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HOW TO USE BINANCE CRYPTO CURRENCY EXCHANGE, Tutorial on how to Deposit, Withdraw and Trade. Many Currencies are available on this Trading platform. TRONIX, TRON, OMG, WTC, BTC, BCC, BCH, ETHEREUM and more Coins. Thanks for watching everyone if you are new to crypto currency watch the video and hit the binance link below this text to get access to the exchange. Take care. ♛ SIGN UP to BINANCE! (My Favorite Exchange) ➜ https://www.binance.com/?ref=10173059 TRONIX Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr_EKQ167ho&t=6s Set up Two factor 2FA on Binance Guide here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Hevm2PBbE SIGN UP to Coin Exchange! (Discover Unknown Coins and Make those Higher returns) ➜ https://www.coinexchange.io/?r=be86cbca Join the conversation on our Telegram group ➜ https://t.me/CryptoClassicCommunity Instagram page ➜ https://www.instagram.com/ameriquette/ SIGN UP to MAXBOUNTY NOW! ➜ http://www.maxbounty.com/index.cfm?referer=259839 EARN AFFILIATE MARKETING MONEY from Home! Music: DonProducci – Sugar This helps me rank better :) Crypto Currency Investing, Market analysis, Coin Market cap, TRON TRONIX, JUSTIN SUN, CHINA, CHINESE COIN. Binance BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BITCOIN CASH, RIPPLE, BITCOIN GOLD, Ethereum Classsic.
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Text Comments (525)
If I want to send some coins from Binance to another binance account do I just scan the deposit QR code with my phone on withdrawal?
dorit vaknine (27 days ago)
Hi. How can i withdraw my crypto to Revolut or my bank account? Got Gdax, revolut, binance. I struggle with coinbase to withdraw to bank acc.
dorit vaknine (27 days ago)
Ameriquette message me im Dorit Vaknine
Ameriquette (27 days ago)
dorit vaknine contact me on telegram for a consultation
Rob X (27 days ago)
Good video, very informative! BINANCE is one of the largest and most reliable crypto exchanges today! I connected to binance bibitbot and now I receive real notifications about buying and selling currencies, very convenient, I advise everyone
Iggi Popp (26 days ago)
you mean the bibitbot com? Arbitration is a bot which sends Telegram notifications?
shiftcon (30 days ago)
Can you use lite coin to buy tron on binance?
Ameriquette (30 days ago)
shiftcon no, contact me on telegram for additional help
Sol Tad (1 month ago)
Don't waste your time if you are here to learn about withdrawals. Never mentioned other than on the title.
MePorsh (1 month ago)
Great video! I have bought coins using Binance but what is the next step after that?
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
MePorsh depends what you want to do, contact me on telegram for a consultation my user name is Ameriquette
Vaughn Johnson (1 month ago)
Iv been unable to log in to my Binance account for a week so far..Is anyone else having this problem ? Can someone recommend another dependable exchange ?
Peter Freddy (1 month ago)
Why so complicated. Its risky to have Cryptocurrencies on Exchanges. Better have your own Hardware Wallet like Ledgerwallet and if you want to Exchange BCH or Ripple into Ethereum you can do it via the App (iOS and Android) called „Bitcoinchange“. There you can Exchange from your Hardwarewallet back into your same Hardware Wallet without Binance or any other Public Exchange. Anonymously!
Francisco Alves (1 month ago)
Hi. I have a question. In the event that you do earn the equivalent of millions of USD, (I hope), or Pounds in a particular coin, I see that Binance has a three tier programme to withdraw money. I see though that Tier 2 has a limit of 100 Bitcoin per 24 hours, so what would be the best course of action if you want to withdraw your millions worth of Alt-coins out of Binance and into a FIAT account? Cheers.
Francisco Alves (1 month ago)
Keep in mind that is if you want to Withdraw large volumes of money. Cheers again.
David Drummond (1 month ago)
Your video is so hard to watch..!alright, ya!!!!??? Really?? I think you should look into proper speech courses.
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
David Drummond thanks for your comment it helps my channel so much 💙👍🏼
yolo dolo (1 month ago)
How's the volume on binance easy to get in and out?
