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NIST Says Bitcoin Cash Is The Real Bitcoin… And It Is Making Me Sick - Jeff Berwick

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When not working on propaganda, NIST employees have been complicit in trying to put backdoors into cryptographic technologies. - Jeff Berwick Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante Newsletter: https://dollarvigilante.com/subscribe
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DCUPtoejuice (16 days ago)
how soon after segwit launched did BCH start?
BTH is an altcoin it's not bitcoin there are many faster altcoins the BTH. I find the lies and deceit from BTH very disturbing. Bitcoin just cost me 13 cents to send $1350 and I'm now using lightingnet work to pay my bills under $40.00.
Matt for Mankind (2 months ago)
Thanks 👍
Peter Meissnitzer (3 months ago)
wmx99 (4 months ago)
Sorry to see you got bribed or coerced into Roger Ver talking points. You got it backward, Segwit is a *soft fork* as segwit enabled nodes are backward compatible with the original chain thus you can choose to utilize segwit or not; that latter literally true to the original block chain. Changing a block size is not backward compatible hence a *hard fork* was created. BCH also implemented emergency difficulty adjustments which were not part of the original white paper so saying BCH is true to white paper is a mute point; nor does it have any relevance in my opinion. For those that understand Blockchain 1.0, on-chain scaling does not scale to mass adoption; if you don't care about decentralization, continually increasing block size with BCH is an option. We need more technical people to discuss real solutions than marketing shills that don't know what they're talking about when it comes to the tech behind crypto currencies.
Dipak Acharya (4 months ago)
Bitcoin > All other coins + shit coin(Bitcoin Cash, Bcash)
Hector Morales (4 months ago)
Fack!!! Real speak brother real speak
Simply Connected (4 months ago)
Well Jeff now you see the fundamental like-mindedness of government and Bitcoin Cash, and the fundamental common vested interest they both share - to destroy Bitcoin which is the torchbearer of true freedom. Yes Jeff you now see your fundamental alliance with those who falsified the 9-11 narrative, the wagers of wars and economic collapses - strange it is how all the corrupt fall into alignment with one another. In pouring scorn and ridicule upon the humble sober and honest hard workers of Bitcoin Core, who scarcely even know what's hit them, and chasing the gloss and bling of flashy Bitcoin Cash you find yourself in like minded company - you join with NIST perfectly dove-tailed, one evil matched with another. Birds of feather flock together eh? Why not just invite NIST to the Anarchopulco - you share one common bond maybe - a desire to have a good old time of it and not give a flying fcuk about any semblence of "society" - just me me me - no "dull cares" to hold you back, Bohemian Grove and cocaine and hooker parties. Leave the "dull cares" like writing solid code to the humble Bitcoin Core programmers whilst you cast every conceivable unfounded accusation against them. Yes Jeff - you have definitely found yourself unexpectedly in like-minded company. Remember - what you wish for is what you will get.
Million Roots (4 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash flying high today looking down at Bitcoin and Litecoin. LOL
Tom Jackson (4 months ago)
There is the biggest news in a long time most don't realize how big it is, they re part of the NSA too so they have been involved from the beginning.
Experience I Am (4 months ago)
Ignoramus without a clue!
jram0001 (4 months ago)
F*ck Bcash scamcoin
Alex Mollo (4 months ago)
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mountain momma (4 months ago)
Priceless, no pun intended.
Hrusty Enrico (4 months ago)
Blockstream/AXA have taken over Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is still not infiltrated. All this in fighting and complication will delay the spreading of BTC/BTH's use. Cardano will be the last man standing in a few years. Not a tout but a fact if development and arguments remains as it is.
Studio Werk Vier (4 months ago)
Jeff is Roger's sockpuppet - praising BCash
CHeEEEeeeEEe (4 months ago)
bitcoin and bcash both suckass. ETH is better.
Earnest Funship (4 months ago)
Why do you have to fight with everyone? To preach about the NAP, and then be so antagonistic is lame. It is this kind of veiled violence that we need to rout out if the NAP is ever going to be recognized as the highest wisdom. Get it together Jeff. "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." ~ R. Buckminster Fuller.
kingp43 (4 months ago)
Ummm this is / was a DRAFT submitted to the NIST and has already been corrected. Keep up.
