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Was Bitcoin Trader Ever On Dragons Den Or Shark Tank?

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Has Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole, or Bitcoin Formula appeared on Dragons Den or Shark Tank? Watch this video to find out the truth, and give this video a thumbs up to help others avoid being scammed. Buy bitcoin by credit card safely and securely with Coinmama: https://goo.gl/HL4e26 Start trading with $10 free bitcoin bonus at Coinbase PRO: https://goo.gl/QtfEpi Buy or sell computing power for crypto mining with NiceHash: https://goo.gl/Ct8ooR
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Boris2014 (2 days ago)
Thanks for this, I saw the fake Dragons Den story and thought I'd try it, but searched first.... glad I did
timothy-john mack (13 days ago)
Thanks James, Im from South African it has even gone this far as to using Dragons Den SA. I was interested in trading Bitcoin an it sounded too good to be true, so I had to so some research before committing. Came across your video it helped a lot. Thanks Again. Much Appreciated
James Winsoar (12 days ago)
You are very welcome, unfortunately the scams are rising in popularity and even more people are being tricked out of their hard earned cash. Please share this video out on social media to help spread the word!
Joanne Tilly (13 days ago)
Bitcoin Profit now? Similar looking website to Bitcoin Loophole...
James Winsoar (13 days ago)
Yes that is also a scam. I mentioned that in my newest video about bitcoin scams.
Vaalid (14 days ago)
I just had one of these adverts come up as a very legit looking newspaper article. It was identical to a news website i frequently read and I clicked through it. After I thought about it for a few seconds i was like... hold on a minute... i've been here before lol. Went back to the news site and ANY hyperlink I clicked took me to the bitcoin website! This is how I figured it was a scam. It looked 100% legit down to the finest detail. I'm shocked they can do that!
James Winsoar (14 days ago)
Thanks I only recommend Coinbase at https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a06e9f995d7d200fff4467e which is licensed and insured.
pauln11 (15 days ago)
thanks dude.. I just clicked one of these adds on edge browsers start page (thinking I was reading about the 6 top inventions on dragons den). Luckily I figured I best check this out and found your vid when I searched for the episode on youtube. Never heard of this scam and its pretty clever. I just hope that other people do their research before trying to invest.
James Winsoar (14 days ago)
They are very clever indeed unfortunately.
mikpug pugl (16 days ago)
Below link is being advertised today , called Bitcoin code! Is it fake? If so, the people responsible for advertising this should at least be fined, as I'm sure many people will be investing in it, as I almost did just now! But thankfully saw your YouTube.
James Winsoar (14 days ago)
Bitcoin code is fake yes. Only buy bitcoin from Coinbase at https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a06e9f995d7d200fff4467e as they are insured and regulated, based in the US. I do not recommend any other sites.
mikpug pugl (16 days ago)
The-Random-Tech-Lad (18 days ago)
is not a scam
Marc Hill (23 days ago)
Facebook is advertising this scam. I just reported an advert to FB. FB shouldn’t be supporting scammers!
Joanne Tilly (13 days ago)
Got here from FB , but can't report it now, as it's gone.
James Winsoar (23 days ago)
Marc Hill good idea. Facebook claim they stopped those ads already. The liars!
St3v3z (1 month ago)
My £180 deposit has gone up to £464 since Tuesday morning. I thought it was too good to be true but every time I check how it's going I've made 40-50 more pounds it's insane.
St3v3z (13 days ago)
Its not fake, try it. Just deposit £180, use St3v3z promotional code fo discount and make free money. I wouldnt lie to you my friend. You can trust me.
EwanGaming (13 days ago)
St3v3z I won’t give it a go, because it’s fake.
St3v3z (13 days ago)
Im literally not. Feel free to not make easy money, but not everyone is so foolish. Even if you are in a minimum wage job you could still pay for the deposite with just 3 days pay. And from that investment you can make between 40-60 pounds EVERY day, which works out to more than a 40 hour a week minimum wage paying job in the UK, without having to do anything.. Give it a go.
EwanGaming (13 days ago)
St3v3z nah you’re lying
St3v3z (13 days ago)
I've cashed out almost double my original deposite and still have £1105 worth of bitcoin on my account that i can cash out whenever i want to. All from a one time £180 injection. Only a fool wouldnt invest. As i said, use the code - St3v3z to get a 10% discount on your first purchase :)
vlad the lad (1 month ago)
fuck just been on the phone to these
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
vlad the lad maybe the scam is more involved then if they want your bank details. That sounds very dodgy.
vlad the lad (1 month ago)
they got my name, number and email pissed off I didn't realise it was a scam earlier. Spoke to them last night was a bit suspect when she started to pressure me for bank details, told her I would research her company some more before giving my money away, didn't have to research too​ hard to realise it was a scam. they Rang me back this morning and told them to fuck right off.
