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MyEtherWallet / MyCrypto Split & Drama

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MyEtherWallet has had a dramatic split into MyCrypto with the co-founder and team jumping ship to create a similar but alternative project. Lots of unanswered questions abound as the drama unfolds. Articles https://medium.com/mycrypto/mycrypto-launch-6a066bf41093 https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/7wgnds/official_myetherwallet_statement/ Get a great range of the hottest coins on Binance! https://www.binance.com/register.html?ref=10192350 Secure your coins with a hardware wallet! Get the Ledger Nano S https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/6877 Get 3% off on Genesis Mining - nBiS6j Mine Bitcoin on Hashflare https://hashflare.io/r/4B0EA9A Join the Discussion on Telegram - https://t.me/thecryptolark Check it out on https://steemit.com/@larksongbird Stay up to date with the latest news https://twitter.com/TheCryptoLark Follow me on https://www.facebook.com/TheCryptoLark/ Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice - please do your own research before risking your own money! Thanks for watching! Please like, subscribe, and share if you found this useful! Questions or comments please e-mail [email protected]
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Text Comments (143)
Bitcoin (6 months ago)
i'll use mycrypto, simply because it have brighter future
Thomas Elliott (6 months ago)
Thanks, you spared me much headache. Who needs crooks. Just imagine the karma they incur with the black magic community. Cancer, blood pressure, diabetes to mention a few. Plus bad luck. This day and age it is best to be pure. You are such a gentleman and will be back.
TrouserSnake (6 months ago)
Had several failed transactions on MEW for some stupid reason costing me $20 gas, went to MyCrypto and everything worked flawlessly, Im a fan now.
The Crypto Lark (6 months ago)
Crickey!!!! Crazy gas prices, remember you can always adjust it manually
Scott Lee (6 months ago)
Great detective work.  Great explanation.  Mahalo.
Gee Dee (7 months ago)
Dont be offended. but when I first saw you, I thought it was Ron Jeremy gimmick on vids of crypto. Wasn't sure if it was legit. After watching you, your insight and information is top notch. Excellent work!!
Evan Makooi (7 months ago)
Crypto Lark, Which one will you be using going forward?
Paul D (7 months ago)
MEW sounds so much better than My Crypto though, shame they couldn't have gone the other way
Crypto (7 months ago)
MEW is just an "ATM", go use another "ATM" , e.g MyCrypto.
Zycho (7 months ago)
Oh god... you didnt convert to islam did you?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Just wearing a hat my man
Michael Juri (7 months ago)
Long live block chain brother!!
ameen abadiga (7 months ago)
you are one of the best in crypto infos. and I have seen your globate ico video and manage to buy some token and this mew video is something new and a bit scary. anyways keep up your wonderful and informative job. thank u
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Thank you!
dmari b (7 months ago)
What's that on your head? 😁
Clark Abbott (7 months ago)
My kryto has proven to be untrustworthy
Clark Abbott (7 months ago)
more crap that makes me feel like leaving kryto, it's just a bounch of scammers. there is no trust in this kryto world. people are just waiting to rip everyone off, either through ICO scams or hacks. These hacks are happening too much. I've never had a single stock stolen from any of my stock accounts??? Think about it, the best softwre can't stop hackers, then that is sad. Get the hacks fixed, or the real money won't come into the market.
Gbenga Alabi (7 months ago)
I think you are jumping to a lot of conclusions here. Kosala started MEW and brought in Taylor to help with the business end of things. Why would he suddenly stop contributing?? Red flags! Taylor and her husband now decided for a hostile takeover because of irreconcilable differences. Nothing wrong in going Ur own way but this is exactly how not to do it. I bet kosala's lawyers can't wait to pounce!
Jnana Myotherapy (7 months ago)
Keep on mind also, that MyEtherWallet LLC was dissolved on December 29, 2017
John Yap (7 months ago)
mycrypto website seems better and easier to understand. Other than that, it seems everything is working the same~
Jessica Allen (7 months ago)
Youre awesome Crypto Lark...you represent New Zealand well.
