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Rep. Schultz’s IT aide may strike plea deal with DOJ

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Daily Caller investigative reporter Luke Rosiak on how congressional IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan and his wife may strike a plea deal with the Department of Justice.
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Joseph Coleman (1 day ago)
This is the smoking gun..We are going to find out who murdered Seth Rich
Avenger74 (1 day ago)
Sessions should be fired today - SWAMP creature in sheep's clothing.
tedfio1tedfio1 (2 days ago)
Hang Devil Debbie and The Clinton Crime Family
Robert Coleman (2 days ago)
why isn't Debbie Schults's in prison?????? who in the hell gave this bitch a hall pass???????
wayne phillips (4 days ago)
The DOJ & FBI upper elites are so corrupt that they are tarnishing the badges of the 30 thousand FBI rank & file. Awan brothers took military data & sabotage US soldiers. Awan had two wives, one was in Pakistan was shot at by a hired thug. Was covered by One America News on YT & on Lou Dobbs.
Itsanameisntit (7 days ago)
Lou is a sweet old guy, and his heart's in the right place, but he's soooo far off the mark on this, and that clown in the interview with his, "Great journalism." Watch George Webb's playlist on the Awan summary if you REALLY want to know what's going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxAhA6pJx14&list=PLcgk8FfGnzkz402rmGnVO1gvzcyhIovyh
NiteShade2160 (7 days ago)
The only deal Imran Awan deserves is basically "do you want a blindfold" before we shoot you ? I cant see any other possibility.
Robert Kubrick (8 days ago)
The server is gone, support stolen? Hang the last person who signed for it in the chain of evidence. I really mean it, KILL THEM.
Debbie Ward (8 days ago)
No more plea deals! Obama is laughing his guts out at the revenge of Pakistan being embarrassed about Bin Laden.
Marc Love (8 days ago)
I followed this story late last year when it first came out, then suddenly, it dropped off the radar. DWS is in it up to her eyeballs, but she is skating by with no charges against her. She is just as crooked as Hillary and apparently gets the same free pass. Where the hell is the DOJ?
Lydia Guerra (8 days ago)
I hope not, that asswipe.
William Earney (8 days ago)
THIS is the KEY........to it ALL......Mark my Words.....this is it.....EXPLAINS ALL THOSE WEIRD LOSS ENDS....
Lorne Hargis (8 days ago)
Why would sessions refuse to investigate? That makes absolutely no sense. Is he masking for a period of time until a full investigation is completed? Q says trust Sessions. It's frustrating. Not sure how much longer I can do this.
eddy rolon (8 days ago)
This makes me very happy!
Christina Pankey (8 days ago)
Remember the laptop she was so worried about she is corrupt to the core
Christina Pankey (8 days ago)
Think about foriegn intelligents this is it and Debbie is guaranteed in the middle these guys would be in prison for life back twenty years ago
Christina Pankey (8 days ago)
Sessions is the swamp
carol marshall (9 days ago)
How many more Muslim Plants in Congress and where else are they in our government?
Victoria Walton (9 days ago)
Patience, people, patience! Jeff Sessions has been working on these cases from the beginning. He is not stalling. Sessions and POTUS are working in perfect accord. He recused himself because he knew there was no merit to the "Collusion Story"... He has gone underground and very stealthily has been doing very thorough investigations with a very great team. No leaks.. Did you notice that? No leaks on what he is doing. There is a lot of Kabuki theater going on--- But when Sessions is ready to move, he will move on these cases with iron clad proof. No one will walk. They will not be able to offer any excuses or defense. It cant be easy to dismantle a Deep State that has taken years to put together not just in the US but whose corrupt roots are deeply global. DJT and Sessions knew what it was all about from the beginning and signed up for a plan that would be tough to investigate and implement. Many, many people are involved and it takes great fortitude of spirit to take what both these men are facing every single day. We should be thanking the Lord for choosing these men and their teams to lead us out of the deep, dank, dreary, disgusting, and demonic swamp we allowed BHO and his cronies to drive us into. May God bless POTUS and Sessions with His wisdom and guidance through these very difficult times Lead us to a higher ground Lord! We seek your mercy and grace to heal our hearts and our land and turn us all to you!
