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3 Ways to Anonymize Cryptocurrency Transactions

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Some people desire privacy -- others don't. If you're in the former group, here are three ways you can mix various cryptocurrencies (with varying degrees of effort and cost) to keep your finances to yourself. Check out our new channel! http://youtube.com/dashorg Connect with us! [website] http://TheDailyDecrypt.com [tweets] http://twitter.com/TheDailyDecrypt [facebook] http://facebook.com/TheDailyDecrypt [RSS feed]: http://TheDailyDecrypt.com/posts/feed [subreddit]: http://reddit.com/r/TheDailyDecrypt Wanna sponsor a show? http://thedailydecrypt.com/Sponsorship Sponsor: All Things Bitcoin: http://allthingsbtc.com Show links: Bitmixer: http://bitmixer.io DarkSend: https://www.dash.org/darksend Monero: https://lab.getmonero.org Transaction de-anonymization visualization: https://coinspondent.de/wrdprss_XXX/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/bitcoin-big-bang-urknall.png Big money going into de-anonymization: http://uk.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-tracking-company-elliptic-raises-5-million-series-a-2016-3 Music: "It's the End of the World" by R.E.M.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0GFRcFm-aY
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Text Comments (111)
Valentina Farrugia (17 days ago)
Wtf is your fringe...
derog1977 er (20 days ago)
im using cryptomixer since a year and im happy with it, got no problems at all with my privacy or something else. if somebody wants to mix i can recommend https://www.cryptomixer.eu/
randy flores (27 days ago)
Monero is the BEST!! But if you need to use BitCoin make sure that mix your bitcoins...I use coinmixer, It's totally reliable. Anyway you can find more info about mixers in https://bestbitcoinmixer.org/
carlos martin (24 days ago)
Monero is the future!!, now we have to work with btc....you're right I've test many btc mixer, coinmixer.es works fast and secure...anyway I'd like to know more mixers that work like coinmixer
Mike (1 month ago)
how about cash into a BTC ATM to paper wallet
ClockworkFPV (1 month ago)
Thanks Amanda since I heard about Amazon working with the feds in the police screw that I just cashed in all my bitcoin for Monero and Dash and I got it for a pretty cheap price lol Orwellian Tech is what its called If you havent heard of it ughhh
Grace T. Marques (1 month ago)
Greetings! Thank you for that information. What's the best let's say place to open an wallet? Which do you recommend? Blessings
mrdave2112 (2 months ago)
I have been diligently researching a way to get Bitcoins anonymously because I want to buy some Bitcoins; however, I have had absolutely no success because the NSA admitted they monitor and store all wireless communications.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Oliver Li (2 months ago)
great vid!! privacy isn't a problem at all. why does the media always write privacy-attacking stuff to freak people out...
john smith (3 months ago)
Does a mixer really make the bitcoin anonymous though?
Jayyy Jay (4 months ago)
great video thanks
Matías Mendley (5 months ago)
I recommend you this analysis about bitcoin mixers . https://bestbitcoinmixers.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/best-bitcoin-mixer-how-to-tumble-your.html
fenom (5 months ago)
yeah BITCHCOIN invented to make more money for the richest on this planet
Virat Shah (5 months ago)
Do you cut your own hair? I'd bet you do!
Awesome show, you've got a new sub.
MrAnomilus (6 months ago)
Amand B. Johnson, quit making me love you, dammit. It's not fair.
Round (7 months ago)
zcash is completely anonymous.
Round (7 months ago)
Bitcoins is a public ledger, mixing it doesn't do anything but postpone investigation.
Crazy Marx (8 months ago)
how 'bout dark wallet?
Gene L. (8 months ago)
So basically... money laundering?
Fredrik Musa (9 months ago)
Hey. Love ur page, Ur videos are awesome!!! I wonder if I or my purchase would still be anonymous if I first bought monero or dash and then bought bitcoin with the monero/dash? Can the bitcoin I buy trough an anonymous or privet coin be tracked back to me?
danyt19 (9 months ago)
Awesome vid!  One question about mixers though. If you send 0.1 BTC to the mixer and you get 0.1 BTC back to your new address after 20 min, couldn't someone who is analysing the blockchain and watching the mixing service just find the connection between your old address and your new address by correlating the amount the old address has sent and the amount the new one has received?
