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How to Store Cryptocurrencies | Best Hardware Wallet

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In this video, I'm gonna be sharing an insight into what I think is the best way to store your cryptocurrencies. (Spoiler alert: Hardware wallets (either Ledger Nano S or Trezor). DONATIONS ♥ ETH: 0xc12f59c4e23dccd369437bbdb09470879d8c0825 ♥ BTC: 1L2LswVmTobmEK8dy6Yw9nWx93Z1zZ1jb3 ♥ LTC: LRXk5EwrR6VJYJcLYZLNY5B1uhoiUchtF5 ♥ Dash: XyAPcaHdZJKuXiruHkAXkKgCMWHfaPFVgc ♥ ETC: 0x3bec3f9e112e719330d1732d60b02724b1b5a76c ♥ ZEC: t1gGY496794uEC4dTPiXitU8nYgXGLm78HH ♥ DGE: DFoVXJTiGKXTPUeztrpmYEWaHtXrBK452y ESSENTIAL CRYPTO RESOURCES ♦ Recommended place to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum: COINBASE - Sign up here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/58977243c1604b62321378df ♦ Recommended Wallet: LEDGER NANO S - Available here: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/3c47 ♦ Recommended Exchange: (TBA) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouisThomasChannel/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouisThomasYT ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisthomaschannel/ ● Snapchat: louisxthomas ● Steemit: https://steemit.com/@louisthomas CHANNEL RESOURCES ■ My Book: How to Choose a University Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y87e2ce6 ■ Camera: Nikon D5100 (old but affordable) Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y9cslp2u ■ Microphone: RODE VideoMic GO Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y9rceoer ■ Tripod: Polaroid 184cm Available here: http://tinyurl.com/yarefpr9 Panama Hat No Voice by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (305)
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
Here's the affiliate link for the Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/3c47
Roslyn Aubrey why???????????? What’s wrong with him putting an affiliate link? Moron
Edwin I.T. (4 months ago)
Ever considered making a video about HOW to store cryptos that ledger and trezor do NOT support ??
JDGWI (6 months ago)
I'm not clicking your garbage referall link moron
Roslyn Aubrey (7 months ago)
I can't find mine either, I've spent bloody hours downloading aps and all sorts of time consuming shit, no support from Paris, yes, where's the bloody key??
Michael Dacon (6 days ago)
Awesome stuff as usual Louis! Thank you man. I had made a 2018 updated version video on crypto wallets if you guys need a different/updated perspective. Have a great day guys!
MikeyMoneyBaby (20 days ago)
Check out Blue Protocol! Here is a link to receive an invite for their brand new Frost Wallet release. This will be a game changer for the crypto space guys. Don't miss out! :) Much love! https://frostwallet.io/invite/index.html?code=99c5e07b
Jin Literatus (23 days ago)
Great video, well explained and easy to understand.. Well done! What you think about SciDex? I heard that they have a promising project.
My Hardware Wallet (1 month ago)
Get a hardwarewallet with free shipping to the UK at myhardwarewallet.co.uk
kanudoss (1 month ago)
@Louis Thomas whats the best option for keeping smaller alts like Neo, Status, Eos? Thank you
Joms F (2 months ago)
no harm in trying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL43iyh_VUg authorized by Google, legit and easy to use no need to pay for anything!
Zach Reed (2 months ago)
thanks so much
Kylie Barker (2 months ago)
Can Anybody suggest me which wallet is more secure to store Bitcoin?:- Online Wallet or Hardware wallet.
