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Judicial Watch pushes DOJ for portions of ‘scope memo’

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Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on the ‘scope memo’ written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
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martin wright (23 days ago)
while all of these actions are being produced, foia requests, subpoenas, etc., what prevents the guilty, corrupt, jerks from destroying evidence or even reconstructing it?
Lorraine Flaherty (1 month ago)
I am getting so tired of these swamp creatures. Tom Fitton and JW have a lot of answers and Mueller had nothing. Hope there is a Military Trubunal court or some kind of fair justice. We want answers. The people need answers and swamp creatures have to be arrested. When is this going to happen? They just cant get away with Treason, Murder and worse thing like human trafficking. IN THE NAME OF JESUS, what is going to happen?
mark spears (1 month ago)
Ter·ror·ism terəˌrizəm/Submit noun the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
harlon57 (1 month ago)
The establishment is working against the will of the people. At some point, better sooner than later, they will need to be removed.
jay mcdan (1 month ago)
Americans Voted for President Trump to restore law and order. Sessions get to work -arrest the criminal clinton cartel!
constitutionfst (1 month ago)
Lou Dobbs and Judicial Watch rock. Thank you for everything you guys do.
Casey P (1 month ago)
Quit blocking my f****** comments or I will see you coming out of your California office you can f****** guarantee it
Casey P (1 month ago)
Judge Ellis is misleading people where as setting up that Mueller cannot be tried twice for false claims, it's a sham
Sherry Miller (1 month ago)
I wish Lou Dobbs would organize his thoughts a little better so he doesn’t stall and stutter while talking. Also, if he has an interviewee from Judicial Watch, he should let him speak more instead of doing all the talking. This is not a criticism of Lou Dobbs, he is a good newscaster, but it would make the program easier to follow.
Jimmy Johnson (1 month ago)
Lou is 14 carat gold media news reporter!! Top of the line!
timber_beast (1 month ago)
Cohen takes in millions from Russian mobsters and the GOP are still playing these little games. This is headed for a spectacular collapse - and FOX will be reporting on Hillary.
timber_beast (1 month ago)
HOMO HOMO has Hillary Derangement Syndrome! Call Obamacare STAT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
timber_beast (1 month ago)
Wait - You are saying Hillary is president? You people have Hillary Derangement Syndrome - fortunately for you Trump surrendered on "ENDING OBAMACARE" and you can still get mental health care. LOL Homo Homo!!!
Hona Hona (1 month ago)
timber_beast. You mean the satanic Hillary who destroyed 33,000 e-mails because she has been sending sensitive national security information on her private e-mail server to her brothers the bestial muslim terrorists. Are you to this extent a deluded moron fool. So, Michel Cohen gets paid by a Russian oligarchs who has been one of those sanctioned by President Trump, indeed that is Russian collusion you are nothing but a miserable fool, but I know that liberalism is a severe mental illness that destroys the prefrontal cortex of those infected with it to the extent that you hardly have a vegetative mind to live with that is why you are spewing out laughable hallucinations that only betray how much of a zombie moron you are. You can gladly go cut your cock and then stick it in your ass such that it will be from you in your. Keep biting your tongue moron as The Great American President Trump keeps dismantling your leftist marxist agenda and keeps returning America to be the Great Nation that it has always been, and soon traitors like you will pay for your crimes against the American people. Please stop sleeping with your slut mom because that is bad. Don't come to watch videos that are way beyond the white Jello in your skull that they mistakenly call brain to grasp or else you you would be exposing yourself for who you truly are nothing but an ignorant fool 👎👎👎😨😨😭😭☻☻😢😢😲😲👹👹😈😈😱😱🤕🤕😁😁Go Lou Dobbs and continue exposing this evil libtard terrorists anti-American agenda, may Our Lord and God Jesus Christ Bless you and Your Family. Go President Trump clean the American society from the useless leftist terrorist parasites, may Our Lord and God Jesus Christ Bless you and Your Family. Go President Trump 2020👍👍👍👏👏👏💕💕💕💕
Hona Hona (1 month ago)
