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How To Use A Bitcoin Wallet - Bitpay

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Today I take a look at the Bitpay Bitcoin wallet - Initial setup, how to send and receive, and how to buy BTC within the app. SUPPORT THE SHOW and get a kickass hardware wallet at the same time! Visit my affiliate link and get yourself a Ledger Hardware wallet: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/faca GET A T-SHIRT WITH MY STUPID FACE ON IT! https://www.redbubble.com/people/btcsessions Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptos - Sign up for Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/53050bd39d529972e100018f Tip address: 1Mq8UnMhvoCqVrqFaGrGT22WdEhKAUMZAq Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE4c-6L5x4Y&t Get Bitpay for desktop or mobile: https://bitpay.com/wallet
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Text Comments (170)
Craig Robertson (10 days ago)
Hey man, great video. This was made over a year ago but I was wondering did you get a card as well or just the app?
Craig Robertson (9 days ago)
Bummer man :( Are there any options you know of that we can get here in Canada?
BTC Sessions (9 days ago)
Craig Robertson sadly the card isn't available here in Canada!
Macafee.Blockchain (25 days ago)
Make video about Photon Coin 🔥👍🏻😍
Marcells Karimbue (1 month ago)
Ey Hi there I am willing to Buy btc from you bro contact me directly on Whatsapp No. +264814076197 for more info
Darnelly Daniels (1 month ago)
Ahh how do you add funds to my wallet in the first place.... why can none of these intruction videos tell me that.
Cryptoworld (1 month ago)
richard makthon (1 month ago)
for me bitpay is the worst experience ever like a pain in the ass SCAM from the beginning of the process
Ramandeep Singh (1 month ago)
Ramandeep Singh (1 month ago)
bitpay btc wallet to send bitcoin other blockchain wallet
Ramandeep Singh (1 month ago)
how to send bitcoin to other blockchain address
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (1 month ago)
That's 16th Ave actually!
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (1 month ago)
When will you do a review of Enjin wallet?
BTC Sessions (1 month ago)
Explosive Diarrhoea haha touche!
NIKE (2 months ago)
NIKE (2 months ago)
Ashley v. Oort (3 months ago)
I have coins in my wallet. Can I go to any exchange I want and buy bitcom. Basically can I buy directly from the wallet to make the purchase. Some sites wants money deposited and then you purchase.
I Got U Bro (3 months ago)
How can I sell my bitcoins? Does coinbase one do it. Also how can I sell it to my paypal account?
andy321373 (3 months ago)
how to you actually convert the bitcoins to cash? it used to be so easy but i stopped using bitpay and now that im trying to use it i dont see the option
nazish saba gill (3 months ago)
Hi the video was nice.I have downloaded BitPay on my phone.I want to ask that can I use my personal BitPay wallet to buy bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM??
Sobhan Aboubakar (4 months ago)
Bod Bless you
Kingdom Reign (4 months ago)
How does this work to send money to PayPal?
Cecelia Garcia (4 months ago)
*I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info*
bobhumplick (4 months ago)
ok i did a withdrawal from nicehash. i went to my bitpay app and hit recieve. then i copied htat link into the nicehash withdrawal page and confirmed. did i do this right? its been over 12 hours and i havent recieved payment even though blockchain.info says the transaction happened. am i checking bitpay right? i click the app and go to home and both my wallets say 0 bitcoins. please help me im so worried!!!
Kynness Nuve (4 months ago)
thank you for making this help tutorial..
Jean-Jacques Dion (5 months ago)
What is the difference between bitpay and Copay?
Sean G (5 months ago)
I practiced on this site from my coinbase account as I'd never actually done it before. https://www.bitcoinwallettest.org/
gotgwop$$ (5 months ago)
Is bit pay the best app for wallet ?
LuSundra Everett (5 months ago)
Do you need to set up a wallet to accept payments?