David Stark (4 months ago)
It's like little fish claiming to have their own type of water - when they are in the same pool with the big fish. Bitcoin's claim to independence is a joke. But I'm sure Jeff had already anticipated this; let the little fish be lambs to the slaughter; let them gasp for air as the bubble bursts.
David Stark (4 months ago)
Oh yeah - the Bitcoin revolution - oh yeah - the new way to secure your wealth. Utter BS. As long as there are scum like Soros and the Federal Reserve - everything is still interdependent. You can't claim safe and independent when you still need electricity to power your wallet. Bitcoin is a freaking mirage.
ANARCHY LUiS (4 months ago)
Never forget... •The USS LIBERTY ATTACK🗽 •The 5 DANCING ISRAELIS(arrested on 9/11) •LAVON AFFAIR(Mossad killing Jews)
TopRoller (4 months ago)
This guy needs to lay off the drugs and LSD. Bcash already lost.
shingnosis (4 months ago)
It's not a simple binary dilemma. At this point in time both BTC and BCH are the real bitcoin. Forget about the politics, forget about the communities, forget about the dev teams and all that. They are both bitcoin. However - if BTC gets lightning network it will make it faster... but it will make it less pure. Make it more centralized. Will that make it less bitcoin? Will that make BCH the real bitcoin? You be the judge. Full disclosure: I don't own either BTC or BCH since I believe there are better projects out there in this point in time.
515coldfire (4 months ago)
NIST are the same agency who investigated WTC 7. they said WTC 7collapsed due to fire. if i were you i will buy bch.
Shirtless Movers (4 months ago)
Your awesome run for president
at BitcoinJake09 (4 months ago)
WRONG. If 80-90% agree that's called consensus!. Its wasn't a hard fork. BCC was a hard fork. People running bitcoin nodes didnt have to update. But to use BCC you needed a new wallet. New wallet. New coin. BCash is the forked coin. Stfu. @bitcoinjake09
Zak Hassan (4 months ago)
3:30 im deadddd XD
daydreams4rock (4 months ago)
Talking down BTC and talking up Alt coins has caused the doubts in the market leading to these falls - so the aim of building up value in ALT and Bcash has defeated itself - you morons need to realize that without a strong Bitcoin your never going to make money on Alt coins. The Bcash supporters thought it was worthwhile building themselves up by talking down BTC now you and everyone else are paying the price. It will take some time for confidence to return to the crypto market, and recovery needs Bitcoin to lead the way back up.
Charles Foster (4 months ago)
The only secure way to own Bitcoin is to own equally portioned shares of all three; BTC, BCH (BCC) & BTG. That is the split and when owned together the miners have no influence to damage your position and future forks automatically get covered without further expenditure. So buy a fourth of a Bitcoin, one fourth BCC and one fourth BTG or any other size shares as long as they are kept equal. I am working on that plan now. My tracking figures however prove that Bitcoin Core (BTC) is the most stable and profitable leg currently, followed by BCC. However, I want more BTG presently owing to ease of buying bigger portions and equity for the least money. I will go for Bitcoin Cash from there and then try to buy Bitcoin Core from profits if it remains viable (which I doubt will remain the case). I tend to believe that Bitcoin Cash is the real core from observing Roger Ver and company. But as long as you have equal shares of all three it doesn't matter who is right. Forecast all you want, curse others if you must, the proof will be in the pudding and I will have equal portions of pudding in my bowl with 3 spoons.
Mike Oxlong (4 months ago)
Durrr...i bought bitcoin within the last 6 months and i never read the whitepaper, but bitcoin cash is bitcoin trash!! i heard it on the internet. fuck btrash!
Indika Herath (4 months ago)
BTC-BCH fighting and killing the cryptosphere
Bryan Cairns (4 months ago)
Awesome Jeff Berwick. Straight up and straight at them f#%k the system, f#$k the billionaires, lets outnumber the bastards
Troy Anonys (4 months ago)
they say we're winning the "war"? now there's a "civil war." "miners" v. "buyers" v. "workers" v. "bitcoin altcoin" v. "everybody"
Robert w (4 months ago)
Brennan Michaelis (4 months ago)
Preach It!
