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Bitcoin Blasts Through $2,200 While Ethereum Goes Ballistic

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Numeris (1 year ago)
Most people just want to make a quick buck off of bitcoin. And they don't so they get mad. But you need to actually understand WHY bitcoin is valued if you plan to make money off of it.
zack roy (1 year ago)
sir do you think ethereum will reach 1000$?
Nice sir sir add my number telegaram grop your uplod news +923103580009
/ (1 year ago)
*where can i buy bitcoins* promptly *and* safely *online?*
pandiras (1 year ago)
Hey Jeff.. first of all I am a big fan of yours and admire your work and all the efforts you take to keep people informed. But let me tell you that there is something wrong with all the cryptocurrencies and what they have in common with the fiat moneys of this fake world: they lack a fixed and unchangeable value. There is a fixed amount of btc that ever will be available but that's not the same. In fact that is one reason why you get richer every day just be owning btc. You stated out that the USD lost about 99% of its value during the past 100 years (since the creation of the Fed) and yes there might be no financial elite that is able to manipulate. But what happens with btc is all the same just the other way round and with different actors taking part in it. They claim the forex rates are reflecting and mirroring the value of the 'market' - what exactly is that? And how is it connected? How is the price of a loaf of bread concerned to it? In fact it isn't and it never should. If the quality and the quantity of that loaf of bread does not change - its value should not either. Let's say one loaf of bread is worth one unit of any 'whatsoever called money' then it should be like that today as it was yesterday and also should be by tomorrow. Real 'money' and I mean real as in real has no own value but is just meant to be a tool for exchanging goods, services, anything that can have a value. As you are mentioning parasites in your steemit article - bitcoin as it is just creates new and different ones.
Robert Lucas (1 year ago)
Mike knode (1 year ago)
Great video! Ethereum is going to easily hit 250 in the next couple weeks I bet that!
true14me2love (1 year ago)
at current rate it will be 1000 in no time :)
SilverbladeVI (1 year ago)
Love this channel. Subbed.
The Dude (1 year ago)
Should I buy some Bitcoin.
true14me2love (1 year ago)
you should and also ethereum.
The Dude (1 year ago)
Ok, I just remember when I was 18(5 years ago) I heard about Bitcoin and people were saying to buy it but I didn't and I'm regretting it now. I have never bought stocks before and looking to get into that soon. All these young people around me waste money at casinos and drugs and quick thrills and instant gratification. I would be lying if I have never done that lol. I just want to make some investments that will or could benefit my future and take that money and invest into good things around me that help people (off grid living and free energy).
sanisidrocr (1 year ago)
Not until you do a few hours or research or have someone help you. Also do not invest what you cannot afford to lose (but that applies to all investments), other than that ... yes , look into it
Survivofit LLC (1 year ago)
Hey Jeff, appreciate all your work for the community, love the podcast. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but just wanted to respond to some of the messages below that seem to associate central bank regulation with "something backing it up" notions. Since the repeal of the gold standard under the Nixon administration, the USD has been reduced to the functional equivalent of a POKER CHIP. A $100 poker chip intrinsically has no value, unless the casino is there to give it value, then its worth $100. The US is one big casino, with the Fed acting as the chip supplier. In fact, the only thing that keeps the value of the dollar afloat, is consumer faith. No one wants to face the fact that all their converted labor is worthless, and other means of exchange are not yet sanctioned, so we all willingly participate in the delusion. The crypto/decentralization movement utilizes the same concepts of public consensus, but each project is laid out transparently for their supporters/consumers/investors to audit and research openly before buying in. This market dynamic is pushing the old systems of stock exchange trading into antiquity before our very eyes... history in the making.
David Cooper (1 year ago)
Cannot open video number 4. Tried everything many times.
mberg1974 (1 year ago)
Tulip bulbs.
withoutexcuse2011 (1 year ago)
If you want to make money - and don't care how - then get into the present cryptocurrency craze. If you do care how the money is made then stay away. Is that clear enough?