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
yolo dolo awesome mate
yolo dolo (1 month ago)
Ameriquette thanks I just opened a account today
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
yolo dolo yes large volume
Wesley Bradshaw (1 month ago)
Please help! I live in Hawaii where coinbase and Gemini are banned due to some stupid state law. I really want to get into this. What can I do? I see that I can buy bitcoin and etherium at really high rates on some other sites. But, what if I want to convert back to USD and deposit in my bank account? How would I do that? I am completely new to this whole thing. What would you do if you couldn't use a system like coinbase or Gemini? Without them, can you still buy bitcoin, trade for other coins, then eventually trade for USD and deposit to a bank account?
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
Contact me on the telegram app for a consultation. Thanks user name is @Ameriquette
Jennifer Walker (2 months ago)
I buy bitcoins from LiviaCoins. Their service is the best.
Tom Gardella (2 months ago)
Does finance except USD funds another words can I install funds from my bank account into Binance or do I need to use Coinbase or GDaX
Tom Gardella (2 months ago)
Michael P (2 months ago)
This is confusing. The site is easy to use, but I reckon you added a lot of irrelevant info that made this vid complicated and confusing
Ameriquette (2 months ago)
Michael P majority of people liked it a lot, but thanks for your comment.
Ace (2 months ago)
i have no bitcoin but 5 altcoin. my "estimate value" in binance went up but not the altcoins, yet my altcoins are worth more. i dont get it. yet i look at my alt coins, individually they didnt gain. so i cant pull profit out of them.
Victor A. Castilleja (2 months ago)
You don't go into stop limit orders because you don't know anything about stop limit orders. But I tuned out after you advised new traders not to use them because you found it confusing.
Ivette Vasquez (2 months ago)
I live in Mexico can I use gemini? cuz coinbase does not allow me to use it here.
Parshuram Mishra (2 months ago)
I created account but still dint get free trx. How to get free airdrop of trx
borg386 (2 months ago)
Good review but you neglected to tell us how to withdraw
Ameriquette (2 months ago)
borg386 my bad g, it’s pretty simple just double check everything before sending
Sayid Shaikh (2 months ago)
My need a freelancing job.
Mike Collins (2 months ago)
I have 20 LTC that I want to sell for BNB, I don't want to sell 25% right now, I only want to sell 5%. (1 LTC). Is there a minimum that you can sell?
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
Hey buddy there is a limit but its very low, you can sell 1 LTC with no issues if you choose to.
Ramy Morgan (2 months ago)
Thank you for such a clear video tutorial very helpful......i am new to the crypto world and need as much help as possible want to start buying before the crypto convention going on next moneth in los Angeles
Ameriquette (2 months ago)
No problem friend, glad it helped you... contact me on Telegram app for a dialogue :) @ameriquette is my user name on there
Simply Do Anything (3 months ago)
how do i do it without coinbase, stupid ass verification process took like $5 from me total i have to wait 2 weeks to get it back
Brice Curry (3 months ago)
If you have Litecoin on Binance do you have to trade it to Bitcoin before you can buy a different coin like Ripple?
FreeYOUTUBEmovieS (3 months ago)
Hello i have a question about paying out big money like maybe 20,30k goverment will notice how is with the taxes?
Ameriquette (3 months ago)
TheAnzE contact me for a consultation
salaino channel (3 months ago)
Pepe Ciccia (3 months ago)
what if the hard wallet doesn't support some alt coins... what do you suggest??
Pete Castelo (3 months ago)
Thanks for your Advice, Ameriquette
yosef hamad (3 months ago)
Please I need help I want sand my money from coinbas or any account to my bank account in UK
Ameriquette (3 months ago)
yosef hamad user name is Ameriquette on there too
Ameriquette (3 months ago)
yosef hamad contact me on telegram for a consultation, details on video description
Johnny Vercher (3 months ago)
How to sell and put that money in my bank account !
Johnny Vercher (3 months ago)
I have learned the process and used it several times- Have a great day !
Ameriquette (3 months ago)
Johnny Vercher contact me on telegram the app for a consultation.
Denis Nwosu (3 months ago)
I still have some alt coins, but want to know how to push them to BTC in my binance after I have made sales
Ameriquette (3 months ago)
Denis Nwosu I have a video on this
Andrew W (4 months ago)
why are you telling people to like your video at .48 seconds into this? Then you're telling us to subscribe at 1:42, How about this, WAIT till the END of the video to mention these things, ok? People will subscribe IF they like your channel. I'll click like IF I like it, ok? What if they found no value in this after watching it? What a Wack Job, last time I watch your videos dude, great job.