David Barkowitz (7 months ago)
Oh hi Ron Jeremy you sly dog you.
Marek Novak (7 months ago)
Depends on HW wallet support, currently MEW it is ;)
Particle Config. (7 months ago)
Hey, my Trezor device now generates public keys and none of them are my native where I have all funds on.  What does this mean? Are they loko? did the murther party fuck up?
HardyFilms (7 months ago)
Speaking of Wallets and Scams, I can find no bigger scam than Bitpay's wallet. A few months ago, I transferred some money to a new Bitpay Wallet only to later find out that Bitpay wouldn't allow me to transfer less than $100 out, because of the dramatically higher fees the miner's were charging. Before realizing this, and after moving some funds around, I ended up with less than $100 stuck in Bitpay, so I thought no problem, I'll just use their new Shapeshift conversion feature, to turn my Bitcoins into Bitcoin Cash, and that way I can get out my money, since the BCH fees are minimal. BIG PROBLEM .... YOU CAN'T SEND BITCOIN CASH FROM A BITPAY WALLET FOLKS. You can only transfer out Bitcoins. So what's the point of offering Shapeshift in the firsts place, if you can't utilize the cheaper transfer option? The reason is obvious, it's a scam designed to make you believe you have options, when you really have ZERO with BitPay. I tried performing a search of this issue all OVER the Internet, and found zero discussion about this scam. The only people making money using the Bitpay Wallet are the miners. It's the worst option for a wallet I can possibly imagine. Stay FAR FAR away from Bitpay.
Chuck A (7 months ago)
Taylor stealing the twitter account is such a punk move that I will NEVER support the MyCrypto project. If she and other members didn't like the current situation they could have bought Kosala out and ran MyEtherWallet as they see fit. Instead they think theft is the better option. Good luck explaining that in court. U'll notice that when Kosala did work on the project the last 6 months it was fixing Taylor's coding f#%kups. I'll be sticking with MyEtherWallet.
Leeroy K (7 months ago)
"coding" wtf did she even code, this bitch dissolved mew llc to basically kill the project and in the medium article she "wishes the best" for MEW. Also it was kvhnuke who started mew she came in later and was there for social media presence and support.
Free Donuts (7 months ago)
Why did she steal the twitter handle? and pretend like all of these people were following the account because of her?
Ivason Galloway (7 months ago)
If the court case against Taylor was filed since December, it is surprising she waited so long to jump ship lol
Haruspex (7 months ago)
Can this news affect crypto stored on hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano or Trezor? And if so how?
Anthony Zamore (7 months ago)
Hey lark, don’t understand why security would be a concern. Myetherwallet does not own users private keys
Junk Man (7 months ago)
Between Kucoin, Binance, myetherwallet and many other past problems, it's clear we're still in the beginning stages of crypto development. Growing pains I suppose. Thanks for the information and assessment on myether.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
True, long way to go still !
Neshio OW (7 months ago)
Soon we will have the Ethos Universal Wallet as the safest wallet, no need for either of these!
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Looking forward to that !
Oli Moly (7 months ago)
Watching the news to take further decision...happy to know my coins safe, wherever ! Thanks again for your humour and pertinence ! :) <3
Dr. Williams (7 months ago)
Guess I`ll use a paper-wallet. I don`t like what happend. And this shit can happen with every wallet.
moop (7 months ago)
Thank you for researching their commits on Github.
Gregory Chemin (7 months ago)
What's about Ledger ? interconnecting with that site ... >
CryptoBasement (7 months ago)
Gregory Chemin I'm curious about this too
zzzh (7 months ago)
I dont understand.. Should I send my coins from MEW to MyCrypto? Or I can get access to them on MyCrypto with MEW private key and password?
zzzh (7 months ago)
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
remember these are just web based portals to let you access your blockchain based account
zzzh (7 months ago)
UTC file or so
zzzh (7 months ago)
There is a key that decrypt your wallet, i save it on USB!
