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John McAfee: I'm Behind Edward Snowden

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McAfee Antivirus Software founder John McAfee on the NSA scandal and Edward Snowden.
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tim walling (2 days ago)
Mr Snowden is an american hero....and some people think he is a traitor.....I conclude I am correct when I weigh the fact's here with freedom and our constitution and our right to privacy....if you think he is a traitor you have lost the american ethos of liberty and freedom.
Suzie Greer (4 days ago)
Surely most people realise now about the child & teenage laundering I'm from the UK so forgive me if I'm still a little behind
Ryan (14 days ago)
Snowden- National Hero. PARDON 2018!!!
Kras T (1 month ago)
Mc Afee sucks
Kelvin Price (1 month ago)
We weren't aware that the secret court had secret case law. Secret case law is what totalitarian governments have such as Russia China north Korea, etc. Court interpretations of law (case law) must be publicised. How else can congress fulfill its legislative function? If the secret court makes secret case law "interpreting" congress's intent in a way that congress disagrees with, then congress and the people cannot do anything about it
PrinceCharming (1 month ago)
This guy should act in cinema!He looks like a CIA/special ops kind of a guy ,great voice and charisma ;)
Keith Richardson (1 month ago)
Love this dude lol
A i (1 month ago)
The only thing McAfee is behind is a crack pipe.
Joe Meyer (1 month ago)
Squeeze Me (1 month ago)
This man, John McAfee, is the real iron man. Elon Musk tried to steal that as well :P
chris goodayle (1 month ago)
Everyone is so against the NSA,but if they prevent terrorism and or people from doing evil stuff,than so be it.To fight the enemy it sometimes takes extreme measures.If you are so concerned about being monitored,then don’t do bad stuff and talk/plan it on the phone and or computer. Before replying to my comments,think about the freedom/safety you enjoy.Do you honestly think that if the G were to stop surveillance of its citizens,that you would enjoy this same measure of safety? I do not think we would.
sniperddos (1 month ago)
There is only One Place Where Snowden Can Safe . That is Russian . Don't go any where from Russia Snowden .
T. Thomas (2 months ago)
My farts smell like heaven period
cathy zhang (2 months ago)
"Chinese are good host" well said. : )
Salabh S.G (4 months ago)
John McAfee or more known by the name John Wick.
kwestionariusz1 (5 months ago)
Americans have so many good people like McAfee etc for being ruled by them but USproles vote for Zionazi govered shitfucks. How does it happening.
Romain Leberre (5 months ago)
John McPump!!
Lost Cosmos (5 months ago)
I want to like the video because of John, but I can't since its a fox news channel. 1 like for McAfee!
Sean Paulson (5 months ago)
He's funny but seems like a bit of a tool.
sapphire 89008 (5 months ago)
Is he running for president again?
Unorthodox Coin (5 months ago)
Haha yeah John McAfee is truly an evolved man's man.
santanu tripathy (5 months ago)
I love this guy.... He has balls too...
Armless Gamers (5 months ago)
I'm behind kurt cobain.... Didn't end well
Dennis Tedder (5 months ago)
Rekt Feminist Videos (5 months ago)
4:11 someone told him he's not allowed .. "go on, it's a family show.. go ahead" uwot
Brian Anderson (6 months ago)
He speaks with such reason and logic. It is such a rare spectacle on MSM.
Atikur Rahman Ethan (6 months ago)
Obama Bin Laden was a muslim terrorist and try to be a dictator. No politicians are innocent, many politicians and dictators kill milions of ordinary people, stilling public money, over and over through human history. A good government have to be transparent ortherwise those governments are criminal and corrupt. Insted of muslim terrorists Obama Bin Laden was busy to hunting down U.S. ordinary people who hold opposite his view.
Derbo Cop (6 months ago)
McAfee raped a biologist
b888 (6 months ago)
Wait this guy is the real founder?! WTF?! I REMEMBER WATCHING A JOKE VIDEO OF HIM!
Caleb Fuller (2 months ago)
You're assuming the real founder could't make a joke video about a company he founded, but then sold 15-20 year ago...
atama01 (7 months ago)
cool operator John to crap white trash minions ...........