Jason Piverotto (9 days ago)
D Chase (9 days ago)
The truth, as to the extent of these numerous coverups, if revealed, would create an implosion on the political system that has governed our republic for the last two decades. In order to keep the government in tact ( prevent the citizens from demanding a dismantle) the powers that be will never allow these truths to be divulged to the citizenship. The entire mess will be hidden from light by the Washington establishment for the sole purpose of self preservation. Even if Trump himself would find a way to mandate the release of these truths...it is so pervasive and appalling that it could cause a halt in the function of government which would be critical for daily functions on the National and World format. Time to learn to live with the frustration of not learning the truths when as it concerns most powerful entity on the planet!
Richard Veach (10 days ago)
Jeff Sessions just proved that we are not a nation of laws. We are a banana republic. Start storing supplies. We will be in a full blown revolution before you know it.
Chris Pyves (9 days ago)
Really? https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/jury-convicts-former-cia-officer-espionage
MeLissa J McMichael (10 days ago)
NO DEALS #HangHerHigh
shrek is love (10 days ago)
This is arguably a bigger story than Spygate and has much more evidence. There is a perfect timeline of what happened and who's involved. Implicated are 50+ current and former House members who employed the family, and even more, including Speaker Ryan, who engaged in the cover-up. All that's left is a definitive link between the Awans and the ISI in the form of electronic communication. In fact, the NSA probably already has all the information. Do I expect anything to come of it? Of course not. Put away that #QAnon pipe dream. The DOJ and FBI are experts at hiding crimes, others and their own.
Karen O (10 days ago)
Don't forget about all the work George Webb has done for 2 Years on all the many issues as well as the Awans. THIS Case MUST be Continued. It carries so much weight of Security Breeches within OUR House of Representatives and Congress, at least! *HELP!* President Trump, We need help, Please.
Donna Ferdinando (10 days ago)
What is wrong with Sessions???
Jack Flash (10 days ago)
Sessions is too old, he's lost all his testosterone and has too much estrogen. A castrated old man
King K (11 days ago)
Get the Wet Poodle a new hair style too
Paul Keith (11 days ago)
Sure, you can now spend only 30 years in jail, rather than life, for spying on behalf of Pakistan.
Mark Lasserre (11 days ago)
Schultz to Gitmo.
joshua mitchell (11 days ago)
Jeffy needs to be fired -- get with it Trump -- he is useless
Alex Ludwig (11 days ago)
How many sealed indictments was that again?
Alex Ludwig (11 days ago)
Dws is mossad
Rick Williamson (9 days ago)
Alex Ludwig I do hope your right, I grow very tired of no justice with these scumbags
Alex Ludwig (10 days ago)
Rick Williamson her day is coming. Hope she doesnt arkencide
Rick Williamson (10 days ago)
Alex Ludwig DWS is not Mossad. That statement is insulting to Mossad. If she was Mossad, after this all this publicity, she would have had an accident.
Alex Ludwig (11 days ago)
George webb is way ahead of luke, sorry.
Alex Ludwig (11 days ago)
Peace+Opportunity big guy in a little coat!
Peace+Opportunity (11 days ago)
george webb is a fuckwit
Bruce Edwards (11 days ago)
mccabe wants immunity on testimony killery`s illegals unsecured server !!!! strzok and page are squeeling on obama and killery!!!!!! dws wants immunity on dnc serve```` hack???```by russians ????!!!and fraud by awans !!!!!!!
chris mclaughlin (11 days ago)
Sessions probably has an unwelcome surprise due when he tries to return to Alabama. He may as well move to Qatar with Hillary, if he can get away in time.
Richard Gaston (11 days ago)
wow, and the IG report has not even came out yet and everyone is trying to get a plea deal or asking for immunity which is funny as hell. If they didn't do anything illegal like all the Liberals are saying, why are they asking for plea deals or immunity lmao......
James Smith (11 days ago)
Sessions your fired
Silence Dogood (11 days ago)
Sessions is just as corrupt as Rosenstein and Comey.
Chris Pyves (9 days ago)
If he were why would he be doing all this? Seems like a well thought out plan. https://www.justice.gov/opa/speech/attorney-general-sessions-delivers-remarks-western-conservative-summit "President Trump ran for office as the law-and-order candidate, and he is governing as a law-and-order president. We are going to keep up this pace. We are not slowing down. We are determined to keep winning and to make this country safer, stronger, and more prosperous than ever".