Office Outlet (7 months ago)
Edit: Sorry, I can see that both websites work with my Ledger. Doesn't matter which one you decide to use. Lark, should we be concerned that MEW will shut down? You think it should be OK to have funds on there for now?
Office Outlet (7 months ago)
I see! Can access them on both. Thanks Jimmy.
Jimmy Chopa (7 months ago)
You've got this whole thing wrong. MyEtherWallet does not save your private keys. You get to download them and keep em for yourself. Please DYOR.
Myetherwallet or mycrypto are the same ,,,Your tokens are stored in your private key.
Moon Man (7 months ago)
I think it's cool to make your own thing if that's what you want to do, but taking the twitter handle is pretty sketchy imo lol.. I was like who the hell is this i'm following when i went on twitter this morning lol... Great vid Lark, Glad to see you getting more subs and growing ;)
Viktor Fedotov (7 months ago)
One old friend, is better then the two, new ones! I will stay with MEW.
Dry Dessert (7 months ago)
one more reason to use a hardware wallet
Jay P (7 months ago)
Lessons: Don't use MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet, seems to be run by a bunch of children who can't agree with each other. A venture capitalist like YC would stay away from this garbage. Wallets are pretty low hanging fruit, I suggest using a different wallet (there are probably thousands) until this bullshit gets cleared.
Julian (7 months ago)
thanks for the update!
Nick Mercado (7 months ago)
I love your insight lark...a bunch of my buddies and I are planning on celebrating 2019 nye in zug. Hope to see ya there. HMU if youre game. Cheers from beervana oregon!
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
That would be cool! Probably going to be in Sunny NZ, but who knows !
prazertv (7 months ago)
What other wallet options are there that are compatible with Nano Ledger? I'd like to investigate each one fully.
prazertv (7 months ago)
The Crypto Lark, I've heard that MIST has had some issues in the past. Do you know if those issues have been worked out?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Pretty sure MIST is
prazertv (7 months ago)
Definitely not using mycrypto. Will have to find a better option. Personally, I'm waiting for Ethereum Blue to release their wallet. I believe that it will be superior to both MEW and MyCrypto.
Nikolai (7 months ago)
I have a hardware wallet myself, and idc about how much work Taylor did or how much of the team she brought over, but if you guys want to insert your JSON files, private keys, encrypted passwords, etc. into a site that conducts themselves like Mycrypto, then go ahead. If this whole story is true, then why would Taylor do something as sketchy as to hijack the MEW twitter? For "personal use" and "relationships"? Really guys? Think for 2 seconds. 78k people didn't subscribe to Taylor or Mycrypto, they subbed to MEW. Taylor or Mycrypto didn't get verified by twitter, MEW did. If they're not happy with with the state and direction of MEW and want to split, then why not just start their own twitter? Personal use and relationships, I mean really?? That is so unbelievably unprofessional not to mention unethical. Also not 100% sure how credible Virus Total is, but it's worth noting that they have Mycrypto marked as a "phishing" site by 3 different entities, and "suspicious" by 1 other. Here is the link: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/420d7e7e680ed367bb64c679f6d8c08fe463c8db3f577c177567ef0bf2ba8368/detection No one can know for sure what really went down, and who knows maybe kvhnuke was the lazy jerk here, but it shouldn't matter regardless because that is NO EXCUSE to completely hijack a verified twitter with such a large following like that. Does no one see how much this hurts the credibility, reputation, and trust of the crypto space, especially when there's so many scams already going around? The whole situation is absolutely unprofessional, disgusting, and a blatant disregard and disrespect to the community in my opinion, and it's even more disappointing that reputable people in the space are justifying these actions. Regardless of the team, github commits, better products, it doesn't matter....this makes the entire space look so untrustworthy and amateur, and there's people out there actually defending it...smh.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Appreciate you taking the time to post! Good for people to get as much info and points of view as possible
Nikolai (7 months ago)
edited my post a bit to add a link for reference and be a little easier, more understanding, and respecting of your perspective @The Crypto Lark because I always genuinely value your input...just trying to paint the whole picture. I personally won't be touching people who conduct themselves like that with a 10 ft pole.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
The Twitter thing was not a good move, would have been so easy to build a new community
Muzicboy3 (7 months ago)
That was unprofessional by mycrypto ... I feel like that was a emotional move... females are super emotional and I feel like she displayed her female nature doing that ... not sayin she couldn’t leave but the approach tho
Daniel Walsh (7 months ago)
What a daft comment...