Jordan Lott (7 months ago)
John McAfee vs Jill Stein 2020 #TheRealElection
zeuchehcuez (8 months ago)
McAfee is way cooler than Musk!!!
Nig Tau (5 months ago)
Absolutely! Musk just sucks the teat of government to make money!
very Frozen (5 months ago)
zeuchehcuez musk is a genius whos making paper but yea he kinda a nerd
rookie test123 (9 months ago)
This guy really wants a cigarette.
Dan (9 months ago)
Snowden? he never revealed the full extent so In my opinion he is not a hero he is a tool of the NSA. Mcaffee yeah man you baffle with bullshit, but yeah........ old news man, old news.
ØRJAN BRÅTHEN (9 months ago)
Barnettstrongman Jnes (9 months ago)
Trump is big government and globalist ad wants to kill Snowden,  Manning and Assange. They expose government spying on people and Trump feels they should be killed.
Etymology Of Life (9 months ago)
He's behind Snowden? https://i.giphy.com/media/pzx1zMU2WaO4M/giphy.gif
The Great Gadfly (9 months ago)
If you pull out a cigarette like a badass then you had better smoke the damn thing Daddy Mc. Sidenote: Would it hurt to give a cigarette point? Just slide one in there for us, kindly 'preciate it.
karina andersen (9 months ago)
love john love his product
Joann Coslop (9 months ago)
Snowden and Wikileaks helped us understand the truth
pnut166 (1 year ago)
His voice sounds like Bill Maher. Even though Maher is a pussy.
Andtp Fack (1 year ago)
i had to start laughing emidately when he sat there with his lighter and tryed if it worked in the beginning. What a champ.
rrafw (1 year ago)
so, the guy who profits with information "security" is giving advises about information "leak"
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
half my brain is underdeveloped half is as I would have wished I'm having regular small strokes but I have a propensity for long life I shouldn't have to dicotomise but now I do I've discovered the world autistic but also automatic as my mind is coming clear if you ever need a diplomat I'm the one for the job I'm not trying to be special I am a mere speck in a planetary colusuion I was against the collider we all know that's a bad idea we are all mere specks in a planetary colusuion portholes people expanding planets separating not crashing together illuding you to think they are matter is an illusion brane brain levity and the future were reality is lost morality is all I live for I'm not religious I'm not a philistine I want our history back and what's wrong with that
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
by backing I mean Edward Snowden
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
He actually has a robotised arm so that makes him a God.........lol
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
There's a scientist who calls himself a God Emporer king what a self inflated ego
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
I'm androgenous
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
I back him too I may have to leave my family soon but I don't know how I'm going to
Suzie Greer (1 year ago)
I only smile when I'm extremely shy feeling pressurised or genuinely happy never make the gross assumption that autistic people have personality disorders autistic people are on the other end of the scale and their empathy for people can be quite overwhelming they don't like lying unless threatened
Arrbyy (1 year ago)
Hmm. I think that if Edward had been Russian and leaked Russia's nasty, then ended up in the US (like any number of terrorists do) where he was given asylum, Putin would be apoplectic. Putin (who is now bonding with Trump over oil and commerce for gosh sake) isn't a special leader, even if Russia, in it's struggle with a hyper violent, ultra lawless American empire that plays the game of 'riches for the strongest' (and is all about who will also be the king of the world), which the Western/Yeltsin/Sachs's crowd who all but destroyed Russia made very clear, has been downright noble (and careful; remember: "hyperviolent and ultra lawless) in it's responses to US aggression and in the face of the US-led corporatocracy's efforts to terrorize the Russian political class into dumping (or worse) Putin in favor of Boris Yeltsin 2.
Slappy (1 year ago)
Fucking BOSS
PS4sos21 (1 year ago)
The title makes it look like he was saying that Snowden worked for McAfee and did what he did for McAfee ..
casey dalen (1 year ago)
how do I get in touch with Mr mcafee? I'ld feed my dog to the homeless for some business advice from him.