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Andrew W 😂😂😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂😂😂😂
Andrew W (4 months ago)
fucking moron
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Andrew W yes keep commenting please, thanks for watching my video 🙌🏼😂
Andrew W (4 months ago)
Yeah it's REALLY helping! idiot
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Andrew W you can leave haha but keep commenting if you want it's helping my channel ☺️👌🏼 thanks
D avid (4 months ago)
hey mate..just a quick question. just starting on finance and feeling my way around... in order to get the 50℅ off on trading fees, do i just have to have bnb in my account and it will get deducted automatically? thanks for yr help👍
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
my ether wallet takes bnb I believe
D avid (4 months ago)
+Ameriquette thanks mate..and obviously, if i want bnb as a long term hodl, i just move them off site to a safe wallet so that they dont get eaten into with fees. cheers
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Da vid yeah just have a bnb bought and you should be good until use up that bnb I bought around 20 at the start but that's when they where $2 each haha. Hit me up on the telegram if you need a consult, @ameriquette
Zach Hart (4 months ago)
2:22 in.... dude It's BI-NANCE - not BIN-ANCE sounds like ... well it's just not pronounced BINance!
Zach Hart (4 months ago)
yea I did enjoy the video though. oh umm.. MILK MILK LEMONADE. Round the Back CHOCOLATES MADE! Weeeeeee. I'm mental.
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Zach Hart I say it how I want, thanks for watching
Mother Nugget (4 months ago)
cooldog60 (4 months ago)
Did not help me at all. You did not say anything about withdrawals.
Graham Josh (4 months ago)
Binary option is just like forex trade where an individual invest his money on the rise of a particular currency and after a particular period of time he will get more than the capital he invested in particular period of time after the currency must have been traded in the market
Larry Pretto (4 months ago)
Hello, Appreciate the info’ Do I need two level registration with ID and photo to withdrawal me Altcoins to a wallet? I have attempted to withdraw coins but am not receiving a confirmation email so I can go forward. Please help! Thank you
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Larry Pretto nope
uneasyguy (4 months ago)
https://coinexchangefees.com/ for a quick snapshot of w/d fees across exchanges
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
uneasyguy that legit?
MJ Reyes (4 months ago)
Thanks its clear ... i am new to crypto currency , can I deposit and withdraw even i dont verify my account ?
MJ Reyes (4 months ago)
Yes I will ,thanks . cheers!!
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
MJ Reyes yes contact me for a consultation
nope nuhuh (4 months ago)
show how to turn crypto into cash
nope nuhuh (4 months ago)
look how many thumbs down kid. THAT should wake you up to something's not right. Do u have the power to reflect?
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
nope nuhuh hahahah ahahahahaha 😂
Heto Elench (4 months ago)
you know this Binance is sucks please do not say Binance is good exchange. This freaking Binance is SUCKS it took over 4 k from me after I sold my BTC, LTC, BNB, ETH. I do not know what to do they do not even have any freaking support.
Ameriquette (1 month ago)
It's a great exchange for me.
Jesse Haynes (4 months ago)
Ok, I need help. I have litecoin (LTC) in Binance. How do I buy alt coins with it? It only gives you the option to buy with binance coin, bitcoin, etherium,.... no litecoin
Jesse Haynes (4 months ago)
Ameriquette I was able to figure it out last night. Thank you very much for offering to help, though! Appreciate it!
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Jesse Haynes contact me for a consultation
ser6791 (4 months ago)
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Octavio Matos (4 months ago)
Great video! Thank you
Sohib Elmahgub (4 months ago)
video all over the place very unhelpful
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Sohib Elmahgub thanks for watching
Larry Jaurequi (4 months ago)
How to you transferr Binance deposit into Binance funds balances? Sold 25% of my BTC BitShares for profit. See the completed in deposit but uncertain to move it into my Binance funds, if possible. Or, transfer to Coinbase account
Sue the SEC !!! (4 months ago)
So with a new account everyone gets free TRX coin (did you say?)
Scott Freeman (4 months ago)
If I dont have a coinbase account, can I deposit to my binance account from my jaxx wallet?
filthbomb (4 months ago)
my coinbase wallet account is telling me to only use "bit coin to deposit " in that wallet from outside sources, or i will permanently lose the funds, how do i trade my alt coin back to bit coin on binance to withdraw funds to my bitcion wallet? ...thanks
Isaac Kendall (4 months ago)
I Know a platform that allows all kinds of trading> inbox me at [email protected] so we talk better.
