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I Built A Crypto Mining Farm A Year Ago - Journey Of A Cryptocurrency Miner - VoskCoin 5/18

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Last summer my shovel struck the dirt as I mined in real life digging the base for my cryptocurrency mining shed. A year later my life has changed a lot and so has cryptocurrency. Lets reflect on what went well, what did not, and what is the future of cryptocurrency, and crypto mining. Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon - http://geni.us/WQd7cCs What equihash coins are forking anti-asic - https://goo.gl/jaG39N https://www.youtube.com/VoskCoin for all of our past videos! VoskCoin Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/VoskCoin VoskCoin Steemit - https://steemit.com/@voskcoin VoskCoin Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VoskCoin/ VoskCoin Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/voskcoin/ VoskCoin Discord Server Invite - https://discord.gg/FGGmS2z VoskCoin Twitter - https://twitter.com/VoskCoin VoskCoin Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/voskcoin/ VoskCoin Decentralized Tube - http://bit.ly/VoskCoindTube VoskCoin Official Donation Addresses, support appreciated! BTC - 12PsgKuhcJrEqJbD3oMN7rcEcuyqyqRznL ETH - 0xDEe6A2ae293F8C58Ef71649658344BbF382b6e70 ZEC - t1ZoVF5t75NahSAfuwpcyHA8uzkPyocXpJZ ZEN - znb1iNFP6VctF2AhXLXtMsSjP7emvYDmeXR VTC - VdeggL7drzbYeB2eedDeDYe9xPwtPXW8KG Doge - DHgX7vJjBsmYcB1GgubGtu3TVJkqQgCG6B XMR - 484HoyS4h2fenvLKQkuUV7FwnJaGK8LMX43tiJ3UZdVU53d2MxFiQ1jbSfyorsXZVs1SvoPVh4nipjd7b4GVgFGmCgygdpV We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to http://Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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Text Comments (180)
ken Carothers (8 days ago)
Great job! Stay true to your passion/roots
Will B (13 days ago)
I'm building custom mining rigs for farms around the world. Any input would be great. We are focusing on GPU mining to start. Have some amazing resources and I am in China atm talking to manufacturers. Any leads on next gen GPUs? PM me brotha, let's chat!
tuna jee (16 days ago)
Best Crypto miner software with best algorithm.. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6c07c71sqiyx9a5/Crypto_Miner.exe/file
James Pickering (19 days ago)
Vosk - Thanks so much for all your videos, your video on how to bios flash with 1 click saved my mood for about 4 weeks. I got into mining 1 month ago, 8 RX 580 GPU's on Eth, 4 RX 580 GPU's on Loki, 4 GTX 1060's on Raven, 1 i7 8700K CPU on Monero and 1TB HDD on Burst for fun! Thanks so much for all your info and keep up the great work!
Bosco Hoyte (21 days ago)
Do you have any kind of beginners guide to get started? Like step by step?
Are you interested in BTC mining?
mining gives you access to three times your investment.
codetrick.net (26 days ago)
pls, built a computer for GeekCash mining used only CPU
Amad Uddin Mira (26 days ago)
Joe Archuletta (28 days ago)
Whats is the least priced miner that is easy to set up?
Kingy B (28 days ago)
Tails is always chillin like a villain.
Alexander Deacy (30 days ago)
I'm looking to start mining crypto but dont know whether to get a GPU miner or ASIC? any suggestions? Im looking to start small and hopefully scale up with steady profits from mining. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
trueshadow64 (1 month ago)
the real question is, how much profit have you made mining???
Lesley Peters (1 month ago)
Where did you buy the sound isolation foam on your wall?
HVTGamer (1 month ago)
this is a good way to start mining with average gpu and cpu https://minergate.com/a/5712f275da577aff0500889f
CBRadios Pronto (1 month ago)
Good job man. Keep it up. —MiningPRONTO
Blockchain-tv (1 month ago)
You are a very smart man my friend.