Avvah h (1 year ago)
I love steemit I'm @avvah there
Martin Ledesma (1 year ago)
Hello I feel embarrased but, I need some help to finish my college, please help me, donate to: 3Hm744pqH22cebfnSpTNZeN6vtydmf1hKa (bitcoin) or 0x91f0f9cb8d1937ef35e0f5d0f84d11bfadf05e1f (Ethereum) :(
Konstantin Avramidis (1 year ago)
for someone who gambles on fiat collapse he is awfully concerned on fiat value representation!
cobra sixtysix (1 year ago)
Yep, Etherium is looking pretty strong right now
Marvin Dean (1 year ago)
Myrkskog (1 year ago)
Fuck, I've been sitting on my hands for far too long. Time to dip into the cryptos.
Jeff Nash (1 year ago)
Jeff Nash (1 year ago)
LTC $ilver TAKES BITCOIN GOLD May 30th 2017 News Pending
Jeff Nash (1 year ago)
LTC COINBASE ON FIDELITY! NEWS! LITECOIN SOARING! http://www.reuters.com/article/us-fidelity-bitcoin-idUSKBN18J20P
C3 (1 year ago)
Late to the party here but I bought in heavy around February 2017 and.... I'm smiling :) I missed the massive run up to Eth but recently swapped a BTC (which I have already made more than a clean double on) straight to Eth. Now I'm into both.
connj67 (1 year ago)
Thanks Jeff. Like the recent changes in diet and wellness! I could have bought Bitcoin way, way back.... But that is past. I can see the writing on the wall...
xenoepist (1 year ago)
Does anyone else smell that smell? It is the smell of a bubble.
W.S W (1 year ago)
The only reason Bitcoin is going up is because China is creating a bubble. Just like the other 100 bubbles they've created, entire empty cities in China. Bubbles in Vancouver, London, Los Angels and on and on. Everything they touch becomes a bubble and will go to zero. Buy crypto short term but it will collapse because of Chinese buying. Just my opinion.
crypto sight (1 year ago)
Great work man! watching the videos now!
DestinationTruth (1 year ago)
Ghaaaaa I can't get enough soon enough.
mosdef115able (1 year ago)
jeff where do u buy ur eth !!
Diego Gnoatto (1 year ago)
"scam" Im so disapointed, I liked you channel a lot and im very interested in bitcoins its been few years after this video you told people to click down below to get 50$ in bitcoins and i had the pacient to watch 4 videos with all i already know watching your videos and more to 45 minutes later find out id have to spend money to be able to get te 50$ you promissed, im disapointed a guy like you wich says that has companies and hundred of millions misguiding people into tricks like this or selling books, i think u should just give this bitcoin info for free the more people know about bitcoin the more the bitcoins you already have will go up in price,selling books and promissing false 50$ for atention and get people to spend money subscribing is not the way mate, just makes you look like one more scamer.
esplen2t (1 year ago)
what is the best coin to buy currently? I will be opening a steemit account soon as well.
true14me2love (1 year ago)
the 2 best coin to buy are ethereum and bitcoin
Podria alguien decirme como hacer envios entre dos cuentas de epay me urge saber esa información si se puede o no gracias
Brad Cordrey (1 year ago)
Jeff we need a video please telling us about these kikes. who just did the bombing in London. You can do it Jeff.
Brad Cordrey (1 year ago)
I didn't see a bomb go off. The amount of camera phones would catch this. They don't think many people died on 9/11. They have photos where they think it was a lie. It' time to attack the jews. I think they are going to blow up something soon and kill thousands. This stuff is being done for a reason.
Bob Anderson (1 year ago)
The London bombing was a DRILL - hoax. Nobody died. Nobody hurt. Check out my twitter page in my profile under my name.
Sheila Walker (1 year ago)
I find your videos very educational and I will have my friends follow you also. can you please send me your videos so I can learn how to do this.
Edward Kunz (1 year ago)
We will see each other again when Ethereum hits 1000 USD. I will literally come back here and comment your comments so we can celebrate all together.
nice guy (1 year ago)
its time to make some serious cash guys, this bitcoin train has just started rolling!