MRFAKEMOVIE (7 months ago)
Muzicboy3 female nature, lol are you a psych?
Chris (7 months ago)
You're the man Cryptolark 👍👍👍. Thanks for the mention. Thanks for your videos. Love your work ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Cheers Cris !
Omega Point Singularity (7 months ago)
Obviously if the entire team changes over ill follow the team. Its not a question.
Leeroy K (7 months ago)
the team came in when mew was already up and running and they needed more support. kvhnuke is the original developer of mew. And the bitch called taylor backstabbed him.
Michael Grey (7 months ago)
Nobody told me there’d be days like these, strange days indeed, quite peculiar Lark.
Bodie Robins (7 months ago)
I didn't find MEW to be that user friendly. I'll stick with my Eidoo wallet. Easy to understand beautiful layout....
FutureTomorrow (6 months ago)
I don't find Eidoo to be user friendly at all and I'm a Sr. UX Designer. Professionally, I get paid for finding issues in application user flows and creating fixes for them. 1. No instructions in app or on the site as to how to get the list from coinmarketcap visually represented. 2. No copy for the receiving address? How did you get your ETH into the app? It's a standard UI pattern across almost all desktop and mobile solutions to have a "copy address" text or icon for accomplishing that task. 3. Trust Wallet, one of many wallets I own, adds the ERC's exactly like it should. It makes it clear that it's added "automagically" or that you can do it manually and the interface is exactly like adding tokens to metamask so the experience translates well from others tools to this tool. 4. While I understand that English may not be the developer's main language, to avoid user confusion he needs to audit the copy on his website and especially the app. Look the depth of the team and then look at the site language again. 5. Do you know why most of the Eidoo team actually has no record of ever working at Eidoo? Most of the team belongs to a company called Etnograph, which was co-founded by their UX architect? Some people like the CTO is also a developer? That's maybe not abnormal but what is is why he has two profiles spaces to make their team seem deeper than it really is? 6. I personally don't believe a UX designer or UI designer worth their salt worked on this app. Etnograph is listed as a partner, yet Eidoo took every profile from under that partner bucket (just logos mind you) and blew it out into their team section. There's a few problems with that and it seems like this company may have some ethical issues.
MrMJD81 (7 months ago)
I love Eidoo but they are different categories of product if you compared to mew
zafar khan (7 months ago)
Can you do a video on better and more secure alternatives to both mew and mycrypto ?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
true, it is super user friendly, I hope that mycrypto can make the user interface better
Monster Vodka (7 months ago)
I hit the like button ONLY because you have a kick-ass hat.
MrHarrilasagna (7 months ago)
My thoughts exactly. Certain things I won't budge on no matter how much gains I know I can make on moral principles. But, I have to attachment to these sites or exchanges for that matter. Whoever delivers the best product is who I'm naturally going to use.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Raza Daza (7 months ago)
I'm only concern about where I will register my Eos private keys when the time comes.. was going get my meta mask to talk to MEW, but now, I'm stuck.. don't know a whole lot about these two regardless...
marksb82 (7 months ago)
Very interesting
Chris Decastro (7 months ago)
Hello mustache brother
Robert S (7 months ago)
She should have made some kind of announcement before just stealing the Twitter account and changing it to the name she wanted. That was bs. I know she worked her butt off on MEW tickets and all but still.
