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How Cryptocurrency Gets Lost & What Can Be Done -- Paul Puey, Edge Wallet CEO

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Losing funds through personally getting "hacked" is enough of a concern, but Paul Puey explains why even more common is user mismanagement of keys and/or compromise of online exchanges. Learn about the new security model in Edge wallet (formerly AirBitz).
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Fred Johnson (1 month ago)
When will it be practical and 'feature full' to use?
Sue the SEC !!! (1 month ago)
A hacker can clone a persons phone, and it will have all the same information on it.
Kenn Bosak (2 months ago)
Paul !!!
seapr6 (2 months ago)
Did this new show die already?
SirLunch TheHost (3 months ago)
Hello Amanda, I work for a company that is thinking about sponsoring Crypto Videos. I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested.
Paul in Las Vegas (3 months ago)
What's wrong with a link to the app. I couldn't find it on android google playstore.The info doesn't do us any good if we can't use the app ?
UKcuber (3 months ago)
Authy is not sms based. It also takes 24 hours to reset during which time it emails and texts you 3-4 times telling you somebody has tried to reset your account. Additionally it never acts as a sole factor so it should be used. It is far less of a pain than Google Authenticator because it can sync your codes.
Amanda Johnson (25 days ago)
UKcuber dm me [email protected]
Tez Dread (3 months ago)
when asked for things like memorable place/mothers maiden name etc, you don't have to give correct info, just info - these answers could/should imo also be alpha-numeric random words or at least words that are not the correct answer
XS Blockchain (3 months ago)
Thank you!
Dżor (3 months ago)
This 2Fa in Edge will mean basically that you can only login from the device at which the wallet was set up.
HelpfulJjam (3 months ago)
why is that man crying?
Ko Ma (2 months ago)
she wants him to buy DASH
Love LOVE (3 months ago)
Harj 7 POWH3D (3 months ago)
He is happy to be with Amanda
ClockworkFPV (3 months ago)
K8UR Channel (3 months ago)
I am listening. Really I am... Great 👍🏼 stuff!
LazerPotatoe (3 months ago)
a link to the website or the app would be nice
Edge (2 months ago)
LazerPotatoe edgesecure.co
K8UR Channel (3 months ago)
ABJ - I’d be happy to share my Bitcoin with you if you could access my device. 🤓
K8UR Channel (3 months ago)
ABJ - Could you help me with my backup? I’m very confused and can’t think 🤔 properly.
moto2kx2 (3 months ago)
Do the right thing...
K8UR Channel (3 months ago)
ABJ - I’d love it if you’d help me with some 2-Factor Authentication.
Jan Klosowski (3 months ago)
Authy doesn't use SMS 2FA. What differentiates it from Google Authenticator, is that it stores your backup encrypted with your passphrase. You need the passphrase to restore keys on another device. There are pros and cons obviously.
John d (3 months ago)
Amanda xxx

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