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Debt Ceiling Shutdown: What Would Happen if the US Government Shut Down For Good?

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Text Comments (192)
Bangkok condos for rent (2 months ago)
Jeff, you need to read the Grace Commission Report. Then you will know that the income taxes go 100% to pay interest on the national debt. All other government spending is freshly borrowed money.
donna field (4 months ago)
Man after a while all I hear is negative negative negative! So boring! Can't you be a little more gay
Armando van Haaren (4 months ago)
You forgot to mention the lead poisoning in flint Michigan
David Stephens (4 months ago)
This corporation you call a government is no government at all, and never was. This corporation needs to be shut down permanently, and the sooner the better.
Jeanne Stjohn (4 months ago)
We cannot prep, they have laws against hording anything, including gold, where do you hide it! President Franklyn I believe confiscated all gold during the last big depression! 2008 set back, thousands lost their homes and retirement funds! Did the gov help them, no, they helped the banks that did it to us! We are a braindead country! They keep everything a secret from us so we must still be a threat, but everyone is too brainwashed to see it! Watch out for secrets coming to light, means we are no longer a threat. BAD NEWS! They have, our total control, all planned out......Jade Helm, Fema Fun! Was not a lie, YES, conspiracy just means hidden, too bad you thought it meant lie! TOO LATE TO WEAR A TIN-FOIL HAT, YOUR BRAIN IS FRIED FROM CHEMTRAILS. The Swamp has you drowned! Its too late.....SAD
MostEnigmatic (4 months ago)
No empire lasts forever
Setnakhte Amun Re (4 months ago)
Now it actually about to happen if there's enough votes.
Saul Zamora (4 months ago)
Best Video I've Ever Seen!!!!!
Bruce Clark (11 months ago)
Bills of Credit denied to the States we can revert to Coin. Paper Debt is Paid in paper
Bruce Clark (11 months ago)
Oh My God a man that knows what I know, I would give up everything I own to see this mess stop
Royce the Arctic Fox (11 months ago)
If the government shut down for good, wars will still keep on happening. Nothing changes except people of certian intrests will be fighting for power. Its just the fact that humans need an excuse to go to war with each other because cooperation is hard for us.
Attack Helicopter (1 year ago)
Jeff, you rock xD well said.
gRosh08 (1 year ago)
What, April 28th Government funding expires? Shut it down? Propaganda films?
ForestNinjaZero (1 year ago)
If they shutdown, we'll form a new one to establish order, regulate consumption, support the less fortunate, and secure assets as they did previously since their existence is entirely necessary. Everyone wants to deregulate, but the reality is that it isn't possible for humans to balance resources and cultural influences peacefully.
hanic sedgehog (1 year ago)
the fall of American is at hand !!!
Steve Rants (1 year ago)
The Federal government will always raise the debt ceiling. Thus making our dollars worth less. If the Federal government shut down it would have to start a war to prevent a revolution.
wm 117 (1 year ago)
shut it all down... save all the$$$ in polititions pay...
Blockchain bhakt (1 year ago)
if us govt shut down, isis and saudis and north korea will take over, we need usa to keep middle east bastards to stay within their limits
xxxmwxxx (1 year ago)
75-80 percent of the country would be dead in 30 days, our so called leaders have allowed millions of criminals, drug and crime gangs, terrorist cells, islamic extremist, and perverts in general to invade this country, you will have to fight them at some point in a civil war.
Empress Empress (1 year ago)
The Federal US government is our enemy and threat.
remoa1 (1 year ago)
What a crock of crap.
Dennis S (1 year ago)
Sound like you are saying the US Government is to big to fail, for that reason they will keep this ponzi scheme going for years to come, my number show they could take on 50 trillion in debt before the ponzi starts to unravel
MrToke RainInPain (1 year ago)
Say no 2 federal government thanks...
DR Ir M (1 year ago)
If the govt reneges on their debts the creditor countries has the right to come in and seize assets....
thaboomer53 (1 year ago)
I would say that whatever is going to come, is getting very close to being here. Will we know the tipping point when we see it? Or will it be a giant sledge hammer that will be a permanent mark on our heads? We'll see.