Rick Williamson (10 days ago)
Dayhome Get the name right, its "Rodentstein" ;)
Jesse Wilson (11 days ago)
No plea deals at all prison for all these criminals ... Doj is corrupt
Alpha Chan (11 days ago)
NO TRUMP 2020!!! Trump Hosts Dinner For Muslim Holiday of Ramadan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNZgy3ifFDU
-OK Internet- (11 days ago)
Really want to know why Sessions isn't prosecuting? https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4733428/rep-louie-gohmert-slams-doj-handling-imran-awan-house-cyberbreach You won't like what you hear.
Patriot News Channel (11 days ago)
i wish president Trump would just fire Sessions an get it over with an put someone in who will do the job
john mcdonald (11 days ago)
Yes. Mark Levin.
Vuong Nguyen (11 days ago)
Patriot News Channel - Be patient. He still has 6 more years to drain the swamps.
King Miura (11 days ago)
Sessions replacement should have already been picked.....Sessions can resign and say he wants to spend more time with his family. Sessions blew it...the job is more important than the man....Time to bring on the next one.....to do the job.
Sandi Que (11 days ago)
Lou, why on earth would Sessions refuse to bring charges? Surely Trump knows about this. Seems he would insist that charges be brought. Scratching my head in Virginia!
LadyBlaidd (7 days ago)
Had to replace all the judges and squeeze Rod Rosenstein out so next up loyal to Sessions can get in place and bam... 100+ new attorneys hired by Sessions. Pacer.org showing 35,000 sealed court orders or indictments.
NiteShade2160 (7 days ago)
Sessions Is A Hack ! Oh, by the way its not a hack when you are a systems admin on the inside. These guys were allowed right in. No questions asked !
Sandi Que (11 days ago)
DFMcG3 Hi, thanks. Been asking and nobody could tell me which Tues. So it's this coming Tues. Thx, sweet. Godspeed.
DFMcG3 (11 days ago)
In Virginia too! Maybe there is much more going on then we know? I’m nearly pulling my hair out! Don’t forget to vote Tuesday.
Androni Minnesotavski (11 days ago)
Another reason why Sessions must go
CHAS1422 (11 days ago)
Now the real story is starting to unfold. This is like pie in the face to the deep state. Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff are going to look like JACKASSES! Robert Mueller will look like John Hathorne the witch hunter. I have suspected this shoe would drop for over a year. How frustrating that the FBI is so partisan and corrupt they are willing to forgo truth, justice, common law, and half the nation (largely represented by our undercapitalized industrial producers). I can assure you I know the kind of people who voted for Trump and they are not the mindless bigots that the hollywood and media powdered wig elites want you to believe. Its TAR and FEATHER time!
Jami B (11 days ago)
I've been waiting for this. They feel no loyalty to the dems. Shultz's vouching for these foreign spies will bite her in the behind.
Greg Heller (11 days ago)
If he gets a plea deal then Sessions needs to be fired immediately. Jeff I used to think the world of you , now I think you are just one rotten POS with the balls of a squirrel. My grandson has more balls than you do.
Richard Gaston (11 days ago)
Greg, I think the Squirrels balls are bigger then his
Dennis Walker (11 days ago)
Typical corrupt doj , make a deal with actual spies , traitors , and criminals while pushing a witch hunt for nonexistent crimes to attempt to overthrow the constitutionally and legally elected president .
Dennis Walker (11 days ago)
Robert Houston Thank you .
Robert Houston (11 days ago)
Dennis Walker I heard that!🤔
shark615 in Tulsa (11 days ago)
If that happens, it's criminal. The house of representatives are shameless and you know as I do that they want these people to disappear. There is so much yet to be learned on the corruption in congress.
BradLee Jones (11 days ago)
He might be disheveled, but he sure knows how to put it together.
Thad Tabor (11 days ago)
BradLee Jones I think it's Chris Farley's little brother.
tingocuatoi66 (11 days ago)
Our DOJ is on vacation
Chris Pyves (9 days ago)
Jury Convicts Former CIA Officer of Espionage This case should send a message to anyone considering violating the public’s trust and compromising our national security by disclosing classified information. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/jury-convicts-former-cia-officer-espionage
Michele Stone (11 days ago)
at the gay bar
BonnieBlue2A (11 days ago)
His name was Seth Rich.

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