Sofia Smith (2 months ago)
Crypto Wallet is similar to Bank Account. It allows you to store, receive and send cryptocurrency to others account. Basically there are two types of Cryptocurrency Wallets:- Online Wallet: This Wallet is installed into your mobile or Computer System using tight security and Encrypted form. For example:- Coinbase, Whaleclub, Avatrade etc. are Web Wallets. Hardware Wallet: Offline storage device to store cryptocurrency. For example Ledger Nano and TREZOR. Web Wallet are simple to use and setup. Before choosing the best wallet must read the reviews and compare with another wallets. 1. Open the Blockchain Wallet by entering URL: http://coinsesame.com 2. Sign Up the process by entering all the details like Name, E-mail, Password. 3. After Signing Up you will receive verification mail for confirmation. 4. Level 1 to secure your wallet. After Logged in go to the “Security Center” and click Back phrase on you Dashboard. 5. Enter recovery phrase. Store the recovery sheet safely. 6. Link your Mobile number to the wallet and enable 2-Factor Authentication. 7. Secure the final level in you Security Center by blocking IP address from the TOR network. Done. Hardware Device Setup Guide. 1. Connect the Trezor or Ledger device to your Computer or Laptop via USB Cable. 2. There you will see the Lock Icon. 3. Download a Browser Plugin. 4. Install the latest Firmware. 5. Give the Label to your Hardware Wallet. 6. Choose the PIN like ATM. 7. Save the recovery seed of 24 words to secure your wallet for secret recovery. 8. Keep your recovery seed safe from theft.
AyrBlues (2 months ago)
So they're basically a pen drive, right? You talked all that time and explained nothing. I think you need to change your video description. 😕
AyrBlues (2 months ago)
Ruzicka Iddings (2 months ago)
the worst thing was i blew up my first account. Two of my friends use this softwre with me. we love this software.? Still my favorite is *FIRST MILLION ROAD*
ashanti9 Juka (2 months ago)
my question is, does the nano or the trezor store any type of cryptocurrency,? including tokens of any kind?????
Cadmus (2 months ago)
Video starts at 2:00
obakpororo john (2 months ago)
my trading wallet could not accept litecoins being mined from a pool, what can i do?
KVN (3 months ago)
Should i keep or sell my hardware wallet? Its still in package and i haven't got anything to put in it.
Edward Caleb Gallegos (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ dude, it took you like 09827634592876 hours to fucking get to it.
NicoRouCon (3 months ago)
Not really answering the "How"...
Al Jenkins (3 months ago)
The Banking system is corrupt but at least it is regulated. The mistrust of dealing with crypto through exchanges, hardware wallets, hackers, is creating a paranoia unheard of. As long as you have hackers, no individual will be compensated for loss due to mistakes or criminal activity, be prepared to lose everything, don't underestimate hackers, they will find a way to beat the system.
fast . quality . balanced. made me to sub thanks man. andres
brooklyn (4 months ago)
Louis, would you still recommend these wallets today? Or do you have a superceded recommendation?
NoGreatPretender (4 months ago)
I have ADA, TRX, XRP, XLM & GTO.... any hardware wallets for them? Is 2-step authentication really not secure for Binance?
saito hitokiri (4 months ago)
ledger nanoS is verry laggy recently takes long for check your wallet... before it was almost instant...
Miami florida (4 months ago)
Thank you homie im getting the trezer
Teddy Bass (4 months ago)
Best have it on hardware. These online wallets look shady ASF.
Charles Song (4 months ago)
*I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info*
Ibn Khaldun Turabin (4 months ago)
Hi louis. I would like to ask if it’s possible to buy cryptocurrencies like ether and ripple abroad and store it in the hardware.. coinbase is not yet available in our country, and i want to invest as soon as i can.. the nearest country is singapore, so i was thinking if it’s possible for me to buy in singapore, store it in the hardware and comeback to the philippines.. it might be hard but it’s the only way.. or maybe you could recommend me where i could get ether or ripple somewhere else from the philippines. Thank you
Anthony Schmidt (4 months ago)
If you happened to break or lose these does that mean you have lost the currency?
Carlos Cueva (4 months ago)
Louis how do you store your Iota ?? The Leger nano s doesn't work for it Ty in advance !
indo (4 months ago)
i have a question. does the hardware wallet only store available non invested coins? or does it store all your coins invested in bth also?
Brian Bell (4 months ago)
Giggling Monkey (4 months ago)
Being a newby to this do I open an exchange like Coinbase and then buy a hardware wallet?
