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Basic 2018 Crypto Trader Starter Portfolio (v2) with $100, $1000, $10,000 Investments

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Link to join Blockchain Education: http://pxlme.me/MtIHH9eo [The GUARANTEED best trading group & crypto education program out there today] Follow me on Twitter for daily crypto updates: https://twitter.com/OracleOfCrypto My personal choice for Charting/Technical Analysis Software: http://tradingview.go2cloud.org/SH1Gq SAFE Binance Exchange Link [Best New Crypto Exchange]: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10119981 The Mic I use to record my videos: http://amzn.to/2hmHuB3 My FAVORITE investment book: http://amzn.to/2ADR7DI Ledger Nano S (where I store my BTC): http://amzn.to/2hwaoCn Trezor Wallet (my first BTC backup): http://amzn.to/2hu5Bl7 My preferred website hosting service [$4/month]: http://bluehost.com/track/cryptooracle *Crypto Oracle is not a licensed crypto financial advisor. The information presented in this video is an opinion, and is not purported to be fact. Bitcoin is a volatile instrument and can move quickly in any direction. Crypto Oracle is not responsible for any trading loss incurred by following this advice
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Instalator Iasi (1 month ago)
Hi! What's your opinion about Dogecoin?
willpower242 (2 months ago)
Ok. Let me tweak this. Add Litecoin to bit coin amt and split it 60/40 Litecoin being the 60. Ltc will out perform btc this year. Make Omg same size as neo Ditch the Eth add Eos instead. Ditch funfair and ark add Icon
Bryan Jiang (4 months ago)
Anybody know what website this is? Please let me know. I really think this UI and I think this portfolio tracker suits my needs lol.
Crypto Conversations (4 months ago)
zzzh (4 months ago)
My portfolio for 2018(22000$ atm): 1)OmiseGO(OMG) - 32% 2)Nebulas(NAS) - 23% p.s. dont sleep on this one guys, its gonna be huge! mainnet march-april, blockchain 3.0, "google of crypto",great team(neo's founders). but most of all I was impressed by the speed of transactions - from gate.io to MEW it took 3-4 seconds to be COMPLETED. Just.. WOW! 3)Quantstamp(QSP) - 17% 4)Neo (NEO) - 18% 5)ICON (ICX) - 10% Easiest 10x+ gains end of the year??) Any thoughts are welcome!
marko vrtunic (4 months ago)
Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?
FishGuyJosh (5 months ago)
More great stuff. As a new trader you are always answering the questions I want to know.
T P (5 months ago)
Awesome video for anyone starting off! Thanks! Can I check if there's any pros cons to trading using ETH instead of BTC? A lot of charts (CMC etc) seem to be with BTC.
SeriOo Dkyt (5 months ago)
https://www.binance.com/?ref=13286557 get 50% on trading fees on Binance!!
I DO STREAMZ (5 months ago)
Adam (5 months ago)
what about 100k ? just mirror the 10k?
Steve K. (5 months ago)
You're not holding XRP? Or just not in starter portfolio recommendations?
Matt Bishop (5 months ago)
are you bearish on ethereum?
Mushrooming (5 months ago)
https://t.me/traderscurrency follow me on telegram for free signals!
paul i (5 months ago)
Everyone, don't invest based on someone elses opinion. Including his, I invested into his recommendations back in September and lost alot of money. Do your own reserch before you invest your hard earned dollars.
IamApotAto (5 months ago)
wow totally on the point ! when i first started with like $500, the transaction fees and trading fees alone already took away one quarter of my funds and i was really sad thought i was gonna quit
Super Shmeep (5 months ago)
B3 being revived and starting to moon! You should look into it :)
Ben March (5 months ago)
Btc transaction fee are too high... 100$ should go with ltc for starter... my 2 cents
Tino (5 months ago)
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Wayne Smith (5 months ago)
BITBEAN , small with lots of up coming power
Matte Pette (5 months ago)
We have recently created a pump group that pump a couple of times/week. No pay-to-win, invite more people to get the signal earlier! Our goal is not to dump but instead to make the price of the coin take off as more people see it! Join us! https://discordapp.com/invite/pKJeHJR
W (5 months ago)
Show your hair pls
Money Juice (5 months ago)
Why no Ripple?
