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Lava from Hawaii volcano reaches the edge of a power plant

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FNC’s Jeff Paul on the problems that could occur if lava from the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano reaches a power plant facility.
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OMRFV (19 days ago)
Please help John and Meeling, they have 10 children and lost their home and jobs because they worked for the Leilani community. please help spread this link, we will make the world better. Follow the help link: https://www.gofundme.com/john-moylan-family
Buddy9040 (24 days ago)
Putin TheGreatOne (25 days ago)
Did the lava reach the plant?
Emma Creek (25 days ago)
Everything still open here, the island is barely affected, at least that is until it's not but come here anyway and spend all your money. If the island blows up when you dye it doesn't matter as long as you spent your last dollar that you could possibly spend on this earth right here in Hawaii.
Diane marie (27 days ago)
So far so good geo thermal plant has been spared!! good news!!!! so far
alphasxsignal (27 days ago)
I will never go there.
ForceOfWizardry (27 days ago)
beautiful! wish I was there
Diane marie (27 days ago)
Victoria Faithful (27 days ago)
They done lost their mind when they asked us to come over there!!
Pete's Power (27 days ago)
The floor is lava!
Emmanuel Puente (27 days ago)
burn baby burn disco inferno
rush022 (27 days ago)
Was that plant doing any illegal digging or fracking? I hear from the Hawaiian’s that they where. They had to rent equipment. They cold not get these equipments( drill rigs) on Island. Keep in my people this is all hear say. Just me stirring the pot.
Truth Reigns (27 days ago)
Yes they were fracking.
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
You, not making any fucking sense.
Francisco Ramos (27 days ago)
Its all good ... we are still open for business ....
Anna Marcalleti (27 days ago)
Miss Judacia (27 days ago)
Yet again thI authorities never learn. You cannot build geothermal and radioactive plants as they will harm the environment and people when there’s natural disasters,which on Hawaii will always occur
HM2 [live] (23 days ago)
You're right. It's always interesting to watch humans make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again.
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
Does ANYONE, other than Miss Judy, what the ramifications would be if a volcano swallowed a Nuclear Power Plant? You need heat for geothermal to generate steam you dumb ass. Pretty dumb and uninformed post in general.
Jikook Harling (27 days ago)
Miss Judacia Not many people know to think long term. Most people think with quick cash grabs.
D Cotton (27 days ago)
Back in the day tourists would love to see this amazing happening. Jewelry was made out of Pele's Tears and Aloha shirts were made with black rimmed lava in the incredible colors of the eruptions. Fantastic media coverage. i understand that from the top of Diamond Head on Oahu a orange glow can be seen.
D Cotton (27 days ago)
I meant one can see the glow, not the island. Try it, I may be ignorant indeed, but I do not swear in print on utube.
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
Bull shit, you can not even see the Big Island from the rim or Diamond Head, let alone Kilauea which is on the other side opposite side of Hawaii.....what an ignorant post.
Luna Amore (27 days ago)
Hey guys I hate to say it but I think it's going to hit the power plant. Hope I'm wrong.
Claire Moon (27 days ago)
Everyone please be careful, heed the warnings...things can be replaced! One day we will no longer have natural disasters on our beautiful planet... Psalms 37:29 "The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it." And the "earth abidth forever" Ecclesiastes 1:4 1 Reply
matt jones (28 days ago)
I hope the entire island is completely destroyed n it's racist people, spam eating mfkrs, it's called KARMA
Dolfin Love (28 days ago)
Where is superpower??
Emmanuel David (6 days ago)
Jesus Christ offers Salvation to everyone who turns to Him, hell is hotter and scary compared to this: God's desire is that everyone should be Saved. As long you are still breathing you have an opportunity to call on the Name of Jesus Christ and you will be Saved. Jesus Christ Loves you so much. May God deliver the people affected by Lava In Jesus Christ Name.
Roger Waters (28 days ago)
what else is new another disaster like trump
Roger Waters (27 days ago)
jew asshole
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
FUCK YOU roger waters, you Maxine Waters husband or son, POS.
martin joseph (27 days ago)
build a wall
SMOKEIN RAYS (28 days ago)
Chuck Towers (28 days ago)
Still talking about money being lost...
TheIxtlan (28 days ago)
It's End Times. The bible says there be earthquakes and volcanos erupting.
Snotnose Tom (22 days ago)
That was a sarcastic from me , dumb ass.
HM2 [live] (23 days ago)
Snotnose Tom do some research. Volcanos have been erupting this year already, and last year. And the year before that. And the few years before that.
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
Where the fuck does it say that? Volcanoes erupting..... YOU ARE FAKE NEWS.
Snotnose Tom (27 days ago)
And this the first volcano eruption since 2560 B.C.
Mike Turco (28 days ago)
Only 50 percent canceled who knows what might happen? Better safe than sorry.
Diane marie (28 days ago)
No one really knows where the pressure is and how powerful it could get!!!!
Diane marie (28 days ago)
This is not beautiful event its a life threat.. Liquid ash cement in the lungs and the vog and glass and acid toxic AIR!!! Leave now!!!!!!!!!!!
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
You describing Los Angeles? That is a very ugly place, full of liberal jack asses, smokers, cement, concrete, acid toxic air.
Diane marie (28 days ago)
NO ONE has any clue about how much %% of gas could explode after hitting geothermal area!!
_Aka Amy_. (27 days ago)
alphasxsignal ,,,,,,no not that serious bro
alphasxsignal (27 days ago)
The whole place is going to blow when it hits the plant and all power will go out.
_Aka Amy_. (27 days ago)
Wow stop panicking you weirdo
Diane marie (28 days ago)
Stupidity by staying and then crying for help when they get stranded.. That monster volcano small rock bombs will shoot straight thru your house roof !! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
Diane marie (28 days ago)
Those residents NEED to EVACUATE and STOP putting other LIVES in DANGER !!!