Hiroshi Rana (7 months ago)
Lark. Good points. I was not looking at the side of whole team leaving myetherwallet. Other ppl are reassuring that myethrwallet is safe but after your points at the situation really one should think. Thats all good but why you guys do not share a solution also. You pointed out really something to think about but why dont you guys go further and suggest alternative solutions. You can say that we can use metamask or other erc20 wallet extensions or desktop software. Not everybody has got access to hardware wallets. And I wonder why Exodus can't add support for erc20 tokens!!!
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Exodus is working on it for their beta, and are working on hardware wallet integration
Kevin Brink (7 months ago)
wow, Master Lark, thanks for the info. So much ridiculous drama in cryptoland. I will likely move all I can out to Exodus but there are coins that will be stuck, I think, for the time being. Just another illustration about how "wild west" crypto remains if a spat between two people can have such an impact on the savings and investments of many people. Hmm, "decentralization" maybe not really is such.
Kevin Brink (7 months ago)
display? Can metamask be used with a hardware wallet like mew can?
delatroy (7 months ago)
Kevin Brink you can display erc20 tokens in metamask. Why else would you want mew?
D. Norbut (7 months ago)
*patiently waiting for the Ethos universal wallet* 🤓 Thanks for the great info! We can always count on you, Lark. 👍👍
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Drew (7 months ago)
Thanks Lark you the man keeping us up to date with the latest....and we all appreciate it
dave (7 months ago)
You rock Lark!!
James Cho (7 months ago)
Love that hat Lark!
c l (7 months ago)
Time to move tokens to Blue Wallet. They're easier to use and more secure. $BLUE is epic tech. they found a critical flaw in the Jaxx wallet, found the central locking sketchy feature in TRON, and were the ones to discover the Etherdelta Hack.  and if BLUE’s tech was around at that time, they could’ve blacklisted the scammer’s address so not nearly as many people would have been screwed.
Jay Jay (7 months ago)
All this news sucks a lot . Can't wait pillar wallet to fixes all this kind of bullshit ( ico and wallet fail )
DIELAN (7 months ago)
After seeing this , I think I'm going to MyCrypto.
rekeybobby (7 months ago)
let someone create a great or above average wallet for ethereum/erc20 tokens and mew and mycrypto both will after thoughts imo
OldPa Sink (7 months ago)
Very interesting. Based on your reporting, it sounds like MEW will die a slow death...as soon as Trezor moves over to MyCrypto.com
Philip Maxim (7 months ago)
What about The Kucoin Exchange? I've had problems logging in all day. So have other people.
Philip Maxim (7 months ago)
Yeah TNC will not transfer to the NEON wallet yet, however RPX (Red Pulse) transfers ARE working :-) I really can't wait for the Ethos Universal Wallet to come out...
Philip Maxim (7 months ago)
Figured it out for those who are curious here. It was or still is down only for people in the US who speak English. They cant access the site because of en_US.json. To get around it, one has to change their Browser language to anything but US English. Once the language has been changed just restart the browser and access Kucoin.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Hmm interesting, I tried to log in and had no problems
MrIzmirli35 (7 months ago)
How could we know if we are safe? What will happen with ERC20 Token?
Joe smith (7 months ago)
You know what ? This shit all pisses me the consumer, holder,investor in cryptos right off !! I'm fuckin sick of this kinda shit in cryptos ...wallets are a hot topic ,security is severely lacking , now cry babies whining about this or that lazy idiots riding the wave ....how is crypto ever going to be taken serious or mass adopted when idiots do stuff like this as well I'm losing patience with the constant rapid changing sphere in crypto , this is safe now it's not update this or that 1:1 swaps for this or that token ...just complete chaos ....I hold wabi,qsp,eng,bar,all erc20 tokens on mew ....now what where do I put these ? I'm friken pissed!! Let's find a safe solid place a wallet we can all depend on that's safe and sound!! Get your shit together guys !! im ready to dump all of my Lars and just dump everything into bitcoin. Fuckit . This is not cool !!i don't want 85 bloody wallets just to keep and or carry my cryptos with me to spend .....maybe centralized fiat ain't sooo bad after all eh? Lol jk I'm not that pissed but this is horse fish!!