Scott G. Lloyd (5 months ago)
You skipped a very important part of this whole thing: connecting your Coinbase account with BitPay wallets. For example, I’ve set up the wallet, connected to Coinbase — the process is a royal pain in the butt — but I still can’t access my bit coins and transfer them to my personal wallet in BitPay. There also appears to be some fee that BitPay or Coinbase is charging when you want to make a purchase.
Nico P (5 months ago)
L vonende (5 months ago)
As of January 1st Coinbase WILL NOT load to a Bitpay Wallet. They have Downgraded service. Of course, this is only for withdrawals. They are recommending bank transfers instead which will take 7 to 10 days. Of course they have NO problem with INCOMING deposits. They are happy to take in your money but not to get it back to you with any speed or reliability. Totally shady! Get your assets off of Coinbase as the situation continues to deteriorate!
David Doten (5 months ago)
can you just send from gdax to bitpay?
Greig Marks (5 months ago)
if I buy one bitcoin how much could I make on it
I Got U Bro (3 months ago)
Greig Marks one bitcoin is over 8k USD so if u got the money then buy it wat some time like a year and then sell it to make profit
Katherine Korytkowski (5 months ago)
Hello, question & Help Please ... Do you know how I can send funds from my personal wallet on my desktop to read on my Bitpay card balance? Bitpay is showing a bad address when you try to add funds via online, so I followed the steps it gave to use a receive address from my desktop app, only it sent the funds to my personal wallet rather than to my Bitpay card balance?
Dahrbo Igloo (5 months ago)
Will this wallet allow me to purchase from BC atm?
RYAN B (5 months ago)
Bro. Wat is the private key ? Is that the 12 words ?
Determined 2BGreat (6 months ago)
================================================ ********************** PLEASE HELP********************* ================================================ Hey bro! How are you? Do you know anyone that would be willing to trade $10USD in bitcoin for $10 Amazon Gift card e-code? I tried on Paxful & Local Bitcoin, but the sellers won't accept my debit card or E-code. :( And this is after using my debit card to buy the gift card from Amazon, this is sad and I'm in desperately need of help. Its my first time buying Norfolk and can't seem to get it together. If you don't mind, would you please push me in the right direction? This would be most graciously appreciated. Best Regards. -Determind- #btc wallet: 1Gfk5DtzxrQTzrccSq8WfgZGgYB5DqGUTg
Strategic Endeavors FX (6 months ago)
I'm going to copy and paste this part in every fucking bit pay video I see. So we need to build a card. Allow that card to communicate with trezor.. offline... Or nano.. offline.. Swipe with a card through a swiper enter your pin off line. Load funds directly from your trezor to your card for what you need for the day. Don't use these cards. Only spend bitcoins when business start loosing to amazon who excepts it they will be forced to except it as well.use your job to pay for your everyday needs or trade Bitcoin to friends and have them buy you stuff. Goddamn..
Khadiga Khubrani (6 months ago)
I live in the United States with a passport and I do not have a social security number now. How can I fix the problem?
Jin Shergill (6 months ago)
how i send btc from coinbase to bitpay?
Gucci Down (6 months ago)
You can't sell your bitcoin through coinbase correct ?
Charli D-T (6 months ago)
how do u move all your currencies to a wallet?
You are very welcome :) Cheers
Gucci Down (6 months ago)
Martin Blair - Books thank you, you were very helpful
From my understanding and research it is Not advisable to keep fiat or crypto currency on ANY exchange due to the possibility of that exchange being hacked. I personally do not keep any cash or bitcoin, etc. on any exchange for longer than 15 mins. I hope this helps. I am fairly new but have taken the steps to protect my investments. Don't be alarmed. Overall this is a safe space to invest in. You just need to take a few basic precautions to protect your wealth no matter how small or large. Cheers :)
Gucci Down (6 months ago)
Martin Blair - Books thank you for the reply ! Also if I just want to sell some bitcoin on quadriga but don't really need to withdraw to get cash but just want to have that stored on the site in order to buy more bitcoin when I want is it safe to do this?