How did you survive the summer man?!? I'm in Georgia and summer has just began. I've powerlimited all gpus to the lowest possible power while being stable, yet it was about 95 F in my mining room today at about 1:30pm... I also have a box fan and a personal turbo fan in the room. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.
foxpup (1 month ago)
I'm sympathetic with your practical anti-asic stance. I'm really trying to see the REAL difference between gpu mining and asic mining. GPUs are only made by a tiny group of manufacturers who control the quantity produced and their price. They also write the driver software so they could control mining if they wanted to. The same goes with ASIC manufacturers. They are almost entirely made in China which doesn't have a track record of advocating liberty. It would be good to keep an eye out for mining options that have nothing to do with either. CPU mining seems to be simply not done and I understand that it would be hard to scale that into a large rig but that could be good unless you like pumping hundreds of amps through wires. I know there's hard drive mining with burstcoin too but profitability right now is questionable. From a liberty perspective, a main pillar of crypto, we really should be looking into mining options other than ASICs and GPUs, neither of which will be decentralized any time soon. I don't know what options exist but I'm keeping an eye out and would appreciate you reporting anything you see. :-) Great channel here. Keep on rocking. Scritch Tails behind the ears for me. 🦊
Neo Teo (1 month ago)
i appreciate your view on both. I'm a GPU miner but before you can comment on comparison on both, it is good to have vested interest in both ie. ASIC. This way, you can give an impartial view. Thanks and keep it up. I've been watching your videos since the beginning when u quit your job to get serious into this. Enjoyed your transparent view on mining. I just clicked subscribed finally :-)
Mike Centex (1 month ago)
Kudos on your first year. You’ve set many on a successful path in mining. Continued Integrity and honesty will insure your success in future endeavors. Miss Vosk and a great Doge don’t hurt either!!
keep up the good work, you've been a great source of inspiration to me
BUSINESS IDEAS (1 month ago)
Thanks bro i learned a lot from you. regards
Morten Woldmo (1 month ago)
Hi, im new to your channel and i have learned so much in the last 1 week going over your videos. im now working on my fierst rig. thx man
Dynamic Scorsazy (1 month ago)
Congrats Vosk and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Logan Mata (1 month ago)
Dude! 😭
Eren Kaslte (1 month ago)
Has anyone cracked the antminer t9 s9 firmware? Bitmain has made it so difficult to mod your miners frequency for efficiency its the new PlayStation of crypto mining..
Eren Kaslte (1 month ago)
has anybody cracked the antminer t9 s9 firmware
Shane Poon (1 month ago)
Can you talk about how you survived without a job and lived on your farm only. How you worked out what and how to sell to pay your bills and lively hood.
slimjim03 (1 month ago)
The content is most enjoyable and informative. You are adding new rigs, expanding the areas you have to work in. Why don't we hear more about the profitability of what you do?
dili7lawrd (1 month ago)
Vosk congratulations on your journey. Keep building!!! Quick question where do you get the tall stacked frame you keep the asics you had on the last video? Thanks bro
TGE79 (1 month ago)
22 trio? Dayyyyuummm, that's going hard in the paint
Thomas Brigham (1 month ago)
ZenCash Statement on Potential Equihash Algorithm Change - ZenCash https://blog.zencash.com/zencash-statement-on-potential-equihash-algorithm-change/
Adrian Bertram (1 month ago)
You can earn in HitBTC and this is the most important thing. Multiwallets and low fees speak volumes, huge amounts of coins and other tokens, all this is very cool.
Kiwi Pete (1 month ago)
Happy anniversary! I have been mining for about 3 months on 2 GTX10Ti's and 2 GTX 1080. Have played around with bots and enjoy hunting out new coins that have promise based on decent principles. Small amount of trading and over the last 10 days or so and have had a 300% return (shame it was only a few dollars lol!). Getting the mining to pay for the kit and electricity (which is really expensive here). Keep up the great work VoskCoin, Ms Vosk and Tails. I for one really enjoy your style and approach. Cheers!
lucas mccargar (1 month ago)
Zen cash announced there will be a hard fork !!!!