Moo Ton (11 months ago)
Have bitcoins you made in a way you wouldn't want to tell your mama?? LOL.. I sure as heck know I did.... until I discovered my method to tumble and mix bulk coins, quickly and with complete anonymity. Quick, easy, and harmless. To do so, contact me on whatsapp at +1 9707858067
John PI (11 months ago)
Blockchain bhakt (1 year ago)
ur videos r quite good and informative
Sergei Serg (1 year ago)
https://sergga.blogspot.com ребята может что то заинтригует
Touni J (2 years ago)
interesting , please donate some Bits to start this wonderful trip with you in digital currency? ( 1LSj4kvZgqLJW1QqopvA2y2PPozxCiUW5V ). thank you in advance
Robert Genito (2 years ago)
love this episode :D
v (2 years ago)
Man, Amanda has been pumping Dash hard. How much are they paying you?
Last Nano (3 months ago)
v shes actually a teammember of dash... so ofc shes being paid, dumbass.. do 3 minutes of research before you unwire your sloppy fucking jaw.
DrRobertStadler (2 years ago)
Enjoy your first Vcash Tip :)
Bernas (2 years ago)
I can see you like 80s music Amanda! :P Our House the other day and now It's The End Of The World!
T AB (2 years ago)
bear northpole (2 years ago)
5% charge for a nano second mix lol ............. o yes 22 USD to exchange BTC to USD...then bank fees of $45 ......... so unless we directly buy goods, were making them very rich.
Nate Berd (2 years ago)
nice video, Way 2GO MONERO!!! Indeed ;)
sacredcat1 (2 years ago)
I think that chainblender is underrated.
Greg M (2 years ago)
Hi Amanda. Couldn't you also change your bitcoin (or other) with shapeshift to another coin, then back again? I don't know the specifics, but to me that seems it would be hard to trace.
Ivor Thomas (2 years ago)
+Greg Moon It depends on Shapeshift's logs right? I suppose they could be compelled to cough them up--or be hacked. Not mentioned... buying your bitcoins with a ATM. There is a no -KYC ATM in my area (for under $1500).
Yo Mismo (2 years ago)
You so hot you melt my coins ;)
Heikel Khaldi (2 years ago)
what app u r using on ur phone to do that (I mine ether and I want a simple app that transfer my funds from one address to another ) :)
Heikel Khaldi (2 years ago)
what happened to the ChromaKey and why we are back to grey background as opposed to the rug ?
bigpapabo (2 years ago)
Hi Amanda, what do you think about Cloakcoin? (BTW, Love your work and you're super duper awesome!)
John Hanks (2 years ago)
anonymous transactions on a public ledger. what a concept #monero #dash #bitcoin #zcash
evilferris (2 years ago)
This channel rocks!
Javier Salcedo (2 years ago)
I am sure Irina only uses anonymous methods
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Javier Salcedo Yeah, I am sure too.
Erik van velzen (2 years ago)
Ahh Look at this > https://xmr.to/ < XMR.TO allows you to make a Bitcoin payment with the strong anonymity provided by Monero.
Erik van velzen (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Ineed you help i would want to no where can I find crowd sales
Erik van velzen (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt No, thanks to you , I found it on https://www.cryptocompare.com/and i found it because of you, you advertise cryptocompare on your Connect ,,, So Thank You to~!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Erik van velzen Nice, thanks for posting that here. I'd tried to use it a couple months ago and it wasn't operational then, but it looks like it is now.
Erik van velzen (2 years ago)
Monero is the best to Anonymize Cryptocurrency Transactions.