Ryukiado (6 months ago)
where can i sell now for bitcoin i cant use coinbase anymore they dont support canada
Alan Murray (6 months ago)
Can a Canadian using bit pay sell credits at atm ....reall confused by coinbase not allowing Canadians to cash out
Hugh Khundt (6 months ago)
How much did those transactions cost? A good video for sure. I want to know how much it would cost me to open bitcoin/wallet accounts and buy a jacket for $250.00. I am also in Canada and would be using PayPal on a Mastercard in Canadian funds. If anyone else reads this, perhaps they can explain it to me..... THANK YOU.
BigBrother IsWatchingYou (6 months ago)
BTC amount donation 0.000003 which is 0.03 USD anything helps even if I have to collect penny's God bless everyone 1Ac6mDzfJhjxVNgFshUDsL5ViZeSXujmjC
otnip (6 months ago)
Want to earn money passively through bitcoin mining? Check out the link here! https://bitcoingooroo.usitech-int.com/
G shredder (6 months ago)
still dont get how to get the address from my phone wallet to the quadriga site? just type the whole thing in?
Alan Murray (6 months ago)
Do you prefer bit pay or co pay ? Nice vid
Pierrot Vachon (6 months ago)
Hello I am the owner of a Bitpay card I installed their iOS app wallet and successcully linked to my Bitpay account. After that, I could check my Bitpay account inside the iOS app wich was convenient. There is a feature in the iOS app allowing us to load our Bitpay card whic I used. I sent 0.25 Bitcoin to my Bitpay account. The transaction has been confirmed but never showed up in my Bitpay account. I wanted to send an email to the company but there were NO CONTACT INFORMATION on their web site. It means that they don't allow any of their customer to send them any email. (What a bad customer service isn't it ?) Anyway, I managed to find their damn email by doing some research. I sent them an email, many times, but they never replied. Here is the transaction that never went to my Bitpay account : https://insight.bitpay.com/tx/e795ffcb6aaef077a5a0bf45c79591f1e6b1e87da128c2c19916890f19cdeabb If you have any useful advice for me, that would be nice. Thank you.
Vibe Static (7 months ago)
I still don't get it :(
Ken Corrigan (7 months ago)
Hello I hope you can help. I sent .316531 BTC from my coinbase wallet to the copay wallet which has ..0111 BTC . Now there is a notice that says amount to low to send. It has been over 4 days. Have you heard of this before?
Betz (7 months ago)
Ben, does the bitpay wallet funds follow the market?
Alan Murray (7 months ago)
I was under the impression that coinbase sell option is not avail in Canada
Steven Anthony (7 months ago)
Bitpay is a scam they make you put in the bitcoins then you cant connect it with coinbase or login from another device and you can't speak to them fuck bitpay!
Steven Anthony (7 months ago)
Could of been but common sense sorted it out
BTC Sessions (7 months ago)
Steven Anthony not having a plugin with Coinbase doesn't make the app a scam... The majority of wallets don't connect with Coinbase.
Binary Rookie (7 months ago)
Make Bitcoins with Your PC https://goo.gl/7TdNDo
Eleanor Parker (7 months ago)
Hey Ben, can I get some more help from you please? When I press the "send" button, the next screen that opens up is a "start sending bitcoin" and I have two options .... to buy bitcoin or show bitcoin address ..... no place for recipient. What am I doing wrong? If I select the buy bitcoin option, it takes me to Coinbase, then when I select buy bitcoin it says there is no payment method available. If I try to sell bitcoin from Coinbase it says "insufficient funds" when in fact there are funds in my account. HELP. Thank you.
Eleanor Parker (7 months ago)
Can we use the Bitpay visa card in Canada to access funds from the card? I live in Canada but have a US address as my son lives in the US.