Do you know what toothpaste is? Your teeth is green dude!!!!?????;!!?
parabola (1 year ago)
don't forget about litecoin lil buddy
vincent4384 (1 year ago)
You completely missed NEM, it has had 10,000% gains in the past 3 or 4 months and is still bullish. Because it is proving to be the best and unique blockchain tech. Nem was released in 2016 and is so good it is already in 4th place in market cap.
meatandbeer (1 year ago)
thumb up because you mentioned ETH
chrisiden (1 year ago)
'The FedCoin is coming soon to a home near you! :) watch out Bitcoin, lol
John Perricone (1 year ago)
sounds like a blow off
Randy Hilarski (1 year ago)
I am killing it with Steem! Thank you Jeff for recommending I get involved last August.
JD (1 year ago)
do you guys write content there or trade or both?
vincent4384 (1 year ago)
Randy Hilarski me too its so great!!
R T (1 year ago)
Very soon bitcoin will drop to below $1000 again  :)
vincent4384 (1 year ago)
if it does you can count on people like me buying it all up so you dont have to ;)
chrisiden (1 year ago)
yes and i remember watching it crash a few years back...
Kayzvile (1 year ago)
Many thanks man....plz how do i buy ethereum?
Haha Aa (1 year ago)
1GAzZ6g5AXyS5bPUQxguRsgyrNgwBYGmeb please send me some bitcoin ha
Eyes of the World (1 year ago)
Expensive pizzas, well said
RemixThis RemixThat (1 year ago)
"receive $50 for watching the video series..... and paying me $260 a year" hmm.... I was duped ><
Angel O (1 year ago)
What about LTC? I think it is getting attacked and it is not well liked, but seems it is about to go up, with all the projects behind it.
vel rockwell (1 year ago)
where are the tutorials?
Sas du Plessis (1 year ago)
My Wallet is emptey - South Africa. Unbeleivable effor to try and buy Bitcoin or Etherium! 1gKPnhZ9gCUcTLKwKk9dk5Y1Khf474r5M
ANARCHY LUiS (1 year ago)
#IsraelDid911 Revelations 3:9 🇺🇸YouTube - Zionist Project 3
Meatheadz Army (1 year ago)
Keep an eye out for ETC 😉
Saturn33 (1 year ago)
Jeff, isn't this merely a parabolic move that will end badly?  Why do you think that a cryptocurrency is any more substantial than a central banking currency.  Neither is backed by any real assets.  At least a central banking currency is backed by a government to some degree, conversely a cryptocurrency has no backing at all.  You were absolutely correct to buy Bitcoin, but I doubt this is a long term hold.
WirelessKFC (1 year ago)
keep thinking that and get left behind
Saturn33 (1 year ago)
Good point!  It is basically backed by no real hard assets.  Just like the currencies of central banking governments.  What the world really needs is a currency backed by hard assets, ie gold, silver etc.  I do not see how the move in Bitcoin here is any different than the parabolic move that many stocks have right before they crash.  Stocks though are at least to some degree are back by earnings, assets, board of directors etc.  Bitcoin is not backed by any of these things.  It is a great idea and a useful financial commodity, but I am not sure the big run it has had will last much longer.  I do not see it as a long term hold so be careful it that is your plan.
amer shakir (1 year ago)
Saturn33 bitcoin is simply a global distributed database. its back by computation and energy - the 2 fundamental aspects of our universe. anyone can start there own version of btc. however, you need lots of computation to protect it from hacks.
Delbert Frost (1 year ago)
DASH sucks and will go down.
vincent4384 (1 year ago)
Delbert Frost nem will take over
grasam86 (1 year ago)
Jeff I can't see the 4th video. Have seen the 3rd 5 times now haha
grasam86 (1 year ago)
david17 I noticed it says coming soon. maby the video isn't ready? we were too fast ;)
David98_10 (1 year ago)
grasam86 Me to aswell
Staffan Rimbleus (1 year ago)
Great coverage. The bitcoin link does not work hower. Signed up, got an email, which takes me to a message that says I am activated. But no video where I can claim my 50$ worth of BTC! edit: the second email with video link just arrived
Staffan Rimbleus (1 year ago)
Right, so to recieve the 50% dollar in bitcion one has to sign up for a yearly membership of $265.00.