JoseCAM10 (1 year ago)
you mean, you'll feed your bitch to the homeless, right?
Mike Bertelsen (1 year ago)
Reach him on Twitter
multidimensionalman (2 years ago)
MCCAFEE 2016 NOW!!!!
First Last (2 years ago)
Not giving a fuck has been brought to a whole new level.
eggory (2 years ago)
He's remarkably well mannered and well spoken, here. He seems to at the same time put his interviewer at ease, let him know that he's not going to take crap, and bring out the best in him, all in a perfectly masculine way. That's a persona that would be uniquely effective in the position of president. Unfortunately I can't agree with his vaguely pacifistic foreign policy, but he'd sure as fuck be better than Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton.
Dustin Cordell (2 years ago)
lol i back his balls Neil plz !!!
danwat1234 (2 years ago)
John is going to make MGT stock holders insanely rich!!
Jacob Alexander (2 years ago)
American Hero and gun lover he has my trust
jppriddy75 (2 years ago)
Shoulda lit it McAfee
Juan Andrade (2 years ago)
chez dawg (2 years ago)
"I'm behind his balls"
Grandfather_Din_Racket (2 years ago)
John McAfee is running for president. I'm voting for him!
Phantasmos (2 years ago)
During the 80's... US was full of foreign tech students. They graduated, did their externship, got their hands on here in the states. Some went on to work in GSA. Most got the experience needed. Late 90's, these same students started their migration home. Look at those countries today. Add to the fact that there were Americans willing to sell gov secrets... what did Americans expect.., listen to Dr pikachu.. (mako something)
Funky Euphemism (2 years ago)
The claim made by the host That Snowden could/should gone through proper whistle-blower channel is erroneous. Snowden has made public several e-mails that he wrote while still employed at NSA/CIA, before booze,allen. They show several attempts he made to share his concerns with his superiors, expressed privately, by way of the exact channels to internally blow the whistle. Each time the replies he got were resoundingly apathetic. Let's keep in mind several crucial truths relevant to this topic. Once he was contracted to Booze, Allen, Hamilton as a private consultant he no longer met the criteria to seek protection as government whistle-blower. Also, despite promises of transparency and unprecedented protection for whistle-blowers, The Obama administration has prosecuted 8 whistle-blowers.This is more than double the number of whistle-blowers (3, to be exact) that have been prosecuted by all 43 presidents before him combined. Let's also remember that Snowden did not choose to expose the massive number of documents in a reckless, indiscriminate manner. He gave these files to journalists, who will take the time and care to make sure what they report is accurate, as well as give due diligence to hold back any information that would truly compromise our national security.
Jim Morgan (2 years ago)
Snowden, like a boss.
Kelvin Price (1 month ago)
Jim Morgan lol. Now I see why the boss had surveillance in Belize. He said he discovered them and that within three days on a new phone he can tell if he has surveillance or not. I believe him. This dude 1. communicated with all sorts of high level hackers and 2. probably snowden himself at one point lol. Either one alone will attract attention.
Saber Lambert (2 years ago)
McAfee the Savage has a cigarette in his hand the whole time. Savage.
Caleb Dyer (2 years ago)
I love how he goes to light a cigarette live on the air. McAfee is the epitome of the word: badass.
TheCbrown146 (20 days ago)
very ugly prostitutes.
Tim Arm. (6 months ago)
A cancer stick making corporations rich...how cool
Dr Walter Tonetto (9 months ago)
what a *low-life* you are!
Barnettstrongman Jnes (9 months ago)
When you sit under a hammock while women shit in your fucking mouth. All bets are off. Shit just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It can't taste good. He didn't put whip cream on it. . The man let women shit in his mouth and I would say he's got hepatitis, but is it even possible that someone could shit in your mouth. Maybe that shit is bullshit but the girls seemed convincing.
polygamous1 Sozou (9 months ago)
haven't you realized yet Jealousy is one of your bad habits, mr McAfee is an intelligent well educated man who is more interested in the good of others than personal fortune something you sir will Never be, now take your hat off to this great man
Micky Browne (2 years ago)
America needs more outspoken people like John McAfee you certainly isn't afraid of the establishment
Pedro Sepulveda (2 years ago)
too bad they didn't live to see it
Double D Dat Dude (2 years ago)
John Mcafee is a bad ass
Kelley F. Holly (2 years ago)
I think John should be president !