BTC Sessions (7 months ago)
Eleanor Parker I believe so, but am not 100% certain
Spencer Ntow (7 months ago)
So doesnt Bitpay request for KYC or ID documents for verification , such as a valid Passport ,Voters ID or National ID, Drivers License
Sonny Le (7 months ago)
This company is suck, never send me my bitpay card. Bad customer service, over 49 days, they keep asking me to call, I had called 3 times and whole buch of emails, still don't get the card.
Edward S. Carr (6 months ago)
Hello sonny, im really sorry to hear that, how long have you been in the trading system?
Aaron Wroten (8 months ago)
Bitpay rocks!
Elbert Liebert (8 months ago)
Hi Ben, You did a GREAT Job on your Video of BitPay, Thank You so much.
vince detaro (8 months ago)
guys can you give me some bitcoins :) 15mH2Bs1uZyrfsUE3SdduqrFJ4LxoiVLWe
ML Jeter (8 months ago)
Ben I Love Alberta and Cal-Gary in particular! Thanks for the city views! I’m an ex skater, so the Oval was a fave place of mine... second to Banff!!
josh meredith (8 months ago)
Bitpay doesnt let me send payment to another address. Just Goes to send screen. Nothing after that.
Lemuel Eldridge (8 months ago)
how do you unlock your wallet.
Buckeye Buds (9 months ago)
I'm having trouble with this. I was on a site went to checkout and they didn't except CC's anymore so I had to get bitcoins and all that. So I went back to the order and checked out. It sent me to the page that shows the scan code. Well I couldn't scan it. Their was a address right above it! So I copied it and hit pay with bitcoin! From their it took me to the app. I hit my btc wallet put the amount in and hit the plus sign in the lower comer pasted that address in added the money I might have that backwards but anyway I hit send and it went threw! Well I thought. I called the company to see if they got it and he said he could see that I tried but it didn't go threw! What do i do? I was buying from a seed company and it seems I'm gonna lose about 100$ any help would be great!
Karen Widman (9 months ago)
hello, I imported my wallet from a paper wallet to copay. I used the import wallet option and put in my recovery phrase and password for my private key. It showed that it was transferring and showed the correct amount. It's several hours later and I don't see the amount in my copay wallet. How long does it usually take to show up? Any response is much appreciated. Thank you.
Tom Wilson (9 months ago)
Does Bitpay allow you to withdraw back to your bank account? Or do you do this only on Coinbase?
Denny Wells (8 months ago)
if you are blockchain you can transfer your coins from your your wallet to your bank account
UniversallyViewable (9 months ago)
Can someone explain why when i use Electrum if i have a low amount left in my wallet such as 5 dollars worth and i get paid from mining say 40 dollars it combines the two where as with BitPay it leaves the big payment as its own thing and the 5 dollars as its own thing.
MindTheGap (10 months ago)
Hi Ben, gr8 vid (yet again). I am new with BTC (in fact did my 1st purchase today). So im still learning all the ins and outs. Just wondering if you can advise or tell us (the newbies) what is your top 5 wallets that you can recommend. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work ;-)
Edward S. Carr (6 months ago)
Hello, with the look of things you shouldn't have to stress yourself or worry about, waves or other little hindrance when mining crypto currency. I'm a miner and I invest in a mining company that mines purely Bitcoin. the fact here is that i do it effortlessly by just investing and wait to cash out to my bitcoin wallet, I think you should do same so that you won't have a reason to worry about the fluctuation and possibilities of not profiting.You can as well contact me on [email protected], so i can put you through in becoming successful and profitable.
ring ring (10 months ago)
what are the fees associated with Bitpay? When I travel and use my credit card overseas I get hit with a 5% fee (2.5% transaction/2.5% currency conversation fee) If I get bitpay could I eliminate this? Or keep my costs to a minimum?