Zach Seaman (4 months ago)
The Ledger Nano S has the added benefit of looking like a USB drive
KVN (4 months ago)
I store all my cryptocoin on the exchange itself.. i need this fast
Tibor Csuprik (5 months ago)
There are a lot of issues with the ledger!!!!!!!!!!! Do not promote this piece of garbage!!!!!!!!!!! Just go on their website and you'll see tons of people that lost their crypto's. No customer support. Nobody you can contact from ledger. This is very unexceptable and all these youtubers promoting this ledger GTFOH!!!!!!
Jason Morgan (5 months ago)
...so, what happened to the 'How to store...'?
Tebbé Davis (5 months ago)
its on back order until March 19th.
Pearl Queen (5 months ago)
are you welsh
Roll Guy (5 months ago)
How can you not hack that Hardware Wallet and add cryptocurrency too it? I wonder and I would not be surprised that you can and eventually all these hardware wallets is gonna banned and you will lose all your currency. Ripe for hacking. haha. I would stay away from these wallets. Good luck.
paul k (5 months ago)
Do all altcoins go on the ledgers?
Hal2B (5 months ago)
Thanks for this. The Nano S is great but can only store some sorts of coin. What's the answer for storing Iota, Lisk or Icon for example?
tim woniewski (5 months ago)
New to the game, if your coin is in a wallet do you still collect gains in your coins?
DJ Rondeau (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info and all your great content. I just ordered a nano s and used your link to support the channel to give back a little for all you provide us
Justin Sane (5 months ago)
"And I can't really answer that for you..." Then why the fuck am I here ?
Rosy Hernandez (5 months ago)
Those Ledgers wont arrive until March. Does it support TRX?
KVN (4 months ago)
Rosy Hernandez. I bought some trx. I hope it does support it
Angus Gumtree (5 months ago)
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Sam Maris (5 months ago)
dude I just spent £100 on a nano ledger s to secure my crypto only to discover that it only store a very limited number of alt coins. I have verge, tron, power ledger ect. How do I keep those safe? I don't want to keep them on the exchanges. Especially as im hodling them all. anyone got a solution to this??
John Meise (5 months ago)
You can't just definitely declare that hardware wallets are the best way to store your cryptocurrency....like, wtf? There's plenty of people that would disagree and state that paper wallets are the best way. And they aren't wrong, both offer great security, but both are susceptible to being damaged physically, or electrically and any of those situations depends on what measures you take to secure your wallet (IE: with paper wallets; printing out two copies of your keys, laminating them, then encasing them in a more rigid enclosure and storing one offsite in a fireproof safe, and the other onsite in a fireproof safe) but I would be inclined to agree with you about hardware wallets. It's an OPINION, however, and NOT a fact. And btw, "How to Store Cryptocurrencies" IS EXTREMELY misleading. I thought you were going to talk about wallets and the types of wallets. Yes, I did see the "Best Hardware Wallet" part of the title, but I figured it would just be worked in. I had no idea this video has nothing to do with how to store cryptocurrencies. I honestly can't believe more people haven't said anything...or rather, I actually can believe it. I know there are plenty of people that would look at your title and realize it's misleading, but not really care because it doesn't effect them....smh...
Ihab M (5 months ago)
What cloud wallet do you recommend and why? I tried to make one but it was showing an insane time left to synch (2 years +.. way too ridiculous). Thx
Izuchukwu Edeh (5 months ago)
Moissane Hernandez (5 months ago)
Does Ledger Nano S have any transaction fee?
tvergov (5 months ago)
Go for hardware wallet guys like i did. Lot of features and highest security - https://goo.gl/DEfSKG
Ivegotwo (5 months ago)
Hi, enjoying your crypto content. Is there a way to buy ETH or Ripple directly into a ledger wallet without having pre-existing coins?
Derrick isme (5 months ago)
what????? why don't you take some time and look into what chipsets they use and how long they may last! Sense USB flash drivers do NOT last forever or even a long time. You choose that one because the way it looks! LOL Not help full at all!