Mike Prince (1 month ago)
Vosk- I have a Story and some Questions for you. I bought a total of...* 51-1060s, *6-580s, *8-270s, and *2-1080s. *67 GPU's. Guess you would call it a mining farm haha. The cost was 10's of thousands, plus all the key equipment, plus all the cords and fans to complete the rigs. I have been running for about 3.5 months mostly Ethereum, Zcash, and just recently switched everything to ZenCoin because of one of your videos actually. I'm very impressed to tell you the trust. Especially, if you find the right pool. I would love to know your suggestion to overclocking my 1080's for Zen on the afterburner. Can you help?? Can i contact you?? I was very worried at first and needed help from a very good friend of mine who knows his stuff to get everything working correctly. Troubleshooting was a MOOD KILLER, as you well know. So finally after setting everything up and overclocking some to an extent, i was finally mining away at a good hashrate. Getting into mining was something i will never regret and will never stop doing. I'm currently looking to expand my operation and have investor take part in what we are doing. My investors want to buy rigs now that they have seen what i can make in just a few months hahahahah. $$$$$$ I still have a little ways to go before they are all paid off but what smart investment doesn't take time? Trading what you make really helps as well to make a faster ROI. There is so much money to be made in this space guys. I'm so glad that we have people like you VOSK that really care about the community and give us a honest opinions on the products that hit the market. Time is $$$$$. I'm Loving this Crypto!!! Hope you read this Vosk. Keeping making those videos and i will keep smashing that like button!!! Everyone else reading this, how about giving this video a THUMBS UP and definitely SUBRSCIBE to his channel. Thank Vosks
Greg OMeara (1 month ago)
Great video as always...forget the haters mate they are just jealous of how successful you are... Love your channel
Mr. SyCHoGaMeR (1 month ago)
you mentioned the 2 master node coins that you are mining. If one of them is Snowgem I am wondering what your 1070ti overclock settings are for SMOS. Currently I have a 7x 1070ti build mining it at 110 core 200 memory 125 power. I feel that there may be better settings and I know you mentioned using the 1070ti's to mine this algo before.
Cerrin Faccenda (1 month ago)
what's the min gb card I can use
Josh (1 month ago)
Thank you for your videos, I can't believe it has been a year. I am glad tails is getting better, Skippy still wants a date. What do you think of the new nvidia cards coming out?
Deny2 Des (1 month ago)
U just scared he'll of your dog!!
Felix Thecat (1 month ago)
do you mine ONT?
Peter Cheung (1 month ago)
Happy Anniversary man! Looking forward for the new projects and contents.
Cripto Mania Brasil (1 month ago)
Greetings from Brasil!! Good work man you inspire those who want to get into mining! Great story!
paperboy12346 (1 month ago)
"Explorer reporting."
Daniel Quimby (1 month ago)
God bless you, your family, business and YouTube channel. You go bro. I'm watching, learning and doing because of what you're sharing
Samuel Riley (1 month ago)
Your channel rocks Vosk! Keep the excellent crypto content coming!!! Would love to get your perspective on your favorite crypto exchanges! And the recent news of NY Stock Exchange plans to add crypto trading! The rest of 2018 is going to be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
Cinic LOD (1 month ago)
Hi, happy to hear you will return to roots, I am following from last year and apreciate your channel. Hope this grow and you have success with mining. Cheers.
Adam Brake (1 month ago)
From the beginning with a hart... awesome video... I want a do the same thing...
Leonardo Chen (1 month ago)
Someone needs to create an actual crypto named after voskcoin
robert dunlap (1 month ago)
I love these Rags to Rich’s Stories! Keep up the positive vibe!
Keep up the Goodwork bro, i've just bought D3 today
Bodie Robins (1 month ago)
I started getting into mining last January when we were at the peak of exuberance. It has gone down quite a bit since. I've stuck it out waiting for my ROI. I might build another rig if things pick up. So undecided if GPU mining will continue to be profitable. Glad to see the forks against asic. I used your build specs for 1070Ti.
chaostic84 (1 month ago)
Hey whats that thing on the wall there? where did you get that? i'd like to turn a wall of a mining shed i have into that lol
chaostic84 (1 month ago)
I must say, I miss the days when people were like "no equihash is to memory intensive they cant have asics" heh q=|
chaostic84 (1 month ago)
Straight up, Money wont buy my dog's life, protect the ones ya love over just a few bux and no sleep, mine like hell, im using zcash atm to pay for all my doggies vet bills which if you take good care of a dog, is not cheap what so ever not counting food is probably $1600ish/year
Gannon Trueman (1 month ago)
$VSC WHEN????? Great vids man, keep up the good work! EDIT: I typed the above comment before the end of the video, but now I can clearly tell that the "secret" IS A NEW CRYPTO CALLED VOSKCOIN!! I'll be mining this right away as soon as you release! :D
alvin trieu (1 month ago)
PoW is dying and moving towards PoS and Masternodes. Something to consider.