Spoonman (4 months ago)
The "high fees" mantra for Bitcoin is outdated. More hash power is coming on line by the day and fees are down dramatically. (Litecoin has always been cheaper and faster than BCash as well, AND more widely used.) The only reason BCash is used at all is because it has a centralized pumping system to promote it and steal the Bitcoin brand. I'm not surprised that Berwick agrees with NIST. Congrats.
Hasan Adnan (4 months ago)
So let me get this right, the only reason why BCH exists is to have low fees? so if BTC can have low fees in the near future or if BTC increased the block size then BCH is completely worthless? BCH will never overtake BTC they tried and failed it just won't happen again besides BTC fees are getting lower and lower, I can only see BCH dying in the next few years as BTC scales.
Cryptology (4 months ago)
BCash forked off BTC, not the other way around... BCash is an alt coin, simple and sweat!
Alexx Sounds (4 months ago)
on the video preview .. the title ends with ".. and it is" LMAO!
Pete Siruk (4 months ago)
Fork... forking.... get it...
Wojman12 (4 months ago)
This year is gonna be fun!
Mr Gambino (4 months ago)
You're on the wrong side with Btrash
terry arcona (4 months ago)
fucking horrible US government when will they ever pay for the horrors they did on 9/11
António Marques (4 months ago)
Jeff spreading wrong information. NIST report was just a draft and that paragraph was already changed, once the error was spotted. Even the BCH supporters recognize this: https://www.google.pt/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7u3fhm/nist_corrected_their_paper_to_say_bitcoin_cash_is/ He only spends time talking about a report from an organization that he hates because the report reinforce (or "used to reinforce") his - very wrong - point. That is called hypocrisy.
M.I.G .T (4 months ago)
I love you mr Berwick!! thats right f**** there slavement system
Flatearth Cryptoz (4 months ago)
Fuk george soros
Flatearth Cryptoz (4 months ago)
Isreal and jews will fall. White ppl wont be funding that crap no more. Hopefully lol. Just make sure u have all btc forks and versions lol. Fuk the nwo
Bitcoin Cash (4 months ago)
I wish i was going to Mexico.
Noble Lewis El (4 months ago)
I prefer Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin any day. Get use to it.
Mystachoo (4 months ago)
Sounds like going from the United States of America to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION...
John Morlar (4 months ago)
Also said planes hit trade centre... bs merchants, paid lackies, or pig shit thick
Lachlan Greenbank (4 months ago)
Jeff come on think of 10 years, 50 years.. bcash block increace isnt sustainable
Amadextruss Intrex (4 months ago)
Thx.. every since 9.11..
David Kapetanovic (4 months ago)
Bcash is the real Ethereum.
cedracine (4 months ago)
Bcrash is Btrash. You lost my respect Jeff
Anthony Pooler (4 months ago)
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Mr. Jackson (4 months ago)
Demon controlled meat suit lol Berwick is win.
tikklemeemo (4 months ago)
Well there you go NIST loves btrash and why is that because it has seperated the bitcoin community; created in-fighting and hatred amoung sides just like its methods in the middle east. You can't scale with big blocks and really who gives a fuk, Simon Dixon said it best 2018 will be the year of seeing which chain works. We have both now so lets build and see which method scales in the coming months. Even Satoshi stated that scaling was probably nest done off-chain
Mr. Booth (4 months ago)
please stop dyeing your beard LOL wear your grey hairs like the BOSS you are!
Satoshi Nakamoto (4 months ago)
There is no "real" bitcoin anymore. Just various blockchains, some of which agree with you philosophy or not.
Brismo (4 months ago)
These are the same retards that said 9/11 buildings fell due to planes crashing into them. CORRUPT! BCASH is junk alt coin
Arborsaurus The terrible (4 months ago)
that pool looks real nice from up here in canada.fml
Mir khaleq Ali (4 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash Price of $10,000 in May Predicted by Calvin Ayre http://bitcoincashprice.blogspot.com/2018/02/bitcoin-cash-price-of-10000-in-may.html
Bit Poppa (4 months ago)
John Boyd (4 months ago)
Jeff, with all due respect, all technologies evolve. The TCP/IP of today is not the TCP/IP of the late 1980s when the internet began. Shall we start saying that this is not the real internet? You would not have been able to post this video if it had not changed. And when you see how bitcoin scales with lightening and BOLT by the end of the year you won't really care.