Jeff Mullins (4 months ago)
I think Ripple is a great long term hold.
loraistda (5 months ago)
This is the next, the best and cheapest exchange to come to full function very soon. Get, if quick in Beta, as reward $500 bonus in future exchange fees as long as still availble. You can save big on transfer-fees. www.upcoin.com/?ID=5d39aed1
Naeem Ravat (5 months ago)
Killerabekat123 (5 months ago)
all well and good, but i cant make a account on any coin trading site :p anyone have recommendations? tried Kraken and coinbase/gdax.. coinbase wont accept my identity, kraken is så slow at sending activation mails out, that my pending account is canceled before i can do anything :/ EDIT: binance and Bittrex is also down when it comes to account creating
Shake! (5 months ago)
Join this discord for mad gains!! https://discord.gg/3Pzg7F4
Skatter (5 months ago)
Im kicking back this month for the longer term holding as i think the market needs to steady. Im trading in, out and skimming of the profits to do such
Tino (5 months ago)
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Skatter (5 months ago)
Yeah, Im looking at the lower market cap crypto for the 1 to 100 shots (XSH,COLX) .
Jackie Skillet (5 months ago)
Smart choice, if you feel confident of your alt's ability to perform in the future (for example ADA, TRX, WABI for example). I'm doing the same.
Anand Sawant (5 months ago)
Appcoins is just released on Binance
Bibex token is the next Binance Coin, almost exactly the same exchange and 1:1 the same coin use, but its way cheaper at 92c atm, its about to moon 5-10+ times. Thank me later
Soldier100 Soldier100 (5 months ago)
I saw your videos especially the one how you made $1M. It made me want to trade again after a long time. Thanks. I like your starter portfolio investments. I realized I was looking and investing in crap coins instead of the coins that really matter. You have a good set of coins. I now have a new list to add to my long term holds which already gave me x10 gains, Deep Onion and Intense Coin. Thanks.
Jay Tee (5 months ago)
That website doesn't work for me. Www.beta.cointrackr.com? Didn't work buddy
Naeem Ravat (5 months ago)
MainOffenderKZ (5 months ago)
TURTLE (5 months ago)
whats your view on Legend House? Low circulating supply.
Crypto Kiddie (5 months ago)
Hey Oracle, nice to see you considering the investment needs of people with different budgets and goals. Nice to see your support NEO and OMG in your suggestions, they both have a great base to build upon. I think when investing over $1000 USd, privacy coins need some consideration. Sure you wont get many Zcash, but you can pick a nice handful of Onions. However, I disagree with your choice of ARK, I had some and it was the worst performer of all.
Carlos Grazulis (5 months ago)
Awesome channel. Just recently got into saving and not living "Fancy" lifestyle. 5000$ to spend, plus investments through the year monthly, this year should be pretty good. Best wishes for you guys, really happy to find this channel.
EL Dee (5 months ago)
Not a fan of XRP?
bernie lee (5 months ago)
I have been unable to send anything from coinbase to any exchange... I tried selling and buying litecoin and tried Ethereum.. i cut and paste the adress directly from binance. Just get a spinning wheel thing and transfer never happens... Any ideas of what i can try?
BlueLogicc (5 months ago)
Very interesting video. I need some help though. Let's say I want to start with $50 and go for altcoin trading like you recommend. I don't have much on my bank account and really need some quick money. Will this be the best thing to do?: I buy Ethereum with that $50 because it transfers faster to Binance. Once the Ethereum is on Binance I will then trade the Ethereum for the Altcoin I want to invest in. The altcoin I invested in went up 200%. I will be happy with that so I will trade the altcoin back for Ethereum and transfer that Ethereum back to where I bought it and then sell it for $ so I can transfer it to my bank account. Is this a good thing to do? Also, will that $50 be $200 now or am I seeing this wrong?
willpower242 (2 months ago)
sessy33 If you need money to pay bills it shouldn’t be in Cryptocurrency.
sessy33 (5 months ago)
why would you stop after turning $50 into $200? I would just keep trading and grow that number. Only withdraw what you need, like if you need money to pay some bills or buy groceries or an emergency pops up then withdraw what you need, but try to leave $100 or so, so you can keep trading. What im planning on doing is growing my account to around $2000, and using that as trading money, and anything i earn that passes that amount I will get it back to my bank account as needed for bills and stuff. If I don't need anything then I'll just keep trading. Ill reevaluate after I get to $10k
J Q (5 months ago)
If you're struggling for money then this isn't for you, this is high risk. You should only bring to the game what you're willing to lose. Are you willing to lose those $50 forever? If yes, then trade and if you win it's a plus, but be willing to lose it before you start.
Topher Dowling (5 months ago)
Kucoin, bro
Richard Dabbous (5 months ago)
Hi mate, can you tell me more about BAT. What is the coins full name? Cheers
Odeus Alpha (5 months ago)
Richard Dabbous basic attention coin
Tibor Csuprik (5 months ago)
Why don't you have Stellar in there?
Michiel Kool (5 months ago)
No Verge? you don't think it'll go up to $1 or $2?