PETER PETER (5 months ago)
wel..i dunno..erm.eh . aaa, ee, i dunno, that is end of my review...W..T..F ? !
tamastomi (5 months ago)
Join us at Discord and we help you make 100% profit every week! https://discord.gg/xxZfxWf
Napoleon Ibrahim (5 months ago)
Hi, Thank you for the info very valuable, however, you seem to be talking to English speaking people, if you give examples and speak slower and give picture examples you will get 1000's more followers slow down at the tech points and show examples with pictures, clearly! some people are not tech savvy! Thank you excellent work :)
Becky York (5 months ago)
You can restore any BIP39 hardware wallet onto any other BIP39 wallet using the 24 words - so if Ledger goes out of business you're not stuck if you have your 24 Words saved. https://ledger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005161325-Backup-24-words-seed-and-compatible-seeds
ejnvids (5 months ago)
The future of hardware wallets is storage for coins to be used directly at vendors. That's the future.
Tim Shubert (5 months ago)
Man, all this crypto currency stuff is making my little brain swim. Is there a video of someone actually buying a beer with some Bitcoin?
Bobby Knight (5 months ago)
Hi Louis, you are very attractive. Yes, I'm a guy and I'm bi.
Your mother hoe. (5 months ago)
Bobby Knight 😖
Rick Cisneros (5 months ago)
does the Ledger store BitcoinCash also? is that a total newbie Q or what?
MidniteBlues (5 months ago)
Bro, I like your videos. But please get to the point.
riddler ? (5 months ago)
what if i want to store alt coins that aren't that popular yet, like iota etc.??
Gianmarco Terrones (6 months ago)
So you mention in another video that if you use Coinbase and they get hacked, your coins are insured. In that case, why not just store crypto on that exchange? Sorry, I'm new to this
MrValentine (6 months ago)
Could this hold Verge, Bytecoin, Tron, Ripple, Stellar, Cardano?
An Artist (6 months ago)
Make cash for watching adds here https://goo.gl/G8YGGE
umut ozhot (6 months ago)
Can i store coins into different accounts or can i share this with someone else having different accounts???
Leftyy 343 (6 months ago)
Bought mine at amazon, cheapest and fastest way i think. heres a link for it : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01J66NF46/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B01J66NF46&linkCode=as2&tag=mustiiaffilia-21&linkId=d7dd34ae822dac65bcffce9935f6c03e
Allen Voss (6 months ago)
this video doesn't tell me how to store my crypto.
Max Löfgren (6 months ago)
Probably a good idea... https://hashflare.io/r/60299B9D
Rampant King (6 months ago)
Ledger Nano S support all coins?!
KVN (4 months ago)
Rampant King. No only a few
Maxy Coin (6 months ago)
Thank you for this video, very informative especially with some of the comments and replies it generated! I was going to ask about data storage deterioration/life expectancy as in if you keep the wallet unused for years. Yes, I'm aware of the recovery phrase thing on a new device, but still wondering.
Demetri Parker (6 months ago)
Louis Thomas what do you think about https://crypterium.io/ ??? is it really worth it?
mula cula (6 months ago)
Can you put directly on ledger after buying coins? Or people know the adress on ledger? I know people use more then 1 wallet to drop it first in the one and then the other?
SRV. 123 (6 months ago)
Please answer this question. If you have coins in a hard wallet. I assume there are 3 keys. Personal, exchange and the network key. If I am wrong please correct. Now if your exchange gets hacked or goes down for any reason. Does that render your coins in the hard wallet useless and frozen forever.? If you want to send coins from your hard wallet to another person or another exchange do you need to get permission or key from your current exchange.? These may be simple questions that everyone knows but I am new and really need this info to get started. Maybe you could recommend a site that answers all these questions and more. Thanks
hugo børge (6 months ago)
hi good video. But how secure and keep an example, iota, power ledger, ten x, caradano and wander .. if you have different cryptos. ?? as i can see it can a ledger nano not hold these ??
Drew Hairston (6 months ago)
Which cryptos can be stored on each wallet? What is customer support like? Durability? Security features? Transfer Fees associated with each wallet? Update frequency? You presented no pros and cons for either device, such a waste of time...
bcuphunk (6 months ago)
You talk so damn much.
poidial (6 months ago)
Gets to the point at 2:50
Sherullah Qasim (6 months ago)
Thanks mate, bought one through your affiliate link.