Nicholas Donges (1 year ago)
It all goes to show you, what a mess the U.S. is in …. First baby bush, with weapons of mass destruction, decides to murder close on 1 million innocent men, women and children, then a fake coon with a bullshit Nobel peace prize arrives from I don’t know where …. Has two terms in office and spends close on 5 trillion $, then you go and vote for a bankrupt businessman/reality show mogul, with a shredded wheat hair cut who is full of wind and piss …. Admit it Uncle Sam …. The U.S. is fucked …. The only thing left on the table is a civil war, and of course God Almighty dropping in to annihilate the U.S. because it has to hurt hard before it will work …. That’s all folks
jbibm81 (1 year ago)
Peace Corps Volunteers would not get paid. I know. That 2010 Republican shutdown sucked.
AZI THE MLG PRO (1 year ago)
April 18th lets gggoooo!
R T (1 year ago)
Michael George (1 year ago)
Marc Graham (1 year ago)
Absolutely no way that will ever happen though I sure wish it would because I am prepared
King Cesar (1 year ago)
Russ D (1 year ago)
lol keep dreaming u idiot it's too big to fail
Peace & Prosperity (1 year ago)
the people's Republic would be back in full force. I welcome the change in the people's favor
SAILERMAN (1 year ago)
Jeff, the Fed's ability to create  money together with it's newly formed trading desk can rig any market  in the world. Fed trades in currency's, commodities, equity's, treasuries, and bonds and can fix any price at any time on any market. The Fed and central banks, owned by the ruling families, will continue to slowly squeeze people and nations into poverty and control them.
Dennis Anschau (1 year ago)
Juan Reyes (1 year ago)
enormous companies giant industries spend billions there pressure gone! quit your silly cons scams!!!
Juan Reyes (1 year ago)
when old rich people die US keep the wealth. taxes on the super wealthy so there debt gone ceiling okay. stop the baby crying!
J Heit (1 year ago)
If the govt shuts down and the EBT cards no longer work, there will be massive civil unrest and depopulation, unlike we've ever seen. Mad Max anyone?
Love Tai (1 year ago)
...this IS their plan I think...will be ugly...Happy to see welfare end though!
Adam Dimora (1 year ago)
It won't and you know it!
poweronia (1 year ago)
I like grumpy cat punctuation.
Alston Fernandez (1 year ago)
ahhhh fear porn.
connj67 (1 year ago)
Awesome. I would love to see the Fed End...
LogicalDeduction (1 year ago)
"Opposite of progress, congress" , LMAO.
L.A Xavier (1 year ago)
Think of the debt that will come after the death of fiat. So many will have to get loans to survive.
Ryan Patterson (1 year ago)
That's a pipe dream. The globalists will never give up their favorite battering ram.
JesseHofmeister (1 year ago)
The only thing I care about is our federal parks. I've already accepted the fact I'll never see a cent of my socialist security.
Matt Nelson (1 year ago)
The Federal government should shut down, it has proven they are not a responsible entity. $10 trillion of new debt and nothing to show for it. Where is all the infrastructure obama promised in 2008 and all the new industry obama promised in 2008. Seems the last 8 years were a repeat of georbe w bush.
Karen's Swiss Secrets (1 year ago)
it will have to get worse before it gets better.....
Wellness Hero (1 year ago)
Gratitude for sharing the clarity of what is going on.
RenegadeTimes (1 year ago)
I remember when the Godfather movies emerged and then later on The Sopranos. So many people flocked to these films. When asked if I watched them I said I saw the Godfather years back but tell-a-vision wasn't and isn't my thing. As far as The Sopranos I would laugh and tell friends, "The Italian, Irish or Japanese mafias are little potatoes. There is no mafia as powerful as The Government Mafia. Never has been, never will be. "
Clive Barnett (1 year ago)
If central govt wasn't communist style, would it be ok?