Ash Vecchio (4 months ago)
NIST is a piece of shit.
Kevin Campbell (4 months ago)
Jeff's friendship with Roger Ver is an issue never discussed in this constant attack against the real Bitcoin. What is the end goal here? The lightening network will soon run Bitcoin and eliminate all of the issues. When that happens, B-Cash has nowhere to go but down.
GraVyin Grace (4 months ago)
Your style - Fuck u S*r*s, Fuck u N*S*.. ahaaaa.. that confidence & attitude.. 😂✌️
millitaryfool (4 months ago)
I love the ending
Fone Star (4 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash is not the "real Bitcoin". Bitcoin Cash is the *ONLY BITCOIN!*
Christopher Gilliard (4 months ago)
They corrected it after they got feedback. Segwit was a soft fork, not a hard fork. Bitcoin Cash was a hard fork.
Au/Ag 999 (4 months ago)
magnus4g63 (4 months ago)
John Smith (4 months ago)
2:48 ---yup , NIST is long a part of the Deep State, more like a small department of NSA or CIA ... no one should even listen to the Garbage they put out.
John Smith (4 months ago)
1:46 Actually they already admitted the Towers collapsed at Free fall Acceleration. Anyone with Video on the collapse can of course Testify for that. There is plenty of video evidence all over the net and this UNDENIABLE ... but I agree ...that paragraph is a complete and total Lie about what happened. Note: I also Agree Bitcoin Cash IS today the real Bitcoin since it implemented changes after the fork to improve scalability and lower the transaction fees ...btw Transaction fees should be ZERO! I do not pay every time I send an email ... cryptocurrency token exchanges should cost LESS then email ... we are exchanging literally a couple thousand Bytes ...
Wellness Hero (4 months ago)
That is HOW you create AWESOMENESS JB, well played! We LOVE it!
Simply Connected (4 months ago)
I would say Roger Ver is more the type of person who would do a dirty back room deal with the government any day - if it served his selfish interests - but I couldn't see any of the guys from the main Bitcoin Core group doing that. Here we have definitive proof of the connection between BTrash and government - just as I suspected all along.
Steve (27 days ago)
Simply Connected Bitcoin is here to trump
Francine Steele (4 months ago)
NIST May not be a credible source at all. If we recall the NIST 9/11 report was not and staff have come clean (whistle blowers) regarding the reports and the irregular and incorrect findings that were utilized.
valentino2137 (4 months ago)
Fuck Bitcoin Cash and great video today! Your on fire brother, keep up the great work and FUCK GEORGE SOROS!
Filip J (4 months ago)
thank god people in comments are not taking this bullshit shitcoin as real! thank you (people in comments) for not being fucking sheep. unsubscribed!!!
Queen Blockchain (4 months ago)
Jeff, you are always reading my mind. Thank you Spirit-Animal-Vigilante for setting the record straight on Btrash and once again for being on the right side of history.
Smurf Herder (4 months ago)
Tomasz Kaczorowski (4 months ago)
LOL if BCash is the real Bitcoin why original Satoshi client do not cooperate with it, but do cooperate with soft-forked BTC
Apocalypse (4 months ago)
United we stand, divided we fall.
AllGood (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video Jeff. Bitcoin core or Bitcoin cash. Well It's best to see this way, which bitcoin will ultimately be used more and more, based on current tech it's Bitcoin Cash, since it can scale. Bitcoin core cannot scale. Now watch all the insults come in:- You know when people cannot debate and start swinging insults then you know you right. Bitcoin cash could scale 1000x by using current desktop computers. (1Mb to 1Gb blocks) Bitcoin core requires using off chain solutions like segwit and LN, these are not bitcoin but other solutions. For the ones that are really interested, let me know and I will provide links to back this information.
alpha7B5 (4 months ago)
Jeff, I'm very glad you mentioned 9/11 DEMOLITION, I repeat - DEMOLITION cases! Best, J.