Dank Alert (4 months ago)
i used to think tron was cancer... ripple
No One (4 months ago)
Just figure it out , you have to use computer to buy BTC
No One (4 months ago)
I accidentally bought BTC/USDT (TetherUS) how can I sell it to buy VEN/BTC?
Nad (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this video. keep up the good work!
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Nad cheers mate
Richard Coughlan (4 months ago)
When you click BUY on a market order - where do you see the price you paid??? I cant see it anywhere. Also - Where do you see the total increase/decrease from the price you BUY/SELL at????
Jolynn Lave (4 months ago)
Coinbase does not accept Hawaii customer
Isaac Kendall (4 months ago)
Hello Jolynn, are you still interested in trading, if yes, let me introduce you to the same platform i trade with. hawaii as a location is not an issue. you also enjoy 5% daily bonus. Since i joined, i haven't regretted. And this is the best time to buy bitcoin, when the fee has dropped. Feel free to email me at [email protected] so we talk. cheers
Moe (4 months ago)
Can you use a Debit card or Bank Account to fund BIANCE ?
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Moe soon but not yet
David Benites (4 months ago)
Can you cancel a widrawl from Binance. Still shows 0 of 2 for the last 3 hours
Lyza Noreen Espina (4 months ago)
Hey, I have a question, can you just buy bitcoin, eutherium or litecoin in coinbase/gemini and not trade it in binance?
Chris Smith (4 months ago)
where is the tutorial for withdraw and deposit as you declaring on your headline?
Aintisar 2 (4 months ago)
sAlways, always watch explanations of the whole process created by a female. They will tell you everything in details and crystal clear. With male explanations the most important parts are scrambled or slept....
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Aintisar 2 thanks for watching
That's great except I don't have a deposit/withdrawal option under funds. I have either deposit OR withdrawal and when I click on those it gives my history. I can find no option to make a deposit.
Bobby D (4 months ago)
VEN 1.64 jesus christ
p al (4 months ago)
good...but bounces around to much for a newbie...stay linear....a to b to c, not diverting then coming back, you lose the train of attention for a new user
Mace Saincy (4 months ago)
so if I wanted to cash out my tron would I sell first? then convert it to eth?
Mace Saincy (4 months ago)
Ameriquette if I sell my tron for eth I could send my eth back to coinbase to take my profits right? because coinbase is the wallet I use for my profits
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
Mace Saincy convert to eth then to fiat
Povilas Žarkauskas (4 months ago)
hey, I'm very beginner. Was exchanging my BTC from Coinbase to ShapeShift and send XRP to Gatehub. But when I confirm my transaction at Coinbase timer on ShapeShift was already expired...Now my order stuck at BlockCypher. Is it any way to accomplish transaction or to bring my cryptos back?
Matteo Zanetti (4 months ago)
Great video... But stop loss and take gain is also available in binance app? I can't find it...
LoveIsBrave (4 months ago)
Peace bro....what's the name of the intro music....I like how it sound..
Ameriquette (4 months ago)
LoveIsBrave at the bottom of my description mate ✌🏼
Henry Nguyen (5 months ago)
where the FUCK is how to withdraw? waste of 20 minutes talking how you love "benance"
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Henry Nguyen thanks for watching.
michael otoole (5 months ago)
so let me get this straight you are advising beginners not to bother with a stoploss lol in other words dont limit how much you can lose lol
Stev A (5 months ago)
Been researching the crap out of bitcoin/altcoins for months now. And I've found a strange pattern. More sources have predicted a better future for SALT than any other coin or token, including btc. Just wondering what you think of that, and if your research has shown the same trend. I have looked at well over 60 different sources, and have found the most common advice from them is SALT. Everyone believes btc is the grand daddy of them all still, but find SALT to be a more profitable investment going forward.
S Cluri (5 months ago)
your video is excellent. I am interested in buying XRP through Binance. I sgined up and verified on this.I want to use my US Visa card for this as I do not have any digital coins with me. Pl, advise a easy and smoothway to use Binance to buy XRP. Thanks in advance. sam
SuperCornjulio (5 months ago)
Did not explain we’ll.
rachel hatton (5 months ago)
I think you explained it perfectly!