Neocharm (1 year ago)
Something strange happened to me yesterday. Last time i said that Pringle and Moreno were not accessible. After a long search i managed to buy Moreno but only after long waiting for the supply being filled again. Then suddenly it got filled up on all the crypto currency they were selling so (after verification of my Bank account ofc.) i bought some Moreno. This all took about 30 sec for the order to pull through and payment received. Now this is the strange thing. I went back to check on the Bitcoin or Ethereum and already they were sold out. OK then some more Moreno, ALSO SOLD OUT. I started checking every currency they had and they were also sold out. This Crypto Exchange was raped. Nothing left. Never ever did i experience such a thing in the financial market. I do see now that the accessibility of the currency is determined by the Site you are buying it from so i stand corrected on what i said last time Jeff.
A L (1 year ago)
check % rise on gamecredits $GAME #Mobilego best performing currency, better than bitcoin and the rest. do ur own research, ur welcome
Ralph Grey (1 year ago)
what's the best way to convert my cash into electronic currency?
Ralph Grey (1 year ago)
PeriquinTV I'm saying that I only cash my checks for cash; I have no digital currency. What's the best way for me to convert that so I can throw it into my bitcoin wallet?
PeriquinTV (1 year ago)
Ralph Grey Coinbase. That's what I've been using to set aside some money. It's pretty cool to see it grow over time.
stophypocrisy (1 year ago)
Good luck finding any to buy. No sellers at cionbase. Why did Maxcoin go under?
Dominque Brown (1 year ago)
I put 200 dollars in about 4 months ago
PeriquinTV (1 year ago)
Dominque Brown how much do you have now?
Izzi Iz (1 year ago)
I'm a fan of yours please help me with a step by step I have $1200.00 how I start. and thank you
true14me2love (1 year ago)
trezor and ledger wallet is good also if you want to spend less
amer shakir (1 year ago)
I just bought a keep key :) looks like a solid piece of hardware. These hardware wallets are going to be so amazing 5 years from now!
Gary Winehouse (1 year ago)
Michael Synodin KeepKey. There's a back order right now I think. You can find it online.
Michael Synodin (1 year ago)
whats the best hardware wallet platform? i need to keep my money out of coin base … right?
Andre Christmas (1 year ago)
Thanks for all this detailed information. I was afraid to take action on cyrtocurrency but I can't be afraid no more. Thanks again
Richard Love (1 year ago)
Just try and sell it!!
You're not sorry about anything Jeff, not your CIArypto shilling, not your Jubilee fear porn subscriber push, *yeah let's see if you mention this comment next podcast*, not the dishonesty over online physical gold trading platforms, not anything. You're right about something, yeah, the price rise is insane. But somehow that automatically a good thing.
MrUseur (1 year ago)
We need a major pullback, wonna purchase some ETH.
Kevin (1 year ago)
So how can i get a few million in the next 5 years by investing in something other than bitcoin? like the BTC ship has sailed missed oppertunity and i have no money for it..
Golden Reward (1 year ago)
You are covering it so much because you are pumping it up and around and around it goes.
Youtube Kanal (1 year ago)
This sounds like a scam WHY would he give away 50$ in BTCs?
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
I understand what you mean. My comment was directed to the guy who said it sounds like a scam.
Tomek Sobczak (1 year ago)
+Omar Touzani I am not ofend mate i means that by this promoting btc he earning money also me cause i am btc holder so no stress
Omar Touzani (1 year ago)
Use your brain before accusing someone of something. He bought a lot of bitcoin when it was pennies. $50 worth of bitcoin today was probably $0.0002 when he first bought it. Ride the wave or cry later!
Karen's Swiss Secrets (1 year ago)
Great videos Jeff!
squeegeedee (1 year ago)
WAIT! STOP! don't you know bitcoin and cryptos are a trap set up to enslave us further? Sure, that's why on May 18th, H. R. 2433, the "Homeland Secutity Assessment of Terrorist use of Virtual Currency Act" was passed by the US Congress, exactly around the time of the "Wannacry Ransomware" fiasco. What a coincidence! Just like the "Patriot Act" the Bill was already neatly drawn up and ready to go. Like they did with the internet in the early 90s, they want people to associate cryptos with criminals and illegal activity. That's because they DON'T want them gaining worldwide acceptance. With cryptos gaining attention and many dumping the dollar, it's just another way for them to lose control.
likelight2flies (1 year ago)
ETC is immutable while ETH is mutable.