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
These non-evacuees are low life hippies who thought they could buy cheap Hawaiian real estate on a known lava area and live the good life on the cheap.
Thomas Lightningbolt (28 days ago)
They are sucking Pele of her energy? Geothermal? She is going to swallow that geothermal plant! PAYBACK! Poetic Justice!!!!!!
Christ’s Warrior (28 days ago)
They are such Liars smh nothing beautiful about what’s going on
Victoria Faithful (26 days ago)
Servant of Christ it sure ain't!!
Larry Hauser (28 days ago)
Might be time to see if they can afford a house on the mainland.
rush022 (27 days ago)
Larry Hauser most of then that where hit are from the Mainland. Sad I hope everyone is ok. Goddess!
Christina B. (28 days ago)
Lucky the lava hasn’t melt like snow and ice or they’ll have another hot mess.
Bond James Bond (28 days ago)
Who builds a geothermal power plant on top of a volcano? So called genius smh
Bond James Bond (27 days ago)
Stop taking about yourself like that. You are worth more burger flipper. smh
reality check (27 days ago)
Rothschild's own the geothermal plant. That sums it all up.
Polar Bear (27 days ago)
I'm really not going to discuss this with some burger flipper who couldn't even manage GED.
Bond James Bond (27 days ago)
You're the idiot who believes its ok to build a power plant on top of a volcano. I'm sure if they knew back then what they can see before their eyes would have given them second thoughts. HALFDIP SHYT
Polar Bear (27 days ago)
that's where you build them you halfwit. GEO - earth, THERMAL - temperature, heat.
Mark S (28 days ago)
Geologists and geophysicists hate shaving. They all have this unkept Marxist look.
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
They are low life hippies with bull shit degrees hanging onto bullshit jobs paid for by the tax payers
N8 THE GR8 (27 days ago)
Dana May its all personal preference
AldoRey (28 days ago)
That guy's just a straight pot smoking hippy
Trent SC (28 days ago)
Jesus had a beard. It's a power display, Some people don't like empowered men.
Dana May (28 days ago)
Mark S men are so much more attractive when they shave.
Alan G (28 days ago)
Scary stuff
Mark S (28 days ago)
Remember, Hawaii exists because of this activity. This is how the islands were formed and how they continue to grow.
Bond James Bond (28 days ago)
If this goes on long enough, it could trigger a massive "land slip" into the ocean which would produce a doomsday MEGA TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waves hundreds of feet high traveling in all directions. Very scary stuff :(
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
martin joseph (27 days ago)
zombies are attacking us
Polar Bear (27 days ago)
Bond James Bond - that's what uneducated dimwits are made of...
Polar Bear (27 days ago)
go ahead and open map of seafloor around hawaii and find a single spot that's deeper than everest's height
_Aka Amy_. (27 days ago)
Bond James Bond shuttup 😡
BrianSkytracker (28 days ago)
1:17 Ok, so the big day comes in your career and you could not clean up just a little?
Snotnose Tom (27 days ago)
Looks like a liberal freak
Michael Nelson (28 days ago)
Dana May (28 days ago)
Makes one wonder if this is God's doing as a end of times event.
Robbie Sharp (26 days ago)
Dana May it makes me wonder. Could be a sign.
curtismyname Heard (26 days ago)
TheIxtlan yup u said it
curtismyname Heard (26 days ago)
Dana May I agree.. I also believe by the u.s putting the u.s embassy in Jerusalem I think there is consequences to that
Victoria Faithful (27 days ago)
Dana May thank God it's just that you were taught differently then what was the truth about God and that happens to the best of us but God will do things Supernatural in your life to let you know it's him and he's real!!
Victoria Faithful (27 days ago)
Mark S it's a lot of confusion stuff out here and sometimes we get off track and then we get mad at God and really hurt ourselves!! We feel the way lot felt when he was living inside the bank Roy Moore and it said that lot was tormented by the things he was seeing and hearing around and Solomon and Gomorrah!! that is how we feel because this is like worse than Sodom and Gomorrah but we have to get to know God personally and talk to him and tell him your problems and then trust him he will comfort you and everything!! We are watching the sides and Jesus said when all these things begin to happen look up for your Redemption draws nigh!!
Cam M (28 days ago)
These people haven't a clue.
Thomas Lightningbolt (28 days ago)
apathy and ignorance is expensive! : )
Deana Stroud (28 days ago)
I pray everyone and all animals get out alive. Please Lord. ❤
martin joseph (27 days ago)
zombies are coming
Alien (27 days ago)
That's some dark age mentality you have there, No whole powerful being is floating above the Earth and Preying will do nothing.
AldoRey (28 days ago)
The lava is moving at 1 meter/hour, ants could literally outrun it.
Looks like Gods Angry :(
Larry Hauser (28 days ago)
Deana Stroud I agree with you
Carver Jordan (28 days ago)
Lol, how do Hawaiians not plan on lava flow?
Marty McSuperFly! (28 days ago)
The USGS people have committed to "going down with the ship", so to speak, if need be... correct? Can we get the OWNERS of PGV to monitor the situation on site? That would be great!
MagicSteel1 (28 days ago)
So...geothermal plant can't handle the soup eh? lol
Relentless Ones (28 days ago)
MagicSteel1 you must be Canadian eh?
Ray Her (28 days ago)
no ice in paradise. .
Ray Her (28 days ago)
It will dangerous if lava hits the power plant
_Aka Amy_. (27 days ago)
YoYO Semite lol why you so mean :(
YoYO Semite (27 days ago)
Thanks captain obvious

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