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TDV Interviews: Jim Rogers on the Currency Wars and Coming Collapse

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The first in the new The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) interview series, Jeff interviews famous author and investor Jim Rogers, topics include: money printing, rising tide of liquidity, its going to end badly, all major countries debasing their currency, people flocking to US dollar seeking safe haven, US dollar not a safe haven, debt has risen dramatically since 2008, the Euro was badly implemented, expatriation, the future is Asia, FATCA, this is a time for caution... Jim Rogers official site: http://www.jimrogers.com/ Jim Rogers blog: http://jimrogers-investments.blogspot.mx/ Adventure Capitalist : http://www.amazon.com/Adventure-Capitalist-Ultimate-Road-Trip/dp/0812967267 Anarchast: http://anarchast.com/ The Dollar Vigilante: http://dollarvigilante.com/
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Text Comments (37)
Michael Howley (2 years ago)
Any ideas on the best ways to purchase silver / gold? I'm thinking in particular about the VAT rates which are 25% in Ireland. Does this mean that the price must rise by 25% in order to break even?
twh7406 (2 years ago)
Strange how quickly he dismissed the communist Soros... Now that many are catching on to the fraud that is Soros.
Steven Kennedy (3 years ago)
6:57 can someone please explain what he's talking about here?
Chian Yee Lee (3 years ago)
what is the smoke ?
Adam Robb (3 years ago)
Excellent interview.  I have read some articles on Bloomberg and CNBC this year where the economists quoted believed the economy in the United States was fundamentally strong.  If their criteria for a "fundamentally strong economy" is low wage sector job growth,  massive amounts of corporate share buybacks(March was the third strongest month ever for share buybacks), credit expansion, high margin debt, and rising real estate prices in the Hamptons, it would be difficult to disagree with them.
Adman1175 (3 years ago)
Good interview. Thanks for posting it Jeff.
escapethecollapse (3 years ago)
Great stuff. Wish you would have asked him why he's not an anarchist.
Jérôme JORDA (3 years ago)
Awesome Jeff. But why do people still ask him about George Soros?!
Jeff Chapman (3 years ago)
Looked almost ashamed of having been involved with Soros. Always interesting to listen to Jim. Good questions Jeff. Great video series concept. Looking forward to watching more. Who's up next?
JEFFREY G DELABRE (3 years ago)
How about moving to Jakarta Indonesia ???? I live in ILLINOIS. I have a great friend in Jakarta.
Vince M (3 years ago)
+JEFFREY G DELABRE I lived there as a student, give it about 10 years and it will have some progress.
Alf - redas (3 years ago)
Are you on fire or what?
DRAW with Chris (3 years ago)
Thanks Jeff. Powerful interview. Love this new segment.
Michael Gebhart (3 years ago)
The great unapologetic capitalist Jim Rogers! The Canadian dollar looks cheap; should do well during the last leg of the secular commodities bull market, that and the housing market collapse there should spur deflation.
Cameron Gagné (3 years ago)
in the top left you should have the little bomb count down to the end of the video, do you know what i mean?
Patrick Faiola (3 years ago)
I have never seen Jim Rogers so direct in any interview. Reading between the lines he is expecting imminent problems. In the past, he never speculated on when things would go down, but know his tune has changed. That in and of itself says a lot.
Alina Shahnazari (3 years ago)
There is smoke on your screen!!!!
Herman James (3 years ago)
Great interview. Jeff, it would be great if you could get Doug Casey on your program. His interviews are few and far between.
Dio Genes (3 years ago)
I follow Jim of course and Peter Schiff Fabian Calvo Greg Hunter Gerald Celente Mike Maloney Of course you will have Max Keiser and Doug Casey. Looking forward to the format.
Herman James (3 years ago)
+JinGwee Yes, exactly. I was only referring to the fact that some of them directly sell gold through their businesses. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're wrong nor does it take really anything away from the message they are spreading. 
JinGwee (3 years ago)
+Herman James i agree. I dont think they are selling something in the hope that people will push prices up. They know it will go up in the long term. And so they share with people.
JinGwee (3 years ago)
+Dio Genes it is real because it happens. Whether i agree or not is immaterial. When i say jim is a realist rather than idealist, i mean he says things like "markets always correct 50-70% in the course of its bull market (historically!)" instead of things like "gold will skyrocket this year". Realist vs idealist.
Herman James (3 years ago)
+JinGwee I certainly do my best to think for myself, but these guys certainly have opened my eyes to a lot of investments I had never considered before. It is certainly refreshing when you listen to their interviews that many of them (not all) often tell you NOT to listen to them, but to do your own research and think independently. That is also a nice thing to hear. I think there's definitely a conflict of interest at times because many of the financial pundits out there (including those listed above) are selling something. Still, it's always good to learn!
Dio Genes (3 years ago)
+JinGwee Zooom! It is only real to you because you agree with their long term calls. The Climate Change crowd have their reality, and deniers are unbelievably unrealistic to them. It's not real to me. Austrian economics are real to me, but not to Obama. Even when the dollar and it's collateral social rights payments turn to dust, he and his crowd will still agree that it was their enemies who caused it to happen.
Thomas Weitzel (3 years ago)
Great interview, thanks Jeff!
M Services (3 years ago)
whats with the contacts jeff? lol
Scott Williams (3 years ago)
So cool that you got Jim on the show. He's always been one of my favorites.
Astma Grooved (3 years ago)
Gym Rogers
MonadTransformer (3 years ago)
+Astma Grooved ... he's actually in the Jim
truth1901 (3 years ago)
Vit D3 and K2 with vit C
Nick Rodriguez (3 years ago)
He's probably not going to renounce US citizenship because of the exit tax and putting him on the IRS radar, also they would probably ban him from visiting the US ever again. Politicians lash out and get extremely angry when people just walk away from them, so best to fly under the radar.
Chrissy Shunda (3 years ago)
Wow!!! Jim Rogers!!! Great guest Jeff!!!

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