Nikola Lazić (1 year ago)
I was waiting from February on your view on this debt ceiling "crisis". It looked to me as a fear based propaganda to solidify the need for otherwise unnecessary institutions, and to consolidate power and authority, and so it was. People like David Stockman said this will be the beginning of the fiscal bloodbath end the dollar collapse, but what I come to realise is that dollar will never collapse till the new currency for exchanging oil other the petrodollar appears (That's why they killed Gaddafi). Do you agree on this Jeff?
adham kalou (1 year ago)
why did you not submit for a president you would be a great present and you could solve half of the problem you mention
Ben Israel (1 year ago)
Who's ready for a collapse of Federal Government in 2017? probably nobody...
Veganomix (1 year ago)
Jeff, this video is not very advertiser-friendly lol. Hope it happens, we could use a break from all of the wars.
Aditya Barthakur (1 year ago)
If the central bank and state criminality would end all plants and everything else mother nature has to offer would be free to grow again. Its about time humanity started growing plants of their choice be it cannabis or any other. But then again is it like expecting too much from the brainwashed who refuse to unlearn what they have been fed since birth.
hal us (1 year ago)
we are still waiting for the global collapse of that tyrannical Beast, that is 'gobernment'.
Juno Moneta (1 year ago)
Jeff, your no gov idea is nonsense. we do need a gov, a very small one.
Juno Moneta (1 year ago)
Jeff, I thought your audience was educated!
Travis Li - Rufus (1 year ago)
imagine we are not a slave. there will be no corporations. period. if you think about it, corporation is like a concentration camp. we go there to work like a slave.
Brnki S (1 year ago)
i find it funny that you do not understand freedom, yet you believe a government can understand reality, economics, etc. well enough to provide freedom and prosperity? we started with no constitution here. we won the revolutionary war with no taxes. fuck the constitution: my guns are my constitution and my words are enough to win an argument with any politician.
Brnki S (1 year ago)
taxes are theft. it is not a hard argument to make because it follows from the definitions. it is good to kill bad people. that one is more interesting.
Juno Moneta (1 year ago)
Thought Criminal Music , I am sorry, you said something​?
Typho0n (1 year ago)
You shitting on Stefan... over that sell out!!! You speak Truth!!! Give him a debate!!! :):) don't be scared you will win!!!
terry arcona (1 year ago)
Oddvar Stallemo, Jeff will beat Stef in time, over 90% Stefan's base was gathered from him being an anarchist now that he's no longer an anarchist more will leave Stef for Jeff. that being said if Jeff wants to speed up the process he should probably have guests on more often that speak about the morality and philosophy of anarchism,
terry arcona (1 year ago)
Carson Wentz, Trump is nothing but an endorphin high look at his bravado and ego the man is ski high on delusion
Typho0n (1 year ago)
I don't know "exactly"...
Oddvar Stallemo (1 year ago)
How exactly will Jeff defeat Stef?
Typho0n (1 year ago)
It's about truth, and The Dollar Vigilante has that one his side. He will win!
sandpiper22 (1 year ago)
“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
Kusen (1 year ago)
sandpiper22 we dont
Suraj Sharma (1 year ago)
Jeff, it would be really grateful if you could make a video on the impact of the inevitable collapse on the third world countries..especially India. Is precious metals a solution for us too?
president poo (1 year ago)
From what I understand it wont be as bad in third world countries, our currency will crash the worst.
!? (1 year ago)
yawn. oops sorry yes I'm listening
tom parankewich (1 year ago)
The USA will do what they want and the rest of the nations are going along the bit coin could be outlawed , I do think that they will come out with s new currency world wide
magnus4g63 (1 year ago)
I would like to see secession happen, and keep happening until there are 7+ billion sovereign bodies on earth ... nothing can make a person a ligitimate ruler and nothing can make a person a ligitimate slave ! #voluntaryism
Anel Yasor (1 year ago)
hope you are right. can t wait for a new world. i am ready.