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
rachel hatton thanks a million
rachel hatton (5 months ago)
I found it really difficult to get my ID verified on coinbase.
Crypto Sandro (5 months ago)
Nice video. Do you know if the exchange BCC coins too? Bitconnect closed and I need to exchange my bbc coins ASAP. Thanks in advance [email protected]
Aamir khan (5 months ago)
how to buy directly from binance ?
Isaac Kendall (4 months ago)
ok. can i be of help? Permit me to introduce you to the platforms i Buy and trade with from. its very easy and stress free. My mail is [email protected] You can also drop your mail so we talk better and i'll send you the links. I also want to encourage you to buy because this is the best time. The prices of coins have dropped. I'll be expecting your mail. cheers!
Aamir khan (4 months ago)
Isaac Kendall no i have not.i need help in buyibg bitc.
Isaac Kendall (4 months ago)
hello Aamir, have you bought bitcoins?
Aamir khan (5 months ago)
horrible video . too quickly explained, and guy thinks there are no beginners in this world. it should be step by step.
Allen Lichner (5 months ago)
What is Beee naaacss
carl spears (5 months ago)
withdraw sucks
aka_kevin_ alexander (5 months ago)
He didn’t explain how to withdraw money like the title and how he starts off. Dislike from me.
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Kevin_P Productions thanks for the dislike it helps my video because of the engagement. ☺️❤️💙
Marie Lindeen (5 months ago)
Can you start with 500? Is there leverage like there is in forex? Whats the least amount you would start with?
dennis gallas (5 months ago)
Anyone experiencing binance suspending the withdrawal function on their site? It’s been about a week now? Due to busy network.
Miss Eye Spy (5 months ago)
hey great video thanks for. Big issue is the first deposit so if u can buy or bring bitcoin or eth from your exchange. Then biance says no I just dont get how can i go pick any coin I want as the one I want says only send that coin to the wallet. Confused.where is my wallet anyway ahhhhh thanks joys of a beginner ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Charles Washington (5 months ago)
Clickbait, u didn't show how to withdraw but u put withdraw in the title
Charles Washington (5 months ago)
Thanks for clickbait
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Charles Washington thanks for watching
JdoubleU1222 (5 months ago)
So if I want to end up with some Binance Coin (BNB), I withdraw some (not all) of my Eth from my Gemini account (I'm thinking .36 of an Eth, which right now would be close to $500 worth) and deposit that into my Binance account. It shows up as Eth in my Binance account and from there I can buy BNB with that, using the %100 tab. Then I can use some of my BNB to buy other alt coins on their exchange?
David Lonsdale (5 months ago)
Far too many words and not enough focus. You got there eventually.
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
David Lonsdale you commented twice 😂 this is for beginners
ACE London Hair (5 months ago)
Thank you. Very informative
pre4closures (5 months ago)
Cryptoniac and others: When Binance lists transaction fees, like BTC at .001, is that .001 x price of BTC at the time, or .001 of the BTC I am withdrawing? Thanks in advance
Anika Sajid (5 months ago)
What wallet is the best to store ripple? And how would you withdraw ripple from binance?
L Yang (5 months ago)
So when it gets to the actual buy sell withdraw, you just click around without actually telling us how to do it. LoL 😂
Juice M (5 months ago)
What can I do with leftover currency I dont want to use anymore? For example 0.89 ripple.
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Juice M yeah no biggie
Juice M (5 months ago)
Ameriquette thats the problem. Apparently I cant sell it unless its 1.0 units or above
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Juice M sell it... it's such a small amount it shouldn't really matter
Iulian Ghetoi (5 months ago)
HI, do you know something about Bibox Token (BIX) ?
Car Review 360 (5 months ago)
Can you withdraw to CARD on both?
Anthony Ray (5 months ago)
Great Vid! Which Wallets do you use?
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Anthony Ray nano s and mew
thegibbons (5 months ago)
I am sorry and I am new to this ,but you need to be more precise,your whole presentation is garbled .spending too much time getting from A to B, and then gliding over the point. need to be more like Lark
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching
thegibbons (5 months ago)
for me you are an absolute ditherer, just cannot get to the point.
Ameriquette (5 months ago)
thegibbons thanks for watching this is for beginners.
marc makku (5 months ago)
how can i buy or trade in binance using bitcoin?because the opposite side of buying coins is USDT balance not my bitcoin?

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