likelight2flies (1 year ago)
JD (1 year ago)
I agree 100 percent, can you tell me what the difference and benefit is between Ethereum and Ethereum classic?
squeegeedee (1 year ago)
+likelight2flies. Oh, I know... but I won't play the emoji game, because that's all that is. It's a sad state of affairs when you have to spell things out for people like they're toddlers.
grasam86 (1 year ago)
awsome jeff. have been following you for a year now and have just started to get some money to invest thanks to steemit :) and I will take the advise to move from cold Sweden to Mexico. Like Latino women more than asian ;)
CarpusRuker (1 year ago)
Jeff your work is amazing. Keep covering crypto currencies. You have shown me what a true free society is. You and others have helped free me from the indoctrination that has been pushed upon me all my life. I have a youtube channel on this account that I want to make more like yours. Keep up the great work!
Strangers4Life09 (1 year ago)
You think you are filthy rich? Show me! 15jKo1c6DaZAm5Gd9ZxZqYix4MbFSP9AbU Thanks
Sarah Davis (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is one of my top 5 biggest regret for not going in while it was low.  I feel I've missed the boat with Ether too.. To make the most, it got to be much lower than it is now.
funkyguy99 (1 year ago)
+PeriquinTV might be worth checking out other altcoins to try this strategy as it's a lot cheaper to buy into and the percentage gains on a daily basis is a lot more than what you get with Bitcoin.
PeriquinTV (1 year ago)
funkyguy99 this is a good idea. I might try this. Thanks
Kevin (1 year ago)
To risky and i cannot do that unfortunatly
funkyguy99 (1 year ago)
+Kevin​​ Another alternative is to put all your monthly wages into bitcoin then live for the month on an interest free credit card. At the end of the month you withdraw the funds from your bitcoin to pay off all your expenses on your card before it starts to charge you interest. By then the value of your wage in bitcoin should have increased so you would have leveraged your money and made a small amount of profit. Rinse and repeat. (Assuming that the value of bitcoin will always be greater by the end of the month then you can repeat the process indefinitely and watch your bitcoin grow)
DogeToshi BakaMoto (1 year ago)
+Sarah Davis you can just purchase some altcoins that are dirt cheap and when they increase in value you can flip them for bitcoin, it may not be much but you can keep doing it to accumulate bitcoin, I am from a third world country and i flipped about 50$ into over 1000+ in a few days doing so
Stevie Dee (1 year ago)
insane. how far can this go? whew
fredz (1 year ago)
wheres a time machine when you need one 2011 sounds good
I love bitcoins, but this is too far for something that isn't very user friendly to the general public.
Jim Big (1 year ago)
Should get WAY easier though when we have segwit and lightning. Imagine near zero fee instantaneous sub-cent microtransactions from any cellphone! All using a common worldwide currency. Want your privacy too? No problem. It will be at this point I'll recommend everyone in my circle to switch (I'm in Mexico and they all use constantly devaluing pesos! but what option do they have? that is, until now!).
Kurt Homan (1 year ago)
"I love bitcoins, but this is too far for something that isn't very user friendly to the general public.".....The internet didn't seem very user friendly when it was first came out, but now most 5 year olds can easily surf the net. Buying, holding, and trading Bitcoin and other cryptos is actually quite easy once you put forth the effort to learn, and it will get even easier in time.
Gary Winehouse (1 year ago)
LOUDMOUTHTYRONE if it was easy, it wouldn't be an opportunity.
LOUDMOUTHTYRONE Oh, but stashing in banks that take a majority of your deposit to loan and gamble with it is very user friendly.
Mutu Patterson (1 year ago)
Keep covering them Jeff great work👍
Gary Winehouse (1 year ago)
First one to comment mofos!
sikaawe (1 year ago)
Bitcoin??? I do not understand or trust how it works.....
Thomas Altman (1 year ago)
The longer you take to get in, the better for the rest of us. Thanks
Bruce Scott (1 year ago)
You have all the knowledge on bitcoin right at your fingertips .
squeegeedee (1 year ago)
+Communist Killer. LOL! I have some bottlecaps that I'm sure will be worth a fortune after the meltdown. :)
sikaawe "Dollar is a real currency." hahaha So are seashells then. Enjoy the coming currency collapse.

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