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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC): Are We There Yet? [June 13, 2018]

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🚨📈💰Would you like to learn how to do technical analysis like this for ANY asset class, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, Dash, Cardano, EOS and any other cryptocurrency , using the Elliott wave theory, market geometry, and Fibonacci and algo analysis? You can get these videos before everyone else, my personal technical analysis training content, and be part of a revolutionary trading and cryptocurrency community. All you have to do is become a Member! 👉 https://membership.tradedevils.com //ONE on ONE & GROUP COACHING: https://membership.tradedevils.com/events/ //SOCIAL MEDIA: 👉 TRADITIONAL MARKETS YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4LuaUYFcvO-I1BLGZaMXhA 👉 TWITTER: http://twitter.com/tradedevils 👉 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tradedevils/ 👉 STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@tradedevil Subscribe to TradeDevils youtube channel and get more great trading tips: https://www.youtube.com/tradedevil Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates and participate in our free giveaways: https://membership.tradedevils.com/contact-trade-devil/
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Text Comments (59)
Will McNamara (3 days ago)
"hanging by an ass hair" haha
Edwin Bleeker (5 days ago)
thanks for the analysis kwon
Yusin D. (6 days ago)
Katrice Hovey (6 days ago)
I recomend *First Million Road* for all crypto shrimps
have you ever used Elliot in a Renko chart? It seems to clarify the micro pivots
shiva B (7 days ago)
Thanks for detailed technical analysis. I got a doubt.. from 19k to 5.9k i am not able to count 5 waves clearly (wave 3 is falling short of wave 1) .. so am thinking that cannot be wave A... do correct me if am wrong 😃
Jeff Th91 (7 days ago)
Great video! Very informative!
JG Crypto (7 days ago)
Time well spent as always with this channel, thanks guys
Gus Lawrence (7 days ago)
OBI Kwon! Save us from the Darkside of Tone Vader and his Jedi Mind tricks!
R Bizzle (7 days ago)
Thanks Kwon, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's bear case. It's a test for my own counts. There were quite a few counts to consider for the bull counts, it would have been good to see them laid out on four charts.
Ghost Joker (7 days ago)
Question? When using pitchforks, do you always draw from the all time high, Or will the pitchfork still work drawn from the previous high point?
Ghost Joker (7 days ago)
Kwon and Sons thank you much appreciated. 👍🏾
Kwon and Sons (7 days ago)
There is no requirement to pick any particular pivot. It's up to you to select which pivots you believe are most significant. The goal is to find one that explains price action well so you can get clues as to what a probable next path might look like.
causecelebre (7 days ago)
I keep saying it. Best EW analysis out there!
Matt H (7 days ago)
Thanks Kwon!
Helder Carvalho (7 days ago)
Thanks Kwon that was a great hour of technical analysis, see you guys tomorrow!
Ilumification (8 days ago)
Great to listen to your ideas, good job!
Horizon 2002 (8 days ago)
It didn't get to the median line, now what?
TradeDevil (7 days ago)
If it doesn't get the median line then it will move in the opposite direction. Usually the same length as the move before it
Louis Cheung (8 days ago)
Best technical analysis
CO Paul (8 days ago)
That was intense!!
christian n (8 days ago)
You are the first person who has recognized what BTC was doing. I am new to day trading but fully submerged myself in reading and studying irregular corrections, as it couldn't possibly be a normal correction with how confused the whole market is. You have almost the same thing as I do but I have a little more of it completed. I really appreciate all you and Sam do for the community, If you guys have the time I'd like to share my analysis with you and get your feedback.
christian n (6 days ago)
For some reason that link wont allow me to join the group. Could you try to send it again. Not sure if by the time I saw it if it had already expired
Kwon and Sons (7 days ago)
Always happy to talk charts. Join our public Discord where you can discuss it with us and our members: https://discord.gg/pwe4qf
WhiteSiroi (8 days ago)
awesome, thank you very much
ADA TATTOOED (8 days ago)
Multi options Not helping me at all
David B (8 days ago)
Kwon....THANK U!! That was INCREDIBLY helpful!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you doing this video and taking sooo much time to show the details. Honestly you guys are the absolute best EW analyists I have ever seen!
