsuit). As for the fees mentioned, it is unclear what Kirk is specifically referring to. There are fees associated with events. According to the press release by the Stanford College Republicans, there is a security fee of $3707 and the cost of using the venue at $500. But there is no evidence that the fees were imposed because of Kirk’s political positions. They are standard fees charged by the university. The “red carpet” that Kirk claims was rolled out for Linda Sarsour could simply mean that whoever was bringing her on campus to speak paid the fees and did not have outstanding balances. Stuart Varney, the host of this Fox News program, did not follow up on any of these dubious claims. Instead, he allowed Kirk to make them despite not telling the whole story. So much for fair and balanced. I guess fake news does exist.
M. Reese (30 days ago)
Gazerich Again, the claim that universities have different standards for conservative speakers and liberal speakers has not been apparent or been proven. The only provision that claim is based on is the existence of an “unwritten policy” the “high profile speaker policy” for which there is no real evidence. Because this policy does not exist, your second point that universities should not have that autonomy to have different standards for speakers is moot. Before you completely end the story, try taking a look at the facts and you’ll see what is actually happening.
Gazerich (1 month ago)
"There would need to be good evidence to prove that the law needs to be changed or is not working anymore. " Universities have different standards for conservative speakers and liberal speakers. Universities take plenty of government money so they should  not be allowed that  autonomy. End of story. Next.
M. Reese (1 month ago)
Gazerich That “diatribe” is only a few paragraphs, but okay. The main point is that you should try looking into the facts more and the legal precedents set by the courts instead of just being informed by your feelings and opinions about these conservative speakers.
Gazerich (1 month ago)
M. Reese not reading that diatribe Jesus get a life
M. Reese (1 month ago)
Gazerich Dividing people into Left and Right, what you call “liberal” and conservative would not be the best way to approach this topic of law and hate speech. Snyder v Phelps (2011) says that offensive language is protected, and that specially the West Borough Baptist Church had the right to say the offensive things it was saying at protests. This was and 8-1 ruling with the majority consisted of conservative Antonin Scalia and liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The one dissent was from conservative Samuel Alito. Certain people who claim to be on the left may wish to see more protection for people targeted by hate speech, but it is not at all a platform of all “liberal” identifying people. And the argument that because something is law doesn’t make it good law isn’t a good argument because that could apply to anything. There would need to be good evidence to prove that the law needs to be changed or is not working anymore. Let’s look at the example you gave, Jim Crow laws. That was ruled to be constitutional in Plessy v Ferguson (1896), “separate but equal” was okay. This was overturned though in the 1954 case of Brown v Board of Education because there was clear evidence that segregation was not maintained on a separate but equal basis. The justices could see that this segregation was clearly and “inherently unequal.” So Plessy was overturned. In the case that we are talking about with Coulter, Yiannopoulos, and Shapiro, there is still no evidence that any free speech violations took place. All of the terms of the speaking event were allowed and have been justified by various court cases, including Supreme Court cases, which whether you like the ruling or not have precedent and remain subject to stare decisis unless there is clear evidence to suggest otherwise. In the case of Coulter and Berkeley, no evidence appears to exist to justify ruling that there is a fist amendment violation. This is all according the law, recent law too, from rulings within the past 25 years. So, one has to choose whether one wants to be a country governed by laws or a country governed by feelings.
Colin (1 month ago)
Charlie Kirk is bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.
Rod Martin, Jr. (1 month ago)
Colin, Colin, Colin. I have more facts than you've learned in your short lifetime. If you were one of my college students, I'd recommend you quit early and take up needlepoint, or something else less challenging. For every claim Charlie Kirk makes, who pays him is irrelevant. What he says is what is relevant. Study that last sentence very carefully. That is the crux of my point. "Well planned?" So, you think "disorganized" is the new, better template for civilization? Gag! Get real, indeed! "Funded?" So, you think people should all work for free? That would be nice. But how would it work? Delusion much? So, when you strip away all the BS from your comment, you have one salient point: "right wing." I think both wings are corrupt, but that does *_not_* mean everything they say is bad. The Lefties have some good points, and the Righties have some good points. And their points are what *_are_* relevant. Lots of bad guys pay both the Left and the Right. I hope this is real enough for you. So far, you'd be flunking if you were in one of my classes. Class dismissed. Now, it's up to you to learn the lesson. If not, then it's your burden.