Marco Dasilva (5 months ago)
verge is a nogo
Crypto-Informant.com (5 months ago)
Check this tweet an then you know why this is no good idea https://twitter.com/HBurakYESILYURT/status/948398388256690177
Corey Folsom (5 months ago)
I also like ENJ and SALT and BMC - got all of these at ICO. Been stacking CLOAK as well = your thoughts carry weight with me and are much appreciated
J Crush (5 months ago)
I think for long term holder shoukd be: 50% btc...25% large cap and 25% in medium/small cap.
Dipensunu (5 months ago)
Nick (5 months ago)
Don't use bitcoin for the $100. The transfer fees makes it unusable with little amounts of money.
wheelchair winky (5 months ago)
Do you mean just to buy on the dip with bitcoin then sell when high
FancyTacos (5 months ago)
wheelchair winky that’s day trading
Joshua Craig (5 months ago)
I made about 10k on tron, looking at diversifying right now. Thanks for the advice!
Ken EagleBear (2 months ago)
Not for him at the time
willpower242 (2 months ago)
Joshua Craig Tron = 💩
Bridget Aboussafy (5 months ago)
with only $100, just buying the bitcoin is going to be hugely bitten into with fees. A beginner is much better off to buy ethereum (or litcoin) to save in fees and trade in ethereum coin pairs. The cheapest path I found, and still do is buy my ethereum from a place like coinmamma and send the coins to my exodus or Jaxx wallet, then I have the ability to use shapeshift to get other coins or use etherdelta. Avoid those bitcoin fees!
Sabari Nath K (3 months ago)
i try to buy ripple or stellar,their transaction fees is so low when compared with etherium
Brian Villegas (5 months ago)
You can buy on Coinbase (fee there), then slide it over to GDAX for free, then send it Binance, also for free. Not too bad, actually.
Tino (5 months ago)
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Anthony Sunseri (5 months ago)
Odeus Alpha (5 months ago)
Bridget Aboussafy do you avoid fees when you do it on exodus ?
djraphi23 (5 months ago)
What happened to his hair ?! Did he shave everything ?!
engrtun (5 months ago)
That’s some solid advice and portfolio recommendations. All of these coins are well established and investment is almost risk-free. But can you recommend a high-risk, high-reward portfolio of sleepers and possible 100x coins? I have made 5-10x with altcoins within a month.. so 5-10x in a year’ time doesn’t appeal anymore. Thoughts?
engrtun (2 months ago)
willpower242 lol my bad 🤦🏻‍♂️
willpower242 (2 months ago)
engrtun Lololol .... you said risk free and crypto investment together. Lol.
PMetheney84 (5 months ago)
Whatever happened to OMG tho? Guess it's gonna pick up soon...
Bright Sky Weddings (5 months ago)
What program are you using to show the breakdown of your current valuation?
SebastianAsian (5 months ago)
You can't avoid Crash if all your money is in Coins. We all saw bitcoin went down to $10k. You will need to convert your profit into Fiat. BUT You will leave a taxable record once you do that. That's why market cap is still growing.
Adam White (4 months ago)
Apmex offers gold and silver for Bitcoin.
Bridget Aboussafy (5 months ago)
Michael Garcia usdt is a bit suspect in their practices. no audit had been completed so it's not certain if the company actually holds enough usd to back their crypto. there's a few too many uncertainties there to feel comfortable leaving much value sitting in tether. I'd rather leave my profits sitting in ltc or xem.
Bridget Aboussafy (5 months ago)
SebastianAsian I'm not an American so US tax laws don't apply to me. An American friend of mine confirmed with Gemini about the ability to leave coins just converted to cash in their exchange for later conversion back into crypto.
Tino (5 months ago)
Join our crypto Discord pump group over 100k members now 200% profit join now https://discord.gg/Me54Ft next pump tommorow
Andreas Charalambous (5 months ago)
Great Work, Keep it up, which tracker is this?
scotty19581 (5 months ago)
ERY buy and get rich, mini MONERO already .09 small supply privacy coin. Buy and hodl fuc trading
Dennis Croon (5 months ago)
why does blockchain education support takes so long to reply
Mike nano (5 months ago)
Aren't the fees also very high if I'll send bitcoin from Gdac to my gdac account?
Sweatt (5 months ago)
I bought some POE when you mentioned it, it's been performing great but how far do you think it can go?
Rifat Ahmed (5 months ago)
What you think about obsidian(ODN)?
ashish karki (5 months ago)
plz make the video on fib retracement how to place that fib
Johnny Hill (5 months ago)
This is the video I’ve been searching for. Thank you!
Em Ha (5 months ago)
Johnny Hill $XRY is on a huge dip now... get in immediately for easy 10x gains

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