Ray Abraham (7 months ago)
Let's say I have 5 crypto assets in there. If I lose my hardware wallet, will I be able to recover ALL FIVE of them with the seed phrase? Also, who will ask for my seed phrase? The new (replacement) device?
Spuzva Rahil (7 months ago)
How can i buy crypto currency not that shit stocks on shit sites. but actual stuf i can put on my hardwallet
Bijaya Malla (7 months ago)
dieland (7 months ago)
Thanks for the explanation and I know Im like 5 months late to notice how to secure coins better. I have a bit worry about that hardware what if it is broken would you be able to retrieve or fix it and not to lost anything I mean like the old USB pendrive or what ever they called it now..Haa i know its sound funny to some ..
mezzuna (7 months ago)
The trezor looks like a tamagotchi
Susan Carter (7 months ago)
hey Louis, If i own bitcoin and Ethereum can I store them both in the same cold storage wallet? Or would I have to move them directly from coinbase to the Ledger?
Jeffrey Byron (7 months ago)
Louis, I know this video is several months old, but I'm looking for a hardware wallet that stores the most diverse cryptocurrencies. I Have a TREZOR and it's great, but it doesn't support Ripple and several other currencies that I own. I would like the options, because now I have some on my TREZOR, some in my EXODUS wallet, and the rest in exchanges, which I don't like. I'm buy and hold at this point. Thanks! And thank you to whoever else in this thread who can help me out.
LFOD7491 (7 months ago)
How vulnerable are these devices to Electro-magnetinc frequencies?
Gary Stinten (6 months ago)
LFOD7491 recovery phrase if anything happens.
Roslyn Aubrey (7 months ago)
there's no support from the company, either, it's in Paris.
Roslyn Aubrey (7 months ago)
i bought this wallet, and i can't work it
Mark Bolender (7 months ago)
Can you keep a paper backup of everything stored on the ledger hardware you offer in the link?
CJToxic (7 months ago)
Hello, Can I use the trezor without google? I mean the Nano S function only with the Elite Google? Thanks!
cr8ive (7 months ago)
LOL...Don't worry about cyber security if you have no signal. . . It is still early days, but one thing is certain.  The government and financial institutions are already on red alert regarding all crypto currencies.  If anybody think they are going to give up their power to control society,  along with the power to milk them for profits,  they are in for a surprise.  Everyone seem to think they are untouchable in this "online virtual world",  but they forget that government has control over,  or can gain power over the signal you require to be online. Once the threat becomes to strong and they lose too much money,  they will simply cut you off from utilizing the network.  Already everyone that is on the Apple platform can be switched off by flicking a switch.  You cant use your iPhone if they don't switch it on. . . .and you cant do nothing if they decide to switch it off . . . .all the millions In crypto currencies will be useless to you if you cant access it. . . . like I said, early days. . . I no the crypto enthusiast will remain optimistic,  but lets also be realistic . . . .we all know what's going on behind the scenes where the power struggles for world domination is taking place . . . .Money is power so they will put up a fight to retain it. . . just saying, but all the best
Jon Lamar (7 months ago)
I would totally lose those both in 2 months flat
Gary Stinten (6 months ago)
jon lamar keep them in a safe and use an app.
MrDavide1976 (8 months ago)
Hi! i'm thinking to get my crypto out of the exchange. now i'm using xapo but i really don't know how to move my crypto from xapo to the hard wallet......do you know what procedure to follow?? thanks in advance for any answer......
hades azure (8 months ago)
I bought a new ledger nano s off eBay is it safe to use if i reset it? These things are meant to be tamper proof right?
Cas Dhuij (8 months ago)
shouldn't you go into the coding/security of the wallet instead of emotional attachment to the hardware wallets.
ChasF (8 months ago)
Can you store the same coins on multiple hardware wallets as backups?
boomboompow (8 months ago)
can u get to the point faster next time? thanks

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