Carl David (10 months ago)
@btcsessions do you know of any Bitcoin Cards that work for US Canadians? Bitpay seemed like a Godsend. I went ahead and bought the $15 Card.. Input my address etc and then found this video 3 days later :/ lol
ring ring (10 months ago)
Thanks for that  :)
BTC Sessions (10 months ago)
That's a good question - since I'm in Canada I don't have access to the Bitpay Visa card. If you're going overseas though I would recommend checking out Wirex or Bitwala cards. They allow for you to change your BTC into British Pounds or Euros. As long as you're buying stuff in those currencies then there are no fees other than buying the card itself and the Bitcoin network fee when you send over your coins. Much cheaper than dealing with a bank. Search for my Wirex video from a couple months ago and it should give you a better idea of how it works!
Gangadhar Hembram (10 months ago)
Sir, plz tell me xapo or bitpay and copay wallet same ?
Denny Wells (8 months ago)
hello hembram, you contact me i will introduce to how to use blockchain wallet you can make and transfer your coins. ( [email protected] )
lisa priebe (10 months ago)
Can I move my ETH and LT that I bought on Coinbase to my bitpay wallet? If I can only move my BTC there what wallets would you recommend that I move my ETH and LT to?
Wambui Made It (5 months ago)
I have been enjoying Exodus - exodus.io
I see no one replied to your question Lisa so I will. I am new to this but I am using Jaxx wallet on my mobile and also hard wallet Ledger nano S. They will let you hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Hope this helps.
online store (1 year ago)
Bonus reference https://bitpay.top/?partner=k1fighter
Eric C (1 year ago)
why have coinbase and bitpay? very new just wondering hope you answer please
Max Autism (1 year ago)
Fuck bitpay! A cancer to the coin, to say the very least.
ZambonieDude (10 months ago)
Max Autism how so?
astr0ak (1 year ago)
Having issues with a error after buying. The error is related to a 2 step verification which I'm not sure what it's referring to. I logged into coinbase on the computer and completed everything. Not sure what the issue is.
Denny Wells (8 months ago)
hell what is the issue ?
Amanda Montano (1 year ago)
hi. are you able to sell btc to your bank account or debit card with bitpay personal account?
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Peter Griffin (1 year ago)
Why bother using Bitpay? What's the benefit of using it rather than just solely using Coinbase and buying/keeping your bitcoins there?
SuGaRnSp1C3007 (6 months ago)
Will-you can buy a hardwallet (ex: Ledger Wallet or Trezor to HODL or take out little by little) or you transfer it to an exchange that has the ability to transfer to PayPal to purchase things from websites as well.
T Budd (8 months ago)
It has been said by experts to NEVER keep your money in an exchange as they can be hacked like MTGOX was.
ZambonieDude (10 months ago)
Hulk Hogan Well.. The point of Bitpay is to be able to use your money in Life like you would paper money(USD, CAD, etc), Coinbase is just an Exchange to receive or trade Crypto-Currencies for money :P
Josh B (1 year ago)
the bitcoins are technically not yours in coinbase move them if you have allot
Dan Ortiz (1 year ago)
Hey Ben! I've been following you since last year, nice job man! when youre coming to Australia (Brisbane) (y) Just wanted to ask you about your Sunnies what brand and model are they, Theyre MAD!! If you could please let me know. Thanks!!
Dan Ortiz (1 year ago)
You're always welcome anytime you want to come down this way.
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Hey Dan! Thanks for following along on my journey with the channel :) I've been to Australia before but it was years ago in 2007! I really miss it and I hope to return again someday soon. The sunglasses I have here are actually not very expensive. I got them from a store in Canada called Boathouse. 2 pairs for $30 CAD. I tend to lose/break a lot of pairs, so that's why they switch so often in the videos, haha. Thanks for the comment!
Banana Bandana (1 year ago)
Ok I see how this works now Thanks!