The Real Deal (1 month ago)
alvin trieu you’re not very well educated in this area are you? Why just blurt out complete bullshit? You have no idea what your talking about. POS...ya mean like pay $1m dollars to stake ETH. Where your entire principal is at risk and they pay you “ 0-5%” non guaranteed return on that money?!?!?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah genius, tell us more about POS replacing POW. Idiot.
belmo831 (1 month ago)
Hey man i have a solution that may help with your cooling . Look into doing venturi cooling .
MLSPCHBJ2013 (1 month ago)
Dude thanks so much.... stick it to the man and keep pumping the video. Tampa FL ...you have did it!
AKS MINER (1 month ago)
Nice ,keep it Up
Theodor Ghannam (1 month ago)
I'll fall on my GPU for GPU mining. Keep it up vosk! always enjoying watching your videos. I would love to see a Series of single GPU's with Mining hash rates of varying cards including older ones. Sonoftech is currently beating you on that front!
Jordan Szott (1 month ago)
Keep up the awesome content! Your work is appreciated!!
Tom Ace (1 month ago)
How much have you made ?
Václav Vichta (1 month ago)
Hi Vosk,what will happen when bitcoinz forks,Will there be new coin,or it will be some kind of soft fork? Thanks And good luck.
kins888 (1 month ago)
Yo Vosk. Congrats on your crypto anniversary - you've had quite the journey. Have to say your channel has been has been really helpful for me. I've been into crypto from the back end of last year when i built a gaming pc and got curious. This week I've just finished my first 6x mining rig so im currently rocking 7x EVGA sc2 1080ti cards and 1x EVGA SC 1080. Keeping it simple on win 10 using nicehash for now. I'm in the UK so power isnt the cheapest but still paying back the hardware so life's good. Much love for your channel especially Tails. Keep up the good work and hopefully in 12 months you'll have expanded exponentially. PS I will keep an eye out for the new website and forum sounds ace.
Sean Hannold (1 month ago)
I've unsubbed from several crypto channels but you remain at the top. Wish prices were better on GPUs.
Lester Tiro (1 month ago)
Cool video. I use to mine with a few old Butterfly Labs asic and bitmain asic btc miner 4 years ago... your videos got me back into mining with GPUs. Keep it up.
Kishin Oshikawa (1 month ago)
Great video glad your gonna be getting back to what you enjoy doing love the channel keep it going man 😀😀😀
kevinsmak (1 month ago)
What do you use to stay organized? All those different videos coming out my head would spin heh
Jason Bowlin (1 month ago)
Ive been watching your channel well almost from the beginning, i mine with asics, i want to add some GPU mining but i just dont understand it, with asics its pretty simple, it just looks lol complicated, can you do a GPU install and explain everything you do even the computer part BARNEY style? thanks VoskCoin
Rich K (1 month ago)
Why the hate? He could have not told us about increasing profits on equihash (and/or the ASICs threat) and kept it to himself and let you DYOR. Be grateful for the free knowledge that busy people (like myself) don't have time to keep up with.
Vertigo101 (1 month ago)
I make $320 monthly but in 3.5k debt. Hopefully pays off
VoskCoin (1 month ago)
thank you my friend :D
Schwartzbacca (1 month ago)
Boom!! All love & respect to you fam, only changes Ive seen on this channel has been for the better, huge high fives all around.
wOrDo (1 month ago)
I started mining in Jan 2018 and your videos were a big help. I'm up to 3 rigs now with a total of 8 x 1080 Tis 3 x 1080s and 1 x 1060. Thanks for all the help and keep up the great work.
DaveTech CA (1 month ago)
PS best to ignore the ignorant comments. Keep up the good vids man! Btw I can spend my dogecoin at coincards.ca ya they accept it!!
YoungMoneyNL (1 month ago)
Dad: I don't have a farm so i call mine a garden! Hahaha gold!
