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Should you invest in Bitcoin or Litecoin right now? Complete TA & Market Prediction

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Carl Hilary (3 months ago)
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Tarly Fris (3 months ago)
just invested $1,500 with his software... Hoping for a huge turnover
Durl Tyson (3 months ago)
i love his sincerity and guidance
banai stone (3 months ago)
i fearfully invested $5000 few days ago and now my investment is $7300.... my wife and i are so happy now , if not she would have skinned me alive ..hahahaha?
rhyno M (3 months ago)
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John Gate (3 months ago)
Paul Milijkovic (3 months ago)
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John Gate (3 months ago)
Susan Knouse (3 months ago)
Nice one👍🏻..I would need your guide to it
UnknownUnrest (3 months ago)
are there charts somewhere online that show volume actual use of the coins.
John Gate (3 months ago)
jack jones191 (3 months ago)
HTn3LYUio3wMjUGstqUHYcedFxxAqvyebg This is my btc address if anyone has some extra btc to get me started on crypto,i dont have any money to do so. I know this is a long shot but you never know.
THCFunkFarm (3 months ago)
Talk about BTX versus BTC
20helston (3 months ago)
LTC is on a bull run
Jordan Black (3 months ago)
I’d like to know your opinion on Tether news. Does it scare you at all?
MrNastyNaz22 (3 months ago)
Jordan Black trash
Patrick Lopez (3 months ago)
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notAsheep87 (3 months ago)
watching this a few hours later - Looks like BTC broke that resistance for the bull flag formation - also kind of looks like cup and handle formation. has yet to close above resistance on the 4 hr though
The Tasty Tipple (4 months ago)
Still looking to join your inner circle, any links to start?
Schmuck Trading (4 months ago)
Yo Crypto Oracle, you probably won't see this but I think if you do you'd be touched to know that you've inspired people such as myself to start our own youtube channels. I only started uploading today, and it was a spur of the moment type thing, but I've been trading for a little over a year now and turned some pretty good profit. I was thinking that I should share the love, kind of like you have. Keep up the good work. *SchmuckTrading - Technical Analysis and Cryptocurrency Videos - 0/75 Subscriber Goal*
scanjet1000 (4 months ago)
What are some long term hodls right now? I got neo, etherium, litecoin. 3k mixed between them all. What else should i do some research in and buy?
Donald Tramp (3 months ago)
ladies man confirmed.
Donald Tramp (3 months ago)
Why laugh at someone playing the game starting small. You're a nobody who most likely lives alone with 4 cats. The joke is you MrNastyNaz22 <---- real ladies man name btw lol
MrNastyNaz22 (3 months ago)
3k lmfao ahahaha
Marco Zander (3 months ago)
Good choices... Have you looked into EOS or OMG?
Donald Tramp (4 months ago)
Geeza 1589 (4 months ago)
ltc is very bearish right now.. big sell walls keep forming. Do you think they are trying to push the price down and get in low for when litepay gives the bull push?
Here's Drustan (4 months ago)
We've been ranging consistently for days so I'd bet institutional money will break the $135 walls and hunt the stop-buys just above to increase liquidity before driving prices down for their buy-ins.
Julian Soto (4 months ago)
What sort of program - charting software are you using in this video?
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (3 months ago)
Julian Soto looks like trading view
Jonas (4 months ago)
Thanks... again!
sharAnsh sAinI (4 months ago)
Do you have any telegram group????
Craig Simpson (4 months ago)
Make a video training crash course on TA, and I would totally buy it.
chrisiden (4 months ago)
btc to break out to 13,800's first week march and litecoin follows with surprise news... both coins to go up 25% plus... Hodl both coins... long term end of 2018 looks very promising! (im not a financial adviser but i do have a crystal ball! :>)
TheJTMarlin77 (4 months ago)
chrisiden you’ve been listening to Clif High
Philander Supermarkert (4 months ago)
"Allergies" says Crypto (Coke) Oracle
wilerz (4 months ago)
hey oracle, great channel! any opinion on IOTA?
Dio G (4 months ago)
Gonna buy more Litecoin and Neo once I see some pullback
Ryan (4 months ago)
So all that analysis is just ummm, bitcoin goes up Litecoin goes up? Could have been a shorter vid for that.
allinthemind2006 (4 months ago)
so, shoud i invest in BTC or LTC right now? Dont think he answered that
Isaac Kendall (3 months ago)
allinthemind2006 I feel Bitcoin is better. It's gradually regaining value (lol).
Reyazul (4 months ago)
Can't wait for that video. Keep the great stuff!
Multispek mutvimanex (4 months ago)
U consume dairy ?
Nitzan Katzir (4 months ago)
Thanks man, good stuff! BTW Try AVAMYS spray for the allergy.
Mancha987 (4 months ago)
What is happening with ETH price , can you cover that topic ? I am very interested to hear your opinion
Learn it (4 months ago)
Phil Kavanagh (4 months ago)
Buy both and HODL ;-)
yxl bertan (4 months ago)
hey dude, just buy a clickless keyboard and mouse. very annoying sound
1967SuperG (4 months ago)
im all in on LTC,......LCC is doing very good as well.
Ny Asdfghjk (3 months ago)
litepay, not lcc
Here's Drustan (4 months ago)
Same buddy, noticed the run and bought some at $171, went all in an hour later at $181 because it was obvious. There was 0% sell activity and I slept like a baby that night.
Mighty Lockz (4 months ago)
Let go champ!
Daniel Blake (4 months ago)
J Q (4 months ago)
10:00 Here's some financial advice for you Crypto Oracle: Invest in Claritin https://www.claritin.com
Phil Kavanagh (4 months ago)
First view, first comment! Do I get a free Litecoin? lol Keep em coming Oracle

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