Banana Bandana (1 year ago)
I have money on coin base can I move it to bit pay?
Mustii Drums (1 year ago)
Bitpay is so fucking retarded
GrunSire (10 months ago)
BTC Sessions how do i send bitcoins from coinbase to my bitpay wallet?
Mustii Drums (1 year ago)
Nvm! i just paid for what i wanted on my PC, it showed up! thanks for ur help
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Fair enough. Do you know if the problem is on Bitpay's end or on Coinbase's end? Could be either one. Just a heads up, when you connect your Coinbase account to your Bitpay wallet, it doesn't mean that you have access to the funds, it just means that you can buy Bitcoin instantly from your Bitpay wallet and have them transferred there. Anything you bought separately on the Coinbase website will only be available on your Coinbase wallet. Luckily if you prefer to use just a single platform you can just download the Coinbase wallet to your phone. You can also send your Bitcoin from your Coinbase wallet to your Bitpay wallet if you choose to.
Mustii Drums (1 year ago)
BTC Sessions Its saying i have 0 BTC when i bought $122 AUS worth of coins...
Mustii Drums (1 year ago)
I bought coins off Coinbase and connected my account to Bitpay, and its not showing up on the Bitpay app?!? and I cant buy this one thing i want online!
Jack Kitchen (1 year ago)
Where do I get a wallet with a QR Code? Do I go to blockchain? Or do I have to go to coinbase? Are there others that are good and are there some that I don't have to link my bank account to? I am in the U.S. if that matters. Sorry for all of the newbie questions lol.....but this is one of the first videos (along with your ATM one I just watched) that make any sense of this and intrigue me. Thanks to anyone who comments. And thank you for the videos.
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Hey Jack, welcome to Bitcoin! Don't worry about the newbie questions - we were ALL there once. As far as your question goes, any wallet app will automatically generate addresses/QR codes for you. Every time you receive money it generates a new address to keep your transactions more confidential. Not to worry though, your funds will still be in the same place. The videos I recommend you check out first to start getting a handle on how wallets work, and some of the possibilities with BTC are these: Bitcoin Basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-DhP6gN-9o Top 5 Things To Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXQGxhYGCbc I hope this helps get you started :)
BTCMINING LORD (1 year ago)
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Flipper57 (7 months ago)
sweetgothfromhell -_- scam
joann robinson (8 months ago)
Just make my own money??
joann robinson (8 months ago)
BTCMINING LORD ....how can this be???
F. Daniel Somrack (1 year ago)
Nice Job Ben!!! Keep them coming. Well done :)
Jonas Andreasson (1 year ago)
Hello Nice video ! Can you use the Bitpay debit card to buy bitcoin on Coinbase through the app?
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
If someone is depositing directly to your Bitpay Visa then I believe it is already Bitcoin and should be accessible via your account. I could be wrong though - I'm unsure how the Bitpay or Coinbase Visa cards work because we're not able to get them up in Canada. The one I'm using right now is called Wirex. I have Bitcoin in my Wirex BTC wallet on my phone, and when I want to spend some, I can hit a button to transfer it into USD or Euros or British pounds on any of my cards. I also have the option to just send the Bitcoin anywhere, like in a regular btc wallet.
Jonas Andreasson (1 year ago)
So say if the business i work for do a direct deposit to the debit card i can use the funds to buy amazon gift card and i should be able to buy bitcoin for the usd on the card? A bit confusing
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
To tell you the truth I'm not sure - Technically that would mean you're buying Bitcoin with Bitcoin though, and probably getting hit with some fees in between.
JaHoney100 (1 year ago)
hello Ben, how do I add paper wallet to my app?????
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Hey hey, it is actually quite simple with this app. All you need to do is scan the PRIVATE key (which I believe will be the QR code on the right side) and select to sweep your funds. If you've created the paper wallet with a password, Bitpay will ask you to enter it at this time. That's it!