MrCheatreporter (2 years ago)
Snowden is a hero in the whole world who showed ( a very small bit ) what the Us Gestapo and their SS troops are doing..
iBadr (5 months ago)
Pedro Sepulveda he left his 200k per month job in hawaii to tell the world the truth, i think its fair enough to gain his trust.
Pedro Sepulveda (2 years ago)
+Agnis Technology what makes you so sure that you can be trusted?
Harshvardhan Bhati (2 years ago)
If the government was just and fair, there would have been no reason to spy its own people. It isn't. That's why he is on the run.
Pedro Sepulveda (2 years ago)
if Snowden is innocent, then there is no reason for him to hide, right?
MrGurujoe1985 (2 years ago)
+MrCheatreporter They don't even compare.
CorporalPoon (2 years ago)
g-go head, i-its a family show....but i-i-i-i-it silly news man
Dustin Cordell (2 years ago)
CHistrue (2 years ago)
A real election would be McAfee vs. Jill Stein, or maybe McAfee versus Bernie. The rest are frauds in my opinion.
Flappy Pancake (1 month ago)
Jesus how aweful, Bernie? A socialist? You wanna be like China or Russia? We're not the biggest economy in the world for no reason.
Devin (6 months ago)
Surely you must be kidding! Have you already forgotten how Jill Stein pocketed the millions of dollars she raised for the 2016 election vote 'recount'?
Steve Stevens (11 months ago)
CHistrue lol Bernie isn't a fraud good one lol lmao
Ian Campbell (2 years ago)
Snowden is a traitor and will be executed if the USA gets their hands on him.
joe alexander (2 years ago)
+the lords angel his servant sorry 200,000,000 not thousand
joe alexander (2 years ago)
+the lords angel his servant sorry 200,000,000 not thousand
joe alexander (2 years ago)
+Adelaide Marie I have one question for you then? who is this hero then that will save America from collapse? I find cowardice people in America afraid of confronting and revolting against the corruption and total deception within our government.. trump has done alto just to prove he is for the people( there is no perfect candidate, it be foolish to trust someone and expect great change) so of course most his supporters including me don't agree with everything he says but he as with the 200,000 have had enough of lies, are freedoms are being limited by PC and were being labeled based on our tolerance with wickedness.. regardless if trump brings good change or nit id rather have him than a socialist that is against corruption yet wants to give more power to those that are corrupt(the gov) and a wolf in sheep's clothing hitlery clinton( who I think will be worse than Obama if selected). all I know for sure is America is only going to get worse
Grandma Adelaide (2 years ago)
Yes, I agree Ian. Sometimes I think it is........fruitless to be alive and other times I think it's interesting.........Right now I find it interesting. Old school is fighting hard to keep things the same. I believe It is responsible for all this voter suppression. They do Not want the voice of the people to be heard.
Ian Campbell (2 years ago)
+Adelaide Marie I agree.  This could be a critical turning point in the history of the world.  We can only hope.
Murad Pervez (2 years ago)
This guy is such a bad ass it's not even funny
rowdy yeats (2 years ago)
3 consulting companies .. 1:50... Mckenzie... Boston Consulting Company... Bruce Allen... sound "white"... but maybe the "grunts" there are like Asians, Russians, Indians, etc..."The Medium is the Message" - Marshall McCluhan.
Max Lucente (2 years ago)
How is this video quality HD? it looks like a fucking super nintendo video game.
Rekt Feminist Videos (5 months ago)
Linus Fedora Tips (1 year ago)
Probably exported to 720p resolution at a low target bitrate
Snapple Pink Lemonade (2 years ago)
Cavuto is queer
Shutupjohnson (2 years ago)
omg he reminds me so much of tony stark o.O
BLUE DRAGONFLY (2 years ago)
more people approve of snowdin then obama
Grandma Adelaide (2 years ago)
I think you might be right
Sean G (2 years ago)
"I also back his balls" LOL
Catalin Petrescu (4 months ago)
J. M'A.: "if you allow me to say this" Presenter: "Please!"
DroidSage (4 months ago)
Roberto Giménez (2 years ago)
John, tell me about that weird video you did about uninstalling the anti-virus...