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
What happened?
Undoctrinated (1 month ago)
Anyone who sees an advertisement for these Bitcoin scams and then immediately goes to the fraudulent website and hands their money over without doing any research into it whatsoever, frankly deserves to get scammed, sorry to say. Hopefully they'll learn from their mistake not to be so gullible in future! Bitcoin may not be the way to get rich quick but apparently creating a scam with a bold (albeit blatantly fake) advertising /marketing strategy may be! Because apparently there are lots of really stupid people out there just ready to give their hard-earned money away at the dangling of an imaginary carrot. Sad. Good work trying to warn people with this video. Although I think anyone who is not an idiot would never fall for such an obvious scam in the first place. It probably sounds harsh but I'm not sure an idiot can ever really be saved anyway, if you know what I mean! By their nature, they are calamity-bound regardless of how you may try to help them. For the record, by my use of the word 'idiots', I am NOT talking about anyone with a genuine mental defficiency of any sort. I'm referring to those who remain idiots by their own choice, by their own will and volition, through their own ignorance. And it's those fools, I'm sure, who make up the vast majority of people who've been conned by this lame Bitcoin scam.
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
Undoctrinated the scam is very clever though using lots of psychological tactics and a price point of $250 which many people feel is a throw away amount of money. They scam thousands of people a day.
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
Undoctrinated the scam is very clever though using lots of psychological tactics and a price point of $250 which many people feel is a throw away amount of money. They scam thousands of people a day.
Squiggle Bot (1 month ago)
But I actually remember seeing the actual dragons den episode. Deborah Meaden tried it out on the show. How could I have seen this? I’m not disputing it’s a scam I just don’t know how I could have seen the episode?!?
Alberts stuff (1 month ago)
James Winsoar - Think you nailed it there 👍🏻
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
Alberts stuff the dragons are probably suing them for saying they are somehow connected when they aren't.
SavingPrivateBob (1 month ago)
You're part of the scam, Squiggle.
Alberts stuff (1 month ago)
I read somewhere that one of guys is going to prison for robbing the dragons. Apparently he was living a lavish lifestyle somewhere. Google it 👍🏻
Squiggle Bot (1 month ago)
James Winsoar I can’t remember the series number and episode number other than I watched it about 6 month’s ago. I watched a lot of Dragons Den on YouTube and on BBC iPlayer and honestly can’t remember which season it was. But I clearly remember the following: it was the last pitch of the episode; two young men pitched a trading app; Deborah Meaden tried it out on her phone depositing her money onto the app; the pitch continued; by the end of the pitch Meaden claimed she had made a small profit already and was impressed; the Dragons entered into a bidding war with Peter Jones offering a huge amount for the investment. I can’t remember who won the investment. However, the reason why I remember this so clearly is that I can remember thinking to myself I should follow up on the app in the future and maybe have a fiddle with it myself. I was doing just that when I came across all this “scam” information. I want to make it clear that I am in no way disputing it is a scam. I am just confused by my memories. Maybe it’s the Mandela Effect lol. But if it was a different trading app does anyone else remember the episode because it’s driving me nuts!!
Will_You_Are (1 month ago)
Thanks James. I did come across the advert which of course sounded too good - hence my research which brought me here.
VirusOfCyrus (23 days ago)
Thanks! You saved me too! We should be paying you instead! (bells ringing in your head:)
Alberts stuff (1 month ago)
Saaaame 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
Awesome it was worth uploading the video if it has saved you from being scammed.
James Winsoar (1 month ago)
Were you nearly scammed by Bitcoin Trader? Surprised it has never even been on Dragons Den? Let me know your experiences in the comments.
James Winsoar (24 days ago)
You can divert telemarketers to a robot that will pretend to be human and waste their time. If you can waste their time they won't be able to call anyone else. Don't waste your own time on them though. Maybe keep blocking the numbers as an alternative to that.
Antonio Raphael (25 days ago)
Yes, but they may inundate you with calls which is what's happening to me after I unsubscribed, I have told them where to go, bit they are calling me up to 6 times a day, I have stopped answering and hopefully after a month of me not responding they will give up
Shemelia Lewis (28 days ago)
I signed up but never put any card details. Will I be safe?
Antonio Raphael (29 days ago)
I registered to see who the company behind it is, it is Ashford Investments www.ashfordinvestments.com I am not on Facebook but someone should put the link to your video up on the post to avoid more people losing their money

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