Bori (1 year ago)
Do you have to pay Coinbase fees? Cause I know they have pretty high fees, and they process transactions in the U.K., so some banks charge an extra international transaction fee.
Oneximo Sanchez (1 year ago)
is there any fees for receiving bitcoins from another wallet to bitpay wallet ? the same question for sending. Thanks
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Oneximo Sanchez you only ever pay a fee as a sender, and it is actually not charged by the wallet itself. This fee goes to the Bitcoin miners, which are the people who check transactions and maintain the network. Fees can vary based on how busy the network is. Right now they can sometimes be $0.50 or $1, but as the network is scaled over time we should see those fees drastically reduced.
Marianne Lottes (1 year ago)
maybe i don't understand the whole concept of bitcoin . but i am a person who likes to pay cash . i have to read up on bitcoin more .
Marianne Lottes (1 year ago)
ok . i will give it some thought for sure . thank you for your reply .
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
I have a feeling that Bitcoin may be right up your alley, especially with this push towards a cashless society. Soon Bitcoin and other digital currencies may be the only way around having to put your money in a bank.
Ms Iam Everythang (1 year ago)
interesting info
Great video man-- I hope the companies are really listening here to what Canadians need.... Do they even know we have about 10% of the US population and we have wifi in our igloos???
Navarog (1 year ago)
Isn't this almost the same as copay?
Navarog (1 year ago)
BTC Sessions I know they were made by the same people, I just don't get why.. If there's like only 3-4 extra features why not put them into copay instead of making BitPay a completely different wallet?
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Yup, made by the same people! There are a few extras as far as advanced functionality goes, but pretty much the same experience.
DimoN84 (1 year ago)
make 6% daily https://autobitcoinbuilder.com/?ref=ddiman
Marcelo Odir (1 year ago)
I have a huge doubt ...Breadwallet or Bitpay which is more secure (for iOS)?
Marcelo Odir (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
I run an android phone so I only know what my personal preference is. I like Bitpay, but a lot of people swear by Breadwallet. Either one should be just fine as long as you backup your recovery seed and store it somewhere safe. I believe you can set pin codes for both wallets as well, so you can have some added security that way. If you're holding a lot of funds then I highly recommend looking into a hardware wallet. One of the cheaper options, the Ledger Nano is only around $40 and it works like a charm.
Andrew Townley (1 year ago)
Great videos! Just sent you a small tip-out with BitPay, just to try it out and because your videos have been helpful to me. Was about to get CoPay as my first wallet, but chose BitPay for whatever reason (bought my first-ever amount of BTC at a convenience store via the LibertyX app on Feb. 12th!). Coinbase AI verification is having trouble matching my old ID pic to my currently-bearded face (no help from Support), and I'm waiting on Glidera to get set up, so it's LibertyX til then. A couple things I'm still having issues with / wondering about: (1) how to do post a wallet receive address/QR code for tip-outs when everyone says addresses shouldn't be reused? (2) Best crypto-asset trading platform (maybe you have a video on this)?
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Thanks so much! I got it while I was out today :) I'll try to answer your questions the best I can: 1. It's ok to receive bitcoin at an address more than once. The changing addresses built into wallets is more for anonymity's sake, but if you're posting publicly then it will already be associated with a person anyways. 2. I don't do a lot of switching between crypto assets. The only thing I ever use is Shapeshift... either on their website, or with their integrations in Jaxx and Exodus wallets. I've heard that Poloniex is the place to be for an actual crypto trading platform though! Hope this helps!
kitaki2crows (1 year ago)
I have my Coinbase account funds linked to my bank account. Do you know if purchasing via Bitpay app / Coinbase option works with that payment method? Or do app purchases only work when linked to a credit card payment method? I ask because the Coinbase app itself doesn't allow me to purchase through it, as it only seems to support purchasing via credit card method. Thanks for the videos and information! Love your channel!