CJToxic (3 days ago)
Lurvdjur can i use monero to avoid taxes? How? Thanks
Lurvdjur (2 months ago)
Kurt Homan - The big difference is that Dash is a third party service and you have to trust that they are doing what they say to keep you anonymous, you don't know what's really happening in their servers. This also makes them a target for hackers and governments etc. Monero tries to make anonymity a part of the protocol so it's built in from the beginning and you don't have to trust others to keep you anonymous. Hopes this helps.
rockethead555 (9 months ago)
its easier to use thats why its better i suppose
Kurt Homan (11 months ago)
I have seen several people state that but if anonymous is anonymous than how can one be better than the other. In other words, is Dash fully anonymous or is it not? I am not trying to be smart or rude, I would really like to know. Thanks!
Da Mashup (2 years ago)
Good stuff. It's not just Monero, it's any Cryptonote coin... so even more choice.
Mike M (2 years ago)
What about shadowcash, is that any good?
Genxthis (2 years ago)
+Mike M No. One of the Monero cryptographers deanonymized it.
Kaybe23 (2 years ago)
"This is currency competition bitch!" :D lol ... Great vid AManda. Keep it up
sugminpurjo2 (2 years ago)
There's also Joinmarket: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinmarket
trancephorm3123 (2 years ago)
...on the right side of ethics!! congratz.
Troy McConaghy (2 years ago)
It was my understanding that Zerocash / Zcash has anonymization as a standard feature. Was I mistaken?
Waka Meta (2 years ago)
+Troy McConaghy Zerocash is in it's prenatal stage and far from ready for release. It's so far just an idea. Monero is the only currency that has anonymization by default.
Dash (2 years ago)
Great job amanda, still miss irena ; )
redrahaka (2 years ago)
The innovation in and around crypto is out of this world isn't it. Just look at that, a one-stop-shop for the start-up family.
Coletrain (2 years ago)
I envision a future where hitch-hiking will involve Ass, Grass, or Dash.
ciupenhauer (2 years ago)
Kevin Froman (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video once again!
Anomalous (2 years ago)
I've used the Monero method after you breifly mentioned it in a previous video, Works like charm thank you. Sending the Monero can be an issue as one of the devs told me that Monero transaction fees are based on the amount of data not the amount of funds being transfered. (They did say it's only a problem with mymonero dot com wallet) I will be checking out the Dash method and bitmixer for sure. Do you know anything about BTC debit cards? There isn't much info on YouTube apart from non-English videos and promotional ads. Thanks for the help. I owe a few tips that's for sure.
Anomalous (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Anything, Are they scams? Who are the good companies that provide them? Pros cons etc.
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Bit Mask What do you want to know about the debit cards?
JZA (2 years ago)
Bitcoin also have applications to mix your coins wihtout trusting a 3rd party. Shufflepuff will generate and transact coins from one to other and will send it back to a new address. NXT wallet also has a coinmixing feature on their wallet. And I think the monero snippet was great except maybe you forgot to mention how to get their bitcoins into monero using a decentralized service like Shapeshift.
Ivor Thomas (2 years ago)
+Jzarecta Monero is the one alt that I've hat lots of trouble using Shapeshift with--because "timeouts'.
Lance (2 years ago)
Tip-Us thing works pretty cool. Thanks for always having useful info about crypto currency.
Airplanedude (2 years ago)
Keep up the great work. I'm learning so much. Great show. Who's the guy that needs some legal defense for fund for what? Thinking of actually jumping in the crypto currency pool after checking the temp with my toe for a while now. I'm thinking of getting a little bit of Dash and Bitshares and maybe some Monero. Bitcoin scares me for some reason. I can't access themerkle.com from behind the corporate firewall here at work. Is it safe from home?
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Airplanedude Ha ha! Yeah, I'm pretty sure. It's safe from my home, anyway. :)
Alex Sterk (2 years ago)
With Dash, all mixes are on chain so it could be still possible to de-anonymize the transactions. If monero is so great, but why are blocks only filled with miner and pool payouts? The tech is still sound, although I think there needs to be a more trusted release as no can audit the coin supply. ZCash will use also use ring signatures but will have far more funding, trust and publicity. Keep up the good work Amanda and I'd love to have you on #Blocktalk again!
Coletrain (2 years ago)
+฿rian "you try and come up with all these  scary scenarios where the nsa would have to spend tons of money and time and political capital just to deanon a small percent of monero and DASH transactions." That's all people like him do, they just spend their lives pondering the limitations of individuals while assuming the government acronyms are all powerful.