Domenic Iuliano (8 days ago)
Just Brilliant. I love the angles you cover and the depth of information you provide, how lucky are we to have you guys doing this for the Crypto community! Thank you :)
Thank you.
Trade devil is AWESOME!!!!!!
alex polk (8 days ago)
So is it going up or down?
Roger Quantrillo (8 days ago)
Or: There is no price on the chart for 2009 means your 1th 1 is a 5 (1), 2011 (3), 2014 (5) Complets Cycle = long correction. 2018 ATH was 1 and we are in 2?...I mean i did it over and over again, but one thing is so outstanding to me: The Correction of 2014 ATH took much much longer than every other correction,..and i cant help myself but the 2014 correction looks like the end of the 1th big cycle. Makes that any sense with the length of the waves?
Peter Veinot (8 days ago)
I enjoy the non-bias Trade Devils approach
Peter Veinot (8 days ago)
What you have to also realize is the manipulation caused by Charting People ( experienced or not ) that pick targets we will drop too. That includes long time bull ( Tone Vays ) who has been pushing hard for $4000 - $5000 BTC since Dec last year. The newbie's in the space latch onto this type of advice and are scared into selling (one of the most important assets of their lifetime.) The thing that bothers me is that TA people ( ex. Tone Vays ) talk TA but not the innovation and great things being done to BTC for future , promising great enhancements and adoption. Seems to me we may find out he was paid off to slow the adoption down until 1. The big players buy in the bottom or 2. The BTC is ready for world adoption.
Giwrgos Dimas (8 days ago)
Tone vays can hardly TA in the first place. Reading old and bad indicators is not TA.
themossinator (8 days ago)
Peter Veinot tone vays TA has hardly any effect on the market let’s be honest
capcit sebastian (8 days ago)
This is fascinating. Scenarios a LOT more detailed than ANYTHING I see online right now. We can see that you are a pro...
Giwrgos Dimas (8 days ago)
On fifth wave extension the price tends to return near it's second sub wave, but again, you can't use those guidelines on the cycle degrees.
Giwrgos Dimas (8 days ago)
Also, the x needs to be at least 50% technically, so this can be a second x at 12k with first being at 17k...right at the 50%.
Cory Capaldi (8 days ago)
Sigh... How many times can Elliot change his mind? BS
Raj S (8 days ago)
Out of the analysts I have found so far, no one compares to what you guys put out. Your work is greatly appreciated!
Awesome video! thanks indeed for your good efforts and thanks also for your good work. keep on it.
Crypto Kevin (8 days ago)
I hope your wrong about another 1 year correction.
atheist (8 days ago)
nice... if you put the 12345, abc, xyz labels along with it, will be more easier to understand
capcit sebastian (8 days ago)
I agree it was a bit more complicated without the visual to "imagine" them. For visual people at least...
Steph Money (8 days ago)
sick 💯💯💯
Alejandro Cámara (8 days ago)
So grateful to be able to learn from you Kwon, thank you so much for the TA.
Thermorox (8 days ago)
Kwon that was outstanding analysis! Thank you very much - the learning provided in this video is HUGE! Both you and Sam are very generous with the information you share freely. Note to subscribers - Totally worthwhile investing 55 minutes of your time to watch this video!
Shan Hanner (8 days ago)
at 1.5x speed may add.... He killed me with sam's 1-2 by an asshair. Good teach
Erwan GAILLARD (8 days ago)
Gorgeous thanks buddy
K I (8 days ago)
Thanks a lot Kwon & Sam to give us a little bit perspective in all this mess <3 <3 waiting for Friday <3
AltCoin Investor69 (8 days ago)
Thanks Sam, as always. Karma exists, big thanks to you dude!
Fred Stege (8 days ago)
Rob Smith (8 days ago)
Great vid from a great team, thanks and please keep em coming
wertzui (8 days ago)
He boat? dumpit.
Lontra Blue (8 days ago)
i literally thumbs up all tradedevils videos before watching it
SimplifyingSuccess (8 days ago)

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