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
That's a very good question. I'm actually unsure because Coinbase within Canada only currently allows credit card purchases ever since their banking relationships fell through. It's super unfortunate, as I find it to be a pretty easy-to-use service! If I had to guess, I would say that they only allow mobile purchases through CC right now, as online banking requires more steps, logging in, etc. Thanks for commenting and watching :)
ICO Hodler (1 year ago)
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danny baker (1 year ago)
Great info - can u do a video about importing/exporting private keys from a paper wallet to blockchain.info,they updated their website and im finding it difficult to do this
Earl Bishop (1 year ago)
Hi, I would like you to create a tutorial on how to transfer funds from blockchain.info account to another bitcoin wallet such as bitpay.com or copay. I would like to know the difference between bitpay and copay wallet. You mentioned that it is own by the same people. How do I send bitcoin from a wallet in a computer desktop such as blockchain wallet to a wallet on a smartphone?
Earl Bishop (1 year ago)
Thank you for the explanation. I must say here that I am beginning to understand the method of transfering bitcoins from one wallet to another wallet. It is quite interesting.
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
Hey Earl, thanks for the question! I'll give you an answer here, but I'll also try to cover this in a future video for more clarification. So the basics of sending and receiving from any wallet on your phone or computer are basically the same. You will need to copy your bitcoin address from wallet, and paste it into the "send" field of whatever wallet your sending from. For example: With the Bitpay wallet in this video, you can hit the receive button at the bottom. When your QR code pops up, you can tap on it to copy your address. After you've done this, you can open your blockchain.info wallet, hit the send button at the bottom, then tap & hold on the empty field where it says "To". This should allow you to paste in your address. At that point you just specify how much money you would like to send yourself. It's basically the same idea for any wallet. Copy your address, and paste it into the "to" field of another wallet. When you scan a QR code you are doing the exact same thing without having to go through the motions of copying and pasting. It's the same address, just visually represented with that square barcode you see.
Brian Tanner (1 year ago)
Thanks for the awesome videos. I have a question for you, if I use a hardware wallet, ie. Nano S., does it matter which wallet I use beyond that? Or are they all considered very safe because of the HW wallet? Specifically, any safety difference from Ledger's provided wallet vs GreenAddress in conjunction with the Nano s?
J.B. Fraser (1 year ago)
This may be a really dumb question but with Green Address there's a bitcoin url and an address. Is the bitcoin url the public one I would use to receive? BTW I'm super new to this , I haven't even purchased any bitcoin yet(still kinda nervous of the process). Also, I'm in Calgary too bro
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
With your Nano S it should not matter what wallet you use it in conjunction with. I use the Chrome extension, but I have also now paired it with Mycelium on my phone. At that point it is really just user preference. I haven't tried GreenAddress, but I've heard good things! If you try it, let me know what you think.
Achwaq Khalid (1 year ago)
*When are you going to review **#Advcash* ❔ a lot of people use it and I haven't seen a review for it yet 💳
Adam Carson (10 months ago)
When bitcoin is transferred into bitpay, does the amount lock in or does it fluctuate with the market
BitPay (1 year ago)
Great work on this video, Ben! Thanks for making this great guide to getting started with the BitPay wallet app (and for making cool videos, in general).
soulademics (3 months ago)
BTC Sessions so when u buy BTC through the Bitpay app u don’t have to wait like a week for it to show up in your wallet, like how it takes a week to show up when you buy it through the exchange?
Steven Anthony (7 months ago)
Bitpay where's the fucking customer service?i cant login from my pc or it wont connect with coinbase wtf you playing at not including an email address or contact details fuck you
Justin Falconer (9 months ago)
bitpay is trash
John E (1 year ago)
My decision to use Copay was made in large part due to not only the video itself but as well as the developer's response!
BTC Sessions (1 year ago)
BitPay thanks so much! Glad to hear you guys enjoy my channel... It comes as a huge compliment!

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