SuperReallyNice (1 month ago)
Isn't bought the same as paid for?
Colin (1 month ago)
Rod Martin, Jr. Who funds Charlie Kirk is relevant. It shows that this isn't a grass-roots student organization but a well planned right-wing funded project. Get real, and get some facts!
Rod Martin, Jr. (1 month ago)
Ahh, at least you're now talking about the general area of the topic. Very nice. There is some intelligence underneath that dense ego.
Colin (1 month ago)
Rod Martin, Jr. And what are the "facts" of the topic? That conservatives are whiny little snowflakes who melt when they aren't allowed to speak on a college campus? LOL
Jeremiah Lawrence (1 month ago)
I thought I read Charlie kkk
Rod Martin, Jr. (1 month ago)
Lame! KKK have always been Democrats.
timber_beast (1 month ago)
FOX BUSINESS SEEMS UNABLE TO REPORT ON TRUMP BOWING TO CHINA. The transactional president from Day 1. He is running a protection racket out of our White House. MCGA
arnon oren (1 month ago)
stanford encorages prostitution linda sarsur -like name like nature sarsur in arabic is a bad merchent in the good case.. and a pimp in general
Guy David (26 days ago)
arnon oren sarsour- صرصور is arabic for cockroach ...
Guy David (1 month ago)
Dennis Walker true , صرصور = cockroach , a very appropriate name for her & her racist , antisemite Klan ...
Guy David (1 month ago)
arnon oren Sarsour , صرصور means cockroach in arabic & she & her Klan are appropriately named don't y'all think ?
Dennis Walker (1 month ago)
arnon oren Actually sarsour in Arabic is cockroach.
Sphragizo (1 month ago)
Facts is a vapon, the thrut get You free and the Devil lost
Connie Pratt (1 month ago)
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
Is Condoleezza still not the president of stanford
Jason D (1 month ago)
Libtards are afraid of facts but then facts to them are if you recycle new ideas they it will be beneficial to the environment
Joey Benneditto (1 month ago)
Darris Thomas. 74% of Mass shootings are committed by Blacks...These are F.B.I facts...Democrats didn't stop this epidemic from happenning...Blacks are 13% of the population yet they committ over 53% of all major crimes which includes Murder and Rape...Think how terrible thus is and how it portrays the black man. . .Again F.B.I facts...And Democrats don't do anything to stop this epidemic spreading across America like Wildfire...There goes your theory for it has been replaced with facts....
Darris Thomas (1 month ago)
Joey Benneditto Conservatives did nothing to stop Dylan Roof from killing nine black men and women (one of whom was my mentor) at the church in Charleston, South In 2015. They didn't strength gun laws in South Carolina. They didn't do anything at the legislature except remove the Confederate flag.
Joey Benneditto (1 month ago)
Darris Thomas. Oh I see you'd rather have a liberal half black man who pretended he was for all the people when in fact that Snake in the grass bigot Anti White Anti Chistian muslim traitor was only pushing the liberal and radical black narrative.Ovamit sent race relations back 50 years with his race baiting and playing the race card.. Both him and his tranny girlfriend Big Mike(michelle) and they invited the terrorist group BLM to our White House. Ovamit did nothing to stop crime in Chicago where he was a politician..Every major democratic city is full of Crime...gangs and severe poverty. You need to leave the Plantation because democrats do nothing for minorities....Under Trump black unemployment is at all time lows and also for hispanics...Never again will we Vote for people of his Ilk or DemonRATS...Blacks are 13% of the population yet your overrepresented in T.V. commercials and Affirmative Action is discriminatory!!!!!
Darris Thomas (1 month ago)
I am a liberal. I'm definitely not afraid of facts. But I definitely don't want to hear from a Republican Party that has embraced and welcomed Donald Trump and his all-white male administration.
Joey Benneditto (1 month ago)
Manuel Ortiz. . . .And you are afraid of getting caught by ICE!!!!!

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