Dee Walker (4 months ago)
NIST also says the WTC towers falling at free fall speed is totally explainable.
Affirmed _78 (4 months ago)
If you honestly think a forked coin run by fraudsters is going to overtake a decentralized bitcoin and become the #1 cryptocurrency, you're some combo of retarded and delusional.
The Daily Hustle (4 months ago)
Go Jeff! : ) Always a pleasure. I look forward to being on the show.
Experience I Am (4 months ago)
You people are funny, calling the coin names, and claiming it is a shit coin LoL classic non-arguments with no facts to back up claims.
jram0001 (4 months ago)
Bcash is a scam and is centralized, i won’t be surprised thet George Sotos is behind
Experience I Am (4 months ago)
Well I wasn't pushing anything. Just stating that there doesn't seem to be anything but emotions behind these claims and name calling. Just saying something is shit is not an argument. That just makes people sound ignorant.
Mister Negus (4 months ago)
Experience I Am it's okay sir you can have as many SHITCOINs as you please just dont push Bitcoin Cash on me. Shitcoin!
Eki Rasche (4 months ago)
Crypto CO L A P S E
shape shifter (4 months ago)
bitcoin and altcoins are the biggest scam ever! There is absolutly no use for this shit because of constantly changing value. Also bitcoin was planned many years ago, as seen on the economist cover: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/01/04/did-this-1988-economist-magazine-predict-a-bitcoin-explosion-in-2018/ It is a scam to manipulate markets and people. (like facebook manipulating social behaviour)
Skive TM (4 months ago)
Okay just need to tie my shoes
Skive TM (4 months ago)
Bitcoin cash hands power over to a select few. Ultimately you have to ask yourself what's the difference between them and the Gov? The answer is of course nothing. Absolute power currupts absolutely. You've sold your apparent morals and beliefs but then again I've always thought you were just being a character anyway so whatever Edit: I also believe that paragraph has since been changed BEFORE you posted this video soo...
kMoe (4 months ago)
Niiice!! love it, some shit should just be said out plain and clear!
Annelise Smith (4 months ago)
OMG you died your beard again...no please...makes you look so fake and weird...!!
Jim Santiago (4 months ago)
Hola Jeff, I'm a dollar vigilante member and wanted to thank you for all you do to make life better for those who you come in contact with either personally or physically. The issue about bitcoin has been alarming to me because I started buying Btc just before the bcash fork and did not get any bcash. As a newbie I have listened to both sides , because I let all that I run into to buy Bitcoin. Just like what you have done and I enjoy that, so thanks. The one thing I understand is that bcash split before segwit and that government ad said the opposite just like they did with twin towers so I think I am sticking with Bitcoin. Thanks again for all you do. Jim
bonsai treehouse (4 months ago)
The problem with BCH is assuming that Satoshi envisioned all the technological changes and problems that would come in the years after bitcoin was released. That is a faulty view. While it may be correct that the current bitcoin does not follow Satoshi's whitepaper exactly, it is failure to see that there is a reason that bitcoin changed to what it is and why the markets prefer BTC over BCH. The people (markets) will decide and they are choosing BTC. BCH just has to much competition because Ver has a very limited view and not much technical knowledge. I have suggested to Ver he needs to get more coders for BCH but he doesn't listen. This is why all they have done with BCH is increased block size while many other alt coins have made much better advances and improvements. In technology, you can't stand still or you get passed by. That is what BCH is doing following Satoshi's path. Ver keeps hammering on about faster transactions with lower cost. But there are already several alt coins that blow BCH away in cost and speed. Thus there is no need for BCH because that is all VER has. BCH is the betamax compared to the VHS. BCH is the myspace to compared to facebook. The thought of taking Soros for what he says is laughable. You really need to rethink this over Jeff. Let us not forget that Roger Ver who wants to take the moral position regarding BTC vs BCH was an early Ripple investor. Not so moral after all.
Arjun Dev (4 months ago)
btrash is btrash XD

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