Sandra Camm (1 year ago)
If every business is a corporation . Corporation - Bank owns everything. There is really no debt. You are given your mortgage on your own credit. So the bank actually gets all your money. Therefore if governments are working on derivatives, your money is being invested several times. IMO
And every single town in America is "incorporated". So what does that tell you?
terry arcona (1 year ago)
in soviet USSA bank steal from you
Jeremy Bennett (1 year ago)
mike larochelle (1 year ago)
Shutdown will never happen, collapse will
terry arcona (1 year ago)
shut down as in all of the federal employees went home, stopped doing their duties and didn't get a pay check.
slhines7 (1 year ago)
Define "shut down" but I hear ya. Venezuela and other countries are in horrible situations, which I feel for.
terry arcona (1 year ago)
the spanish federal government shut down for nearly a year one time so who knows.
slhines7 (1 year ago)
Agreed but not one single person knows when either will occur. I personally don't foresee either occurring within our lifetimes.
Adolf Hipster (1 year ago)
Ultimate-JM ULTRAH (1 year ago)
I'm actually looking forward for the Economic collapse... It's painful watching the debt go UP and keeping us waiting FOREVER! Bring in the catastrophe already. We're tired of waiting!!!
Jane Book (4 months ago)
i wanna see a candid clip of the dollar dipshit sucking off of a great dane
K24 Accord (4 months ago)
richiefranklin76 we need techodollar....wait i think bitcoin is on
K24 Accord (4 months ago)
terry arcona good your on track now...now you see the image
Travis Li - Rufus (1 year ago)
we need to keep printing the dollar, so they can keep sending us the hardware, and we will keep sending them the useless paper dollar. this is the american dream. that's the reason why we ship our jobs to their countries. some ppl just dont get it.
Oddvar Stallemo (1 year ago)
Dont get your hopes up: If I was in Russia in 1917, I would have cheered the overthrow of the Tsar. Only, after the Tsar, they got Lenin. And after Lenin, they got Stalin... The point is, no matter how bad the government gets, dont make the mistake of thinking it cant get any worse.
hot shot (5 months ago)
Oddvar Stallemo sorry to tell u this but Russians don't respect white people they find them weak and stupid so u can't go to Russia
joe abbott (1 year ago)
The jews are the ones you blame and you are tired of hearing about it.
joe abbott (1 year ago)
The people are what make a country powerful. Our working and not the government make the country strong. They continue to knock us down and create recessions and inflate and deflate our money. Right now you get very little interest on your money and that hurts people who saved and want to live off the interest.
Empress Empress (1 year ago)
terry arcona You're right, the Jews are our misfortunes.
terry arcona (1 year ago)
Oddvar Stallemo, alot of jews are communist, ever heard of the Rothschilds funding communist movements in Russia, or how about the big fat communist himself George Sores. all jews dude
tjsonic11 (1 year ago)
awesome video!
Jynx C. (1 year ago)
There were always wars around the world long before the US Constitution was ever written. What makes us any different now? ...or do you only care about what the US does? Do you really think small community militias can fend off super advanced warfare technology from foreign nations? Even if foreign leaders are all honorable now (if we ignore North Korea), how soon before such a juicy incentive would entice the rise of new warlords? Most people are good people, but it just takes a few sociopaths/psychopaths to find support from people that want change to better themselves. I posit that leaving a power vacuum would make us deal with the devil we don't know instead of the devil we do know. It is innate in human nature to keep seeking to better one's situation, and some are just far more ambitious than others. I'm not sure if maybe I'm the naive one here, and maybe humanity really has changed for the better through culture? I suspect we have a lot to lose if things go badly, but I guess we don't know until it happens. Sometimes trial and error is the only way to learn, and either way, history will hopefully benefit from us trying no matter whether it turned out to be a good idea or bad idea. I feel feel like people are often too optimistic with only see the positives and don't properly take responsibility for the consequences and possible risks. What you are presenting is one-sided and very simple, but the real world is rarely ever that simple. I actually like the idea of anarcho-capitalism and I'd like to see it tested on the small scale before taking such a big risk with the nation with the biggest GDP in the world.