Lewys Cousins (5 months ago)
Echo omg seriously?!?! XD
Echo (2 years ago)
+Roberto Giménez There's a documentary for that just go watch it
Che M (2 years ago)
Splee J (2 years ago)
I back your balls Tony
sabian2k7 (2 years ago)
John McAfee is THE MAN!
truesonic (4 months ago)
sure is bro i like him he is straight to the point. he does not bull shit.
Peter North (3 years ago)
Cavuto is a cunt!
uspowerbase (2 years ago)
+Rob D I love good decent people. Cavuto doesn't smirk the way He used to. He's come a long way.
Robby D (3 years ago)
+Peter North No he's not, Cavuto's a good, decent person like all of us, misled or otherwise. He was just unaware of the consequence lies he was probably spreading with the best of intentions.
smzig (3 years ago)
Isn't McAfee a Bond villain now?
Adeon Writer (3 years ago)
+smzig No he's more like Tony Stark.
Michał Lech (3 years ago)
The Fox muppet is easily on par with Putin's Troll Brigade infesting Polish newspaper forums, writing in bad Polish about Poland's detestable servitude to the evil Yanks :D
Kal M (3 years ago)
Do you know black widow?
DormantIdeas NIQ (3 years ago)
FOXaganda or FOXkew or FOXlant or FOXjew or FJWOX or FCKNEWS or do these people really think they will be safe when the U.S. wakes up and realizes they are TRAITORs! working for the NASTY JEW SPECIE!
joe alexander (2 years ago)
Satanist not Jews.. those are not Jews you anti semmetic
Zeracan (3 years ago)
"To your point, it sounds like you're leaning towards what he did was something good, whether his intentions were noble is still up to be decided"  Christ fuckan'begora, the Fox news guy just wants to skew/hear what he wants to hear.  Not once did McAfee really question or even take a side on Snowden personal intentions, and he even favored what he did.  How do you come up with those questions? "What is our government actually doing?  Don't you wanna know people? I Do. So to that extent, I back him fully.  I also back his balls... I'm behind his courage.  He has the courage to do something knowing the risk, and now he's on the run." I love how McAfee just goes out and bluntly says the things Fox wouldn't want it's listeners to hear.
MikePlaysIt (3 years ago)
John McAfee for President, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bas Heijnis (3 years ago)
John for president!  :D
BlackSalchicha (3 years ago)
Stop blinking!!!
Antuan Claude (4 years ago)
John McAfee went though some shit buddy.
trsk (2 years ago)
+Antuan Claude They tried to commit personality murder and worse, but he bounced back.
gjc82071 (3 years ago)
I think his ordeal would make for a great movie!  "50 phones, 50 places" could be the title.  Perhaps Clooney, Pitt, or Travolta could play the role of McAfee.  Actually, I think McAfee himself could probably be a decent actor if he wanted to be.  I've seen & heard him speak.  He has the look, the voice, manner, intensity, intelligence, etc.  He'd make a great villain, outlaw, high ranking government agent, powerful CEO, Industrialist, or Wall Street type, etc.  In certain roles he'd barely have to act.  His mannerism is so cool,...he could just be himself.  BTW, I don't think he crazy or paranoid.  Everyone knows that Central America is synonymous with government corruption & drug cartels.  To believe that some entity in Belize wasn't out to harm or rob him, (A rich gringo)....it would be like saying "No.....the American government would never illegally spy on it's own citizens.  It could never happen", LOL.  I just thinkg "something" was going on in Belize,...but what it was,....only John & those involved know for sure.
Spooder King (4 years ago)
The guy seems cool but the software sucks dick...
Daniel Monteiro (2 years ago)
+Spooder King when he created the antivirus, it was way better than now.

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