Coletrain (2 years ago)
+Genxthis "The NSA created most encryption, so links between encryption and NSA is, in most cases,  trivial. " I bet you're one of those useful idiots who thinks the government invented the internet as well.
Genxthis (2 years ago)
+฿rian This guy is why people should do their own research.The NSA created most encryption, so links between encryption and NSA is, in most cases,  trivial. Luckily, Monero is opensource and you can go look at the code and see if there is a backdoor, the same as you can with Linux or any other opensource technology--it's pretty funny that you accuse me of FUD (right before you lay a steaming pile of it on my doorstep). Again, if anybody is reading this (and I doubt anyone has the patience to sift through this much youtube chatter) do your own research on privacy, ospec, and which coin offers the best path to anonymity--because if you just listen to the guy who sounds like he knows what he's talking about, you'll most likely get a load of confident BS.
฿rian (2 years ago)
+Genxthis stop spreading FUD. you try and come up with all these  scary scenarios where the nsa would have to spend tons of money and time and political capital just to deanon a small percent of monero and DASH transactions. were talking about two different mixing technology that can both be exploited equally in different way. these attack vectors are not very realistic but are possible under extreme circumstances.  bytecoin would presumable be easier to trace because 1 entity (nsa/gchq?) probable controls almost all the coins and can effectively deanon most transaction right from there own system. or maybe all cryptonote coins have a backdoor or 2,3,4.... https://criticl.me/post/what-nsa-created-cryptonote-2292
Genxthis (2 years ago)
+฿rian at this point you are just trying to spread fear and distrust, as anyone can look at Monero's blockchain and see that the distribution (unlike dash and bytecoin) has been constant without the frontloading to achieve an&#160; untraceability break. It seems you are intent on half-reading the available information to arrive at a conclusion that suites your needs--ie. shilling dash. I suggest anyone reading at this point (doubtfully anyone) go and do their own research and not to trust anyone (including myself) before using a privacy coin--it's your privacy and your responsibility to find the best methods available. I'd further say, if you don't understand ospec, don't bother, because no coin can do that for you.
ausPPC (2 years ago)
Oh - nice shirt!
mwont (2 years ago)
Any Monero does not rely on trusting any third parties, such as mixers in Bitcoin, masternodes in Dash.
฿rian (2 years ago)
+mwont masternodes are trustless just like monero mixing. a masternode can not steal your funds like said bitcoin mixer.
Lucas T (2 years ago)
I don't know why; I like you and your channel in a different way, makes me smile... It's just weird.... Keep up the awesome work...
Mauro Huckins (5 months ago)
_--->_ Paypie alpha video please
CryptoMines (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt hey! have you looked into shadowcash !!
DigiMoney Promo (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt Weirdos!
shock elites (2 years ago)
gz 👌
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+Lucas T I like you in that weird way, too.
eliterminator00 (2 years ago)
It's great when you curse. You should curse more. I also bought a t-shirt from AllthingsBTC and they're really great. Really really great. Question for you Amanda: Which Dash wallets have darksend? Is it just Dash Core? I've been meaning to buy some Dash, and privacy is very important to me so now I have some motivation.
barkingbandicoot (2 years ago)
+The Daily Decrypt The Dash mobile wallet has a toggle for instant-x. I am assuming that if you turn it off then you may have DarkSend. ?? DarkSend to PrivacyProtect - I like the former but as far as taking the coin "mainstream" the later is better PR. The same as Darkcoin to Dash really!
Amanda B. Johnson (2 years ago)
+eliterminator00 Good question. I have Dash Core on my desktop, and a Dash mobile wallet on my phone. The Core has the DarkSend, yes. I know there is an Electrum-Dash wallet, too, but as for whether it has DarkSend or not, I don't know. The mobile one does not. I believe that the next big release in Dash -- Evolution -- will be putting DarkSend in more wallets and if I understand correctly, even have DarkSend web portals. They'll also change the name to PrivacyProtect, I'm told.
rovingreporter (2 years ago)
Thanks Amanda... very useful info!

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