joe abbott (1 year ago)
You'll need a two and three man teams to go whack the scum bags. But they are so entrenched
Jynx C. (1 year ago)
Yes, I agree there's a risk either way, and that inaction is still an action.
terry arcona (1 year ago)
if we dissolved the federal government today people could privately fund millitaries of each state atleast that's what I would propose as an An-Cap. more then likely though the governments of each state would probably make a new tax to start their own small millitaries. however if we wait until the dollar collapses and everybody is poor and the economy is a bust. then we wont even have enough money for food let alone a military. so it's best we the people remove the federal government before it's to late.
makukidd12 (1 year ago)
NWO will happen no doubt....
AJ SUN (1 year ago)
And after you fu*k them - what do you plan on doing?
CanesFan65 (1 year ago)
Love your channel but I have to vehemently disagree with your assessment of "The Government" specifically as it relates to the US Military. While most "People" do not want War - (especially those who would be actually doing the fighting...aka Military) there are Dictators AROUND THE WORLD who would love the USA to draw down it's Military. If the United States were to pull it's troops back from around the world - do you not think that other countries could feel compelled to assert their will on neighboring countries? No - the United States of America does NOT need to be involved in every war and we are not the Worlds Police - however - We do have the BEST, most powerful, most capable Military in the world and WE DO have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves from other world dictators. The Military is THE ONE THING that the US GOVERNMENT has a responsibility to maintain for it's citizens. The are MANY USELESS PROGRAMS that can and should be eliminated from the Government Budget. The Department of Defense is NOT one of them and anyone who says otherwise simply knows NOTHNG of which they speak.
terry arcona (1 year ago)
confessions of an economic hitman are a good place to start
greveeen (1 year ago)
CanesFan65 you cant continue to believe this fairytale, who's the ones that put everyone of these dictators to power? You need to look deeper into things like this and then you'll understand how the zionists work. Some things they do up front, some actions they have to manipulate to make it look a certain way because the outrage would have been too big.
terry arcona (1 year ago)
CanesFan65, wrong the US does not need to be the police of the world. you say dictators would take over other countries, but what real dictators actually exist today? the only one that does is Kim Jung Un and his country doesn't even have the power to take back south Korea let alone any other larger more capable state. fact is the US are the biggest bullies on the block, they have destroyed so many nations in the middle east and installed puppet governments in countless more nations it's sickening.
A (1 year ago)
CanesFan65 you are definitely missing the point.. and definitely do Not understand Terms like Deep-State.. your statement is so further away from reality.. I'm terribly sorry to see that you have been so deeply Brain washed in the Indoctrination Camps that belongs to the US government (I mean your School).
Al, Orange Park, FL (1 year ago)
Your best video ever! All factual.
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
Zionist bankers were smart enough to turn the west into a pool of immigrants to get rid of nationalism and unity. They know for sure no matter how ugly things can get, people can never unite against them.
RenegadeTimes (1 year ago)
arnie arnie - what year was your Bar Mitzvah ~
arnie kurtz (1 year ago)
NAME 10 ZIONIST BANKERS. What a pile of crap
Everett Morash (1 year ago)
Oddvar Stallemo It wasn't ordered by Johnson but he definitely knew about it. They were going to blame it on Egypt so America could get into the war Israel was fighting.
arnie kurtz (1 year ago)
Yes you did.
arnie kurtz (1 year ago)
Hey everyone Touzani has said he is an ISIS supporter. To listen to this scumbag is something that everyone should REPORT to the authorities.
Uniroyal Mish (1 year ago)
i want to be jeff in shtf lol
Here We Go Again (1 year ago)
Things will change.
Oddvar Stallemo (1 year ago)
Aye, but where is it written in stone that it will be change for the better?
Sean Minneapolis (1 year ago)
It's United States vs. America
terry arcona (1 year ago)
yes the US states need to look at Brexit as an example. England can do it and so can they!
Blue Monkey Spectrum BREXIT has open the door to desmantle the U.S vs "NORTH-America" .. for now!!

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