timber_beast. Indeed, so your satanic hunchwoman who is now hiding under her bed for fear of being brought to justice for her crimes against humanity and the American people is what s muserable idiot like you support. So, your satanic hunchwoman Hillary takes a bribe of 145 million dollars from the Russians and then use her influence to let Russian intermediaries put their hands on 20% of our Uranium without the Congress even knowing about it and then a trash scum brain dead libtard terrorist like you dares to come and speak about Michel Cohen. Then your satanic hunchwonan Hillary who was beaten like hell in the elections by the Great American President Trump, she had our ambassador Christopher and his three guards get raped and killed by her friends the bestial muslim terrorists of ISIS because he uncovered how she and the chimpanzee muslim terrorist from Kenya Obama have been channeling weapons and billions of dollars to the ISIS terrorists in Miserata, Libya through Qatar and Turkey etc. The funny part is that you are all traitors against America yet laughably you have a fiasco called the Russian collusion hallucination going on which is by the way falling apart. Soon with the Great American President Trump clean the American society from the useless leftist terrorist parasites like you and will send you to the sewer where you belong together with the tranny african gorilla Michelle, the chimpanzee Muslim terrorist from Kenya Obama, and the satanic lizard Hillary Clinton and there you can exude your foul stench or try to develop a prefrontal cortex to think with even though for a brain dead libtard terrorist like you that would be virtually impossible. You can gladly go and enjoy the sewer news networks of CNN AND MSNBC etc because that is as far as a deluded and mentally deranged moron like you can go and now they hook you up with stormy Daniels and you can bring your slut mom and have an excellent threesome or you might try to lick the the pussy of Michelle Obama only to discover that she has a cock not a pussy. O poor swamp thing. Keep biting your tongue as We keep winning and you keep losing. You can gladly put the satanic hunchwoman Hillary in your ass.👎👎👎😨😨😭😭☻☻😢😢😲😲👹👹😈😈👺👺😡😡😱😱🤕🤕😧😧😛😛😜😜🤣😂😂😁😁Go Lou Dobbs and continue exposing this evil libtard terrorists anti-American agenda, may Our Lord and God Jesus Christ Bless you and Your Family. Go President Trump clean the American society from the useless leftist terrorist parasites, may Our Lord and God Jesus Christ. Go President Trump 2020👍👍👍👏👏👏💕💕💕💕
timber_beast (1 month ago)
Hillary is hiding under your bed with a LONG KNIFE and she's gonna GIT YA!!! LOL trumptard
LadyBlaidd (1 month ago)
Conspiracy theories have always been real. Why you think they still hide so much about JFK? We may not always theorize correctly but we are usually right about the conspiracy existing.
Bruce Edwards (1 month ago)
session rosenstien mueller etc. are anti trump traitors!!! they all deserve a traitors death !!!!!!!!
Steve Smith (1 month ago)
In 1995 the Oklahoma City bombing was carried out and most Americans were devastated that an attack on a federal bldg. was performed. I'm pretty sure most Americans these days wouldn't feel sympathy hearing a FBI or DOJ bldg. was nuked. We are sick of the corruption. How many innocent Americans sit in prison at the hands of these corrupt ego maniacs.
AMERICAN GIRL (1 month ago)
BLAME GOES TO Obama who said he was not leaving DC, that he was basically going to stick around and take action when needed. . OBAMA is the enemy of our free republic and IS THE CRIMINAL BEHIND THIS. Not a new belief, it just all continues to add up. The government and Washington DC is a dangerous, lawless nest of pit vipers.
dee jay (1 month ago)
Clinton mafia mob hit job ONE big hoax and witch hunt Paid for by Clintons dossier to smear trump She can rot
dee jay (1 month ago)
3? What's the problem? Are they blind?
worddunlap (1 month ago)
The documents should be seized. Nothing Rod hands JW should be considered legit. They have stalled with the purpose of hiding criminal acts by FIB and DOJ. Will the doc be legit?
Bridgette Pinkelman (1 month ago)
Thank you so much Judicial Watch and Lou Dobson!!!
OzScout66 (1 month ago)
Rotenstein = Slimy Swamp Snake !
substation (1 month ago)
The deep state is the most powerful organized crime on earth...sadly tax funded
Dan rich (1 month ago)
Rosenstein is part of the deep State, he needs to be impeached.
Bridgette Pinkelman (1 month ago)
Dan rich He needs to be in Gitmo!!!
Sweetness LTL (1 month ago)
The American people want to see the full scope. Mueller group is a continuum of the left's domestic terror tactics used against conservatives throughout Obama's communist reign. From Tea party member's to D'Souza the left needs to be brought to justice. Build the gallows on Capital Hill 💪
Jay VanDevender (1 month ago)
Lou Dobbs is a godfather of an anchorman! Love you Lou!

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