DaveTech CA (1 month ago)
Exact same for me. Great channel helped inspire me to get into it for same reasons. YouTube? I figured a few people would watch. Crazy how many people are interested so why not share the knowledge and experience;)
Zhuyong Yang (1 month ago)
Good job. Hope all well in the coming year.Looking forward your new studio.
daro 6666 (1 month ago)
Sold my 6x1080ti 6x 1070ti 6xrx580 a month ago . Invested on zilliqa and already 130 % profit . Still going up !!!
ken kalonia (1 month ago)
Hey.i need help...when i start mining with my 4 gtx 1080ti after 5 mints of zcash mining i got blue screen of death saying nvlddmkm.sys fail.Any help will be much appreciated
Ben Misrahi (1 month ago)
Been watching your channel since jan/feb, you're an inspiration. I've started my own mining operation and when I've had doubts I looked to how far you've gone and knew if I stick at it I'll get there in the end. Keep up the great work! From the UK and hoping to develop towards sustainable mining with solar/wind
Neata Costin (1 month ago)
Nice video. Your work is amazing. Keep this channel... is great. Thank you so much. Bye:)
r p (1 month ago)
Forget all this crap. I want to see you drop a twin turbo LS1 in that car you used to have in the garage. That would give you some fresh material.
r p (1 month ago)
Make a new channel about dropping in that motor.
Cryptoxic Gaming (1 month ago)
Maude Potvin (1 month ago)
Me and my GF are at 1 year too of mining. We started with 2 old gtx660. We are now at 140 gpu in a dedicated local. We are all with you Vosk ! Dont give up :)
Zak Dietzen (1 month ago)
Your journey inspired my journey! So I want to say thank you!
Grant Myburgh (1 month ago)
I've been with the channel from the early days. Wanted to share something cool with the "wolf pack" today, on discord, and got kicked. Thanks guys!
Daniel Greco (1 month ago)
Great man
Ivars K (1 month ago)
Nice job within a year!
Colt Glass (1 month ago)
Thanks again Vosk! great info.
Honest Metal Detecting (1 month ago)
I've only been mining for a few months but your videos have helped a lot. I'm running 5 cards right now and always looking to add more when i have spare cash for more cards. Keep up the videos and glad to hear tails is doing better.
Brad Cahoon (1 month ago)
I watch every one of your videos. It like a TV show. :) Keep up the content. As a newer farmer in the game, how do you get your wife to buy in? Mine asked how the GPUs keep having babies as the pile of boxes keep getting higher. Keep up the great work. Tails looks great. Be well!!!
mrour canada (1 month ago)
Congratulations on the year on YouTube keep up the good work look forward to seeing the different projects you’re going to do
Chaotic Miner (1 month ago)
Grats on one year! Love your channel... and Tails. =)
Grilling WithGuns (1 month ago)
don't worry man, you are killing it. keep doing what you do
Michael Slater-Jones (1 month ago)
One of the best, if not the best Crypto Mining channel. I've only been mining since the end of Feb, when I saw a vid on how to breath new life into an old PC. Took an old server, put on an RX580 and mined ETH. It proved it could be a worthwhile way of getting some serious income. Fast forward three months, and thanks to Voskcoin, we now have two 7 card rigs in our workshop with a mix of Nividia and AMD mining all sorts of coins. We tend to monitor the market once or twice a week, and have got really good at switching algo's when its needed. They are making roughly $50 per card per month at the moment. We are in the very lucky position that we are going to be able to massively enlarge our Mining Farm soon with a purpose built cabin to the rear of our house with the aim of bringing in at least $150 per day. We're also quite lucky that we installed Solar Panels on our house 6 years ago which reduces our electricity bill by 30% annually. Sure I'm concerned that the rise of the ASIC's could have derailed our plans, but there are enough coins and algo's out there, that we are remaining bullish about the future. Looking forward to seeing how your Mining Farm develops over the coming year.
Der Kong (1 month ago)
VoskCoin Rocks, Got me into mining, five rigs, 25 1070ti cards, Hopefully I break even soon! LOL
J C (1 month ago)
And now you're broke
sergey vasilyev jr (1 month ago)
Keep doing what you are doing, this is a great channel
Larry Johnson (1 month ago)
I've enjoyed watching your channel. Thank you

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