Andy Anon (7 months ago)
I'll be using MyEtherWallet. They've been trustworthy in the past and the founder who has stuck with it clearly aims to continue the site. As for MyCrypto, they will need to build community trust for me from scratch. They could very easily have a sinister motive (or not of course) which made them want to split. *MEW > MyCrypto for the time being.*
Cryptocoin Kiwi (7 months ago)
Pretty crappy thing to do. At least give people some warning about founding the new site....But then again I guess that would also give warning to "stealing" the twitter account. Pretty sure a Ledger will be safe on both sites. Correct me if i'm wrong!
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Can still use MIST too !
Cryptocoin Kiwi (7 months ago)
MEW website is basically just an interface to the Ethereum blockchain. If the websites disappear your funds are still on the blockchain.
Robert S (7 months ago)
I agree.....both are doors to blockchain buttttt what happens if suddenly the MEW website dissapears?
Cryptocoin Kiwi (7 months ago)
Cool, thanks Lark!
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Yes, ledger is safe on both sites
Michael Patrick (7 months ago)
too much FUD from u
MrRowberry22 (7 months ago)
After reading both of the founders statements. It seems to me that Taylor put her blood sweat and tears into MEW and she wanted to make it bigger and better moving into the future. I will be going to mycrypto as soon as they roll the final product out
Leeroy K (7 months ago)
No I don't think so, mycrypto has been in the works since 6 months, coincidentally when kvhnuke stopped contributing code. And why did taylor dissolve MEW llc without kvhnuke. She clearly wanted to kill the project and start her own company without kvhnuke.
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Yes, seems like she has a real vision for it, while Kosala has been asleep at the wheel
MrRowberry22 (7 months ago)
Thank you for great explanation of whats going on
Jimmy (7 months ago)
so just to get this straight, if we go to mycrypto, we can just sign in with a ledger as normal?
Jimmy (7 months ago)
thank you for the great coverage and keeping us up to date. (cheers also Chris Lee)
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
anabollly (7 months ago)
tastyryan (7 months ago)
the biggest problem is that mycrypto acts like malicious figures. The trust is gone. rebranding without any heads up.
gizmoff (7 months ago)
You are the best god damn cryto youtuber, let the gods know this.
Crypto Savior (7 months ago)
Lark is top 5 dead or alive . Gotta throw BOXMINING in there too . Everybody give your top 5 list
Crypto Numb Nuts (7 months ago)
Grow a beard baby face,,,,,,,,,,,"no shave till 20 k", I dont use my Eth ,so NFG, ;well i kinda do ,but no so much lol) "Crypto Lark Nation"
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
Haha! I am loving the lack of hair at the moment :)
Sub Zero (7 months ago)
"Drama", you can say that again... :D
crypdogar (7 months ago)
what am i missing? why would you use MEW/MC wyith MetaMask if you can just use MetaMask?
The Crypto Lark (7 months ago)
True true, you can just do that, I think the thing for a lot of people is the hardware wallet compability with MEW or MyCrypto
harimauplayer (7 months ago)
I use myetherwallet extension for Chrome ...
Logan IzaDor (7 months ago)
I’m gonna keep my eyes opened for upcoming changes then just go with whichever dev does the best job... Makes for a decent novel or soap opera though with all the Kosala and Taylor drama 😂
Cryptorose (7 months ago)
I think I'm going to bounce from myetherwallet, never marry a wallet.
acid burn (7 months ago)
crazy days buy the dip
Ian RJM (7 months ago)
I say funk both of them.
L JC 億万長者 (7 months ago)
how do you withdraw your ERC20 tokens from nano ledger S if MEW is down?
independent thinker (7 months ago)
EtherDelta Sell/Send
wictionful (7 months ago)
Low Jin Chyuan 億万長者 my crypto.
Tim Jong (7 months ago)
Low Jin Chyuan 億万長者 you can use Mist
Andy Paul (7 months ago)
I must admit you have the funniest and most creative thumbnails, Lark!
Les Lasser (7 months ago)
Cheers Lark!

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